The Twilight Saga

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Chapter One~My Existence

I've always been special. My mother's special, my father's special; therefore I'm stuck being special, too. At first I loved it. I was taller than anyone of my classmates and I knew I could do things that they would never be able to do. I had that cockiness that every little kid has. We think we're better than everyone else. Well, in some ways, I was better than everyone. But when you're little, you don't think about being different, or unique as my parents would say, as being a burden. It's when you get older that that burden crashes down from your own little world and slaps you in the face once it reaches reality.. The only thing that stopped me from trying to slap it back was Jacob, my Jacob.

I remember when we used to be best friends. I used to bite him and he'd playfully start a tickle fight (Keep in mind that I was very little then; I didn't know that it would embarres me in the future). I even remember when Jacob used to act as if he was my age. Jake (as my mother and I call him) had been debating with my parents whether or not I should go to school for the past month. He would whine and pout and he made me laugh. Now I look back on it and wonder if that was his intention or not. My mom told me she though he was being pathetic. She said that the only reason he didn't want me to go to school was so I could stay home and play with him. I honestly wasn't sure who's side I was on. On one hand, I wanted to make more friends and have the fun my parents tell me they had in school. But I also wanted to stay home and be with Jake. Besides, three months ago, my mother and my father were talking about how they had been outcasts. My mother wasn't really apart of the social world until the end of high school and my father chose to seperate himself from the human world (he says he did this for their protection but I suspect other causes). And I think everyone's heard the saying the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This saying is the story of my life.

Everyone says that I'm so unique. The truth behind this is I'm forced to be unique. It all started when I almost killed my mother. Instead of just popping into the world like a normal person does, I was forcefully ripped. That's excrutiatingly unique. Then everyone realized that I could show people things by touching them. Did I ask for this so called gift? No. Then a coven of twisted vampires, named the Volturi, who basically rule the world came by for a visit and tried to kill us. I remember the looks in my parents eyes as my mother gave me a backpack and said her goodbyes. I climbed on Jake's back and forced back tears. My father told me he loved me and Jacob and actually called Jake his son. That was the first and last time he ever did that. I still wonder why. Jacob's only a couple years younger than Dad is. Maybe my dad was cracking under the depression of the fact that his family and friends were about to be wiped out. Then, once they looked away, a few little tears escaped and landed on Jake's rusty colored fur. I could've sworn I heard him whimper. Then my mother looked like she was going insane. She had this huge smile on her face that didn't match well with the look in her eyes. She let out a laugh that sorta sounded like a witch cackle. I burried my face in Jake's fur even more. The next thing I knew I was touching his opaque face. Then they just stood there concentrating on something. My parents both smiled and started talking. I was already so confused and scared. Now my parents were going crazy and I was forced to watch. Then my father said my Aunt Alice's name and my head perked up. Then she came running threw the forest with three other vampires who I didn't know. Nahuel and I are now good friends and I often see my Amazon friends but I thought I was going crazy too when I first saw them. No one thought that Aunt Alice would ever come back and the three strangers she was with looked like the kind of fascinating people she lived with in my dreams. In my head at the time I thought she left because she didn't like us and she had found a new family she liked better to live with. Then the Volturi left and everyone started cheering and clapping. Then as I grew older I came to understand that my parents hadn't been going insane but that they were merely happy, worried, surprised, and proud. You see my mother was using a shield to protect herself and figured out that she could expand it wide enough to protect her loved ones. She was and is amazing. More amazing than I could ever be. But when my mother and my father, who can read minds, brought me into my existence, their powers must have combined or something and created what is now my power. Ya, I'm the unique one.

I don't think I would survive if I didn't have Jake. He helps me through everything. He was there when I ran away and had nowhere to go and when I was about to die and even whenever I'm depressed or scared. He devotes every ounce of his life to make me happy and expects nothing in return. He's my best friend and I love him. But lately when I think about how I love him, my mind draws a blank. It goes blank because I force it to. I force it to because I've come to a conclusion that I don't want to ever have to admit. I'm in love with Jacob Black.

Chapter Two~I Hope She Never Knows

Sometimes life sucks. Lucky for me, I've got an angel who grants my every wish. Her name is Renesme Cullen. She's the only reason that I haven't been crushed by guilt and sucked into the black hole that's known as life. I used to be a mess. I was in love with someone who was in love with my enemy. She was endangering her life and I had to sit back and watch her. But then I laid my eyes on Nessie. My reason for existence was suddenly clear. I was ment to be with Renesme. I was ment to change her life.

I soon got over Bella Swan, the girl I thought was my future. We became what we were supposed to be, friends. The only problem with us being friends is that I imprinted on her daughter. Ya, I imprinted on who I thought was the love of my life's daughter. I hope she never hears that story. Go ahead, critasize me. But you'll never know exactly how I feel about Nessie so you don't really have a fair reason to. The day I first laid my eyes on Nessie was the day my life really began. I made a promise to her. I promised her I would do whatever it took to keep her out of danger. I don't think she remembers that I said that but I do. I won't ever break that promise, even if I have to put my life in danger. I love Renesme more than anyone has ever loved anything, more than a man has loved a dog, more than a girl has loved a diamond (or diamonds), and more than a guy has loved a girl or a girl has loved a guy. I've never had this feeling before. I don't know if she knows, but it would be so much easier if she did. I think the worst part is not knowing if she loves me or not. Every wolf who's ever imprinted has had a happy life with the person he's imprinted on. But I imprinted on a very, VERY special person. She's more than special though. She's half vampire and half human. She's truly one of a kind. But that doesn't really help me now does it?

I don't like the fact that Nessie's so special and she has to go to the least special places everyday. She's in high school and has a job. Sometimes she gets so upset when she comes home from school. It nearly tears a hole in my heart. She's the prettiest girl in that school by far. She doesn't deserve to have to deal with the guys there. They ask her to dances and she just turns them down. Of course she's like her mom so she can't just tell them no. She has to give them a polite excuse and of course they believe it, but it still causes her some trouble. I hate it when that happens. Then, to top it all off, she works at the hospital with her grandpa. She has to lie and say she's his niece cause he's so young. She's so mature for her age. She works around blood when it's such a challenge to be around. I love her so much. I'm in love with a half in half. I'm in love with a girl who's half bloodsucker. But she's also half human, just like me. She's no doubt, my soulmate.

Chapter Three~Thoughts

"The tears aren't going to make you feel better."
"I. Know." I said through my sobs.
"Do you wanna hug?"
"Hugs are for babies."
"Do you wanna hug?" Jake repeated
"How'd you know?" I said as I dove into him knocking him over. He gave me the biggest hug he could manage and didn't seem to mind that I had knocked him over. I could already feel my tears soaking his shirt.
"So what did he do this time?"
"He asked Ellie to the dance."
"But I thought you were his girlfriend!"
"I am! Er...was."
"I broke up with him."
"Good. He was a loser."
I glared at him.
"Too soon?" he asked
"Yes!" I hissed
"Well he was! He didn't deserve you. You were too good for him. You are easily the prettiest, smartest, sweetest person in that school, probably in Forks!" Jake said. Then he got a look in his face as if he had said too much.
"Jake, do you mean it?" I said, my eyes welling up with tears.
"Of course I do." He said shyly but with a meaningful look in his eyes.
I hugged him even tighter. He rested his cheek ontop of my hair. I could've sworn he inhaled the scent of it, too.
"Jake..." I started to say.
"I...I...I want to say thank you." before my heart could get the better of me.
"'re welcome." Jake seemed disapointed.
"Jake..." I started again.
"Yes Nessie?"
"I love you." I bursted
"I love you too." Jake said. I think he got the wrong idea. Crap. I should've told him I was in love with him. Maybe it worked out for the best. Maybe if I had told him the truth I just would've gotten turned down and rejected. Now I'll never know.
"Hey, you wanna get some dinner?" Jake asked
"I'm pretty sure you and I don't eat the same dinner."
"Well, how about going with me somewhere."
"Well, where would we go?"
"You're so picky!" Jake said with a smile
"Sorry!" I said smiling back at him
"So you wanna go?"
"Of course. Just give me a few minutes to get ready."
"You're already beautiful. What more could you do?" he said with a smile
I could feel myself blushing. He's so sweet. If I can't tell him how I feel, I don't deserve him. I'll tell him tonight. I went upstairs and put on my favorite sage tank top and my faded jean shorts. I pulled on my black sandals and gracefully ran downstairs. Jake was talking to my father as I approached the kitchen. I stopped to eavesdrop just outside the entrance. Hopefully my father won't hear or smell me.
"When are you going to tell her?" My father's velvetine voice asked
"Hopefully tonight. Renesme's complicated though. Surely you would know that Edward." Jake replied
I walked into the kitchen and my father and Jake both seemed somewhat surprised to see me. That was a good sign. This ment that they didn't know I had been eavesdropping. Then Jake stood up and we walked out the front door. Ironically, the sun was setting.

Chapter Four~Crap
Edward told me he's been listening to Nessie's thoughts and so far, she feels the same way I do. So why is it so hard to tell her I'm in love with her if she's supposedly in love with me too? After I chewed Edward out for invading Nessie's privacy, I thanked him. He seemed confused by this. I love it when he's confused. It's a rare luxury. Even though our relationship is on better terms, seeing him in a place where he doesn't know everything is like getting gold sprinkles put onto your icecream. I had to bite my lip and run away after our conversation so I wouldn't explode with laughter right there on the spot. When we were through talking and I had had my fair share of laughs, I started thinking about the previous night when I had taken Nessie out. The night that could have changed our lives if I hadn't screwed it up.

The second after we had gotten into Bella's old Mercades Guardian Nessie attacked me with questions using the good cop-bad cop technique. It was hilarious. She would use her sweet angelic voice to ask me where we were going and when I told her somewhere she would slam her fists against the armwrest and turn on the light above her head. Then she'd yell three inches away from my face "Where are we going Jacob Black?!?!?!?" and everytime I would reply " A place." After about six tries she gave up. Then we reached La Push beach. I opened my door as fast as I could and ran to her side of the car. By the time I was there she was already out ruining my plan. "What?" she asked when she saw the look of disappointment in my face. "I was gonna open your door for you." Then she laughed her bell like laugh that made you forget who you were. I shook my head to clear my mind of her and locked eyes with her. Her warm, beautiful chocolate eyes overwhelmed me. "Jacob, why are we here?" she asked in her musical, piano like voice. All I could say was "Uhhhhhhhhhhhh." and when my mind finally cleared again, the smartest thing I could think to say was "Because it's a beach." "But why are we at a beach?" she asked with a smile. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to the shore. "Because we're gonna swim!" I said as I jumped in pulling her in with me. We swam for what seemed like an hour. We splashed each other's faces and raced each other. It was suunset outside and the weather was perfect for swimming. In truth, it was kind of, well, romantic. She looked so happy. I love it when she's happy. All of a sudden, without thinking, I grabbed her hand, pulled her in towards me, and kissed her. The thing that screwed it all up was that she moved and I kissed her forehead. I used to kiss her forehead when she was little. When she was little, she thought we were just friends. I looked into her eyes and saw that she had realized that. Crap. I tried to pull away but she wouldn't let go. Then all of a sudden she did. And I accidentally slapped her in the face.

Chapter Five~Mood Swings

I really should of known that Jake just wanted to be friends, I should've known it hurts to get slapped in the face when you're half human-half vampire and you have your guard down. I should've known I was doomed to spend eternity alone. But did I? Nope. Did I know that Uncle Jasper was going to cause me and Jake to drift even farther apart? No, I had absolutely no idea.

It all started two days after the "incident". I was going to sit Jake down and ask him what exactly happened that night. I called him and he said he was free and in approximately 20 minutes, two, not one, but two wolves showed up on my doorstep. Apparently Jake was out of cash and out of clothes so he couldn't do his normal entrance. Well that ruined that plan. The worst thing was that the other wolf was Leah. She clung to him like glue. I let out a huge sigh when I saw them. Jake amiediatly assumed the worst. He ran inside the house and started sniffing everywhere. "Jake!" I called. In five seconds he was at my feet. "Nothing's wrong, ok?" Jake looked embarressed. "You can come in Leah." I informed her. "Uh that's Seth" my dad said as he walked by. He waved at the other wolf. "Uhhmm. That's embarressing." I said "Sorry Seth." Jake started rolling on the floor barking his wolfish laugh. "Oh shut up." I said with a smile. Seth started whimpering. "I truly am sorry, Seth. You and your sister look alike you know. Oh you can come in Seth." what a stupid mistake. The next thing I heard was Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmet's voices.
"There's nothing on to do!" Jasper exclaimed with a sigh
"The bear's are hybernating." Emmet said
"There's nothing on TV."
"Bella's cranky and doesn't wanna arm wrestle."
"Alice is out shopping."
"Rose is with her."
"Ugghhhh." they said together as they slammed their heads onto the coffee table. I was surprised it didn't brake.
All of a sudden Uncle Jasper smiled. He started whispering to Uncle Emmet. Uncle Emmet started smiling too. Then my Grandparents walked in.
"Hello Renesme." Esme said with a smile
"Hi Esme. Hi Carlisle." It was too weird to call them Grandma and Grandpa. They were way too young. So I just called them by their first names.
"Morning Nessie." my mother said as she approached the bottom of the steps.
"Good afternoon, Love." my father said as he walked to the beginning of the steps.
"Good afternoon?"
"It's one o'clock hun."
"Hmmm. Time passes so quickly. I guess I still haven't gotten use to forever."
"We never do."
Then something in the air changed. Instead of being all happy and gooey and all that it felt sharp and hurtful, basically full of anger and pain.
"What do you mean "It's the afternoon"?" my mother suddenly said
"It's the bloody afternoon women! If you had actually spent time with your family instead of practicing expanding your shield just to show off then you might actually know that!" my father yelled at my mother
"Excuse me?"
"What, are you deaph now too?"
Then Jake appeared in his normal form at the bottom of the stairs dressed in some of my father's clothes. I hadn't noticed he had left.
"What's going on?" he asked
"Where have you been?" I asked; my tone cold. I was suddenly very upset with him.
"Upstairs." Jake said as if to defend himself
"Well you could have told me!"
"I didn't think that you had to know every little thing I did!"
The air suddenly changed again. This time it was sad and full of regret. Our eyes started to well up with moisture. I had never seen him cry before.
"I'm. So. Sorrrrrrryyyyyy!" my mother choked out
"I know. I am too!" If my father was able to cry I'm sure he would have.
"It's such a touching moment." Esme said as she hugged Carlisle. Carlisle seemed to be the only one besides Emmet and Jasper who wasn't crying. He seemed like he was concentrating very hard though. Then the air felt all happy now.
"I love you Jake!" I said with a huge smile on my face
"I love you too!" Then Jake hugged me
Then it was all over. The air felt normal again. Jasper and Emmet were literally rolling on the floor with laughter as loud as thunder. Jake was still hugging me. We looked at each other. He ammiediatly dropped his arms and we both took two steps away from each other. We were both blushing too. Dad and Carlisle turned their heads toward Jasper and Emmet who were now laughing slightly quieter. They looked really mad.
"Oh crap." Jasper and Emmet said together
"It was his idea!" Emmet said pointing to Jasper
"You agreed to my idea though!" Jasper rebutted
"You were the one who did it though!"
"I wasn't the only one laughing!"
"Stop it, now! I want you to go to your rooms and think about the embarresment you've caused this family! Go!" Esme ordered pointing to the stairs. She looked the most upset.
Jake and I were so embarresed that we didn't talk to each other for a week. Literally. I counted.

Chapter Six~Starts with P and ends with Rom

I will hold a grudge forever. I really hate Jasper now. But even though I hate him I still feel bad for him and Emmet. As punishment for the "mood swings" Esme and Alice agreed that since Alice needed people to try clothes on for her that that would be their punishment. Poor guys. But Bella somehow got looped into the mess too. She's been upstairs all day trying on high heels , dresses, and I'm pretty sure Alice is doing something to her hair. Every once in a while we would hear Bella stomp her foot and Alice threaten her with something that amuses Edward quite alot. Then she scowls and it's all over.

Nessie and I haven't talked for what seems like forever but whenever I ask Edward if she wants me to leave he says no. Whenever me and Nessie are even in the same room I feel like screaming though. It's so awkward, no it's more than awkward. But I can't think of anything that's awkwarder than awkward. I wish I was Edward right now. Then I could hear her thoughts. Lucky bloodsucker. While I was sitting on the couch in the Cullen's living room thinking these things, Nessie ran through the front door and hid behind the couch. "Jake, enough of the no talking awkwardness! I need your help!"
I just about died right there on the spot. I thought she was in danger or something because she looked so scared. I thought maybe the Volturi might be in town again.
"What's wrong?" I asked her, a little scared myself
"It's Alice. She's gone crazy!"
"What? Are you serious?"
"Yes! She wants me to try on prom dresses!"
I let out a sigh of relief.
"I thought you ment she had gone crazy, like, you know, wacko."
"But she has! She thinks I'm going to prom!"
"Well, aren't you?"
"No! I don't have a boyfriend or even a date!"
I thought very carefully about what I was going to say next
"Relax. If worst comes to worst...I'll take you."
"You would do that Jake?" She said with tears welling in her eyes
"Of course I would Nessie. I'd do anything for you."
"Oh Jake!" She said and she threw her arms around me.
"Thank you so much! I owe you big time!"
"You don't owe me anything."
At that moment her gorgeous chocolate eyes sparkled. She was so beautiful. I wanted to pinch myself to make sure she wasn't just a dream. Then Alice entered the room.
"Jacob!" Nessie yelled as she hid behind me
I grabbed her hand and pulled her in front of me.
"Here you go Alice." I said as I shoved Nessie toward her
"Thank you." Alice said
Then she muttered something under her breath about stupid half breeds and how she can't see them or where they run off to. Nessie and I both smiled at this.
"Traitor!" she yelled as Alice pushed her up the stairs
I'm taking Nessie to prom I thought cheerfully. Oh no, I though as I realized something else. I'm taking Nessie to prom! What have I gotten myself into?

Chapter Seven~Can Vampires Hyperventilate?

Can vampires hyperventilate? I hope so because if they can't then I have another thing that I have to add to my unique list. As I sat in my room telling myself to calm down and try not to breathe, my mother knocked on my door.
"Come in."
My mother walked in my room.
"Hi." I told her
"Hi." she said back. She looked as if she had something on her mind.
"Do you have something to say?" I asked with unintended curtness
"Yes. You won't be happy though."
I could feel my expression change.
"What is it?"
"Nahuel is very sick."
My eyes dropped to the floor.
"Apparently he has an immune system and it isn't...fighting back."
"Is he dying?"
"We can't be sure. Carlisle says that he's already dead so it ins't likely but Nahuel looks pretty bad."
"Isn't there some medicine he can take or an operation?"
"He's afraid of exposure."
"What do you mean?"
"If a human doctor were to treat him, he or she would realize he wasn't human."
"Oh." Was all I could say
"But there is something we can do."
"Well Carlisle is a doctor."
"Of course! How could I forget?"
"But we'd have to move to South America by next week. Let me rephrase that, we will be moving to South America by next week."
"Oh. Will we ever come back?"
"Possibly. Carlisle thinks Nahuel might have a disease and he doesn't know how long it will take to cure him if he even can."
"Oh." Was all I could say again.
"I know this must be hard to here especially since you are so close to him and it hurts for me to make it even harder on you. Here it goes, you can't tell Jacob or any of the wolves."
"I'm sorry honey. I talked to Billy about it and he said that if we left then the wolves would be the only protectors and the pack needs Jacob in order to stay together. If you left Jacob would want to come and Forks would be unprotected. I don't think you or Jacob would want to have it on your minds."
"You're right. I guess I have to be selfless." I said. A few tears escaped my eyes.
"I'm so sorry!" My mother said as she wrapped her arms around me crying herself.
"I can't imagine having to live without your father."
"What time next week are we leaving?"
"The twenty-first at around midnight. Then Emmet, Jasper, and your father will tear the house down leaving no evidence." Prom was the twenty-second. Poor Jake. He was going to hate me. I was going to break his heart. The true question was if I would break it before we moved or go through with my mother's plan. As soon as my mother left I started to hyperventilate again.

Chapter Eight~Sleepless Nights

I must have screwed up. Nessie hasn't said so much as a word to me since I told her I'd be her date to prom. Every time she sees me she almost cries. I don't know what I did but man, I feel crappy. Leah said it was probably the way I told her. I mean, if you listen to my words very, very carefully, I guess they could be offensive. "If worst comes to worst...I'll take you." She might of thought that that would be my last resort because I thought she was ugly or something. Every time I see her I think about apologizing but I don't know exactly what I did wrong so I would sound really stupid. "I'm so sorry Renesme." "Why Jake?" "Uhhhh... I don't know. Just thought I'd be polite." She'd probably think I had a problem. Once again the friend who wants to be more becomes incapacitated due to his lack of knowledge about women. I wonder if she still wants to go with me. The Big Bad Wolf is too scared to ask her though. I'm thinking about kidnapping her and forcing her to come with me to prom. Imagine her with a sock stuffed in her mouth, a blindfold covering her eyes, rope tied around her ankles and wrists, swaying to the music. I was horrified and amused at the same time. As I comtemplated Plan B, Plan A suddenly knocked on my brain. "Fine." I said followed with a sigh. I grabbed the keys to my car and walked out the door.

I must have looked like a vampire. I had dark purple bags under my eyes because I hadn't slept in four or five days. That's how long she'd been avoiding me. As I approached the Cullen mansion, I looked up towards the dressing room window. She wasn't there. I got out of my car and rang the doorbell. Renesme answered the door. She was wearing a lavender dress that went just above her knees. It clung to her skin until her waist, where it hung loosely, almost floating, around her legs in ruffles. Her carmel curls were up in a bun. She had brown stiletoes on that matched the sash around her waist and the ribbon intertwined in her bun.
"Wow." was all I could say.
"Oh." She said as she saw my face
"Umm...ya. I'm just here to you."
"Do you still want to go to your prom with me?"
She let out four sobs and then a few tears came.
"No. I hate you Jacob Black."
Then she slammed the door in face.
"You could at least tell me what I did!" I yelled
She opened the door a crack; her mascara running.
"Nothing Jake. Nothing at all." She whispered
Then she shut the door to her home and reality crashed down on me.
I heard the sound of a deadbolt lock turning. The next thing I remember was camping outside her house. I did this everyday until Jasper, Emmet, Edward, Seth, Leah, Sam, Jared, and Quill forcefully removed me. That's how many vampires and werewolves it took to remove me off the premises. The rest of the Cullen family and the rest of the pack stood by to watch and to see if they needed more reinforcements to remove me. Every member of the Cullen family except Renesme, the only member I wanted to remove me.

Chapter Nine~Click

That last glimpse of Jake getting dragged into the forest did it. He glanced at me before he was completely eaten by the never ending green. His eyes were full of pain and confusion and sorrow. But as I saw our time together, every last second, flash in his eyes, there wasn't one memory that carried an ounce of regret. The tears rolled down my cheeks and landed on the floor; shattering like ice.

"I'll never regret you either Jacob Black." I said with my back turned to my window. It was the only goodbye I would ever get and he wouldn't even get to hear it. My knees gave in causing me to fall to the ground. I crawled to my bed . I pulled the sheet out from under the comforter and raised it until it reached the purple rings around my eyes that were now blotched with runny mascara. I release and let it fall under my eyes. But I had no intend of sleeping; of escaping the wave of guilt that filled the room, making it seem tight and like I was a giant trying to live in a shoe box. All the mistakes I had ever made with Jacob flashed through my mind as my eyes stayed dripping with moisture. I searched the back of my mind for the moment I was looking for. It appeared and played in my mind as if I was watching a movie. Two teenagers were at the beach playing in the cool waters. All of a sudden the boy grabs the girl's hand causing her heart to stop and her brain to operate on maximum power. He locked eyes with her and pulled her close. He was aiming for her lips but she jerked because she was trying to kiss him. This caused him to kiss her forehead. The movie played the ending credits and I smiled at the happy memory. Then I sat up so fast that, if I were fully human, I might have broken my ribs. Then a warm, fuzzy sensation filled my body starting from the tips of my toes and circulating all the way up to every carmel colored strand of hair on the top of my head. My brain started working on maximum power and at maximum speed which it hardly ever did. I jerked. I jerked because I was trying to kiss him. But I stopped because he was faster than me and kissed me first. But since I moved, he wound up kissing my forehead. That's when it clicked. I finally saw the "incident" for what it truly was, an accident. I felt relieved for half a second and then my brain realized the reason for this sudden epiphany. "I've got to find Jake." I bolted out the door of my room and ran out of the cottage. I tried to open the front door but it was locked. My instincts worked faster than my brain. I ran through the forest until I reached the back door not even bothering to ring the doorbell or knock on the wood of the front door. Dang it. The back door was locked too. Once again, my instincts worked faster than my brain. I took two large strides backwards and lunged myself into the glass. "Well that's one way to make an entrance." Emmet joked. Apparently he didn't understand the importance behind my behavior. Of course he wouldn't, he didn't know what was going on. I ignored him anyways. I searched everywhere for any pair of car keys.
"Where are all the car keys?" I asked as I gave up.
"Everyone took all the cars kid. I have to stay here and babysit you." he said
I scowled. First, I'm sixteen and I'm old enough to stay at home by myself especially since I'm a vampire, and second, why was it there was always at maximum one car out and now that I need one of those cars all of a sudden they're gone? I scowled again. Life shouldn't be so hard.
"Do why have bycicles?"
"Um ya. They're in the garage."
"Thanks Emmet."
"Wait where are you-" his question was cut off as I opened and closed the door to the garage. Sure enough there was a bike balancing, covered in dust, on a hook on the wall. And, with all my good luck, it's front wheel was completely rubberless. It was just the inside of a tire. Just what I needed to travel thirty-five miles to Jacob's house to tell him I loved him. Just great.

Chapter Ten~Ghost

"Purple, brown, lighter brown, white with a pink undertone, and dark purple." I replied to Embry's question.
"Dude, you've fallen way too deep." Quill answered after he and Embry had exchanged a glance that clearly questioned my sanity.
"I don't see what the colors that I like have to do with how much I like ... you know who." I couldn't bear to say her name.
"Dude she was wearing a purple and brown dress the last time you saw her! And she has light brown hair and brown eyes and she has white skin with a pink undertone and dark purple rings around her eyes!" Embry told me looking a little worried
"Oh. Well it's just a coincidence." I said with a dead voice
"And he's in denial too. This is worse than I thought." Quill said
"Whatever. You two are no help at all." My voice has been dead since I saw her last. I started changing and running.
"Aw come on man! Where are you gonna go?" Embry shouted. I was already too far for any of them to reach me. I didn't know where I would go. Anywhere was fine as long as it was at least three states over. I could either run, drive, or fly the whole way. Neither sounded in the least bit appealing to me. Then I heard paws behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw Leah. Dang it. The rest of the pack knew my weakness too? My weakness was that I wasn't the fastest in the pack. Leah was though.
"What do you want?" I thought
"Well if you insist on leaving than I'm going wit you." she thought back
"Ughhhhh." I groaned
"I'm coming too!" Seth thought this as if it was an adventure. They could never leave me alone when I wanted to be alone.
"No." I sped up. Leah was at my side in an instant.
"You're gonna get bored."
"we don't care."
"Whatever. It's your life."
Soon we were at my house.
"I gotta pack."
"So do we." Leah said before Seth. He looked kinda upset. Poor Seth. I felt bad that he looked up to me.
"We'll meet you at the airport." Seth said while glaring at his sister
"Which airport?" Leah asked, glaring back
"The one in Seatle."
"Ya that's smart. We're gonna meet Jacob Black in the Seatle airport which is three hours away. Oh ya I'm sure he's not gonna ditch us or go to another airport or anything like that." Leah said, snorting.
"Jake wouldn't do that."
I was getting pretty tired of those two.
"Uh ya he would!" Leah was starting to annoy me
"No he wouldn't!"
"You hardly even know him!"
"Like you know him better than I do!"
Then I opened the door to my house, ran into my room, and locked the door. I might be willing to go with Seth but Leah was more than I could handle. Plus, she and..the other girl seem to have developed a friendship. A good one too.
"Gosh Jake, you look ghoulish." a familiar voice said
"Oh, hi Rache."
"Wow. You sound ghoulish too."
"Yah. I bet I do."
"I'm really sorry about Renesme."
I shivered. Suddenly I felt like a ghost too. No one had said her name since it had happened.
" 'S not so bad. I'll get over it. I think." I was very careful not to say her name.
"Where are you going?" Rachel asked, looking at my duffel bag.
"Oh. Nowhere."
"Jacob, where are you going?" She demanded
"Like I said, nowhere."
She scowled
"You are so stubborn! If you don't tell me, I'm gonna tell dad and you've broken his heart enough."
I fought back tears.
"Get out of my room." I pronounced every word carefully and slowly. I could feel the shivers coming.
"Make me."
"Don't tempt me. Besides, when did you get so...mean. You've always been the nice sister."
She scowled again.
"What's your deal?" My tone made her eyes become slits
"You wouldn't undersand. Just keep packing. I'll take care of dad like I always do."
Then she stormed out before I could say another word. I finished my packing and heard Leah coming towards my door. I grabbed my duffel bag and jumped out the window. Seth was outside.
"Let's go kid."
He ran along side me until we both changed and by the time we were at the edge of Forks Leah had figured it out.
"I'll hunt you two down." she thought
Then Seth and I both changed back.
"We should probably keep running and call a cab and go to a different airport."
"I'm with you kid."
Soon enough we were in a plain flying to New York. Of course, I didn't choose the destination.
look for the rest of the chapters in the comments!

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