The Twilight Saga

Edward has left Bella and he's not looking back at the moment. Bella is left torn and about to come face to face with death when dark and handsome vampire, Damon Salvator saves her and offers her a deal she can't refuse.

Edward's moved to Mystic Falls with his family and Bella is always in his thoughts as he thinks about if he's done the right thing in leaving her. Then he sees a young depressed blond haired girl called Laura. Laura is alone, her family don't love her, she was a mistake that killed her mother. She is half vampire-half human. Laura knows out in the world somewhere she has a half sister called Bella. She's seen photos but had never met her. Laura used to have it all, money, popularity and a handsome boyfriend and then he manipulated her, fed on her and raped her. Laura is now damaged and doesn't think she'll get out of it. She's thought about killing herself but couldn't bring herself to do it. Laura is physically and mentally 15 but she was only born just over a year ago. When she's about to sacrifice her life she meets dark, mysterious and brooding vampire Edward Cullen. Can Edward bring himself to get over Bella and help Laura who has nothing?

What will happen when Damon returns to Mystic Falls with Bella on his arm and Edward partnering up with Damon's brother Stefan to help bring Laura back to life and show her what life could bring her? How will Edward react to the deal Bella has offered herself up to? And can the two types of vampires keep away from each others throats to figure out the love they are all feeling?


So.....what do we think? Should I write? Please let me know if I should and I will soon upload chapter one if you believe I should. :D

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You should totaly write it it sounds like on awesome story

Thanks, I'll put the first chapter up tomorrow xx

Be up late tomorrow, got caught up with catch up work at school but something to start.

Chapter 1 Bella's POV

I sank to the forest floor as I watched Edward disapper into the forest. Once I knew he wasn't coming back I let tears escape my eyes. I cuddled myself up into a ball and laid on the ground. Maybe I should just let Victoria kill me. I thought to myself as the pain of Edward leaving me hit me like tone of bricks.

I looked amoungst the trees when I heard someone running at an un-natural speed. I stood up and Victoria was soon a few steps in front of me. "Don't tell me your vampire boyfriends left you unprotected."

what you think???

sounds great..i would love to read more

i say keep writing this sounds good


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