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Okay, so this is one of my fan fictions, it is a Twilight/Harry Potter crossover, so if you dont like Harry Potter, dont waist you time on this story... Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, or Harry Potter This takes place 3 years later... This chapter is 3rd person, but later on, I may make some chapters in POVS. Chapter 1 Excepted Harry Potter was slowly going crazy from all of the attention he was getting. Ever sense he had defeated Voldemort. Everywhere he went, someone was following him, or a more appropriate term, stalking him. Harry was setting on the couch in the livingroom of Sirius's old house. He stared into the flames of the fire, hoping that it would erase the memories of everyone who he had cared about, all killed in the battle... At that, Harry almost didn't notice the brown owl swoop into the open window. It made him jump it was so sudden. the Owl swooped over to him and landed on the back of the couch. "Hello their." Harry said, pulling the envelope off of the owl's leg. The envelope was either dark purple, or dark blue; it was hard for Harry to tell in the light only casted by the fireplace. "Lumos." harry said, the end of his wand casting a light upon the letter. On the front, their was a sort of elegant crest; on it baring the letters: N W US, and the word: Quidditch. Harry wildly open the letter, very curious of the topic of this letter. He Read: Harry Potter~ The United States Of America Quidditch Association Is Pleased to inform you, that you have been excepted, at your own choice, to be the new Seeker on the North Western United States Quidditch Team. The headquar- ters, and regular practice field are located in Forks Washington, United States. Please reply by this owl within one week. Sincerely Josh Turner Head of USA Quidditch association. Harry sat, staring at the pice of parchment. He had no idea their where Quidditch teams in the States. Let alone how he had suddenly been excepted as team Seeker... He glanced at his watch... It was time to go, he was going to The Burro to see Ginny at 6:30, and it was 6:28. He told the owl to stay put, and walked quickly to the fireplace. He grabbed the cup of Floo Powder, took a handful, stepped into the fireplace and shouted, "The Burrow!" He suddenly had the familiar feeling of being pushed thru a tube... His feet hit the ground with a hard thud. He stepped out of the fireplace into the small livingroom, coughing. "Harry!" He heard Ginny yell as she bounded over to him and wrapped him in a hug. Harry and Ginny had been dating for almost 5 years now. "Look at what I got." Harry said handing her the letter. "What is it?" She asked raising her eyebrow. "Read it." He said. She opened the letter and read the letter allowed. She was wearing a very confused look on her face. "I didn't know their where Quidditch teams in the States." She said "Me neither, I didn't try out for anything... Am owl just showed up carrying the letter. "Hmmmm." She said, looking intrigued. "Where's Ron?" Harry asked her. "He whent to Hogsmade... C'mon, were going to Hogsmade.." Ginny said, pulling on Harry's arm. "Hold on!" She said... Then they Apparated. He again had the feeling of being shoved thru a tube. They landed hard on the ground outside a bookstore. "C'mon." Ginny said pulling Harry towards a small candy shop. They walked into the store and a sweet smell came over Harry... "Ron!" Ginny shouted at Ron who was browsing a selection of candy. He turned towards them. "Hey, what are you doing here?" He asked curiously. "Look what Harry got!" Harry handed Ginny the letter, and she handed it to Ron. She opened it and looked it over curiously... "I think you just got excepted onto a national Quidditch team, mate." Ron said smiling at harry. Hope you liked it! Comment please! :) ~cullen225

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lol, thanks!
I like the Volturi, but I hate them a the same time. lol. Soo, that is why they are good in my other fanfic.
omg that was awesome !!1 :D
Thnaks :)
Wow! Thanks! :D
Okay, so I just got home from shopping all friggin day... Not the best thing to do what you are sick... So, I am feeling a little better, so here is the next chapter. Hope you like it! ............................................

Chapter 27~ Reunion ~Song: The Fray-You Found Me
"So, what coven are you?" Maren asked with a cough.
"Well, we prefer to think of ourselves as a family," Rose started, "But our family name is the Cullen's." She said.
Maren's eyes widened and she gasped, "The Cullen's?!"
Rose looked at Nessie and Jacob, "Yes."

Maren blinked a couple of times, "But they... And you.... Oh! Your Renesmee! Why didn't I think of that?!" She said to herself.
Nessie raised an eyebrow, "How did you know who I was?" She asked.

"The Volturi were always talking about you. The wanted you for their own." Maren said.
"Oh." Was all Nessie said.
"I have a question." Maren said.
Rose nodded.
"You are vampires... But how did the humans survive an attack of the Volturi?" Maren asked, looking slightly at Jacob. He grinned, "Were more than just human." He said.
Maren raised an eyebrow at Jacob.
"Me and all of them are werewolves... Or shape shifters I guess," Jacob said, "And them two... She is a witch and he is a wizard... Ginny and Harry." He said.

Maren looked over to Ginny and Harry, who were setting at one of the beds with Alice and Seth. Harry and Ginny were turned toward Maren, talking to the girl in the small mattress. Maren gasped.
"Harry Potter!?" She said loudly.
Harry and Ginny looked at her.

Nessie waved them over. They stood and came over to Maren's mattress.
"How do you know my name?" Harry asked curiously.
"I-The Volturi-they were in league with Voldemort... I heard them talking about it," She leaned forward to reveal a vent in the wall, "I could hear everything that went on in the throne room. They had no idea. Anyway, after you killed Voldemort at Hogwarts three years ago, the Volturi started to plan an attack on the Wizards. They were going to kill you." Maren said.

"How did I not see that!?" Alice screeched, making the humans and wolves in the room jump.
"Halano," Maren said, "He was a shield. He blocked out any vampire powers." She said.
"Crap! All of this time, we had Bella and we were completely unaware that the Volturi had a shield, too!" Alice said, face-handing herself.

Carlisle walked over to where they were sitting, "We have to figure out where to take them," He said, "Bella almost died when she was carrying Nessie, and she had the best of living space... These girls on the other hand..." He said., trailing off.
"We cant go back to Forks, or Kentucky," Rose said, "It would take way to long."
Carlisle nodded, "I know. I have no idea-" He said, but got cut off by Ginny.
"We can take them to my parents house," She said, "It's not to far from here, and we can apparate. Our heeling techniques are much more advanced than Muggles' anyway." She said.

"You really think it would work?" Rose asked.
Ginny nodded.
"How soon can we leave?" Carlisle asked.
"As soon as your ready." Ginny said.

They told everyone what they were going to do, then prepared everything.
Harry and Ginny sat alongside Bella and Maren, "Okay, apparating is basically disappearing, then reappearing somewhere else. It's not the most pleasant feeling, but it will be better than staying here." Ginny said.
"Also, holding your breath helps." Harry said.
Bella was holding Maren in her arms, and Harry and Ginny held onto there arms. They counted to three, then they were flying. It only lasted a minute, then they were standing in the living room of The Burrow.

"Here, just set her on the couch." Ginny said. Mrs. Weasly heard the pop, and came in to see who had appeared. She gasped when she saw them, "Oh my!" She said, hurrying forward. "What on earth?" She said.
"Mum, take care of maren for a minute. We will be right back. RON!" Ginny yelled.
Ron came down the stairs, Hermione right behind him Hermione gasped. "What the..." Ron murmured.
"Come on! We need your help!" Ginny said, grabbing Ron's arm, as Harry grabbed Bella and Hermione. They were spinning again, then they landed in the Volterra Castile. "No time to explain now." Ginny said as they started apparating other girls to The Burrow.

Hey people! Hope you liked it! If you comment, you get one of these cookies I'm eating... I really am eating a cookie right now... lol.
Thanks for understanding me not posting!
<3 Annabeth Chase
Haha, thanks. Good cookies. lol
omg so sad
but love that the magic is coming back into this!!
iv'e missed it!!!
Hehe... It's comeing... lol


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