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Okay, so this is one of my fan fictions, it is a Twilight/Harry Potter crossover, so if you dont like Harry Potter, dont waist you time on this story... Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight, or Harry Potter This takes place 3 years later... This chapter is 3rd person, but later on, I may make some chapters in POVS. Chapter 1 Excepted Harry Potter was slowly going crazy from all of the attention he was getting. Ever sense he had defeated Voldemort. Everywhere he went, someone was following him, or a more appropriate term, stalking him. Harry was setting on the couch in the livingroom of Sirius's old house. He stared into the flames of the fire, hoping that it would erase the memories of everyone who he had cared about, all killed in the battle... At that, Harry almost didn't notice the brown owl swoop into the open window. It made him jump it was so sudden. the Owl swooped over to him and landed on the back of the couch. "Hello their." Harry said, pulling the envelope off of the owl's leg. The envelope was either dark purple, or dark blue; it was hard for Harry to tell in the light only casted by the fireplace. "Lumos." harry said, the end of his wand casting a light upon the letter. On the front, their was a sort of elegant crest; on it baring the letters: N W US, and the word: Quidditch. Harry wildly open the letter, very curious of the topic of this letter. He Read: Harry Potter~ The United States Of America Quidditch Association Is Pleased to inform you, that you have been excepted, at your own choice, to be the new Seeker on the North Western United States Quidditch Team. The headquar- ters, and regular practice field are located in Forks Washington, United States. Please reply by this owl within one week. Sincerely Josh Turner Head of USA Quidditch association. Harry sat, staring at the pice of parchment. He had no idea their where Quidditch teams in the States. Let alone how he had suddenly been excepted as team Seeker... He glanced at his watch... It was time to go, he was going to The Burro to see Ginny at 6:30, and it was 6:28. He told the owl to stay put, and walked quickly to the fireplace. He grabbed the cup of Floo Powder, took a handful, stepped into the fireplace and shouted, "The Burrow!" He suddenly had the familiar feeling of being pushed thru a tube... His feet hit the ground with a hard thud. He stepped out of the fireplace into the small livingroom, coughing. "Harry!" He heard Ginny yell as she bounded over to him and wrapped him in a hug. Harry and Ginny had been dating for almost 5 years now. "Look at what I got." Harry said handing her the letter. "What is it?" She asked raising her eyebrow. "Read it." He said. She opened the letter and read the letter allowed. She was wearing a very confused look on her face. "I didn't know their where Quidditch teams in the States." She said "Me neither, I didn't try out for anything... Am owl just showed up carrying the letter. "Hmmmm." She said, looking intrigued. "Where's Ron?" Harry asked her. "He whent to Hogsmade... C'mon, were going to Hogsmade.." Ginny said, pulling on Harry's arm. "Hold on!" She said... Then they Apparated. He again had the feeling of being shoved thru a tube. They landed hard on the ground outside a bookstore. "C'mon." Ginny said pulling Harry towards a small candy shop. They walked into the store and a sweet smell came over Harry... "Ron!" Ginny shouted at Ron who was browsing a selection of candy. He turned towards them. "Hey, what are you doing here?" He asked curiously. "Look what Harry got!" Harry handed Ginny the letter, and she handed it to Ron. She opened it and looked it over curiously... "I think you just got excepted onto a national Quidditch team, mate." Ron said smiling at harry. Hope you liked it! Comment please! :) ~cullen225

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wow that was really good. you should seriously write more :)
really good you should cotinue
Thanks peoples! :) I am going to post more in just a minute... Hope you like it!
Thanks for the great reviews! Here is the next chapter!

Chapter 2: Decision Part One

"Um, Harry..." Ron said looking up from the letter. "I didn't even know that their where Quidditch teams in America."
"Neither did I, I just got the letter from an owl..." Harry said.
"Hmm, think they have books on the United Stated Quidditch teams at the book store?" Ginny said, more thinking out loud than anything.
"Worth a try." Ron said, shrugging at Harry.
And at that they left the sweet smelling candy shop, and walked across the slightly icy brick alley that ran between all of the stores. They entered the rather medium sized Book Store and walked to the tall, balding man at the counter.
"S'cuse me." Ginny said to the man.
"Yes? How may I help you?" He said turning from a large box of books he had been sifting thru... Then he gasped.
"Your, your Harry Potter!" He said, eyeing Harry.
Harry sighed and mumbled "Mhm."
"Oh im sorry, go on with what you where saying, Miss." The wizard, who Harry decided was very decent for not dwindling on him forever like most people, turned back to Ginny.
"Oh, yes. Well I was just wondering if you have any books on the United States Quidditch Teams." She said.
"Oh yes, I do believe we have a few. This way please." He gestured them to follow him as he walked toward a large section of books with the large sigh Bering "QUIDDITCH" in large letters. They progressed closer to the Quidditch section. When they reached it, they walked for a few moments until the Wizard stopped.
"Ahh, yes... Quidditch trams of England and Scotland... Australia, Mexico, Canada, Russia... Ah yes, here we are, We have here United States Quidditch," He said weighing a large book in his hand. "United States Quidditch: A History," He said holding up another book, smaller than the first. "And," He sat down United Stated Quidditch Teams. "A Trip Thru American Quidditch." He now was holding all three books in his arms. "Mmm, I sapose we will take... United States Quidditch and... A trip Thru American Quidditch." harry said.
Ah yes... Well if you will just follow me, we will make your transaction." He sat the remaining book back onto the shelf and shuffled off to the counter. Harry, Ron and Ginny followed closely behind.
"That will be one Gallon and three Knuts please." The man said.
"Oh, yes, here you go." Harry said handing him the money.
"Ah, thank you. And it is a pleasure to meet you all." The man said with a nod and smile.
"You to." They said.

Harry and Ginny sat down on the couch at Sirius's house, Ron peeping over the back of the couch at the book witch now lay open in Harry lap. Ginny snuggled into Harry side and Ron snorted.
Harry began to read allowed...

The United States Of America, like Europe, consists of Magical schools, Wizards, Witches and ofcorse, Quidditch.
The United States and England are not in much association Magically, as most know, but the idea came to mind on
a late summer night, of American Quidditch, and none really knowing about it. I know many things of American
Magic, as I spent two years their years ago, and attended the Magical school "Veelswin" located in Indiana, United States. When I was their, I became highly interested with American Quidditch.
In The States, Quidditch differs now much from own one, accept for that, America, unlike England and our neighbors countries, has 6 Quidditch teams: The Northern Centaurs, The Southern Elfs , The Eastern Werewolves, The Western Dementors, The Midwestern Goblins, and the Northwestern Vampires. In The States, the head of Quidditch organization is the USA Quidditch Association. Here in England, as most of you will know, we have The British And Irish Quidditch League Headquarters. As you can see, they are very alike. But the States differ from us, in the fact that they, rather than having their Quidditch associated with the Ministry Of Magic, it is very separate, and on its own.
Their, an off topic subject, rather than having a Minister Of Magic, they have The President Of Magic. Their magical laws are very similar to ours.
The Head of their Quidditch Association is Josh Turner. He was once the Seeker on the Vampires. He, is said to be by many of the Wizards ad Witches of America, to be the best Seeker ever in the United States, putting the Vampires on the map, still holding the very high status. When the American Witches and Wizards play their games, they often play agents the other Teams of America, and those of South america, and Canada as well. As here in Britain, they hold a yearly competition to determine the best team of the time. Here such a competition would be known as The Quidditch World Cup. Their it is the American Cup.

And that was the end of the chapter.
"So... If you except, Harry, You will be a Northwestern Vampire." Ginny said in a matter of fact tone.
"So, what do you think?" Ron asked.
"Well, I guess I am going to decide wether im going to be on the team or not..."

I hoped you all liked this chapter!
And yes, they will Be meeting the Cullens not too long from now...
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lol, thanks peoples!
Chapter 3: Decision Part 2

Harrys POV ~I thought that would be interesting, sense all of the HP books are third person~

Ron and Ginny had left after I had read almost all of American Quidditch, so I was left here, at Number 12 Grimwald Place to think things over... I had come up with the pros and cons of joining the Northwestern Vampires...
My pros where, that, 1, sense Voldemort had not been in power in the US, people probly' wouldn't stalk me all of the time. 2, that I would be playing Quidditch regularly again, which is what I loved to do. And 3, that it would be nice for a change of scenery... If that makes any sense... I dident have time to play out all of the cons.
Then it hit me... I still hadn't told Hermiony. I looked at my watch... It was 9:13 PM, still not to late to go to Hermiony's house... I stood up and Apparated to her House, well outside her house. I dident want to use Floo Powder and just pop into her living room, she would probly' stun me.

I walked swiftly up to the front door, and knocked. I waited a few seconds, and then Hermiony opened the door.
"Hi, Harry, everything alright?" She asked, obviously worried, probly because I had just popped in at 9:13 PM, that I had come to tell her of a tragedy...
"Yeah, I just wanted to show you this letter." I said holding up the letter.
She opened it and turned to the house, walking inside gesturing for me to follow her. So I did.
Her eyes moved quickly back and forth, until she stopped and looked up at me.
"So..." She said, making the "O" very long, it coming out more like "Soooooooo."
"If i am not mistaken, you just made it onto a Quidditch team in the United states." She said a smile resting on her lips.
Then she burst out talking so fast that it was a little hard to hear her.
"So you just got excepted onto a Quidditch team in the US, and I dident know their where Quidditch teams in the US, And Harry? How exactly did you get onto the team? I mean, by the looks of his letter, you dident try out for anything, I mean..."
I held up a hand."Hermiony, slow down." I said, laughing a little.
She took a deep breath."Sorry."
"It's okay." I said still laughing lightly.
"So." She said, taking much slower now. "Are you going to join?"
I sighed. "I dont know, I mean. if I go, it would be great, but what about Ginny... And I just..."
I stopped talking when a huge smile started to plaster onto Hermiony's face.
"What?" I asked her.
"Harry, you know what to do about Ginny." She was still smiling hugely.
"I do?" I asked her, having no idea what she was talking about.
"Oh for goodness sakes, Harry. Your old enough, your almost 21, she will turn 20 after you, and then she could go with you, no problem."
Then I figured out what she was talking about and I think my jaw dropped.
"But... I..." I dident know what to say.
"Harry, I know you love each other, you cant go through what you two whent through and not love each other."
"But... I..." Repeated.
Could I really... Ask Ginny to marry me? Uhhh, though I dident know how I would manage to do that, I knew Hermiony was right.

Hey, so I know I spelled Hermiony wrong... But I just couldn't seen to remember how to spell it for sure, and I probly'' got some other "Wizarding World" misspellings... But anyway, I hoped you all liked this chapter!
~Tracy Loves Reading~ Yeah, I remembered how to spell it like 10 minutes after I had posted it...
I was having a brain block, I think, because I am a big Harry Potter fan to... Obviously...
Anyway, thanks for reading!
Chapter 4 Question

Ginny's POV

I had gone home after listening to almost all of American Quidditch, read by Harry.
I wasent sure what I thought of Harry possibly going to America... I knew that if he hid, he would have to move their permanently... And I wanted him to be happy, he loved Quidditch, and I wanted him to be happy, this was his opportunity of a lifetime... But America was so far away...
I hadn't stayed up long after I had gone home, their wasent really anything to do. Sense Fred and George had moved out to pursue their joke shop career (I decided Fred dident die. In this he is still alive :) ) It had been very quiet around, and not much to do really...

I woke up the next morning around 9:00 AM, and walked down to the kitchen slowly. Mum was making bacon and eggs, and Ron still wasent anywhere in sight. And Dad... I glanced at the clock... Yes, was at work.
I pulled myself to the table, flicked my wand, and had some Juice poured. I yawned hugely.
"Would you like some breakfast dear?" Mum asked my with her eyebrows raised.
"Ure, anks." I was attempting to say "Sure, thanks." but my yawn muffled the sound.
But apparently Mum understood me, because a second later, a plate filled with food lowered onto the table in front of me.
"Thanks Mum." I said, my voice clear of yawns now.
"Oh your welcome." She said smiling.
Mum was normally in a better mood now that Fred and George had stopped blowing things up, only because of their absents.
Ron dident come down for a wile, and when he did he also got some breakfast.
"Well, im going to go get dressed." I said, as I was still in my nightgown.
"Well, have fun then." Ron said sleepily, picking at his eggs.
"I will try." I said with a laugh, heading for the stairs.

Wen I was dressed, I walked back down the stairs, and into the kitchen.
To my surprise, Harry was setting next to Ron at the table, talking about Quidditch.
Again, to my surprise, as Harry looked up a me, he seamed to go very pale.
"Um, you okay Harry?" I asked, wondering what his student odd behavior was about.
"Oh, uh, yeah, I was just, um... Do you want to go for a walk?" He managed to get out.
"Er, sure." I said, as he stood and walked over to me.
"So, do you want to go to Hogsmeide or something?" I asked him, raising my eyebrows.
So at that, we Apparated to Hogsmeide.
"So, wheir do you want to go?" I asked.
"Um, Three Broomsticks?" He asked.
"Sure." I said, and we walked over to The Three Broomsticks.
We sat down at a small table, which only had two chairs.
"So, what did you want to talk to be about?" I asked.
"Oh, er, right, well I um..." What was making him like this?
"Well, if you cant say it, right it down." I said, pulling a pice of scrap paper out of my pocket, and sliding i across the table to him.
"Oh, well, okay." He said. His face seemed to smooth out a little.
"Accio Quill." he said, and a quill zoomed into his hand. He scratched a few words on it, turned it over, and slid it over to me. I eyed it for a second, then picked it up and read the four words:

Will You Marry Me?

I sat staring at the paper for a minute, then looked up at Harry who looked as though he was just opening his eyes.
"Yes!" I said, kissing him.
When I sat back down, he sighed in relief.
"So... Does this mean you are going to join the Quidditch team?" I asked smiling hugely.
This was perfect.
"Well, I guess so... If you want to go once were... Married." He creaked out the last word.
"Oh course I want to go!" I said smiling

Hope you peoples liked this chapter! And we will be getting to Forks very soon! Within the next few chapters hopefully!
Anyway, thanks, and PLEASE comment!
AHHHHH that was omg !!!! (: (:
Thankss :D
post more !
Chapter 5 Informed
Ginnys POV

Me and Harry walked around Hogsmeade for a wile, but not long, because I was practically bouncing up and down, desperately wanting to tell my family about the news...
We apparated back home, and started to walk toward the house.
"So, who do you think is going to react the most... Strongly, about this?" Harry asked.
"Ron." We both said at the same time, both of us laughing.
We walked into the house, hands linked. Mum was supervising the knitting needles that worked together in harmony, it looked like they were making a scarf at the moment... Ron was seating on a chair, shifting through a pile of joke things, which had come from Fred and George. He was squinting at a small object which looked like a piece of candy, but was obviously made of metal; he looked at it as if it was going to explode... Then a few seconds later, it did explode, sending his hare up straight like he had been struck by lightning. He let out a couch, smoke following. "I swear, I will get them back if its the last thing..." He was mumbling.
I sat on the small love seat with Harry, bouncing again. He put his hand on my shoulder, trying to get me to calm a bit, that not working to well. Ron raided an eyebrow at me. "Ha ha." I gave a nervous laugh.
I wished Dad would get home, so we could tell them. I glanced at the clock on the wall, Dad was labeled as "Traveling", which made me bounce More excitedly then before. He was on his way home, so he would be home soon.

Harry seamed to be excited as well, but better containing it than me.
"What is WRONG with you?" Ron asked. Was it that obvious?
"Oh, nothing, nothing, just being silly." I said my voice higher than usual.

I glanced at the clock again, just in time to Dad's hand tun to "Home". I looked at the door, a second later, Dad emerged from the door, brushing snow flakes from his robes. He saw me bouncing on the love seat, almost leaving the ouch I bounced so violently now. He looked at Harry, who looked almost as bad as me, then to Ron who just shrugged.
"Um, Molly, I think Ginny and Harry may have something to tell us." He said looking at me with his eyebrows raised.
I nodded in response. "Oh?" Mum said, looking up from her work.
"Um, yes." Harry said. "me and Ginny are, well of course if you say its alright..."
"Getting married!" I blurted out, not able to hold it back any longer. Harry gave a long sigh.
"Oh!" Mum said, walking over, squishing us both in a big hug. "And of course it is alright with us!" She said, looking at Harry. "Isn't that right Arthur?" She said turning to Dad, who had a big smile on his face. He nodded.
Okay, so Mum and Dad were okay with it... I peered around Mum over to Ron who looked like a rock.

"Um, Ron?" harry asked, apparently seeing my unmoving brother.
"Ron?" I asked, walking over to him. I picked up a small joke contraption, knowing that these gave off, a loud, but harmless 'pop'. I pulled the string on it, making it pop in ron's face. That did it. He looked up at me and blinked. "Excuse me." He said standing up and walking toward the stairs. Once he had gotten upstairs, I sighed and turned to Harry. "Well, I would say he took that well."
I said. Harry laughed. "Yes, better than I thought he would."

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I will try to update more often from now on!

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