The Twilight Saga

Melissa had a major crush on Mr. Popular, who didn't even know she existed but that changes when he crashes into her literally.

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Chapter 8

Homecoming hadn't turned out to be the night I had expected it to be, but in the end I didn't let Kate ruin my night. I didn't spend the rest of the night in the corner of the gym, but instead in the middle of the dance floor with Mark and Holly. I didn't see much of Brandon the rest of the night and during the limo ride home he didn't say much. I wasn't sure what to make of his statement to me about how he had wanted to go with Homecoming with me. The truth was that I started to feel like that whole conversation had been a dream. That was until he picked me up for school the next Monday morning.

That morning I opened my front door and took a deep breath. I wasn't sure if I was ready to face Brandon again, but it didn't matter now if I was ready or not. I got into his truck and didn't say a word. The ride to school was awkward and Brandon's sister made a few attempts to start a conversation, which in the end lead nowhere. His truck came to a screeching hauled in the school parking lot and his sister got out of the truck. I opened the door to follow her, but Brandon grabbed my hand before I could get out.

"Melissa, we need to talk." He looked at me and I was forced to face him.

"We have nothing to talk about." I told him coldly and ripped my hand out of his grip. That's when I decided to end it. I had chased Brandon for too long, and he's ignored me and hurt me for too long.

"You know what there is something we need to talk about. You said you wanted to go to Homecoming with me, but instead you went with Kate. Then you almost kiss me at Homecoming and then ignore me the rest of the night. I don't know what your game is, but I don't want to play it." I vented all my anger and he actually looked shocked. What did he think he could ignore me and then later all would be forgiven?

"Oh, by the way I think it would be better if I took the bus until my car is fixed." I slammed the truck door. Then I looked him right in the face and saw the hurt look on it and my heart did something I didn't think it could do anymore, it shattered into even more pieces.


"He is miserable." A voice came up from behind me. I turned to see Brandon's sister.

"Should I care?" I questioned trying to act like I didn't care. It had been two days since I had gone off on Brandon and I had tried my hardest since then to avoid him. I thought if I didn't see him, then I would forget what he meant to me. But it hasn't worked so far.

"He really cares about you." She said as she followed me down the hallway.

"He sure has a funny way of showing it. Goes to Homecoming with Kate and then ditches me the rest of the night." I frowned.

"It was an awful thing to do, I agree. I know for a fact that he doesn't like Kate. He just feels sorry for her." She told me, but I didn't know how anyone could feel sorry for Kate.

"Just talk to him please?" She looked up at me and nodded her head towards him.

"Fine," I sighed and walked up to Brandon who was leaning against his locker.

"Brandon, can we talk?" I asked him.

"Oh, you want to talk now?" He said in a harass tone and I took a step back.

"Or do you want to yell at me some more?" He asked and I was beginning to think I had hurt him more than I thought.

"Brandon…" I started, but then trailed off. What do I tell him? I that I've loved him since… well forever? That I was hurt that he took Kate to Homecoming instead of me? That I wish he would just kiss me?

"I liked you Melissa. I felt something that day I crashed into your car, but maybe I was wrong." He told me and walked away. Then I saw him walk over to Kate and put his arm over her shoulder. Kate looked back at me and smiled.


"I'm….sorry.." I told Holly as I grabbed another tissue out of her hands.

"Don't be sorry. Brandon should be sorry." She told me and gave me a pat on the back. I had royally screwed things up. I had learned today that Brandon had actually liked me and I messed that up. Now Brandon had gone to Kate and probably forgotten my name by now.

"I shouldn't be crying this much over a guy." I sobbed into a tissue, I felt so stupid for letting a guy effect me this much.

"You always cry a lot over your first love, especially if he looks like Brandon Richie." She told me and I started to sob even harder. Brandon really was my first love.

"Oh, sorry! I didn't mean to make things worse." She frowned and grabbed more tissues from the night stand.

"I don't know how things could possibly get worse." I stated taking the new box of tissues from her hands.

"Do you have eggs?" She suddenly asked taking me by surprise.

"What?" I looked up at her. What does she want eggs for? I'm not in the mood for an omelet.

"Do you have eggs?" She repeated.

"I heard you the first time, but I thought you were kidding. What do you need eggs for?" I questioned looking at her like she was crazy.

"To egg Brandon's house." She stated. Okay, maybe she is crazy.

"Now I know you are kidding." I laughed at her.

"No, it will make you feel better." She said in a serious tone that shut me up.

"No, yes, but it's wrong." I mumbled.

"Who cares?" She pulled me off my bed.


"How do you know no one is home?" I whispered to Holly as we quietly walked up to Brandon's mansion size house. We parked Holly's car about a block away and I still couldn't believe I might actually egg Brandon's house. For some reason I actually liked the idea.

"It's eight o'clock and all the lights are out. They must be gone." She pointed to the dark house.

"Here you can throw the first egg." She put an egg in my hand. I just looked down at it.

"You are crazy." I told her still staring at the egg in my hand.

"It feels good." She took the egg back and threw it at Brandon's house. I watch it splatter against the window.

"Okay, maybe one." I gave in and took an egg. I took a deep breath and threw it at the house.

"You're right it does feel good." I smiled as I watched the egg drip down the front of the house. Okay, I know this is wrong, but it is a good way of venting.

"That's for all the times you ignored me!" I hurled another egg at the house yelling all the things I would like to tell Brandon.

"That's going taking Kate to Homecoming instead of me!" Another egg came in contact with Brandon's house.

"That's for crashing into my car!" One more egg tainted his house.

"I think you are enjoying this too much." Holly said looking concerned at me and I just shrugged. I guess I had more to vent then I knew. Suddenly we heard sirens and I saw red and blue lights bounce off the front of Brandon's house.

"Oh, crap." Holly muttered as she turned to see the cop car pull into Brandon's driveway.

"Melissa?" The front door opened. I stood frozen with my eyes trained on Brandon in the doorway. I guess someone was home.

"This is bad." Holly muttered with her eyes still on the cop car. That was the understatement of the year.

One more chapter and this story is over!!

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