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Melissa had a major crush on Mr. Popular, who didn't even know she existed but that changes when he crashes into her literally.

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Thanks Rachel!

great chapter!

I found it funny how she decided to throw eggs at Brandon's house out of all choices :)

Yep, Holly and Melissa and their crazy selves!

love it!  that was great! please update again soon!

Thanks Kelley!

that was fun! haha

but it's sad that you're going to end it already

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egging!!! hahahahha

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Thanks for reading!

Chapter 9

"How am I going to tell my parents about this?" Holly cried as we sat in the back of the cop car.

"Just blame me; I'm already the biggest screw up in the world." I mumbled as I rested my forehead on the window of the cop car.

"It's your lucky night, girls. The owner of the house is not going to press any charges. I'll bring you both home." The policeman stated as he got into his car. I didn't even want to look out my window because I knew I would just see Brandon staring at me. I was so embarrassed.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you!" Holly perked up when she realized we were in no serious trouble. I wished I could get over this whole incident as easily as she could.

The police officer took me home first, not like I really cared. I would have rather he had brought me to jail. If I would have spent a night in jail it could have given me a good reason to skip the next day of school. How am I supposed to face Brandon? I could just picture it "Hey, Brandon. Sorry about egging your house and being jealous you took Kate to Homecoming. Can we kiss and make up?" Yeah, I have the feeling it's not going to go that smoothly.

I said good bye to Holly and the police officer walked me to my door. My parents were not happy to say the least. They yelled at me then at each other. It ended with me being grounded for a month. Guess it could have been worst. I'm sure if I called them from the police station I would have never seen the light of day again. I tried to sleep, but ended up just having a sleepless night. My mind kept drifting back to Brandon. I finally decided that I would just take the coward's way out and ignore him. I have been invisible to him since middle school, what are a couple more years?


I walked into school the next day and everyone was looking at me like I had just grown two heads. I met up with Holly by my locker.

"Do I have something on my face?" I asked her.

"No, why?" She questioned as I closed my locker.

"Because everyone is staring at me." I told her and realized everyone kept staring at the both of us as we walked to class.

"Everyone thinks we spent the night in jail. We are going to be cooler than Kyle James when he pulled the fire alarm." She smiled with excitement.

"But we didn't spend a night in jail." I corrected her.

"No one needs to know that." She shrugged.

"So where are your hideous mug shots?" Kate Wells sneered from behind us. We both turned to see her surround by her dumb friends.

"For your information we both looked better than Paris Hilton in her mug shot." Holly stated and I just nodded. Holly and I walked away from Kate and her followers. I really wasn't in the mood for facing Kate.

"This is going to be an interesting day." I muttered trying to ignore all the stares.

"Melissa!" I heard a voice yell and I knew the voice belonged to Brandon. I just kept walking pretending I didn't hear anything.

"Brandon is calling you." Holly nudged me.

"I know. I'm ignoring him." I told her and refused to look behind me even when I heard loud footsteps running towards me.

"Why?" She questioned with a raised eyebrow.

"Don't make me start listing all the reasons." I rolled my eyes.

"Melissa," I felt a hand on my shoulder and I was forced to turn around. I faced Brandon and stared into his eyes. Why did he have to be so hot? Life is so unfair.

"Crap," I muttered under my breath, so much for ignoring him.

"Hey, Brandon," I said in a fake happy voice.

"I was calling you, didn't you hear me?" He asked me.

"Nope," I lied and tried to turn away, but he grabbed my forearm.

"Well, I better get to class. See you later Melissa." Holly was gone in a flash.

"Melissa, we need to talk." He stated. I've heard that one before.

"Why? The last two times we talked they didn't go so well." I stated and tried to wiggle out of his grasp. Suddenly his lips were on mine and I was seeing stars.

"What was that?" I questioned breathlessly as he pulled away.

"I thought you didn't want to talk." He sounded shaky and I knew the kiss affected him just as much as it did me. I had waited years for that kiss and it did not disappoint.

"Can we not talk again?" I smiled up at him. He grinned and put his arms around me. Then he kissed me again. Our kissed deepened and after a few seconds I pulled away from the kiss.

"I'm sorry, for egging your house." I told him. His chin rested on my forehead as our arms still embraced each other.

"I'm sorry, for taking Kate to Homecoming." He muttered and I kissed him again.

"I'm sorry, I yelled at you for taking Kate to Homecoming." I told him and buried my head in his chest.

"I'm sorry, I rear ended your car." He stated with a laugh. I looked up at him to see a grin on his face.

"Why did you have to bring that up? I'm still mad about that." I grumbled and pulled away from our embrace. Once I pulled away Brandon just grabbed me again and kissed me.

"Still mad?" He asked after our kiss was done.

"Not as much." I smiled up at him.

"I really like you Melissa." He sounded serious.

"I like you too." I told him. I wanted to add that I have liked him since middle school, but I kept my mouth shut.

"Do you think this could work? Us as a couple?" I questioned, hoping with my whole soul he would say yes.

"We can try." He responded with a smile.

"Walk me to class?" I asked and locked my arms with his.

"Sure," He grinned down at me and kissed me on the nose.

"You still drive slower than my grandma." He added with a laugh and I glared at him.

"Oh, shut up." I mirrored his grin and he kissed me again.

A/N: So that's the end of Melissa and Brandon and Crushed Hearts. I know I'm sad too :(  I want to thank everyone who read and commented on every chapter, its been great reading your comments and knowing that you like my story since I was brave enough to post another story on this site since all my others got deleted. THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE AND DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE ME A COMMENT!!

Well of course they got together :)

Thanks for reading!


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