The Twilight Saga

Melissa had a major crush on Mr. Popular, who didn't even know she existed but that changes when he crashes into her literally.

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Aww I read this from the start and it was just so sweet :) Brandon really was a jerk at the start but then turned into a nicer person, I still can't believe he hurt Melissa by going with Kate. I hate Kate, grr. Who are the two people in the banner? are they famous or what not? I don't recongise any of them but I think they must be portraying Brandon and Melissa though lol. I loved this :)

Thanks for reading Stay! Glad you liked it!! Yes, this was just a sweet short and cliched story. I really have no idea who the people are in the banner I just googled models and they came up! LOL

You're welcome :) and oh lol. never mind, the guy looks fit though


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