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Me and ms. Jennifer cullen are thinking about writing a new Fan Fiction. It takes place after breaking dawn. Here is a short summery of what its going to be about. Tell us what you think.

Everything is normal until Edward and Renesmee are taken by the Volturi. All Bella wants is her family back together, but how will she do that when the Volturi won't give them up? How can she protect the ones she loves when she is so powerless against the ones who keep them from her?

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ms. Jennifer cullen,
Katelyn Tinling

Jordan Shaw

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ok im alittle confsed here................................... sooo edward and renesme are taken by the valturi and emmett is badly messed up. then were is emmett now???
this is cool! write more!
aww poor nessie write more soon
*new reader here* I love the story so far its really really amazing. I hope things work out as the story progresses. Plz keep me updated

Crying out
chapter 4
everyone stood around waiting for Alice to say more. Rose folded her arms trying
to hold back from screaming, while I was pacing back and forth. Esmee came
walking over to me she could see my nervousness wasn't good. Something very bad
has happen to Emmett and we don't know where he is, unless Alice knows more and
is afraid to tell us and knowing Jake he probably told her not to. I want to
take Alice away from them so I can ask her myself. So I walked over to her and
grabbed her arm. She gave me a strange look. I whispered to her, we were Sort a
far from the others.
Than I asked her
"Do you know where Emmett is?" I ask
"Yes, I do." She replied frowning
"Is he in the forest?" I ask
“Maybe" she replied
"He is in the forest, am I right." I ask
"Yes, you are!" She reply looking over at Rose
"So now what we are going to do?" I ask
"Tell her lightly." She replied
"what if she wants to bring him back." I ask
"No, she won't go and that's good because Carlisle and Jasper will bring him
back." She replied
Alice and I walked back to where the others where. I seen the look on Pse's
face, I think she knows. Alice stood there for a moment before she said a word.
"I have something to tell." she says looking at Rose. Rose just started to cry.
Once again I felt so bad for her.
"What is it" Carlisle asked
"Well, I know where Emmett is!" she replied"

written by ms.Jennifer cullen
edited by Jordan shaw
that is so sad but happy they couldnt save him from the pain but they can get him back!!! i love it its so interesting!!!! i really get stuck in it! i cant wait for more its amazing!!!!!!;-)
this is so so sad :(
Love the chapters!!!! It's great!!!
hey guys sorry for the wait, we will be back on task shortly
Omg I hope em is ok. Koo chappie post more when you can
well katelyn
told me that I should do this chapter. thanks for being to patient with us.
its a little shorter chapter. sorry i had a brian freeze.
anyways i hope you will nejoy it.
Ms.jennifer cullen

Chapter 5

“WELL, WHERE IS HE?" Carlisle yelled, as he looked over at Rose for answers.
"Jake told me that he saw him in the forest." Alice reply as
I seen the look on Rose's face. So I went over to her to give her a comforting hand, what good does that do since both my husband and my daughter were captured but for Rose she's lucky that he is in folk still while my two love ones are in Italy and I’m in folks Washington. I gave her a hug and we both started too cry again because of the situation our family is in.
"Rose and Bella everything will be okay, trust me." Carlisle says
I know for sure that I have to find away to save both of them. I broke apart from Rose. Everyone around us was trying to calm us down. ‘Before Carlisle said that they would go get him.’ They both took off and brought Emmett back. Alice, Esme, Rose and I sat on the step waiting for them to come back. It wasn't to long until they got back finally. Why would they capture Edward and Nessie. I couldn’t stop thinking of reasons why. Esme put a comforting hand on my shoulder I was hoping they won't hurt either of them. I was so worked up it wasn't even funny plus furious by not having my daughter and husband right next to me.
I just wanted to have both of them back. It was about 20 minutes later when they brought Emmett back. He looked so bad. Rose jump right up and ran over to him. "Rose, just take it an easy, he’s hurt pretty bad." Carlisle says as all of his clothes were torn. They carried him in the house. Alice and Esme followed behind them and they got the stuff to clean him up with, while I was trying to find a plan to get them back. Rose went in a few minutes later. I was pasted back and forth when I saw Jake coming over.
"Bella, did they get him home." Jake asked
“yes they did but he is hurt pretty badly." I replied as I looked back in the house."
I love it write more soon plz xx


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