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Me and ms. Jennifer cullen are thinking about writing a new Fan Fiction. It takes place after breaking dawn. Here is a short summery of what its going to be about. Tell us what you think.

Everything is normal until Edward and Renesmee are taken by the Volturi. All Bella wants is her family back together, but how will she do that when the Volturi won't give them up? How can she protect the ones she loves when she is so powerless against the ones who keep them from her?

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ms. Jennifer cullen,
Katelyn Tinling

Jordan Shaw

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Sounds good!
thanks i have it a little started now

Chapter 1
I on my way home to go on a shopping trip with Alice and Esme, they were both waiting outside waiting for me to get home. Edward came walking over to me, gave me a kiss and a hug. Renesmee came walking over to and also gives me a hug. I was seeing the look the she gave me, so I give her a bag with something I brought for her in it. When she looked inside she was surprised and her face lit up.
I always buy her something whenever I go out and I knew she would like it too.
"Do you like it?" I asked her
"OMG! Yes mom, I Love it” She replied
"I knew you would honey." I say
"Why do you always do this to her." Edwards asked me
"Why not? She is our daughter" I ask
"You are spoiling her to much." He replied
"I am NOT." I say looking over at her.
"Well, is it okay if we go hunting?" He asked
"Don't be to long, because we have to drop her over at my dads place." I reply.
"Yes, I know that." He says as he kissed me.
I had this feeling that it would be just like last time we saw each other, and which I hope it’s not. I pulled him closer to me and he gave me the look like what you are doing. He loosened my grip a little and pulled away. I whispered in his ear ‘I love you’. He whispered back ‘as I do you’. Than I let go and he took off after Renesmee. I hope this isn't the last time we will be together and as I started thinking that the tears filled my eyes. I walked in to the house with the bags and sat them on the table. I don't know what I’m going to do about this. Maybe I'll head over to Carlisle's and Esme's to see everyone. I got the keys and walked out of the house toward my truck and as quickly as running I got in and took off. I was heading towards their house when all of the sudden I felt dizzy, so I pulled over and wait for the spell to wear off. Oh my Goodness something is going happen I said to myself. I started to head to the house after the spell finally went away.
When I arrived at Carlisle and Esme’s they were outside talking. Esme came walking over to my truck and Carlisle followed her.
"What A great surprise to see you, Bella." Carlisle says as he opened my door for me.
"What I can't come over without a reason." I asked
"well of course not, its okay.” Esme replied
"I figured I will come over since Edward and Renesmee are hunting right now." I said looking over at Rosalie who was standing on the front steps.
"Emmett went with them too." Carlisle reply
"So, they will be back here when their done." I ask
"Yeah I suppose." Rose replied as she walked toward us
"He knows I really don't like it when Renesmee goes with them hunting." I say

written by Ms.Jennifer cullen
edited by Jordan shaw
comments please
its seems really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
awww. thats all ur gonna give us. Please write more!
< how else are you to pass your time when you have forever>

Chapter 3
“Don't panic Bella, I’m sure it was a misunderstanding that’s all." Jake replied
"It's easy for you to say or do it’s not your family." I say almost yelling at
"Bella, Nessie and you are part of my family." Jake replied
"Jake, stop right there." I replied as I looked over to see Jasper walking
towards me.
"Bella, just stay calm” Alice says as she put a comforting hand on my shoulder.
I ran outside in tears because what can I do my poor daughter and my husband.
There has to be a way to set them free. I sat on the front step and cried. A few
minutes later I felt Esme's on my shoulders trying to comfort me. I turn around
to face her she has an upset expression on her face. She took my hand and pulled
me close for a hug, but tears still filled my eyes and rolled down my face. I
was never this upset like I am now.
"Bella I am here to help, actually we are all here to help." Esme say
"Yeah I know." I reply
a few minutes later all of them came out of the house. Rose looked hurt and
upset. Emse let go of me and walked over to Rose. I just stood there crying, but
I also felt bad for her. Nothing compared to how I feel, maybe. I looked over at
her and she was also crying. So I decided to walk over to see what happen. She
was telling everyone that they messed him up.
"How bad is he?" Carlisle asked
"Jake told me they did some hitting and punching, the way he described it he
also sliced his leg open." Alice reply
When Alice said that Rose cried even harder. Now that I heard that, I felt so
bad for her. Her true love is messed up and now mines too. I walked over to her
and wrapped my arms around her we both are crying together now, Jasper just
looks angry the whole time.
"I'll get them back." He says
"Jasper, no your not." Carlisle replied
"Yeah." Alice agreed with him too.
"What do you mean, no I’m not." Jasper asked
"We don't want you to get hurt or get mixed up with them as well." Carlisle
I just looked at Jazz and nodded my head. He knows it’s not a good idea but he
tries to help when he can.
By now my little Renesmee is probably so scared she doesn't know where she is. I
just hope Edward tells her to stay calm down. That's all I worry about.

edited by Jordan
thanks jordan
Love the chapter!!! I'll start writing the next one soon!!!
omg!!!! poor emmett! and nessie!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to find out what happens!


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