The Twilight Saga

Crystal Clear - [Chapter 1] - I know your sad dear, But, Its gonna end your life soon!



Chapter 1- I know your Sad Dear, But, its gonna end your life soon anyways!


White walls, white tiles, white uniforms, white furniture. This room made me feel uncomfertable in everyway. "Mia Herman, mind coming in?" Said Dr. Roth after a short while of time. "Of course not." I said, getting up.


"Well, she seems to be doing great. Shes still recovering, but we all know that. I estimate about 2 more days until shes released. Heres her perscription for the medication she needs for depression, sores, or anything like that." Roth said.


"Great. So-" "She also has enough strength to tell you something." Roth said with a worried, but serious face.



"What does she want to say?"


"She says... She wants to play."


I woke up, screaming. "Mia! What is it mia!?" Screamed my mom, coming down the stairs with a worried glance. "I had a dream... where Eliza was dying from the crash and-"


"Mia please. Eliza has been dead for two years now. When will you stop?" She said, now annoyed. "I dont know, mom. I dont know." I whispered.


"Get up. I have news to tell you." She said, throwing me pants and a shirt. I put them on and raced down the stairs. She opened the window and fresh sunlight entered the room.


"Sit." I sat, without being hesitant. "Mia, were moving to Florida." Mom said at last. "WHAT! NO! I LOVE IT HERE IN NEW YORK!" I yelled at once.


"I know but this brings to many memories of you and your little sister Eliza. So, I found a good school and house in florida, I promise youll make friends."


"Eliza deserved to live longer than I am! I am happy right here, right now! Eliza died at six years old, so what! Im happy! Yeah! Like totally! Im listening to music-"


"MIA! I know when your lying, and were going. Now get packed. The plane we get on leaves at 4:30, okay?" Mom lectured.


"FINE!" I yelled, and stomped up the stairs. Just then dad passed me. "Sweetie, did you hear?" He asked. "Of course I did. I heard it all! Now leave me alone!" I closed the door.




"Hello Starlight Airlanes passengers! The next landing point will be in Florida. If you have tickets to get off, please do so now." Said the woman on the speaker.


"Mia, Im so excited! New house, new life, everything can be done again! We can move on! We can get better schools for you and better lives for all of us!" Mom told me as we exited.


"Yeah. Sure." I mumbled, grabbing my bag. As I entered the airport, I sat down and grumpily took out my grandmothers jewlery.


Then, next thing I knew, things went black and I screamed in pain.


I was shot.

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o wow that was real good plz keep me udated
that was good.plz write more soon ,and keep me updated.
you betcha :)


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