The Twilight Saga




Everything all around me was spinning faster and faster. I couldn't see anything. It was as if my life were put into fast forward. Black spots blurred my vision and soon it became nothing but darkness. I was being consumed by it and there was nothing I or anyone could do to save me because I was dying; quickly. Out of the darkness I could hear his voice calling out to me. There was a small bright light. I could see him as his voice grew further and further away from me. No. He wouldn't leave me would he? I heard less and less of his voice and I saw a far off figure disappearing into the light. I would never forget that smile. That evil smile. Like he was mocking me. It was as if he were saying, 'See you in hell.'  No! I could not and would not die here. Not now. Not until I've gotten my revenge.

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Awesome!!! Really good!!! Can't wait for more!!!

thx :3


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