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Hey pplz! I like making banners, so plz let me make them 4 u!

Luv U All!!!!!

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yes i LOVE it!!! thank u thank u thank u :)
im glad u like it. :)
i would luv a banner actually 2

banner 1
title:In Love Wth A Vampire
author: breana denise

you can make the pics smaller if you want

******please and thank you******
Create your own banner at!

Create your own banner at!

Do u like it?
could u make me a banner????
Titile: The Dangers Of Love
Auther: Heather Tammy
Pic: I don't have any pics if u could get some that would be great
here is the link to the story if u wanna read it....
plzzz and thnx :D
Tile- Awaken
Author- me Secret~Fragile~Blossom
Pics i don't have any that match my story, so i will be happy if you find some that might my story
this is the link to my story
Create your own banner at!

Hows this?
Create your own banner at!

Hows this?
srry that didn't work out how i planned. ill remake yours

name: not like i planned
i dont have a picture
author: sasha cullen
Create your own banner at!


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