The Twilight Saga

Here are The most loved Characters Profile Pictures: 


Alice Cullen! 

Bella Cullen! (Bella as a Vampire)


Carlisle Cullen!


Edward Cullen! 


Emmett Cullen!

Esme Cullen!


Jasper Hale!

Rosalie Hale!

Isabella Swan!

Renesmee Cullen!


Jacob Black!


I Played with those pictures a bit and did some things that you might like for your Fan Fictions or as a Profile Picture or whatever. Here they are: 


I actually put this one (Above) as my Desktop Background. It looks great!




So there you go! Hope you Like them xD

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Thanks! I'm glad you like them xD


i like it


swagg swagg

I'm glad you do xD

WOW Jackie! Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! I'm glad you like them! xD


joacb and nessie r the cuteset couple ever!!!! (y r there names swithed? jking)
yea they are cute! yea I had this Idea...of putting the names of the couples Edward and Bella for example. Edward Loves Bella's name is above him. And Bella loves Edward, so Edward's name is above her, and so on. xD

oh ok just wondering can't wait 4 the movie.

Me toooo xD
Thanks! I'm glad you think so xD
luv the pics :)
Thank you! I'm glad you do! xD


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