The Twilight Saga

What will happen when Alice has an interesting vision? Our dear Bella is whisked off (Without Edward's consent I might add..) across the country on a Cullen Road Trip.

POST Eclipse.





As much as I wish I owned the God-Like Edward Cullen, sadly I do not, nor do I own any of the other characters. Stephanie Meyer has the pleasure of that. :) But I do happen to own an extremly intising poster of a certain werewolf.. (;




Please Review and tell me if this fan fiction if even worth continuing..


Chapter 1:  The Adventure Begins




Bella P.O.V



Bang. Bang bang. Bang bang bang bang.


What the hell is that?! I thought angrily, as I woke up with a start and nearly tumbled out of Edward's golden bed.


It seemed like I had just fallen asleep after Alice had me up till 2 o'clock in the morning giving me a makeover, much to my dislike. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love Alice to death, but sometimes that little Pixie just.....


Bang bang. Bang bang bang bang bang bang..


I growled as I threw off the cover and jumped out of bed. It seemed almost impossible for me to get any sleep when Edward wasn't here.


He was out hunting with Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie, and it was Alice, that insisted we have a sleepover. She in fact, had guilted me into it. "Aww, C'mon Bella! It'll be fuuunnnn!" Damn Pixie..

But it wasn't like I had anywhere better to go, what with my werewolf best friend roaming the country.


I pounded down the Cullen staircase, looking for the cause of the God-awful noise. I turned the corner and came face-to-face with a certain pixie.


"Alice, what is that noise?!"


She grinned and pointed to the garage. "I had a vision!" She squealed.


Crap. I groaned, Alice's vision's usually never turn out well for me. "What was it?" I croaked.


She just grinned again and pulled me through the living room, where suitcases and various bags, stuffed full were strown out across the floor. 


I didn't have time to ask what the deal was. as Alice pulled me straight out to the garage.


Here, I was met with Emmett and Jasper backing up an R.V. into the Cullen driveway.


I turned to Alice, -who was looking quite like a little girl on christmas morning who just woke up to find that her parents, actually did buy her a pony- and raised an eyebrow.


She turned to look at me, literally jumping up and down. "We're going on a road trip!" She squealed.


Oh boy....







Chapter 1 - Discussion


Chapter 2 


Chapter 3 



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totally good!haha Emmett is so funny!
I plan on updating soon..
love it
love it!
plz post moreeeeee
Thanks so much for all of the lovely reviews! I am SO sorry that it has been a while since I have updated but I have been UBER busy! I promise, It shall be updated soon!! I have most of the chapter written out .. In my head at least.. Tehe.(: I know. I suck.
But it's coming along!
I had major writers block but I'm good now!
Anyway, thanks so much for the love!
Scouts' Honor.(:
I love you guys!

lol funny update plz


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