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Lol! Here is CTD!! Hope you like it!!

Truth or Dare (part 1)
Bella POV Edward, Nessie, and I had gone hunting all day, we had a good time. But we had been out ALL day, and Ness got rather tired. She started doseing off right there in front of us. We obviously decided it was time to go home! Edward had to carry Nessie because she fell asleep directly after we said we were getting ready to go. While we were running back towards the house Edward looked over at me.
“You know, you were the last person I had to carry like this. That day before the wedding was the last time I carried you through the woods for just pure enjoyment. After that, things got so much more complicated.” He said with a smile looking down at his daughter. I smiled up at him. He was the most perfect father/husband/brother/son/friend anyone in the entire world could ask for. He even made friends with a werewolf! Their only true enemy and he befriended them! I think that is one of the stronger traits that were passed onto Renesmee. As soon as somebody met her, they loved her. It was like they never really had a choice but to love her. Even Aro cared for her, when all they wanted to do was kill her that one dreaded day in the baseball clearing. That was the most terrifying day of my life. Though I have faced death many times, it never really scared me. Just the thought of loosing him scared me. I could not bear to think of that any longer. I would break down and I could not let him see me like that.
Finally we approached the house where the rest of the family stood.When we walked up to the porch every one except Esme and Carlisle looked ecstatic. Oh, whenever the rest of the family was grinning, except them, it was never a good sign.
“TRUTH OR DARE TIME!!!” Emmett yelled. It woke Nessie.
“Awesome job, Em, thanks so much!” I said annoyed. Luckily she sighed put her head against Edward chest and fell asleep again.
“Lets take her upstairs before somebody wakes her again.” I said looking towards Emmett, who looked ashamed. Edward and I walked her upstairs and put her in bed. Thankfully her room was sound proof so somebody wouldn’t wake her, all Alice’s idea. Thank you Alice!! We walked back downstairs dreading what was coming next. Both of us feared truth or dare, it never ended well. Nothing good ever came out of it. Last time Emmett got arrested for a dare that Jasper gave him. Although it was really funny to watch, no good came from this game.
Emmett was literally jumping up and down like a six-year-old girl. Everyone else looked excited too, except Esme and Carlisle.

“Can we please just get this over with?” Esme asked.
Emmett gasped “Cullen Truth or Dare, or as I like to call it CTD, is not something you get over with. It is a never ending tradition. A family gathering, an escape from every normal day, it’s a way of life.” Emmett said with passion
“Em, it’s a game, not a religion…” I said annoyed. Emmett looked insulted.
“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun! Lets go!” Alice trilled pulling us down stairs.
“Ughh fine.” I groaned, as did Esme, Carlisle, and Edward.

We went down to the basement to a small poorly lit room.
How long had this been here? Last time I was down here there were couches and a TV. And wasn’t there a fireplace on that wall?? Now, It was just a simple room with dark walls and candles around it, nothing more. This has got to be the work of Alice. Every one sat in a circle leaving just enough room for Edward and me. I opened my shield to him, There is no getting out of this, is there? He looked down at me with a frown.

“Sorry, love, I don’t think there is...” he told me then motioned to Emmett, who was bouncing up and down in his seat.
“Great.” I said with a sigh pulling him down onto the ground next to me. They spun a bottle to see who the first victim was. Rosalie. I sighed in relief
“Don’t worry, Bellsy! You’ll get a turn!” Emmett said with a grin.
“How many times have I told you to never call me that?” I asked angrily
“Not nearly as many times as Eddie has told me to never call him Eddie, isn’t that right, Eddie.” He asked taunting him.
“Yes, Emmey, that’s correct.” He said taunting back.
“Dude! I said to not use that name around the girls!! It sounds frilly!!”
“Don’t call me Eddie, and I wont call you Emmey, got it?”
“Got it… Okay! Back to the game! Rosey! Truth or Dare?” He asked turning to Rosalie .
“Hmmmm… Dare!” She answered happily.
“Ok… I dare you to… Ummm…hmmmm…uhh…Oh!! Got it! Go over to Newton’s house and jump in his window and scare him!!” he said spastically.

She smiled, “I accept!”. She went and put on all black clothes and some war make up and grabbed a camera to record the whole thing. We all ran over to Newtons house to watch the show. This is going to be good!

Rose jumped in the window silently and stood at the foot of his bed.
“Mmmmiiiiikkkkeeeeeyyyy” she said in a ghost like tone. “Mmmmiiiiikkkkeeeeyyyyyyyyy” his eyes flew open and he sat up. He stared at her, terrified. “Boo,” was all she had to say before he started to scream. Rose jumped out the window and motioned us to start running. We could hear him screaming about two miles away from his house. Gosh! He was loud!
When we got back to the house we all went back to the basement and were positioned in our circle again. They spun the dreaded bottle. Jasper.
Rosalie turned to him with a devious smile on her face.

“Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. Truth or Dare?”
“Oh, I’m not afraid of you Rose, not one bit. Dare” he said with just as much threat in his voice as hers. She was still smiling at him, which scared Alice.
“Are you sure?” she asked in a ghost like tone. Alice squirmed next to Jasper. “Alice, you know the rules, no telling until he has locked in his answer.” She made it sound like a game show.
“Yes. I’m sure.” He said still smiling at her.
“Ok, Jasper, you have to go down to the police station and talk to them.”
“That’s not so bad. Come on Rose. Give me a challenge.” He said disappointedly.
“You did not let me finish. You have to go down to the police station and talk to them, while wearing a dress and make up. You have to make one of them blush.” She said smiling.
“This is payback for the donut place incident, isn’t it.” He asked. She just nodded. He sighed and headed up stairs where Alice followed. When he came back down stairs he was wearing a pink floral dress and had some not-so-very subtle make-up on. We all burst into laughter.

“Hey, Jazz, you do know that my dad is on duty tonight? Correct?” I asked giggling
“Shut up! Lets go.” He said, obviously in a hurry to get this over with. We all ran down to the local police station. Jasper took a deep breath and opened the door.
“Hello there. How are you?” Jasper asked sounding very manly. The policeman at the front desk was very confused. Jasper smiled. As we watched from a window Edward leaned over to me.
“Put you shield over them! Quick!” He said laughing. I stretched my shield over both of them.
“DANG IT, BELLA!!” Jasper yelled angrily. The policeman stood up quickly. “Sorry, sir, Random outburst. You know how that goes. Some times stuff like that comes over you so quickly you just can’t hold it back. So… how is it going?” he said awkwardly.
“Hey! Whats going on in- Jasper?” My dad walked through the door and stood frozen.
“Hello, Charlie, how are you doing this fine evening?” Jasper asked, trying to make it seem as if there was nothing weird going on.
“Uh, I’m fine, Jasper. What are you doing here?”
“Oh, just in the neighborhood, thought I’d come by to say hello.”
“Uh, um, Can I ask you something kind of personal, Jasper.”
“Sure, why not!”
“What are you wearing?”
Jasper looked down at the dress. “Oh, this, yeah, well, it was kinda forced upon me…..”
“So, your not wearing it because-“
“Oh! Ew, no, Charlie! Where ever would you get that idea?”
Charlie’s face went red with embarrassment, Jaspers golden ticket out of there.
“Well, I’ve got to go. Talk to you later Charlie!” He said with a wave and he was out the door. The rest of us laughed and Jasper did not look to happy about it. We headed back to the house and to our circle, maybe this wasn’t so bad! The bottle spun again. Esme.
“Truth!” She said almost reflexively.
“Come on Esme! Have a little fun! Do something crazy!” Jasper prodded.
“Jasper, don’t push it. I said Truth.” Esme said with a motherly tone.
“Fine….” He said disapprovingly. “Ok, Esme, tell us, how many humans have you killed?”
“Sorry, but you must answer the question.” He prodded.
“No, I refuse.”
“Ok, if that’s how you want it.” He said tauntingly, holding her favorite diamond bracelet in his hand, threatening to crush it.
“NO!! Jasper Whitlock, you give me that bracelet this instant!” she said sounding motherly again.
“Sorry, mom, but I’m just following the rules. Haven’t you raised me to always follow the rules?” He said grinning at her.
“Jasper… You have five seconds to hand over that bracelet.”
“Then that gives you five seconds to answer the question.” Gosh he was really pushing it.
“Esme, I’m over a hundred years old. Do you really think that’s going to work?” He wiggled the bracelet between two of his fingers.
“Give me the bracelet or your civil war uniform goes in the blender.” She said in a menacing tone that surprised me. Hmmm very unlike her!
"Woah there, Turbo..." Emmett mumbled quietly, we just ignored him, as usual.
“You wouldn’t.” he countered
“Two…” was all she answered.
“Answer the question Esme. You have to. Or else we will never let you live down the fact that you cheated!” Dang, he had found her weakness. Suddenly Alice and Edward gasped.
“Seventy-two…” she said defeated. We were all surprised at her answer, even heard a few gasps. “I’m not proud of it. But it’s true…”
Jasper smiled “Thank you! And here you go!” he threw her bracelet to her and she hung her head, Carlisle his arm around her.
They spun the bottle again. “NO!” Edward yelled. It had landed on him.


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no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!! I WANT MORE NOW!!!!!!!!!! i love this you HAVE to continue!!!
o.k....tht is so funny.when jasper was talking bout his random outbursts,i just started craking up!!! write more...plz- with edward on top!
i love it
whats edwards question gonna be
omg, you have to right more, i fell off my chair at the bit with jasper!!! hilarious!!!
lol, y'all!! I'm estatic that you like it!!!!! I have an idea for Edward, so I will try to post tonight!!!!! Thank you SOO much!!
please please let me know when you repost it!!!!! i have to read more. im gonna send you a friend request
OMJW NO MACEY JUST NO u neeeeed to post!
i laughed at the Jasper putting on a dress
that made me happy
i was just picturing it
and then CHARLIE walked in!
that was funny!
lol!!!! Yes, just picture how uncomfortable that would be!

Hear some one yell your daughters name, walk out into the room to find your daughters husbands brother.., in a dress and make up! Hmmm I think that may frighten me!!

And I'm working on it right now!! It's very wordy though, I will try to have it up tonight!!
LMAO I laughed the whole time. Please continue, I wana know what happened to Edward.
Lol!! Kk im working on it!!! Thank you SOOOOO much!!
I gotta know!!!!!!!!! What's Edward gonna do or say!!!! I hafta KNOW!!!!!!!!!


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