The Twilight Saga

What if, after Eclipse, Bella and Edward had an opportunity of a lifetime - what if Dumbledore and Carlisle were old friends, and Dumbledore comes asking for help?


What happens when Edward enters the Goblet of Fire...


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** Cullens and other Twilight Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer **
** Wizards and other Harry Potter characters belong to JK Rowling **
** Storyline loosely follows 'The Goblet of Fire' by JK Rowling **

Story Adaptation by Erica Bailey

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The End

Outtake: Breaking a Few of the Rules

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Sequel - Dawn of the Phoenix: Cedric goes to Forks

Chapter 1: The Visitor

“Someone is coming to visit” Alice said, her eyes slightly unfocused. She was having one of her visions.

“Anyone we know?” Esme asked, nervously. It seemed that, in recent history anyway, those words were ominous… usually the beginning of trouble.

“No, nobody I recognize… Edward?”

I listened, trying to catch the thoughts of the approaching stranger… He knew Carlisle, or at least new of Carlisle. “Do you know someone called “Hagrid?” I asked Carlisle?

“Hagrid?” He replied… Hagrid… there is only one Hagrid I have ever heard of, and I wasn’t even sure if he was real… Could it be?

I puzzled over his thoughts. It was clear this was not someone Carlisle had met, but what did he mean that he wasn’t even sure he existed.

“Oh my… Oh my…” Alice’s face went blank again. I watched as she saw the stranger approaching… now noticing something was different, but it took me a few moments to figure out what. He was walking alone, but he seemed out of place, or wrong. Then I saw what it was – he was too big… Or the trees were too small. The landscape looked familiar – I could see the recognizable driveway up to our house, the familiar foliage lining the way… but this guy was huge in comparison.

“This Hagrid you knew of – was he… excessively large?” Alice asked.

Oh my, he is real… Carlisle’s thoughts alarmed me. “Esme prepare the house. I don’t know what to expect, but this is unusual. It is best to be prepared.”

Esme quickly flipped the switch that pulled metal shutters over the solid glass back of the house. Carlisle called us all down to the front room to prepare.

“We have a visitor – someone who, until now, I wasn’t even sure existed. His name is Hagrid – he his half giant, half human, or at least that is what the lore says. From what I had heard, he is friendly and is usually good hearted, but I don’t know anything for certain. As I said, until just now, I didn’t even know he existed for certain.”

The tension was high as we waited in silence, not sure what the night would bring. I was thankful that Bella was safely at home in her bed, though a part of me desperately wanted to have her by my side, just to know that she was safe with me. My logical side knew better. If things went terribly wrong tonight, it would be better that she was at home.

Thump, Thump, Thump… the knocking at the front door sounded like someone was trying to break it down with a club. Jasper, Emmet and I got in defensive positions around the door, prepared to jump in if needed. Alice’s face went blank as she focused on the immediate future. Esme and Roslie stood to one side, ready to attack if it came to that.

“It will be okay.” Alice finally said. We breathed a collective sigh of relief, “He has a message for Carlisle… and Edward. It affects us all.” Suddenly she was grinning. I searched her vision to see why.. Oh, this could be interesting.

“Well, I guess I should welcome our visitor,” Carlisle stated, not sure what Alice had seen but taking her word that there was no danger. “Good evening” he said to the stranger as he opened the door, “Welcome to my home. My name is Carlisle. Would you like to come in?”

“I’d be muc’ obliged.” A rough, booming voice replied back, as in walked the largest human we had ever seen. He had to stoop almost to his knees to clear the standard door frame and I wondered if, due to his width, he would fit at all. He was almost twice as tall as an average man and nearly five times as wide…

“Rubeus Hagrid’s th’ name. Everybody calls me Hagrid.”

“We’re very pleased to meet you” Carlisle offered his hand when Hagrid finally squeezed himself into our entry way. It was fortunate that our house was designed to be very open with high ceilings. As it was Hagrid had to sit on the floor to be able to carry on any type of conversation.

Carlisle then gestured back toward us… During the process of Hagrid’s entrance and settling in, we had all backed up considerably. Carlisle frowned slightly at what could be construed as our rudeness, as he introduced us, “Hagrid, this is my family: Esme, my wife, and our children, Edward, Rosalie and Emmet, Jasper and Alice. Everyone, come and meet Hagrid. He is an assistant to Dumbledore, a gentleman I was fortunate to have met some time ago.”

We all filed forward and greeted Hagrid in the order we were introduced.

“Well, then, the introductions are take’ care of… Down to business. Now where was me note…” he padded around his leather clothing, checking pockets and creases until he found was he was apparently looking for, “Ah, yes, here it is… An urgent letter from Albus Dumbledore.” He said as he presented an envelope to Carlisle.

The envelope looked as though it had come from another time, one closer to when Carlisle was changed then the rest of us. The paper appeared to be parchment, the address written in calligraphy and having the appearance of being written with a fountain pen. It was bulky and as Hagrid handed it to Carlisle, I noticed it was sealed with wax.

“Thank you.” Carlisle responded as he took the letter.

“You sees, Dumbledore needs you to come to Hogwarts righ’ away. There’s an issue a brewing with Harry Potter – nots that there ain’t always something with Harry. That boy is cursed with bad luck.” I smiled as I recalled someone else with that particular ailment.

Carlisle smiled as this Hagrid recounted what was supposed to be in a private letter.

“I guess I shouldn’t ‘ve said that – well, it’s all in the letter…”

Carlisle opened the letter then, scanning it over at once, then reading to the rest of us.

My old friend Carlisle,

Very dark times are upon us, or I would not have risked sending you this letter. A very dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort, is gathering strength. He is using all his power to reappear as he once was and take control in the Wizarding world. This would have far reaching implications in the muggle world, as I am sure you can understand, affecting all creatures, magical and otherwise.

We have a young boy who is the key to our freedom, Harry Potter. His life is at great risk and I need assistance in protecting him. I have received a prophesy that Harry will be entered into the Tri-Wizard Tournament, though he is under aged and unprepared for such a battle. I fear this is the work of this wizard in an attempt on young Potter’s life.

There are few people I trust with such a task, and those I do trust, are already known to Lord Voldemort. I need someone who would be unknown to come to Hogwarts to help protect young Harry. I hope you will accept my invitation to teach at Hogwarts over the coming year. We have an opening in Herbology that I think you could fill given your extensive knowledge. I assume your family would also accompany you. We may have need for the services of your son, Edward.

There is much to discuss, and time is short. I ask you to consider this request with haste.

Your old friend,

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.’

There was a moment of silence then as we took in all that was said, realizing that we were not much more clear about what was happening then before the letter was read. Questions flooded to me all at once, as not only my own but the entire family’s thoughts penetrated my head:

“What, there are Wizards? Why hadn’t I heard of this before?”
“What is with this Harry Potter? Why don’t they just un-enter him from the contest?”
“Can I be in charge of protection? Wizard or not, I’ll bring him down” That one was Emmet.
“When did Carlisle meet this Dumbledore, and why is he asking for our help”
“Does this mean we have to move again? I’m almost done high school.”
“I wonder if I could take him… He is huge, but still, I am stronger… I wonder how strong half-giants are?” Emmet again.

“Well, then, there it is – so shall I tell the headmaster you accep’ his offer?” Hagrid said, hopefully.

We all looked up at him in shock. Was he serious? We were just wrapping our minds around the existence of a half-giant and Wizards… And now he was asking if we were ready to go to Hogwarts, whatever that was, to defend against a dark Wizard?

“Ah, Hagrid… I think my family may have a few questions. Do you have leave to respond to them, or do I need to take them up with Dumbledore directly?” Carlisle started.

“I’ll try me bes’ to answer what I can. I’m only the groundskeeper.” Hagrid responded, looking slightly disappointed that Carlisle didn’t answer in the affirmative immediately.

“All right. Thank you. Hogwarts – I am assuming that is Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?”

“Yes, that is right.” He responded as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

“And Albus Dumbledore is now the headmaster of this institution?”

“Yes.” He began to eye Carlisle as though he questioned his intelligence.

Carlisle turned to us then… “I’m afraid I may need to fill in some of the gaps, here. Albus Dumbledore is a Wizard I came across once in my visits to England. Wizards are not immortal as we are, but do live much longer lives then normal humans, or muggles as they call them. I met him not long before I settled in Chicago, where I met you, Edward, he looked down at me. He was young then, almost thirty, but was already a very talented and well regarded Wizard.

“I did not know much about his world and, in fact, know very little to this day… However, he did tell me about the existence of Wizards and a school whether they developed their magical skills… This is the Hogwarts referred to in the letter.

“Over the years, I have heard word from and about Albus from time to time. That is how I heard about Hagrid. It was really just a story in passing about a half giant who was working with Albus at Hogwarts. I don’t know much more then that. I also recall hearing about some sort of uprising that occurred roughly 13 years ago… It was very dark and there was concern it would have an effect on the entire world, but it died down. I didn’t ever hear why, but I do remember hearing the phrase ‘he, who shall not be named’. I am quite sure, however, I have never heard of the boy you speak of, Harry Potter”

“You’ve never hear’ of Harry?” Hagrid looked incredulously at Carlisle and then the rest of us. Finally accepting that we, indeed, had never heard of this Harry Potter, he launched into an explanation, “Well, Harry Potter is the one who defeated Volde… er, he, who shall not be named in the first place. When he was bu’ a baby, Harry was attacked along with his mum and dad. His parents die’, but when he, who shall not be named, attacked Harry, he survived, and he, who shall not be named, was killed. Or at least that is what everyone though’. He is famous – the most famous Wizard of all time.” He looked back at us all then – as if he imagined we would now recall that we remembered this Harry Potter, but, of course, we didn’t.

“Carlisle,” Esme started, the first of all of us to have actually spoken since the stranger arrived, “Why haven’t you ever mentioned any of this before?”

“The Wizards protect their identity as strongly as we protect ours. They do not, hastily, bring others into their world. It was only because I was involved in an incident that I came in contact with Albus at all. And, it was only because of what I am, that I maintained that knowledge – otherwise the spell they use on muggles would have erased the memory from my mind.” Carlisle explained, “There was never any need to share the knowledge – it was no more then a passing event in my long life… In context, until now, it was insignificant…”

I finally found my voice, “Why does he know about me, then?” I searched through my vampire memories which were as clear as the day they happened, but found nothing. No reason to believe that I had ever met this Albus Dumbledore.

“As I said, I met Albus just before settling in Chicago. We corresponded sparingly after we first met. In one of my letters I told him about my first attempts to create companions – you, Edward, and then Esme. We haven’t corresponded since then, and so I am sure he is unaware of the rest of you.”

“Yes, that’s true. He said I was to find Carlisle, Edward and Esme Cullen. He never mentione’ four more o’ you’s.” Hagrid piped in. “Had a lot of fun findin’ you I did. Not easy to track down… And this land is bloody huge, if you don’t mind me sayin’.”

I saw then, in his mind, that he had to cross the ocean by boat and then travel the country on foot. I guessed he wouldn’t fit on any commercial airlines and I couldn’t imagine a vehicle that would fit him.

“Well, I best be off” He said, suddenly. “What should I tell Dumbledore?” he asked Carlisle.

“Tell him I will consider his offer. I would, very much, like to confer with my family and, I am wondering, if he would consider meeting with me before I finalize my decision.”

“He thought you might say that. Here are airline tickets for the three of you to come to England. Dumbledore would be happ’ to meet with you and discuss the details. I’m not too sure of them all me self. As I said, I’m only the groundskeeper.”

“Do you want anything to eat or do you need a place to rest?” Esme added then. We had some food stocked now that Bella was a regular visitor, but I couldn’t see where we would be able to offer him a place to rest.

“No, I need to be on my way. I res’ when I need to… I’ve a long journey.”

I could only imagine, as he now had to walk back across the country and then travel to England by boat, how long it would take him. I wondered if we would make it there before he did – if we came at all.

“Thank you, Hagrid. Give my best to Albus. I’ll be seeing him soon.” Carlisle shook his hand and Hagrid stooped and squeezed himself back out of the house and started off down the path.

We all stood in the living room watching him go… for once, the shock and amazement did not flood me with thoughts – everyone was truly speechless in voice and mind.

NOTE: Below is Draft #2 of the entire story in a PDF file that you should be able to download to your computer and open with Adobe reader or most other viewers... Also a cover thanks to the magical fingers of Leesa!

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this is not the end is it?? it cant be thre has to be come conclusion, everyone is talking as if it is over, it cant be over! it cant! im not ready!
There will be some more... there are loose ends to wrap up and good byes to be said...

But it is close... I'm not ready either.
LOL Thanks! Yes, the idea of a sequel may have been mentioned... we'll see! I love your comment about the grizzlies - you're right - a distraught Bella is 100x worse.

Glad you loved it... I've been thinking to and I'm not finding anything ruined by Edward realizing he has a soul. In fact I think it would make his decision to change her easier...
The final ending - still in production... It should be up over the next couple days... thanks!
Yay Eirca!! That was totally wonderful! Oh me, oh my, you still have to kill someone off. (Hehehe, turn Cedric into a vamp and pose him as dead. Hehehe! (That was really random, but then cedric would still be living!)) Poor Bella, that must have been devastating on her. I read some other posts about a sequal, and I, personally, think you should do it!! "No, come closer. I want to kiss you and I can’t lift my head.” was my favorite part of the chapter. It was so sweet and funny. And the story better not be over! (Use the time truners, use the time turners!!) Keep on writing Eirca, keep on writing.
Eirca, I just realized youv'e written 61 amazing chapters in about 3 months. How do you do it?? You are truely amazing Eirca!
Hey OCF... thank you...

Okay, I'm glad you commenting on the "can't life my head" line... I thought it was kind of funny, but I didn't get much of a reaction from the peanut gallery when I read it out loud to my family... thanks.

And, ya - 61 chapters, 540 pages... I have no freeking idea... I am just loving it... Actually, I do have one idea... I am kind of addicted to the comments... so it is in big part because of that. I don't know how real authors do this without the constant feedback that I've gotten here. It has been pretty amazing.
loved that chapter when edward wanted to see bella. sad that it is about to end. can't wait till the next chapter
Thanks! I could feel him wanting to turn his head, bend to kiss her, etc., and only being able to stare at the ceiling... must have been tough for him.
Ch. 62 Parting Ways – Part 1

“I don’t think we’ll need to meet until morning” Carlisle said after Dumbledore left, walking over to me, “I’ll take you to your room.” He went to lift me.

“Carlisle, you don’t have to do that. I can lay here until I can get up.”

“I think it would be better to take you to your room.” He said as he eyed Bella. I think she wants some alone time…

I would have nodded my understanding if I could. He carried me to room we shared at Dumbledore’s and set me on the bed. I hated feeling useless like this – like an invalid, even if it was only temporary. Bella changed and curled up next to me. She had taken care to pull back the bedding before Carlisle set me down. She now pulled the bedding up over both of us as she curled up next to me…

I wished I could bend my head to look at her, or kiss the top of her head, or anything but just lye here. Then I felt her warm fingers on my chest.

“What are you doing?”

“Undoing your buttons.” She said matter of fact.

“But why…” Not that I minded. Actually, I really didn’t mind, but I wasn’t quite in any position to take advantage of the situation.

“Look, I know it’s against the rules, but I just need to feel close to you tonight, Edward… I thought I’d lost you today. Besides, I don’t think you’re going to lose control tonight.” Her head popped up and grinned at me.

“I might.” I smiled back.

“Perhaps… and I wouldn’t mind that either.” My shirt was now open and she was pulling at each arm.

“So, are you taking advantage of me?” I asked, not used to being quite in this position.


I smiled staring at the ceiling… She was definitely full of surprises. After a lot of fighting with my shirt and the bed, she finally had it of and on the floor. Then she curled up beside me again and lay her head across my chest. I felt the heat of her body warm my entire being. I breathed in deeply, letting the burn of her scent join the rest of the burning…

Once she had settled herself at my side, she sighed deeply – a satisfying sigh. “Edward, you can’t ever do that to me again. I can’t lose you.”

“I know what you mean.”

She lifted her head and it came back into my view. Her deep brown eyes bore down into mine, “I’m serious, Edward. I can not lose you, ever!”

“I know” I repeated, staring back at her just as intently.

Without warning her lips were on mine. “Edward…” she said between kisses. “I… need… you….” I kissed her back as fervently as I could before she moved to the rest of my face. Whenever any part of her came close enough I kissed her. She moved back down to my chin and neck… then to my chest. She was sitting on me now. I chuckled nervously as I felt the warmth of her body against mine and wished very much I could move… Perhaps it was better that I couldn’t. “So are we breaking all the rules tonight?”

“Might as well, if we’re going to hell.” I could hear the amusement in her voice as she repeated my words and continued to set my chest on fire, even more so then the pain that still coursed through me. Amazing that, despite the pain, I still wanted her.

“Bella…” I tried to bring her back up to my face where I could see her, and hopefully kiss her again.

“Mmm” she mumbled. She continued to kiss along my chest and back up to my neck as her hands sent shots of electricity through my system. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

“Bella, I would very much like to kiss you.”

She sat up, the heat of her body pressing more intensely to my core. “Really?”

“Please, Bella… I missed you too.”

She leaned over very slowly, deliberately taking her time, staring into my eyes as she gently laid her lips on mine. The fire of that kiss was a thousand times more intense then the pain that coursed through my limbs. It was confirmation of her existence in my life and I in hers – of the future we knew we both had. It was relief after we had both realized the possibility of loss and have recovered each other. My arms might not have been able to respond to the desire that told them to touch her, but I could use my lips and I tasted her lips as long as she left them in the vicinity for me to do so. It was painful when she broke away, gasping.

“I love you.” She said, returning to her earlier position curled up at my side, her head on my chest.

“As I love you.” I wanted to hold her, but settled for humming to her the new tune of our love and eventually she fell asleep.

Sometime after two in the morning, I regained use of my arms and was able to brush the hair from her face and stroke her back as I had wanted when she as crying. I could lift my head and bent it to kiss the top of her head.

The next morning, Carlisle came back in to help me get dressed after Bella had left for her human moment. I could at least stay in a sitting up position once he had put me in it, even if I couldn’t lift myself. The pain had diminished from last night in my limbs and was now concentrated in my core and head…

He carried me again to the sitting room, setting me up in one of the sofas. Dumbledore was already there enjoying a cup of tea. Bella joined us soon thereafter, curling up at my side. She wasn’t willing to be far from me for long and I appreciated that. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t leave her presence ever again. The rest of the family joined us.

“You have two visitors.” Dumbledore said, the twinkle back in his eyes.

I was confused. Who would be visiting me – everyone thought I was dead, didn’t they? The door opened. Hermione ran right to Bella’s side, giving me a quick hug as she passed. “I’m so glad to see you healing, Edward. I felt sick for Bella yesterday.” Of course, Hermione knew.

My other guest entered much less exuberantly. Cedric stood at the door staring at me incredulously. So, it’s true…

“Hi Cedric.” I said cautiously.

He walked in, taking the seat next to me, still staring at me. “It came to me last night… when I saw you… I just couldn’t believe you were dead, Edward… I didn’t want to…” He took deep breath. His gaze fell to the floor. “I remembered you didn’t ever eat with us… special diet” he snorted a laugh… “and then when we wrestled, you were all so cold, even though it was a cold day – it seemed more so – and you didn’t seem to really be trying… and then being able to perform the spells without magic…” he looked up at me then, “I just thought, or maybe hoped, you were something more then human… I didn’t want you to die.”

I was moved by the sincerity of his comments. He had been my one and only best friend. It was going to be so hard to leave him. I reached my arm over and cupped him on the shoulder. “Thank you, Cedric… next year’s going to be a little more normal, right?”

“Not really,” he looked back at me again, “I’m not going back for seventh year.”

“What, but why Cedric?”

“I can see what is going on, even if Fudge is ignoring the obvious. I spoke with Dumbledore this morning. I’m going to help him with his special envoy to other mythical creatures… We’ll need all the help we can get to deal with Voldemort.”

Concern for his safety suddenly flooded to my mind. “But where are you going, who’s going with you…”

“Well, I thought I might come back to Forks with you – begin making connections with the vampires.”

“Really?” I was shocked – pleasantly so…

I looked at Carlisle who was trying very hard to recite the history of vampires he had read this year… he knew! “We spoke early this morning… We can make connections with other vegetarian vampires, explain the situation…”

“But, even so – it’s dangerous Cedric. Are you sure?”

“Come on, Edward – after you, I think I can handle myself…” he grinned. “Besides, I don’t think I can be around here, pretending you’re dead when you’re not. The guys are taking it pretty hard.”

I was sorry for that. I wished we could tell them all I was alright.

“It is necessary.” Dumbledore said, “You know, the most difficult decisions are not between good and evil – though those can be difficult… The most difficult decision are between what is good and what is better… It is better you remain dead to the students of Hogwarts…”

I nodded. He was right of course.

NOTE: There is more coming to this chapter... Just wanted to get at least part of this up... plus I'm having a hard time letting go... thank you for reading.
First comment! Oh yeah! Now, I'm going back to read it!
Haha! I am so used to getting an email when there is a new chapter.that I was super bummed when I didn't have one from you. But, for some reason I felt like I had to check anyways. I am so very happy I did too! And you said there will be more! I am elated! ^.^


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