The Twilight Saga

Here is something; the Cullen family have Facebook . . . . And other characters to clarify ;) Please

enjoy ^.^


 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters.


This isn't finished, clearly (It won't be). But don't bother to look :)






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Name: Bella Cullen (Duh!)

Username: |LambIsALionForever|

Age: (Hmm, might as well lie for this one.) 18

Genere: (Female, wait, there is only male?! Ugh, some form.) Rather Not Say

Race: (What the hell? Why does it say Vampire . . . ?) Human.

Do you like Edward's kisses? (Ok, this is weird . . . how the hell do they know?! Oh, right, he has a facebook and puts embarrassing things.) Sure.

Do you like shoping? No.

Do you like makeovers? No.

Do you like to read? Yes.

Do you like music? Yes.

Do you like to sleep? (Hehe.) Yes.

Do you like art? No.

Do you like P.E? Defenetley no.

Do you like school? Depends.


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Name: Alice Cullen

Username: EvilLittlePixieShopper

Age: (Er- better lie) 17

Genere: (Weird; I'm not a male!!) Rather Not Say

Race: (Oh no, I bet Emmett did something to the company!) Human

Do you like Jasper's touch? (Umm, creepy . . . its defenetley Emmett.) Rather not say.

Do you like shopping? YES

Do you like makeovers? YES

Do you like to read? (Boring as hell!) No

Do you like music? Yes

Do you like to sleep? (I wish *sighs*) Yes

Do you like art? (If it involves fashion!) Yes

Do you like P.E? No (It ruins my shoes.)

Do you like school? No.


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Name: Carlise Cullen

Username: Cool_Doc_Awesome_Daddy

Age: 638 (Oops!)

Genere: (Ah, there's male) Male.

Race: (Emmett!!) Human.

Do you love Esme? (How does he or she know here? *Looks around the house*) Yes.

Do you like shopping? Only antiques.

Do you like makeovers? Only for needed people.

Do you read? (I have read 12,978 books) Yes.

Do you like music? (Hmm, how I love Justin Timberlake, such a hottie) Yes.

Do you like to sleep? (I don't have ecxperience.) Yes.

Do you like art? (How I love the Monliza. I forgot I have it on the attick!) Yes.

Do you like P.E? (*Shakes head*) No.

Do you like school? (I work!) Rather not say.


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Name: Jasper Whitlock Hale Cullen

Username: Civil_War-Emo_Dude

Age: (Yes, yes yes, lie.) 18.

Genere: (Hmm, there is only male) Male.

Race: (I won the bet!! Whohoo!! Oops, I hope Edwards didn't catch that) Human.

Do you like the clothes Alice picks you? (Er - I hope she doesn't sees this.) No, repulsive.

Do you like shopping? (*stares at the computer*) No.

Do you like makeovers? (Only for people at the Civil War.) Rather not say.

Do you read? (Only Civil War 1, 2, volumes) Yes

Do you like music? (*Sings the National Flag Theme*) Yes

Do you like to sleep? (No, I'd rather shop) Yes.

So you like art? (The Civil War paintings are full of blood *drools* No! That is my people!) Yes.

Do you like P.E? (It reminds me of the battle) No.

Do you like school? (I rather read my books and spend time with Alice.) No.


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Name: Jacob Black

Username: Doggie_Wants_His_Treat

Age: 19

Genere: Male (Duh, I can't be a female!)

Race: (Why are there only vamire? This is a load of crap!) Human.

Do you love Renesmee? (Whoa, whoa. I have to protect her more.) Rather not say.

Do you like shopping? (Is this a joke?) No.

Do you like makeovers? (Hello??!! This person right here is a male not a female!!) No.

Do you like to read? (This is *Beep*. What the *beep* is this *beep*?!) No.

Do you like music? (Hell yeah!) Yes.

Do you like art? (Boorriinngg!!) No.

Do you like P.E? (Running is the best, but if I show how fast I run, they'll check for steroids, which I don't have.) Yes.

Do you like school? (What a waste of your life!) No.


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Name: Edward Cullen

Username: Sparkly_Guy635

Age: 17 (How irrational.)

Genere: (How come the is only male? This is injustice.) Male.

Race: (Please god, Emmett didn't buy the company!) Human.

Do you love Bella? (*Wide eyes* This has to be Emmett.) With all my cold heart.

Do you like shoping? (Only with Bella, which is not often. Last time it was three years ago.) No.

Do you like makeovers? (Weird . . . ) No.
Do you like to read? (Bella is something I want to read everyday *sighs*) Yes.

Do you like music? (Clair de Lune is the best.) Yes.

Do you like Art? Yes. (Painting Bella is my favorite.)

Do you like P.E? No. (I could hurt a human.)

Do you like school? No. (I have less time with Bella alone.)


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Name: Rosalie Hale Cullen

Username: Blond_Girl_For_Emmy

Age: 18

Genere: (Eeekk!! Only male?!) rather not say.

Race: (Emmettt!!!!!!!!) Human

Do you love Emmett? (Creepy) Only when he behaves.

Do you like shopping? Yes.

Do you like makeovers? Yes.

Do you like to read? Sometimes.

Do you like music? Yes.

Do you like Art? Yes.

Do you like P.E? No. (It ruins my hair! What are they thinking?!)

Do you like school? No.


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And what an awkward name for an ice cream merchandise!

And, Percy! You really are going in Annabeth's nerves! You just pray that she is far from thinking on breaking up with you! (But that's okay because I will be here to patch you up!)


Yours until the time that I'm angry that it's short!

Marian =D


peace&love E.C


I've been gone too long! Wah! But I'm not here to cry, but to update! Honestly, I have been busy these days, if you don't count teachers pressuring you with difficult numbers and equations that involve substitutes who grade your class . . . . I'm not even sure that made sense. Anywho, here it is ^_^

- LoveCookkies



[Carlisle's Status]


| Just came back from work! Ready to meet an angered Esme, wish me luck! |

(sent from mobile.)




Emmett Cullen: You should hurry up pronto! I love her, honestly, but it creeps me out to see her pacing the room and nearly ripping our heads off in trying to make her feel better.


Carlise Cullen: Now that you've told me the seriousness of this situation, I might not come. Swell . . . .


Esme Cullen: Oh, no you don't! Explain to me why did you remove all my Extreme Makeover Edition episodes that I had recorded, and put your stupid Bob the Builder cartoons? Why didn't you just erase Bellas' Setting Sun episodes? EXPLAIN.


Bella Cullen: Because it reminds me of my human years with Edward, Mom.


Esme Cullen: Don't you dare call me 'Mom' young lady!


Carlisle Cullen: Now honey, please listen. This - NOOOO! Why the heck did you do that? It's *my* T.V not yours. God woman! Now I have to buy another one *again* and record the episodes *again* man!


Esme Cullen: Shut up if you value your life!


Jasper Cullen: I'm scared


Emmett Cullen: Uh, I might be responsible for that, Jazzie.


Sam Uley: You insensitive prick!


Jacob Black: Oh my god . . . . .


Adriana Black: You are insufferable.


[Jacob Black has logged off for anger issues]


Renesmee Black: Someone in twouble ^_^ I mean, stop saying that young lady! You know that your Dad hates it when you make him break his seven-hundreth laptop!


Seth Clearwater: ALL I WANTED WAS YOUUUU!!


Carlisle Cullen: I think I'll pace my apartment a few times!


Seth Clearwater: And fall asleep on the couch!!


Bella Cullen: Okay, I know you appreciate Paramore, but please don't. That reminds me when Edward left :'(




Percy Jackson: Uh, please stop those relative songs of our lives. It's quite disturbing.


Carlisle Cullen: OH, NO. I JUST KEEP ON FALLING!! (No offense to Bella Cullen whom I see Edward Cullen gripping her arms tightly around her shoulders.)


Esme Cullen: EXPLAIN!


Carlisle Cullen: Oh, yeah, sure. Because, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you're prettyyy ^_^


Esme Cullen: We need to split up, Carlisle.


Carlisle: What? No! We can fix this Esme, please don't leave me! I love you so much that I can't descirve it! I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you, and all the lonliness that I would go through! But if you want to leave I won't stop you!


Vanessa Hudgens: Could every one please respect my copy-right? Thank you.


Zachary Efron: Yeah, I'm not even famous now!


Percy Jackson: Do you think I look like Logan Lerman?


Annabeth Chase: He's wayy too hot for you. So I suggest for you to shut up.


Edward Cullen: BURN!


Annabeth Chase: Shut up you sparkly vampire.




Voldemort: Parsletongue? sjhfgsjdhfiueb


Harry Potter: Akdhgkfhdbgkfsh? ^_^


Voldemort: NO! I will *not* give you my chocolate!


Jane Volturi: Someone's in trouble . . . *again*



| Yay! I updated and hopefully you would forgive me for abandoning you guys for a WEEK. I truly love you if you read this <3 |

- LoveCookkies




Percy Jackson: Uh, please stop those relative songs of our lives. It's quite disturbing.


Vanessa Hudgens: Could every one please respect my copy-right? Thank you.

Zachary Efron: Yeah, I'm not even famous now!

Percy Jackson: Do you think I look like Logan Lerman?

Annabeth Chase: He's wayy too hot for you. So I suggest for you to shut up.

Me: Okay, hold on. Annabeth, don't you look exactly like Alexandra Daddario? Well, except for the fact that she has brown hair while you have blonde. =D



(So, like, we love each other now? 'Cause you said that you love me if I read this... Kidding! Ha-ha-ha)


Yours until the time they (Seth, Percy, Annabeth, etc.) really will be talking to me,

Marian =D

Haha, thanks so much Marian ^_^ Maybe I'll love you ... in a friend way :)) Thanks so much for reading this!

- LoveCookkies

... "Maybe"




And you're forever welcome on me--- reading this!

[Jane Volturi wrote on Aro Volturi's wall]

| Master Aro, someone has just broken the law ... *again*. |


Aro Volturi: The law, who the heck broke the law? Let me guess, Harry Potter?

Jane Volturi: No master, I don't even know who he is. Maybe you are talking about Harry Clearwater?

Sue Clearwater: Bohoblarblarb! Wahhaha! Don't talk about him :((

Charlie Swan: Traitor!

Aro Volturi: My mind was somewhere else. Anyways, who broke the law this time?

Jane Volturi: The Chase's are the one who did it.

Athena Olympus: *Never* hurt my Annabeth if you don't want to end in a pile of ashes!!

Poseidon Olympus: Got *that* right. She killed one of my newest species yesterday just because I said Annie was going to get married with my Percy. I mean, Percy.

Percy Jackson: It's okay to show love and affection, Dad. I surely need it.

Sally Blofis: Be lucky that you have Paul. So don't mop around if you want ... ice-cream.

Percy Jackson: ICE-CREAAAMMM :D

Poseidon Olympus: Ahem. Ahem. COUGH. Why do you have Blofis as your last name Sally? ^_^

Sally Blofis: No comment.

Aro Volturi: Oh my god people! This is my wall-to-wall with JANE. Not you guys, ugh.

Jane Volturi: Yeah, I'm tired of my phone vibrating with every notification!

Alec Volturi: VIBRATIONS!!

Jane Volturi: -_-

Aro Volturi: We will deal with this tomorrow, Jane.

Jane Volturi: Oh, so stalking Marcus ismore important that the law? Huh? Answer!

Caius Volturi: Ignorant as always, Aro. You are a shame to the royalty of the family. Unfortounatley you are head and I can't beat you senseless - I mean, kick you out.

Demitri Volturi: Very encouraging response, Caius! It makes me want to be an ignorant, too! (Sarcastic might be mentioned in this comment.)

James Coven: GREAT! I finally got the owner of FB to unblock me from your friends list and communication!

Aro Volturi: This day keeps on getting better and better. Yawn. Anyways, see you later in the afterlife!

[Aro Volturi is now idle]

Jane Volturi: Did he just threw himself in the fireplace?

Demitri Volturi: Seems like it ... WE ARE FREEEE XD

Caius Volturi: Not so fast Demitri! Come back!!

Demitri Volturi: See ya, Mr. Bloodsucker! Oh, I'm one too, hehe ^_^

Jane Volturi: Wait! I want to go with you too!

Demitri Volturi: Kk! Do you want to get married ^_^

Felix Volturi: No! I was going to ask her that >:(

Demitri Volturi: There's a big difference between 'was' and 'is'. Btw, I asked her first :p

Felix Volturi: I will not allow it! I will take her mine. I WILL you hear me!

Alec Volturi: Guys, I mean, vamps. I'm happy that you appreciate my sister and want to have social relationships with her, but come on: I CAN'T KEEP CALM IF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT *CLAIMING* HER WHEN I AM HER BROTHER! So, kindly talk about it somewhere else ^_^

Felix Volturi: Suree, okay. I'll post you're wall okay, Demitri :)

Demitri Volturi: Okay, I'm not okay with this but whatever ;)

| Epic ending ... I think. So, Aro just made suicide! What will happen to the Vampire civilication now? Thanks for reading everyone! Love you <3 ... in a author way |
- Love Cookkies


(It's not really a big deal)


Maybe I should get married, too.

(You're exaggerating, Marian)

Hey, who are you? You're so KJ! Joy Killer!

(Or maybe its initials is written on the opposite way)

Alec Volturi: This is Larisee's discussion... or post. CAN YOU SHUT THE UNDERWORLD UP? Post it on your own profiles!!! FOR ZEUS'S SAKE!!!

(Or maybe just talk in person.)

Yeah, right.


Yours till I love you in a READER'S WAY,

Marian =D

(Okay, it's really getting very, very awkward by now. CAN YOU PLEASE STOP ON FREAKING LARISEE UP?)

I'm not freaking her up. I'm just happy I got an internet friend. You're just jealous you don't have one, Bloo.


Alec: *Sigh.*

(Now, look what you've done.)


love this



   You guys can kill me if you want. I mean, I LEFT THIS SITE FOR GOD'S SAKE!! I've had ... intresting things to deal with. Now now, before you kill me, I want to announce that I am leaving this site. Not for good! I'll be visiting from time to time, okay. Anyways, you should see my new account in Fan Fiction . net

   My username is LoveCookies-Alex.

   A little secret for you guys ......












   My real name is ALEXIA. A-L-E-X-I-A ..... for those who don't know how to say it, it's exacly how it's spelled. So yeah, I hope your not mad or anything for holding you people. *crickets*

   Anywho, the story I'm currently working is about Percy Jackson. Gods I'm a huge fan. So, feel free to check it out ^_^ You can make an account if you want to keep contact!


- LoveCookkies


p.s: Please don't hurt me. Think of my children!! ..... well, I don't have children but still!




[Stephenie Meyer's Status]


| I just met the most shocking thing with my eyes ... EDWARD CULLEN?" |

(sent from mobile.)




Edward Cullen: I take that as offence. Even if we came out of a dream, it doesn't mean that we can't ecxist - or however you spell it.


Bella Cullen: We have a life you know.


Harry Potter: Don't even get *me* started. It's pretty hard having a relationship with someone in this worlds.




Harry Potter: Why do you have caps lock?


Adriana Black: THEY BROKE. SO ... YEAH.


Emmett Cullen: Awkward....


Rosalie Cullen: I thought I told you that you are forbiden to enter this site! No Facebook!!


Emmett Cullen: Come on, it was just a box of cereal that changed everything?


Rosalie Cullen: A box of cereal in the bath tub. Now explain how that didn't change anything!


Esme Cullen: I have it worse. Someone thought that giving me *chocolate* would make things better....


Carlisle Cullen: You are aware that I have Facebook right?


Edward Cullen: You are so idiotic, you know that? UGH! What did I do to deserve this kind of father?!


Carlisle Cullen: Hurtful!


| Soo ... there you have it folks! Gotta give it to you ... you didn't murder me ^_^ If you read this, thanks so much! |

- LoveCookkies



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