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“A perfect mortal’s imperfect immortal curse . . .” I repeated three times, the others seemed horrified.

 My voice got louder. “A perfect mortal shall sleep forever until at true love’s kiss she awakes.” My voice was echoed through the tiny room. “Only true love can remove her from this deep sleep.”

Next thing I knew, my sister was on the floor, pale, her lips blood red. “Aurora!” I yelled. I leaned my ear against her chest.

 “I didn’t mean to kill you. Please wake up!” I screamed. “Please.” I whispered.


(This story was originally created for the purposes of Anna's Creativity Jumble Competition in the TTS group TGBT. Nikki and I simply loved it so much we decided to continue it and post it publically for your enjoyment. So please, sit back and enjoy our updates. )

Don't foget to leave your opinons and predictions!

-Claire Bear and Nikki.

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“Maleficent?” I heard a bitter sweet voice call from down the stairs.


“I’m going out with Flora, Meriwether, and Fauna, please be sure to tell mother! I won’t be back until late!” Aurora’s voice faded away and finally ended with the thud of the heavy front door being pulled closed hastily.

Great, she was gone again; it would have been nice for her to invite me this time. I sighed angrily, staring at the pencil on the table in front of me.

Why didn’t she ever invite me to go places with her? After all, we are sisters. It’d be nice to go out occasionally. I clenched my teeth and glared at the pencil. Why didn’t I ask to go with her? I pursed my lips, still glaring at the darn pencil. I closed my eyes; blinking hard. I opened them, hearing a tapping. The pencil was shaking all on its own.

I kept staring at it, and it almost danced in the air. Was is levitating? No, not possible. But it kept following my eyes. I stared down at the table, and the pencil went down. How did I . . .  no, I didn’t do that.

 Then, I saw a quick look on Aurora’s impossibly neat desk, “Anyone home?” I asked with automatic sarcasm as I walked towards Aurora’s desk, I felt a chill run through my body. She had always said that no one should ever dare touch her things.

 I mean I was two years older than her, so how did that make her the boss of me? Why should she tell me what to do? And yet, I’ve never had such an urge to say something about it until now.

I suddenly felt a feeling of excitement as I sat down on her beautiful cushioned chair, which I had asked my parents for about ten times. They gave it to Aurora the first time she asked. It was just as comfortable as it looked.  Right away, I reached for the book she had labeled “Diary. (For My Eyes Only!)

Well, maybe Miss Perfect wasn’t as much of an open book person that I had always imagined her to be. How stupid of her, she left the key right next to the darn thing. I shoved it into the padlock, and it opened. I looked behind me, and to each side to make sure no one was there.

 I opened it up to page one, entitled, June 14th. My Birthday, But Aurora had hardly left me alone on all my birthdays. Maybe she wrote after I fell asleep? That’d be a secret forever. She had written this entry in red ink, and her handwriting slanted, like she’d been in a rush.


Dear Diary,

Today is Maleficent’s birthday. I didn’t have the heart to leave her alone. After the soccer game (which we won as I might add, myself scoring the winning goal) we went out to dinner for her birthday.

The waitress seemed to act weird around our table and I knew it was because of my poor sister. I told the her it was Maleficent’s birthday, but, unlike when we went there for my birthday, they didn’t sing to her.

I can’t help but feel like it’s my fault, if only I hadn’t been so curious when we were younger.

Oh dear, she’s waking up now, I better scurry! I have to get ready for today!

Love, Aurora Guinevere Jameswood


Her fault? What could have been her fault, the fact that I’m some sort of reject? That couldn’t be her fault, no matter how badly I wanted it to be, it couldn’t. I walked back over to my own, un-cushioned chair and sat down in a heap, trying to think of what she could mean.

After a while I began storming around the room. Why would no one want to be around me? Did Aurora always write about me? What if I was being suspicious for no reason? What if it was only in Aurora’s mind? I heard an exasperated noise leave my throat.

I had to read another entry. But, I’d be so guilty. I needed to know more. So I finally decided to check out what was going on. I read an entry further back in the book. Very much in the front, only a few pages in.


Dear Diary,


 Today we all went on a huge picnic with a bunch of family, including Maleficent and mine’s oldest cousins, Flora, Fauna, and Meriwether. They had always told us that they were fairies, but I always assumed they were kidding to amuse us.

 Maleficent has been acting weird lately. Mother told me she has blackouts. She loses chunks of memories, but she didn’t tell me much else, she changed the subject. Gah, because of this secret it’s weird knowing I’m the younger one.

 But I can’t tell her. Gosh that sucked. I didn’t understand why. Whatever, she’d know eventually right? Better go!


Aurora : )

What? What the heck, blackouts? This meant that I only knew of half my life! Flora, Fauna and Meriwether . . . weird she only wrote about my blackouts when we were with them. They must know something! What if I’m cursed? Flora and her sisters were really all fairies, just as they told us, so would something like a curse even be possible? Would the levitation have something to do with this? I didn’t know. I grabbed my slightly torn red velvet coat, and rushed off to go to my cousin’s home.



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