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Summary: The curse tore Emma and Peter away from each other. They must fight in their worlds to be together, with no dreams, no hope. But can one little girl change their fate? In this epic Finally see as Emma and Peter's daughter Destiny sets on a path to bring her parents back together, but to do so she has to work with the enemy. What will happen?

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Yeah I wanted some family with Destiny on this quest aswell as two powerful beings from Peter's world. Hades and Athena were the first two powerful one's on my mind. And Destiny's family, well I need to think that through still but I think it might be clear in the next few chapters.And well I don't want to give the Ben/Hades part away so just wait and see

Great chapter!

Peter isn't in the dark any more about Destiny, Emma all that confusion that happen with Caleb and Medusa.

I really love the family dynamics here!

Aww thanks Rach :)

Yeah Peter know he has a daughter but things will get more complicated for all of them, both familes will have their challenges

great update!  can't wait to read your next one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glad you liked it :)

Chapter 4~Training Starts

Destiny’s Pov:


It was later that day and mom was still worried about me “Mom I am okay I promise.” I told her. But there was one issue. How could I tell my mom? I met my father and my family? That was just odd. Hey mom, I had a dream and I met dad and his side of the family. Yay! Yeah I don’t think that’s going to cut it.

She looked at me “Are you sure? You seem tense.” She said. Did I? Maybe I was just nervous about this whole thing. The whole quest, family, dream, training, not allowed to see my father for real thing.

I nodded “Yeah I...just.” I said then shook my head “Nothing, never mind.” I told her and bit my lip now worried and anxious. I chewed on my lip. I always did when I was nervous or worried about something.

“Is there something I should know about?” Mom asked looking at me, worry and caution in her look “You’re acting rather strange.”

“Am I?” I asked, I felt like I was in prison being interrogated at the moment with mom’s endless questions.

“Yes.” Mom simply said then came another question “Did something happen when you were sleeping?”

Oh alot. I said to my self “I....well...I...I just can’t...” I said and sighed “I can’t explain this.” I told her

“Explain what?” Mom asked me

“Everything.” I said and she just looked at me confused, like I told her something she had no idea about, well wait I just did.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Mom said

“Imetmyfather.” I blurted out so fast it sounded like something that was non-sense

Mom looked at me “I am sorry what?” she asked and looked at me, then it hit her “You met Peter? How?” she asked

I bit my lip and nodded “Dream.” I told her. “He’s not in a good shape, the curse is getting worse. But me, dad, Enyalios, Athena and Hades will find a way to break it. It might take a few years though.” Mom stared at me in shock at the names I mentioned “Medusa will get what she deserves.” I said

“Medusa?” Mom said

“The witch who cursed you and dad.” I said and mom nodded. I looked at her, she seemed in shock, but I did not blame her, for me just springing this up on her like nothing.

“She exists?” Mom asked

I nodded “Yeah, if she didn’t exist then non of the Greek Gods would either. She’s in their time....umm was....still is.”  I said, wow this was confusing “According to Hera, she was in this world when she cursed you and dad. But now they have no idea where she is.”

Mom nodded “Maybe we should talk to my dad about this?”

“He went hunting with Bella.” Esme chimed in. I nodded and so did mom.


Hades’s Pov:

I was having a meeting with Peter, Hera, Zeus, Athena and Enyalios about Destiny “She’s only 10.” Athena said

“Technically she’s 3 but looks like 10.” I corrected her. She rolled her eyes at me, she hated it when anyone tried to correct her.

“She’s powerful though.” Enyalios added “I don’t see why we should not train her now. The sooner the better.”

I nodded with Hera, Zeus and Peter who agreed with this. Only Athena seemed to be worried about this.

“But she needs to be here, like properly here.” Athena said

I looked at Athena “Alright then, I’ll go and get her my self then. Since the curse is on Peter and Emma, is stops them crossing over into each other’s worlds.” I said “I will need to talk to her family though about this.”

“They might be able to help?” Peter suggested, well he asked more like.

I sighed “I am not sure, there is much they can do. But there is a person who can help them. I will have to tell them to find that person though.” I said and the rest nodded “Alright, I’ll be back as soon as I can with Des.” I said then in a blink of an eye I was gone.

I appeared in the woods and saw a tall, rather beautiful girl, she had brown hair and her eyes were golden brown “Oh there you are Ben. I thought I lost you in the woods.” She said as she wrapped her arms around me in a hug.

Ben? Who’s Ben? I asked my self. Then it hit me. I must look like this Ben Person. Just go with it. I held her to me “No worries I am here.” I said wondering what to do or say. I hoped she would not notice my facial hair or long hair.

“You need a shave.” She said and before I could answer she kissed me. I blinked and she giggled and then she grabbed my hand and she pulled me back and we were in a house “We’re back.” She called

Destiny walked over with some people and she looked at me “What you doing here?” she asked in shock to see me

“He lives here.” The brunette said

“Dad?” I heard a voice say, the girl had blondish hair. That’s got to be Emma. Then I saw a man about 20 ish walk in, he looked like me, but no facial hair and slightly shorter hair. I bit my lip now wondering what was going to go on.

“Who’se this?” The man asked

“Ben?” The brunette said

“Yeah. You lost me in the woods.”

“” She said stammering over words

“Okay what is going on?” Emma asked

Des chewed on her lip “This is Hades, Hades this is my family. And The man who looks like you is my mom’s father Ben.” She said

“But they look alike.” The brunette said and shivered slightly as she backed away from me.

Destiny nodded “I know.” She said and looked at me “Why you here?” she asked me looking at me then seemed worried “Is something wrong? I hope no one’s hurt.” She said

“No, no worries.” I said and rested my hand on her shoulder “We been talking and we think it’s best for you to come with me, to be with us for real, to start your training.”

“Woah...woah what?” Emma said looking at me “She’s not going.”

“Mom.” Destiny whined “I promised I would get you and dad together and I am not giving up.” She said. She was so determined about this. I did not blame her, everyone wanted what was best for her.

“No worries, she will be safe with us.” I said

“How do you know that?” Emma asked

“I just know. Besides she will be with Peter.” I said “And she has more power in her then anyone could imagine.” I told them all “Ares got her mad and she kicked him so hard he made a hole in the wall, not a dent but a hole.” I said “And if she wants to get you and Peter back together, she needs to train and to do she needs to be fully with us.” I said the last bit to Emma

Emma sighed “Okay she can go, as long as she’s safe and she lets me know that somehow.” She said

“Is there anything we can do?” Someone asked from her side of the family

I looked at them “Not much, but if you can find a local witch here, she will be able to help you on your side.”

“How do we find her?” Emma asked

I looked at Emma “If you seek her then you will not want to find her. If you want to find her then seek her out.” I said and they all looked at me with confused looks

“What?” Emma asked.

Destiny looked at me with a knowing look but she knew she could not help them, this was their quest and they would need to find the answers them selves.

Emma looked at Destiny “Do you know what he meant?” she asked

Des nodded “I got what he means but I can’t help you. I am sorry. If I tell you then you could never find her. This is your quest and I have my own in Dad’s world. If you want to find her then you will need to figure this out without my help.”

Emma sighed “I understand” she said and pulled Des into a hug “Be safe”

Destiny nodded “Always.” She said goodbye to her family and got same extra clothes in her back-pack then we joined hands and bright light surrounded us and we were gone and appeared back where the others were in my world.

Everyone smiled at the sight of us to back together. I looked at Destiny “Can I ask you something?”

She nodded “Sure go ahead?”

“Who was the tall brunette?” I asked her

Des looked at me “Oh that’s Bella. Ben’s wife and my mom’s mom.” She said “What did she do?” she asked and giggled a bit

“Well she hugged me thinking I was Ben, kissed me and told me I needed a shave.”

Hera, Destiny and Athena giggled with Peter, Enyalios and Zeus laughed.

“You do need a shave.” Athena said looking at me and I shot her an annoyed look “Okay sorry.” She said and kept giggling.

Destiny giggled a bit and then she chewed on her lip “Now I have a question.” She said and I nodded for her to go on “Why do you look like Ben?”

That threw me off slightly and I bit my lip and looked at the others for help as this was slightly complicated.

“Well...” I started to say but then Hera cut in “He and Ben are sort of the same person.” She said and Destiny looked confused.

“But how does that work? Ben’s there and Hades is here.” She said.

Hera nodded “I know, what I mean is. Hades is a past live of Ben that is alive in this time and Ben is alive in your time.” Destiny looked more confused “Hades never died, he was just re-born as Ben even though he’s still alive.”

“So he’s my grandfather?” Destiny asked

Hera shakes head “No. Just Ben.  I know it’s odd, but even though Hades and Ben are the same person in a few ways. Hades is his own person and so is Ben. Ben is around 20 and Hades is 31 in human years but way older.”

Destiny nodded “Okay, this is just complicated and confusing.”

Athena nodded “I know, you’ll get used to it.”

“Do I get a choice?” Des asked and I chuckled softly.

“Of course you do. It just seems like you don’t.” I said “But I really don’t mind if you can’t get used to this.” I said and rubbed her back

Athena smiled “Anyways, lets move on from that and onto the training bit.” She said “Me, Hades, Enyalios and Peter will teach you. Each will have a different bit of the training bit. Hera and Zeus are welcome to help.”

Destiny nodded “Alright, when do we start?” she asked and smiled, she sounded so eager to get started with this.

“After you eat something and we put you in something little bit more....well combat style for fighting.” Hera said

Destiny giggled and nodded. We all walked to the main hall and we ate some food. Destiny had seconds as one she was hungry, two she liked the food and three she needed lots of energy for the training.


Athena’s Pov:

I took Destiny up to a secret room and I opened the door to the closet. The closet was very big it and had too many outfits in there. I smiled at her “Pick out anything you want.” I told her and ruffled her hair and leaned against the door.

I watched her as she looked through the clothes and then picked out black skinny jeans, black t-shirt, combat boots and she got changed into them. I pulled her hair up nicely and tightly into a pony tail and helped her tie a sword holder around her waist as well. In case she would need a sword later in training or when older.

I smiled at her and then we walked outside and everyone focused their eyes on Destiny “Woah” they all said which made Destiny giggled.

I looked at her and she seemed like her head hurt, she blinked and then she looked like she was around 12 now. Woah she grew. Okay this was something new. And she even skipped looking like 11. She must grew faster as she was a 3 way Hybrid.

“Okay so now for the task.” I said “I will teach you how to use bow and arrows. Enyalios and Peter will teach you how to develop your powers and to ride a horse. Hades will teach you hand to hand combat. I can also teach you how to handle a sword later on.”


Destiny nodded “Okay let’s begin then.” She said and smiled

I nodded “Okay you will start with some simple power exercises set my Enyalios and Peter, to help you control your powers and warm you up before we get down to anything else.” Destiny nodded and she walked over to Enyalios

Enyalios smiled at her “You ready?” she nodded “Okay now focus your energy on floating and do a back flip in the air and also twist in mid air while doing it and land on your feet.” He told her

Destiny looked at him and just nodded. She closed her eyes and she looked rather intent when confusing on this. She soon started to rise up and when her eyes snapped open she threw her body weight back which caused her to do a back flip and then she twisted her hips so she done a twirl as well and when she landed she landed on her two feet with a thud.

We all looked impressed and smiled. Wow this girl was going to be good and unstoppable with the right help for each area and training.

Peter looked at her “Okay now I want you to ran as fast as you can and flip back from a tree.” He said as he finished Destiny took of running, we didn’t even see her as she was so fast, we just heard a clank and thud as she flipped off from a tree landing beside Hades.

Enyalios chuckled as Hades jumped back “Come here you two.” He said to Destiny and Hades “Okay this time I want Hades too attack you using his powers and Des, you attack back with yours. This will teach you self defence and control over your powers at the same time.”

Destiny nodded and Hades nodded two. They stepped away from each other about 4 paces and Hades and Destiny got in a ready stance and Hades closed his eyes and the ground started to shake and the seemed to crumble beneath Destiny’s feet.

Destiny held her hand down to the ground and one hand out to Hades so the crumbling switched over and the crumbling ground was not beneath Hades and not her. Hades fell down as she let her hands drop and the shaking stopped throwing him off his own balance.

Hades got up and he brushed him self off “Wow, she’s good.” He said

Peter nodded “Okay now for the next and final task warm up. This will require to two to work as a team. I want you to create an indestructible shield around your selves.” He said

Destiny and Hades nodded “Alright.” They said and joined hands.

Hades held out his hand and soon the air around is felt damp and rather cold like it does in the under world, some rock started to spin around them two. Destiny held her hand up and water joined the rocks, it felt like the ocean wind was around us. The rocks and water bonded together in a fusion shield and span around more faster and faster around them two and we could not see them at all.

“Alright hit them with your best shot.” Peter yelled to Zeus over all the noise the spinning shield was causing.

Zeus looked up at the sky and held his hand up and he closed his eyes and lightening struck but did not penetrate the shield it just send him flying backwards and he landed on his back with a thud as the ground shook as well and everyone had to hold tightly with their feet so they would not fall back. And to think I thought Destiny was powerful with Hades, it’s like all hell broke lose.

Hera helped him up “Wow the shield actually works.” She said as she did the shield spinning slowed down and then Hades and Destiny dropped their hands and the shield was gone

“How what that?” Destiny asked

“Wow, amazing.” Enyalios said “Well done, good team work.” Peter added

Destiny and Hades nodded with wide smiles, they seemed pleased with them selves. I looked at Destiny “Okay now that you’re all warmed up let’s try some practise shooting with an arrow and bow.” I said handing her the bow and arrows

Destiny looked me and nodded “Alright.” She said and without asking she held the bow the right way then aimed the arrow

“Try and get the arrow in the middle of that tree.” I told her pointing to the big elk tree right in front of her about 30 metres or so.

Destiny nodded a bit uneasy as she noticed how far away it was. But I had faith in her, she was powerful and this should be no match against her. She aimed the arrow at the tree and she closed one eye to make sure she got in some what near the middle. I stood few paces back from her and saw she had it right where it needed to be. She released the arrow in one swift movement when she pulled it back and it flew swishing through the air and landed right in the middle of the tree.

Then some smoke rose from the tree and it set on fire. Destiny gasped “Oh my gosh.” She watched in shock “Is that supposed to happen?” she asked

I shook my head as we all chuckled “No, but well done, the setting the tree on fire is an extra but you got the target that’s what matters.” I said

Destiny nodded then she held her hand out and a spray of water flew from her hand which put the fire out. I smiled at her, she was really powerful. Who knew what else she would be able to do in the future. It really was know she was the daughter of Emma and Peter. She had her mother skills, her fathers powers and strength, courage and determination. She was also down to earth, caring and loving girl.

“Now practise some more.” I told and Destiny nodded and she fired some more arrows and always got the target right on the dot, I then made a target from water and some rocks fused together and made it float in the air “Now try this.”

Destiny aimed it at the middle and she released her arrow which caught fire and put out the water as she got the target.

I smiled at her “Good.” I told her and smiled “Okay take 5.” I said and Destiny nodded and she seemed thirsty so I handed her some water and she gulped it down when she thanked me for giving her some.

I looked at Destiny “Okay so who wants to teach Destiny how to ride a horse?” I asked when the 5 minutes were up.

“Me!” Hades, Enyalios and Peter said at the same time and I laughed. Wow a father, a friend and the god of the underworld all arguing over teaching her how to ride a horse.

I laughed “Hades, it’s not your job.”He whined and pouts as he knew but he crossed his arms over his chest and I laughed

“Okay how about you all take turns then? Fair enough?” the 3 nodded and I rolled my eyes at them. Boys. Well Men but they acted like boys sometimes. Well 31 year old. A 18 year old and a 19 year old to be more precise.

I walked to the stables and came back with a pure white horse for Destiny. I stopped the horse from walking anywhere as she got on by her self

“Okay.” Peter smiled “Just make the horse trot around in circles to start off with.” He said and Destiny nodded.

She beckoned the horse to move and the horse followed her command and she made it so it walked around in circles just trotting at a nice even pace.

I smiled as I watched her with the rest.

“Now pick up the pace slightly.” Enyalios said.

Destiny nodded and her horse went a bit faster still going in circles. Her hair moved back and forth to the pace as the wind blew in her hair slightly.

“Now dodge between the trees.” Hades said as I promised he could help too and they had to take turns to make it fair.

Destiny just did what she was told, the horse going at a faster pace so she could dodge between the trees. She dodged the trees so easily, she was rather natural like this.

“She reminds me of Emma.” Hera said and Zeus nodded.

I could not agree on that as I didn’t see Emma riding a horse or what not, but I took their word for it.

“Now, jump over logs.” Enyalios said.

I moved over with Hera and Zeus as we stood near the logs. Destiny picked up pace on her horse and her horse ran and leaped over the logs, she did not fall of once. She had a strong grip with her legs and hands to hold on with the leaping and trust with her horse. Team work was always important even with an animal.

I smiled and looked at Destiny “Do you think you’re ready to take it to a new level?” I asked

Destiny looked at me “I’ll try and do it.” She said and smiled. I felt proud of her. I think we all did at the moment. I handed her the bow and arrow “Focus on the tree while riding the horse and shoot the target.”

Destiny nodded “Alright.” She said and got to work, the first time she tried it she fell off the horse. The second time she arrow fell on the floor.  The third time she fired not that far, it landed near the tree. She kept drilling her self with the horse and the bow and arrow for half an hour and the next few shots she got the target, she sped up her horse and never missed the targets when she got some practise.

I smiled at her with the others “Well done, you did great. It just needs some practise.” I told her and smiled then I looked at Enyalios “Get your horse.”

“Why?” Destiny asked

I looked at her “You will race him.” I told her and smiled “To test your skills. You will ride around the castle, dodge through the woods. Leap over logs then fire as most arrows you can into the tree and he will have his own tree. The one with the shortest time wins.”

Enyalios nodded and he came back with his black stallion few moments later and he jumped on his horse, his bow and arrow with him.

They both stood in line and then I looked at them “On 1. 5...4...3...2..1.” I said then they set off on their horses, they were both faster then speed of lightening, their horses ran around the castle, then they set off into the woods, their paces seemed to be pretty even with each other.

When it came to the leaping Destiny was slightly bit slower as she was new at that but still good for someone young at her age.

When they were back they rode while firing arrows at the trees. Destiny got 20 clean shots and Enyalios got 21. He finished a second earlier then she did.

We all started at them in awe “Wow. That’ No one has ever managed to be this close to him. Well done.” I said to Destiny and smiled “You did really well.”

Destiny smiled “He’s very fast.” She giggled

“So are you.” Hades said and chuckled as he helped her get off her horse as she looked a bit dizzy and he set her on the floor and made sure she did not fall back or anything.

“Okay let’s take a break, then I’ll let Hades take over for some combat with you.” I told Destiny.

She nodded “Alright.” She said and smiled, she sat on a log and drank some water getting her strength back and calming her heart rate down.

Hades was standing up doing some stretches to prepare to him self for Destiny. This was going to be interesting and some what painful maybe. When Destiny seemed calm and not dizzy she got up and stretched as well and she looked at Hades who smirked a bit at her but only playfully.

“Okay go and ran at me with your best shot.” He said

Destiny ran at him at inhuman speed and slammed into him but he did not budge. Destiny frowned at that and she ran back more paces and ran at him again and this time she slammed into him so hard they both flew back and skidded across the grass.

I watched and jumped a bit back with Hera. The boys seemed to watch them in shock.

Hades span around and he pinned Destiny to the floor but she kicked him so hard he flew off and he fell back landing on his back, she done a back flip landing on her feet, as he got up she spin kicked him so he flew into the fountain and the water came splashing out slightly and got us all wet.  He jumped out and ran at her but she flipped back behind him and she flipped him over and pinned him down the floor.

Hades grabbed her hand and he flipped her away from him, he then jumped back to his feet and he swang his arm at her but she ducked and kicked him so he flew back and landed on his back once again. I winced. This seemed rather painful. For both of them.

Once he got up they ran at each, slamming into one another and they wrestled it out. Destiny got a good grip on his left wrist, turned around bringing her arm behind his back hurting him and flipped him over flat on his face.

I looked at him and her as she stood over him and managed to get up wincing slightly “Wow....ouch”

Destiny helped him up “Sorry, you okay?” she asked

He nodded “Yeah I am fine, you are one powerful girl and that kick. Ouch.time out.” He said sitting down.

“I think we had enough for one day.” I said and they all nodded and then when we cleaned up we all walked inside.

Man, Destiny is some gifted little girl!

I kinda agree with Emma...I would want my daughter to have some sort of normal life even with all the supernatural going on in her life.

Ben and Hades?

Yeah she is :) she has more power in her then any one releazises and the question is, when will she unleash it all?

I know, but normal life is kind of out of the question,

Yep Ben and Hades lol. Same person in sorts

Destiny is really powerful! Interesting twist with Ben and Hades! I hope the plan will work!

Yeah Destiny really has some power in her :) Yeah I was planning on some twist with Hades in the first place lol. Let's hope it will

love it, Destiny is so powerful!  can't wait to read your next update!


I am glad you liked it :) will try and update soon


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