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Summary: The curse tore Emma and Peter away from each other. They must fight in their worlds to be together, with no dreams, no hope. But can one little girl change their fate? In this epic Finally see as Emma and Peter's daughter Destiny sets on a path to bring her parents back together, but to do so she has to work with the enemy. What will happen?

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I am glad you are glad that she's back :) I will try and post the next chapter soon. Aww you make me blush :) thank you for such a sweet comment.

Wow!! What an entrance lol

I hope she can save Peter in time!!!

Can't wait for more!!! 

I am glad you liked it :) as I mentioned before, I wanted to bring her back in a surprise entrance, It will be tricky, you will have to see what happens

Chapter 11~Hades’s Memories

Hades’ Pov:


Me and Des stepped through the portal and we started to fall, we both landed in the woods on our backs and I blinked feeling slightly dizzy, I looked over at my side where Destiny was a few feet away from me. As I got up, I noticed my own reflection in the lake that was 10 centimetres from my body. I looked like me from the 1200’s, I was about 19 then and had the same long hair I have now, just minus the facial hair. “Are you okay Des?” I asked her.

Des nodded getting up “Yeah” she noticed me and let out a gasp “I did not expect you to look younger here” she said

I chuckled “You still look like you.” I said, but I knew the reason behind that and I smiled softly “I was 19 here, in this time zone.” I said

“What time zone are we in then?” Destiny asked me looking at me.

“1213” I said and her eyes widened and jaw dropped. I just chuckled “I know, I am Ancient” I said and smiled softly.

Destiny giggled “That’s not what I was thinking” she said and her cheeks turned rouge

I chuckled softly “It’s okay, if you did. I don’t mind” I said and then we heard a twig snap behind us and Des pulled out her sword from her sword holder and looked around us, I pulled her to my side and my eyes scanned around us, for any danger.

The tree branch was moved out of the way and we saw a young boy about 6 or 7 years old walk from behind the tree. Des let out a little gasp, as she could tell it was Peter, just when he was a child.

Peter looked at me “Oh, I didn’t expect to see you here Hades.” He told me

I looked at him “Shouldn’t you be home Peter?” I said looking at him, but his eyes were fixed on Destiny “She’s my friend.” I told him and he just nodded

“Again with home?” he huffed after a moment

I chuckled “Just looking out for you. Or do you want to get in trouble again?” I said looking at him, as a Kid Peter got into trouble a lot, by running off like he did now. I had to look out for him.

Peter looked at him and pouts “You sound like my mother.”

I chuckled softly “Well, I am not that. I am just looking out for you Kiddo.”

Peter nodded “True, but that’s because you’re 19 and I am 7.” He said and looked at Destiny “How old are you?”

“I am 17.” She said and she smiled softly.

Peter titled his head looking at her, I could tell he was taking in her appearance in more depth, like he could tell there was something different about her “Well, you’re really pretty.” He said and smiled his cheeky smile.

Destiny smiled softly “Why thank you, I think we should get you home? Don’t you think? Your parents might worry where you went.” She said.

Peter looked at her and he pouts softly “Umm fine” he said and I just chuckled.

Des set her hand on her sword holder as she fixed it around her waist and she smiled “Well, come on then.” She said and smiled

I smiled and I started to lead the way, back to the castle. Once we got there we walked into the throne room, that still looked the same like it did in the future we came from. But I stiffened in my place as a memory filled my mind.

Des looked at me “Hades?” she said and she waved her hand in front of my face, but I was unresponsive. I blinked as it replayed in my mind.


In 1213 I was against Ares and his men in war. We always fought more than the other Gods, Athena, Zeus, Hera and the other Gods were on my side, and my men seemed to fall more quickly, especially the Mortal one’s. Ares’ army was skilled and fast, but mine was larger and had the edge with the battle weapons they had.

I ran a finger down the side of my neck where I had a war scar and I closed my eyes. “Hades?” I heard Hera behind me

“Yes?” I said and turned around to look at her, she had a kind smile on her face

“There’s a ball tonight...will you come? It might take your mind of things.” She said with a soft smile on her face

I looked at her and nodded “I was thinking of coming anyways, you’re right. I need to take my mind of things.” I said and sighed slightly.

Hera smiled softly and nodded “We’ll see you there than.” She said and I just nodded before she left closing the door behind her.

When I got changed, I looked at my self, I looked like some sort of Prince in the clothes I was wearing.  I ran a hand through my hair and closed my eyes and sighed slightly, before I walked out and down to the throne room where the ball was taking place.

As soon as I entered the room, the smell of tulips and wild raspberries hit my nostrils and I took a deep breath, breathing in the lovely scent and that’s when I saw her.. her hair snow white, skin like porcelain, laughter that sounded like music to the ears, smile that reached her green brown eyes, making them sparkle when she first laid her eyes on me, the way her white dressed flowed elegantly like a river over her slim, petite figure.

My breath caught my throat, she was the most beautiful mortal I ever laid my eyes on, as she span around dancing she stopped as her eyes fell on me and I stood in my spot just staring at her everlasting beauty. I saw a small blush creep to her cheeks as she bit her lip and looked down shyly to the ground.

I took a deep breath and I decided to go over to her and I whispered softly in her ear “Why so shy Beautiful?”

I saw her cheeks turn pink and she looked up at me, into my eyes and she smiled softly. “I...I don’t know sir” she said, I chuckled softly as she called me sir. Of course she knew who I was, but I was not that old enough to be called sir? Right? I asked my self.

“No need to call me sir.” I said and smiled down at her softly, and I wanted to get lost in her eyes, they were so mesmerising, just like her. “I am surprised, such a beautiful girl like you, is here alone.”

She looked at me “I am not alone” she said and sighed softly, she sounded like she did not want to tell me who she was here with, but then she pointed over to a tall figure who was talking to Artemis, it was Ares. She was here with him? She saw the anger in my eyes “I am sorry I should go.” She said and she ran off before I could say anything else.

Hera looked at me and she saw her running off “That is Lilianna, she works for Ares, not that she wants to.” She said “Most people call her Lily, sweet, shy girl.” She told me and all I could do was nod.

Days passed since I first saw her there and I didn’t see her until around a month later, I saw her walking in the garden, picking up some flowers and I decided to go over and talk to her. I tapped her on her shoulder softly and she jumped a little and looked at me.

“I am not mad at you...”

She cut me off “I saw you looked mad when I told you, who I came with.” She said and she looked down “If you think I have a choi...”

Now I was the one to stop her talking “I know you don’t have a choice. Hera told me...Lily.” I said, her name came off soft and smooth from my lips and I lifted her chin up softly.

“You know my name.” She breathed out softly looking at me, my hand was still below her chin softly and I nodded as I looked into her eyes.

“I want to help you.” I said softly looking down at her.

“But...” I set my finger to her lip before she could finish.

“No buts. Me and Ares don’t get along and I am not going to let you suffer because of him.” I said and I looked down at her and I felt her relax as she looked into my eyes.

She reached up softly and set her hand to my cheek and she sighed as she leaned her forehead to mine “You’re really sweet. No matter what anyone else says.” She said and she pressed a kiss to my forehead as she pulled back after a few moments.

I heard a growl behind us “Lilianna! What do you think you’re doing?” It was Ares, I felt Lily stiffen in my arms and I pulled her behind me and I let out a hiss at Ares, keeping her safe and away from him.

I felt her grip my arm slightly and Ares looked at us both “Well?” he bellowed and I shot him a glare.

“Leave her alone Ares! She does not want this!” I told him

“And how do you know what she wants?” He yelled

“He’s right.” Lily said, in a soft, shy voice, like she was scared of what Ares would do or say after hearing those words from her own mouth.

Ares turned to face Lilianna with the most evil look on his face and he let out a growl “What did you just tell me?!” he snapped “How dare you! I am your master, and you’re just one little mortal! You think you have the right to tell me that!”

“At least I don’t cause harm to innocents and the people that I love.” Lily said looking at him “I am not like you and neither is Hades, he’s a good man and he’s defending his people against you and your army.” She said. I was shocked she was speaking out against him, no one barely had the nerves to do that.

I looked at her then at Ares who was looked more enraged then ever, he growled “I will get you! I swear that!” he said, his eyes fixed on me and I kept in front of Lily shielding her away from him. Her grip tensed around my arm and I closed my eyes, her touch was soft even though she clinged onto me for dear life.

I watched as Ares walked off and I felt Lily’s grip loosen around my arm and I looked down at her and I tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear “I won’t let him get to you.”

She looked at me with worry written all over her eyes “I don’t want you to end up getting hurt.”

I looked down at her and I pressed my lips to her forehead softly and she closed her eyes tightly “I promise, I won’t.” I said and I slid my arms around her slim, waist and held her fragile body against mine and looked into her eyes.

She looked back into my eyes and she nodded softly and she leaned her forehead against my stone hard chest and I leaned my chin on top of her head softly, holding her like this felt natural and like she was made for me, but little did I know what horror would be bestowed upon us all.

Days passed and I did my best to keep Lily say away from Ares, I was not going to risk her getting hurt because of him, but one day I had to back to fight Ares and his army and that’s when it happened. As the battle neared it’s end, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my stomach and a scream rang in my ears.

The scream sounded somehow familiar and I ran off into the direction and stopped when I was at the cliffs on the beach, to see the fragile body of Lily, she had a Chinese throwing dart stuck in her body. I dropped to my knees and held her to me “Lily” I breathed out.

She looked pale and fragile “I....I love you” the words slipped from her lips before her head fell back and she died in my arms.

I screamed out sobbing. “No!” I held her dead body to my chest, I did not care I was slightly covered in blood, I just watched the love of my life die in my arms. I hid my face in her hair and cried.

I snapped out of  my flashback and looked pale, but then I span on my heel and ran out to the beach shore, Destiny yelled after me “Hades!” but I did not turn back and kept running.

Interesting blast from the past.  I wonder what will happen next?

You will see why the blast from the past was included :) it holds a deep significance and it can be some what confusing too :)

Could be interesting to see how their presence there might influence future events!

Yeah, I didn't want their task to me as easy as it may have seemed, to gain the 3 things from the past and from the future, obviously, their past will affect what will happen in the present where they came from and what happened there will have affected the future, so it goes in a full circle in a way. And that's what I hope I will convey in the following chapters to come. I grown attached to Des and Hades in more ways than I didnt think I could while writing this. I have some tricks up my sleeve when it comes to them two and what will happen with.

I hope it will interest people and that they will stick with the story till the end, because I love writing this story. And I see lots of things happening for the pain characters of the story and trying to fix what happened to Emma and Peter.

love the update!  Man what a flashback for Hades...poor guy!  can't wait to read your next update!  please write more soon!

I know, I feel bad for him as well :( I will try and update soon

Yes, one feels bad for him, but what about poor Des who was just left standing there without a clue of what was going on? Will she connect with the others who were bound to her in the future? And perhaps the adorable kid Peter? Looks like he was quite an adventurous young boy!

I agree with you on that point, no one really seems to feel bad for Hades, because they seem him as the 'Bad' Guy and they don't look beyond the surface, unlike Des and Peter who are one of the few who see Hades as being a good man and who is misunderstood. I personally never thought of Hades as always the bad guy in Mythology, he was not that likable, but I wanted to create a more nicer side to him, that not many were familiar with.

Des is very confused right now, as she's in the past, she has no idea what is happening/what will happen in the next few chapters to come or what the future holds in store, her feelings for Hades might get in the way of her task of saving her father and mother.

You will have to see if she does bond with the others, because there are few things in the past that Hades has not told Des about, which can affect how the others might see her in the past, so bonding with them, would be rather difficult, but with Peter, I guess that will be rather easier, as at the start of the chapter as you saw, Peter always began to asses Destiny and wonder where she came from and what is so different about her, him being a rather adventurous child might cause some issues while trying to keep an eye on him and stop him from doing something rather stupid things at times, but they might bond the most while they can.


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