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Summary: The curse tore Emma and Peter away from each other. They must fight in their worlds to be together, with no dreams, no hope. But can one little girl change their fate? In this epic Finally see as Emma and Peter's daughter Destiny sets on a path to bring her parents back together, but to do so she has to work with the enemy. What will happen?

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I am glad you liked it :) yeah, I wanted to include a big twist.

oh summer this is an extraordinary store and i can not wait for the next chapter....waiting with baited breathe

I am glad you liked it :) you missed a lot though in the first 2 stories. As the story 2 tells the story of Destiny's parents and the first one tells Emma's parents story. So the second one might help you understand why Destiny has a quest.

I have read the other 2 stories...but i had no idea that you were the writer of them...i was browsing one day and came across them and they caught my eye....i read them and feel in love with them...last night i found this one an knew it was a follow up of the second one...and boy was i ever glued to the story...i kept reading even though i knew i had to be at work at 9 in the sent a friends request and a message with my new email address so that when you up date i will know so that i can continue reading....keep writing its wonderful...I simply love the story.

Oh that is good :) I changed my page name so that's why it might have confused you, if I was the writer or not. I am glad you were so glued to the story :) it means a lot to me, I am working on the new chapter, so I will send you a message/comment when I update next. Thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me.

Not a problem....and you are welcome...i know what its like to know that someone appreciates the time and hard work into something that means a lot to you.  me i do a lot of different kinds of crafts.<3 <3 <3  :) :) :)

It does mean a lot to me :) as it took me ages to carry on with the stories due to the readers support and make the story interesting with twists and turns and drama :) so I am happy someone gets it like you do. xox

Chapter 13~Hanging by a Moment.(Part 1)

Destiny’s Pov:


I looked at Hades when he uttered those words softly from his lips and I stared at him in shock....I was Lily. I was the mortal he loved and the mortal who his arms...I died in his arms. I felt my self gasp for air as I felt the air way to my lungs being filled with panic and strange sensation and I looked at him. “Put me down.” I said.

“Des I...” He started to speak, his eyes were filled with sadness and some kind of Need, I could not put my finger on.

“I said put me down.” I said now more loudly. He set me down on the floor and I pressed my self against the wall and I stopped him when he tried to step closer to me and I pushed him softly away by touching his chest “Don’t.” I said

“Destiny please.” He said looking at me “I know, you can remember.” He said looking at me, what was he kidding? Maybe this was just some sort of sick joke, all of it. Just to make me lose focus on the task I was here to do, the find what was needed to be found.

“No I can’t. I won’t.” I said looking at him “This is some sort of Joke isn’t it? All of it...the hair...what you said.” I said looking into his eyes. “You’re just trying to make me lose focus on what I need to do.” I said then I looked at the hair wrapped in the handkerchief “Why do we need this?” I said looking at him, dead set look in my eyes.

Hades sighed and he looked defeated, like he lost a war. He just looked at me “I am not trying to make you lose focus on anything Destiny, I swear I am not. You have your name for a reason, I know you can remember....please try. It would be so much easier than me telling you.” He said begging me and he then sighed “That is your....well Lily’s hair...well your past self hair.” He said. “We need it, just trust me on that. Can you do that?”

“Why should I do that?” I looked at him and a voice screamed in my head.

Because you are in love with him.

You loved him in your past life, you love him now too.

You died in his arms, when he tried to save you from your master who was Ares.

Because you know...this world is different. You have a past life you need to remember, if you want to carry on.

Did I want to carry on? I asked my self and sighed. I knew the voice in my head was right, about all of the things it just told me. But carrying on and moving past this was too hard. The past was never an easy thing to handle. So why should this time be any different? Because Hades was my grandfather’s past life? Because he was still alive no matter how many centuries passed, because the love I held for my grandfather was different to the love I had for Hades? That I would love Hades in any life? No matter what would get in our love for him, would still be there.

He just looked at me, he was about to answer my question but I cut him off “Don’t answer my question.....I need some rest.” I said and I walked past him to a room, that was meant for me and I laid down on the bed and I closed my eyes and sighed. I wondered in what moment in life went from confusing to complicated.

I know you can remember...please try.  His voice kept replaying in my mind, on an endless loop. But It felt like I was hanging by a thread....a single moment. That tied me to him in any way possible, because I was falling in love with him, more as time passed by.

I just stared at the wall and my eye lids started to feel more heavier than usual and I fell asleep. But woke up in the middle of the night, hearing an odd sound and my eyes snapped see someone in my room. I tried to scream put she set her hand over my mouth muffling my scream “If you want to remember...come with me.” She spoke, her eyes not leaving mine.

I felt my breath shorten...why should I trust her? The same person that has caused this situation that I was trying to undo to save my family? Then again...she did not know me in this life and I did not know her...this was way before the curse happened...but I was still not sure if I should trust Medusa.

I looked at her in silence for a few moments and I just gave her a soft nod and I got up from the bed in silence and slipped on my shoes and a cloak that was in the closet and we quietly left the castle and I followed her to her lair in the woods.

Medusa looked at me, it was clear she knew something was up with me. I felt tingles ran down my skin at her piercing stare, it took me a moment to notice, she had no snakes instead of her hair....the curse has not happened yet. Her hair was luscious and long, it reached the ground, the moonlight caused it to shine, in a way that it put the stars to shame. “We are here.” She spoke in her velvet voice after a second when we stopped in front of a large wooden door.

I nodded and I followed her inside after she opened the door, the inside was slightly damp and wet, but it was warm as there was an open fire in the fire place, it created a lovely, warm aura and sensation, that prickled my skin. I looked around as I took my surroundings, it looked like a cave. “Where are we?” I asked looking at her.

She laughed softly and she smiled softly “A cave of the healing springs in the woods, my dear.” She said and she motioned for me to sit down “Sit...please” she said and I sat down on the tree log covered in moss.

Medusa sat across me and she handed me a cup of something, I just looked at the cup, I sniffed the drink. I could smell mint amongst other herbs..maybe other ingredients I could not place my finger on and I looked up at her. “It’s Mint, Lavender, thyme, basil, newts eye, fox fur and vampire blood.” She said and looked at me “Drink up, it will help calm you down and then we can start on your quest....helping you remember.” She said and she just nodded at me.

I looked at her as she spoke...I was not sure if I should trust her...but at least it smelled would not taste that bad would it? I asked my self and after a few moments of reluctance I titled my head back softly as I drank the drink in my hand. The mint and the other herbs came of stronger than the other ingredients, but then my throat burned from the Vampires blood and newts eye and I gasped out for an air breath was cold and smelled of lavender.

As soon as the wave of panic shook my body, I felt my whole body ease up from the tension and I felt soothed and calmer.

Medusa placed 4 white candles in a circle around us and 1 in the middle and she all lit them up. She then placed down a locket by the candle in the middle and she opened it up, I looked closer at the picture, it looked like me and Hades in this era, I looked rather beautiful, elegant and mortal like, fragile like a porcelain or glass. I stared at the picture until Medusa spoke “It is Destiny’s will to greet her past, and accept it for what it is.”

I looked at her as she took my hands and she placed my right hand opened up, palm facing forward and sliced my hand a little, I winced slightly as the blade pierced my skin and my crimson blood appeared and trickled to the sides a little and around the necklace and lit candle.

“Speak with me” Medusa said and then she started to speak in latin and I said the words with her.

Nunc dicam ad praeteritum,
clara futura sit.
Induxero me egrediebatur a tenebris,
et arbitraris me ad lucem.
Ne praesens de praeteritis imperium meum,
nox obscurum non sit futura.
Salutandum me complexus veniam,
et iterum in lucem movere.


She then took my bleeding hand and she squeezed it over the burning candle and the candle lit up brighter and it wrapped around me like a blanket then flew into me and knocked me onto my back and I gasped out for breath as a memory swallowed me up.

The ball room was large and lit up with a million twinkling lights, I looked around as I took my surroundings and laughed softly at something someone said. .. my hair was snow white, skin like porcelain, laughter that sounded like music to the ears, my smile reached green brown eyes, making them sparkle when I  first laid her eyes on Hades, my white dressed flowed elegantly like a river over mine slim, petite figure. Hades was the most handsome man I ever laid my eyes on, I knew very well what he was, his strong and build up tanned figure, his dark hair and brown eyes and his distinct and unique features all drew me in....a normal pitiless mortal.

I felt a small blush creep onto my cheeks when I caught him staring at me with a soft smile and I looked down at the ground shyly and tucked a piece of my white hair behind my ears slightly, as it fell into my eyes.

I didn’t even notice that Hades walked up to me, until I felt his soft breath prickle my skin as he whispered into my ear “Why so shy Beautiful?”

My cheeks turned pink as I looked up at him, smiling softly looking into his brown eyes. “I...I don’t know sir” I replied honestly, hearing him chuckle as I called him sir. He was probably thinking, that he was too old to be called sir, but I was praised to call men that, by my family before Ares took me and I became his slave.

“No need to call me sir.” He said smiling down at me, it felt like he wanted to get lost in my eyes “I am surprised, such a beautiful girl like you, is here alone.”

I winced slightly when he asked if I was alone as I felt bit uncomfortable and I looked at him “I am not alone” I sighed softly sounding like I did not want to tell him the truth at all, a part of me didn’t as I didn’t want to chase him away. I just pointed over to the tall figure that was talking to Artemis. It was Ares. I looked at him and I could see the anger building up in his eyes “I am sorry, I should go.” I said and ran off before he could say anything else or stop me.

Before I could even sit up and take a deep breath to steady my self, another memory occupied my mind.

Days passed since we ran into each other and we didn’t see each other until a month later, I was in the garden picking some wild flowers, when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder making me jump

“I am not mad at you...”

I cut him off “I saw you looked mad when I told you, who I came with.” I said then looked down at the floor “If you think I have a choi...”

Now he was the one to stop me talking “I know you don’t have a choice. Hera told me...Lily.”  Hades said, her name came off soft and smooth from his lips as he softly lifted my chin up.

“You know my name.” I breathed out softly looking at me, his hand was still below her chin softly and he nodded softly as we looked into each others eyes, his hand was warm and soft, it send tingles down my spine, like jolts of electricity, but harmless..

“I want to help you.” He said softly looking down at me, help me how? He would end up getting hurt. I was not going to risk him getting hurt due to me.

“But...” he set my finger to her lip before I could finish.

“No buts. Me and Ares don’t get along and I am not going to let you suffer because of him.” He replied looking down at me and I felt my self relax at the eye contact between us.

I reached up softly and set my hand to his cheek sighing softly as I leaned my forehead to his “You’re really sweet. No matter what anyone else says.” I said pressing a kiss to his forehead pulling away after a few moments.

I heard a growl behind us “Lilianna! What do you think you’re doing?” It was Ares my master, I was stiff beside Hades who pulled me behind him keeping me safe and protected and first of all away from Ares.

I felt gripped his arm slightly and Ares looked at us both “Well?” he bellowed and Hades shot him a glare.

“Leave her alone Ares! She does not want this!” Hades told him

“And how do you know what she wants?” He yelled

“He’s right.” I had the courage to spoke, but my courage failed me as I spoke in a soft, shy voice, because I was scared of what he might do or say, hearing those words coming from me, the one who never spoke out against him...until now.

Ares turned to face me with the most evil look on his face and he let out a growl “What did you just tell me?!” he snapped “How dare you! I am your master, and you’re just one little mortal! You think you have the right to tell me that!”

“At least I don’t cause harm to innocents and the people that I love.” I said looking at him “I am not like you and neither is Hades, he’s a good man and he’s defending his people against you and your army.” I said now gaining the nerve to speak out against him without the shy voice. I could see Hades was shocked I was speaking out against him, no one barely had the nerves to do that.

Hades looked at me then at Ares who was looked more enraged then ever, he growled “I will get you! I swear that!” he said, his eyes fixed on me and Hades kept in front of me shielding my body away from him. My grip tensed around his arm and I closed my eyes, clinging onto him for dear life.

We both watched as Ares walked off and I loosened my grip around his arm and he looked down at me as he a piece of my hair behind one of my ears “I won’t let him get to you.”

I looked at Hades with worry written all over my eyes “I don’t want you to end up getting hurt.”

He looked down at me as he pressed his lips to my forehead and I closed my eyes softly “I promise, I won’t.”  he slid his arms around my slim waist and held my fragile body against his as he looked into my eyes.

I looked back into my eyes as I nodded softly and leaned my forehead against his stone hard chest and I felt him rest his chin on top of my head softly, being in his arms felt natural, like I was made for him but little did we both know what horror would be bestowed upon us all.

Days passed and  Hades did his best to keep me way away from Ares, I knew he  was not going to risk her getting hurt because of him, but one day I had to back to fight Ares and his army and that’s when it happened I was walking along he beach when I felt a sharp pain in my body that made my scream out in pain, I slipped off the cliffs knocking my self out slightly on a rock and the water current pushed me onto the shore, I was gasping for breath as I had a Chinese throwing dart stuck in my body. I looked pale and fragile. I felt Hades wrap me up in his arms holding me close to his chest.

 “I....I love you” the words slipped from my lips before my head fell back as I died in his arms.

(Part 2)

I cried and screamed out “Hades!” I felt the pain ran through every inch of my body, it felt like I was dying once again. I woke up crying and screaming back in the room in the castle, my hand was still cut and bleeding, the locket in my other hand. The cloak almost suffocating me as it was wrapped around me tightly constricting me from any movement.

Hades was by my side in a flash and he untangled my from the clothing “Des...destiny...what happened?” he said as he saw my hand bleeding and the locket in my hand “You found the locket.” He breathed out surprised, something in his voice told me, it was one of the 6 things we would need to complete the mission we were on.

He wrapped a piece of cloth around my bleeding hand after he cleaned the wound and he managed to calm me down, so I could tell him what happened to me.

I looked at him and I looked down ashamed of going to Medusa, what would he say or do. Would he hate me or understand, what I was going through? Would he overlook what happened, as this was the past and she seemed nicer here, but I knew it was all a mask underneath, so she could cause more hurt due to her ignorance as she was vain. “I am sorry....I went with her.” Tears slid down my cheeks “She said, she could help me remember..” I trembled and I leaned my head to his chest as I cried again softly “I died in your arms, I felt I was dying again.” I cried even harder, scared. After all I was a mortal here, who knows what could happen to me here? If I felt my death....would that mean I would die? It felt like I died with my past self and there was no going back or turning the time over again.

Hades wrapped his arms around me tightly as he rocked me softly “Shh it’s okay.” He said as he rubbed my back in soothing circles and he kissed my hair softly, his warm lips lingering as he breathed in my scent “It was my fault for telling you like that and telling you could remember on your own. I should have known if you remembered, it would affect you worse off as you are a mortal here.” He said and he held me against his chest as I cried into his chest, trying to find comfort in his words of sincere apology and calm my self down.

Then came a knock on the door, it was Peter. He poked his head around the door and looked at me worried “Are you alright Des?” His words touched my soul, he was concerned about me, I was glad he was well and alive here, so I could spend some time with him, at least for now.

I nodded a bit “Umm yeah...just had a nightmare...and hurt my self.” I said, I did not want to tell him the truth, I could not. It would change things in ways we did not want.

He nodded “I hope you’ll better.” He said and smiled softly. “I was just wondering if you and Hades would like to come with me, Athena and Enyalios to the Parthenon?” he said as he looked at me.

Hades looked at Peter and he smiled softly “I think that is a good idea” he said and looked down at me “It could help you take your mind of things, for a few hours at least.” He said and I nodded.

“Alright.” I said and smiled softly at them both “I’ll meet you in the hall way, after I clean my self up and change.” I said, they both nodded and I slid up from the bed and I looked at the necklace and I put it around my neck and washed my self with the water, it was crystal blue and refreshing, the water made my wet skin sparkle before I dried my self off and I changed into my clothes and walked outside to see Enyalios and Athena there with Peter and Hades already.

“Are you ready?” Athena asked us, we all nodded. “Alright, let’s go then” she said and smiled softly at us all.

I walked beside Hades, who gently took my hand in his and gave me a soft squeeze. I smiled softly and bit my lip as we walked and soon enough we came across a rather large and biggest museum in Rome, Athens. It included a temple to the goddess Athena, it was build in her honour by the mortals here.

I know knew why the stories were true about the Parthenon, it’s largeness and carvings and sculptures were the most beautiful, elegant and I stared at it in awe. It was ancient, but it still stood in one piece and it still looked like it was new, as it was preserved. Everyone but Medusa was grateful for this temple.

Enyalios looked at me and he smiled softly. “You like it here don’t you?” he said.

I nodded smiling softly “Yes, it is very beautiful here, the paintings and sculptures are well preserved, elegant and exquisite, true replica of Athena her self.”

Athena smiled softly “Why thank you dear, for the sweet wonderful words.” She said and I nodded at her before we all went to look around, Athena seemed to disappear in the thin air, but I could still feel her godly presence in the room.

Laughter soon entered the temple as Medusa walked in with her friends, I noticed her but she did not seem to notice me yet. She was paying her attention to the painting and sculptures of Athena. “I would have been a much better subject for this sculpture.” She spoke softly “But the artist has done a fine job considering Athena’s thick eyebrows. Just imagine if the painting was as delicate as me.” She said, proudness in her voice, but Athena’s eyebrows were not that thick as Medusa made out, she was just jealous of Athena’s beauty.

Medusa made her way over the altar and Me and Hades hid behind a large pillar watching and Peter and Enyalios ducked behind the altar not being seen. Medusa reached out for the altar and she sighed softly “My this is a beautiful temple.  It is a shame it was wasted on Athena for I am so much prettier than she is – perhaps some day people will build an even grander temple to my beauty.”

Medusa’s friends turned pale and so did the priestesses who was there and they all scattered out of the Parthenon after some whisperers filled the air, leaving me, Hades, Enyalios, Peter, Medusa her self and Athena in the temple.

I bit my lip, knowing that Athena was watching and she was not going to like this and yet I knew what fate would be brought opun Medusa, in a few mere seconds.

Medusa was now staring at her own reflection in the golden doors and she smiled to her self, but her own image soon contorted into Athena’s face who was now staring back at her, with anger and poison in her eyes.

“Vain and foolish girl.” Athena said, anger filling her voice. “You think you are prettier than I am! I doubt it to be true, but even if it were -- there is more to life than beauty alone.  While others work and play and learn, you do little but boast and admire yourself.”

Medusa looked at her “My beauty inspires those around me, and people lives better by looking so lovely.” She tried to point out, but as she did, Athena hushed with her a frustrated hand wave.

“Nonsense.” Athena retorted “Beauty fades swiftly in all mortals.  It does not comfort the sick, teach the unskilled or feed the hungry.  And by my powers, your loveliness shall be stripped away completely.  Your fate shall serve as a reminder to others to control their pride.” Her words lingered in the air and I gasped out as I saw Medusa’s lovely face turn into a hideous monster and her long hair turned into hissing snakes.

“Medusa, for your pride this has been done.  Your face is now so terrible to behold that the mere sight of it will turn a man to stone,” proclaimed the goddess, “Even you, Medusa, should you seek your reflection, shall turn to rock the instant you see your face.” Those were Athena’s last words as Hades held me to him covering me away from Medusa so I would not turn to stone and I felt Peter grip onto my hand.

And with that Athena banished Medusa to the grounds of the blind monsters-known as the gorgon sisters who lived at the ends of the earth so innocents would be protected from turning into stone and suffering a fate worse than death.

After a few moments of silence, I managed to look up and I gasped out, my heart was beating erratically inside of my mortal heart cage and I felt like it would chock me, I looked pale and in shock, what I just saw. A myth I knew since I was a little girl, happen right before my eyes.

Enyalios looked at me “I think we better go now.”

I just nodded and when we headed back to the castle, Peter wondered off to the beach. I stopped in my tracks and Hades looked at me “Is everything alright Des?”

I nodded softly “Yes, I will catch up with you all later, I just need a few moments to my self.” 

Hades nodded “Alright.” He said and he placed a kiss to my cheek softly before we parted ways and I walked towards the beach, I walked along the shores and enjoyed the warm sun on my face, trying to forget what had happened to me today and what I witnessed, when I heard some crumbling of rocks, I was near the cliffs now and I saw Peter about to fall off the cliffs as some rocks broke down, I ran over fast and laid down on the floor as I grabbed onto Peter’s hands trying to pull him back up, but he was too heavy for me.

He gasped out as he was hanging in mid air and he gripped onto my arms as I tried to pull him up “Just hold on.” I murmed softly, but the rocks beneath me were also shaky and they soon gave away and I let out a scream as me and Peter both hurled down to the water and surely to my death.....?

I felt around and Peter was not with me in the water...well no where near me. I managed to come up the surface and gasped for air “Peter?” I called out, but the waves hushed my shouting and soon a wave swallowed me, I tried to get away from the current, but ended up hitting my head on a rock behind me, and I blacked out.

My body was limp and sinking towards the bottom and beside me appeared my spirit. As it was a symbol I was joining in the world he was now in..the world of the dead?

This is the song, that I used as the title :) and it seems to fit Des and Hades on a few levels.

Poor Destiny!  Such a lot to take in and then this!  What will happen now?  I can't wait for the next chapter!

Yeah, she is not exactly having the best of times. A lot of things have happened to her and her past has a part to play in her life now too.

Painful memories. You will have to wait and see what will happen to her now. I am glad you like the chapter and cannot wait for another. Thank you for sticking with the story.


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