The Twilight Saga

This is the sequel to Taking Over Me

Read the first story Bella's New Identity

Summary: The curse tore Emma and Peter away from each other. They must fight in their worlds to be together, with no dreams, no hope. But can one little girl change their fate? In this epic Finally see as Emma and Peter's daughter Destiny sets on a path to bring her parents back together, but to do so she has to work with the enemy. What will happen?

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wow Summer this is getting better and better can't wait for the next chapter

Thank you so much :) that means a lot to me. I will post soon as I can.


I JUST caught up.

AGH poor Destiny!! I can't even...

Your writing is so fantastic.

I would have left a gazillion comments but... XD


I am glad you did :)

I know, she is not having such a good time. Aww you make me blush lol.

I would have replied to all the gazilion comments :) I will post soon.

I started reading Cursed just today and I was completely engrossed. I'll try to read your previous stories too. It's awesome really!


Thank you so much Cygnus, it will be best to read the other two stories that go with the series first, then come back to this one so you can understand the story more fully :)

wonderful updates!  Poor Des isn't having the greatest time...can't wait to read your next update~!

yeah, she is not exactly on a holiday.

finally caught up lol

very interesting twist can't believe she was someone hades used to love

I knew that they were destined to be together ;)

can't wait for more

I see lol :)

I know, I was kind of surprised at my self when I did this twist :)

will try and post when I can


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