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Summary: The curse tore Emma and Peter away from each other. They must fight in their worlds to be together, with no dreams, no hope. But can one little girl change their fate? In this epic Finally see as Emma and Peter's daughter Destiny sets on a path to bring her parents back together, but to do so she has to work with the enemy. What will happen?

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Yeah, he is not that smart at the moment, he should watch our or Des will hurt him alot. You will have to wait and see :)

Chapter 9~Uncertain Future

Destiny’s Pov:


It was later that week and I worried for my mum and my family, they always been on the back of my mind but I tried not to think about them, as I did not want to lose focus on the task given to me, I walked to Hera “I need your help.”

Hera looked at me “Yes, sweetie what is it?” she said and she smiled softly at me, she looked so much like my father, it was impossible to think straight, the same blonde hair, the kind warm eyes.

“I need to let my mum know I am okay somehow, that I have to do this, to get her and dad back together.” I said

Hera looked at me and she nodded “I will, I just will need your help” she said and she told me what I had to do, while she held my hands and I saw my mum in my mind, she was close to tears as she was pacing up and down, to her Hera would be invisible and I would not be seen at all.

My granddad Ben watched mum “Sweetie stop pacing.” He said and sighed

“I can’t...I forgot...I don’t remember...why can’t I remember?” mum said now, I could tell she was feeling panicked and uneasy “I need to remember...I have to” she cried out, tears in my eyes as she was hurting and it was causing me pain to. I hated to see her like that, knowing I could not help.

Ben wrapped his arms around Emma tightly “Em, take it easy, it’s been 3 years since what Hades told us, I know it seems confusing what he said, it doesn’t make sense, but deep down it does.” He said, he was right, it was gibberish. Hardly a puzzle to be solved. But to me it made sense now, this is what Hades meant all these years ago, well days for me maybe, as time moved differently here. I was the one who had to get Hera to tell mom what was needed to be done. I understood my path now better than anyone.

Emma sighed and an odd voice to her filled the air “I can help you with that” she looked curious and her eyes wide with fear that someone was watching them.

“Who are you? Why can’t I see you?” she snapped, her voice echoing in my head, like she was standing in a cave and the anger and pain in her voice lingering in the air.

Hera laughed lightly...almost of mockery, but to me it sounded more of sympathy and light hearted laughter as she really cared for my mother “I can be seen only when I want to be seen.” The voice said, I know mom felt something brush against her shoulder sending a cold shiver down my spine “I am the one you seek but could not find...the one to give you answers.”

“Then help me...please...I beg of you...I need my Peter and my daughter back. How do I get Peter back? How do I break the curse?” she cried more sobbing so hard her shoulders shook, tears now streaming down my cheeks too, I felt the pain my mum was going through, my father was going through, I wanted to reach out and touch my mother’s cheek but I knew I could not.

“Your fate lies in hands of your daughter...only she can get you back together...I know it’s not the answer you wanted..But that is my help to you, this is my answer.” Hera said as mum cried harder, Hera’s voice then disappeared, but the words still rang in my mothers ears and there was a smell of smoke in the air.

Hera looked at me with a sad look on her face “Are you alright sweetie?”

I sighed closing my eyes “I just wish it was all over, I wish my family would be together and whole and that I would not have to figure this out, somehow” I said and looked down, I felt my head hurting, it felt like I was spinning, I knew it was time for me to grow and look older once again, my slim figure rose up so I was taller, my hair turned into a brown colour and the hair reached below my elbows, my lips were red and plump and my eyes a warm brown colour, but with hints of green.

Hades walked in at that moment and he stopped dead in his tracks “Des?” he asked softly, his voice full of curiosity and surprise.

I looked at him and I smiled softly nodding “Yeah, it’s me don’t worry.” I said

Hades looked at me and his eyes seemed to have a sparkle in them, at the way I looked I guess “I didn’t expect you to grow so early.” He said

I nodded “I know, I guess I was supposed to, I mean I can’t exactly fight with me as a little kid, can I?”

Hades chuckled “I am sure you could have, it’s build into you..” he trailed off as the ground suddenly shook and I fell backwards and slid across the floor, it felt like the room was being titled and I gasped as I hit the wall. I frowned, I smelled Medusa in the air and Ares too. I tried to get up but felt like my bones were being broken and I screamed out in pain as I clawed at the ground.

Ares just laughed as he appeared in front of me and he reached his hands out as if he was trying to claim something, I felt my body tremble, I felt my powers leaving me, the light ora was coming from my body and it touched Ares’ hands as he sucked in my powers.

I cried out “Stop it!”

Ares laughed “No, You will suffer for taking away my powers.” He said.

Hades snarled, he was by my side and he looked at Ares “Why are you doing this?”

Ares looked at Hades “Why do you think brother? She took my powers away, now I will do the same to her, as the curse grows stronger, she will grow weaker and there’s nothing you can do about it, now that she’s a pitiless mortal, it will make the transition go faster” he said and he disappeared from our eye sight and with my powers, leaving me too weak and almost paralyzed from losing my powers, I fell into a coma and my head fell back as I was in Hades’ arms. He was my saviour no matter what; I’d just hope he’d know that, no matter what would happen to me.




Hades’s Pov:

 I looked down at Des in my arms “Des?” I spoke and shook her softly “Destiny!” I begged “Please wake up.” I touched her cheek softly, it was cold and I held her to me and I buried my face in her hair, she didn’t move an inch and she was cold and pale....a a coma..there was nothing I could do. I held her to me and I sighed “I am so sorry for letting you down” I cried into her hair silently, I felt my wrist starting to burn, causing me to look at my wrist, the 5 bands turned into 4. Des was unbound. She was not strong enough to stay bound the chosen 5, as she was a Mortal, powerless against Greek magic.

The pain rushing through me felt too real, but I knew no matter what I could not erase it, I still had the memories of her and me, she still had all of me no matter what. I closed my eyes tightly and I picked her up in my arms and I carried her to her room and I laid her down on the bed and I sat beside her.

Athena touched my shoulder softly, she knew what happened, I didn’t have to tell her “You love her don’t you?” she said, she knew no amount of time could erase what happened. I just nodded and sighed, she gave my shoulder a squeeze.

I looked up at her “I feel like I let her down, I promised to protect her and I failed.” I said and I closed my eyes “Her presence lingers here and it won’t leave me alone Athena. It pains me to see her like this. I need to fix this somehow, but how?” I cried out and sighed.

Athena sighed “You need to be strong for Des. We will find a way to get her out of this I promise. I know it’s hard to go on out without her, but we have to find a way to go on without her for now.” She told me, I knew she was right, but she was gone.....she seemed to be gone...but she was still with me. At least for now.

I looked at her and I got up “Keep an eye on her, I need to do something” I said and I left the room to go and find Ares, I ran into Enyalios “Where is he”? I snapped

“Where is who?” he said looking confused, like he had no idea what was going on, maybe he didn’t. but Des was my priority at the moment

“Don’t play with me Enya. Your dad where is he?” I growled trying not to shake

Enyalios looked at me “In the woods” he said and I walked past him into the woods and I kicked Ares down to the ground.

“Get up!” I hissed at him “Now!” I said, my eyes pure black with fury. “Why?! Why Des!” I yelled mad and I grabbed him by the scoff of his t-shirt and pushed him against the tree with all my might breaking his spine, but I knew it would heal eventually as he didn’t even flinch in pain, he didn’t want to give me the satisfaction

He just laughed evily and coldly “Because...she’s Peter’s daughter...because she loves you...because she’s the one who can fix it all. I don’t want it fixed and she got rid of my powers, so I got my payback, you can expect your precious little mortal to die.” He hissed

That made my blood boil and I threw to him to the floor “If she will die, I will personally hand you over you to Satan!” I growled and kicked him in the ribs and heard a sharp snap and I hissed “You are pathetic, thinking payback will make things alright. I will find a way to get Des back and get rid of you. For once and for all.”

Ares laughed softly “You think you can save her?” he said looking up at me on the floor “If you think your love for her, can over come anything...” he trailed off as Athena cut him off

“I know it can...I know what the future holds for Hades and Destiny, do not dare challenge me brother or the future, or should I show you, so I could torture you into oblivion? So you will suffer for what pain you caused, as you seem them in happiness?” she said.

I wondered what she meant; did she know what will happen with Des and me? Could Destiny even love me back? Some many questions seemed to flood in my mind.

Ares scoffed “Prove it” he said and he looked at her not believing she was telling the truth.

“Fine then.” Athena said and she said a spell and the world around us span around until I was seeing my self and Destiny by the bushes close by, the warmth wrapped around us all, but everything around seemed to be abandoned as if it was a haunted house, but it was just a regular day in the woods, I saw my self laying on the floor, I looked hurt and had blood on my t-shirt.

Destiny was leaning over me, still grown up and beautiful, it took my breath away, I knew she took after her mother in more than one way. She looked worried “Are you okay?” she asked softly as she wrapped her arms around my waist helping me up, so I could be sitting up. I looked at my self knowing I was fine, that this was just a vision but It felt so real to me, they could not see us, only we could see them. I wanted to reach out and hug her tightly and never let her go.

My other self blinked as he winced in pain “Yeah...just a bit dizzy and bleeding.” He said being sarcastic, I always tended to use sarcasm when it came to being in a fight or in pain.

“Now is not the time for Jokes.” She told me, well him. “The Witch could be back at any moment” she said as she helped him stand up, I knew she was talking about Medusa, what other witch would there be to talk about? My arms seemed to wrap around her instantly in a protective way, the way he held her close to his chest...our chest was rather intimate and he was looking into her eyes like I wanted to at the moment, hold her and never let her go, just let her know I love her.

I could hear her heartbeat, it was erratic, as it pumped against her ribcage, it sounded like music to my ears. I reached out to touch her brown hair softly like he was doing so as he tucked her hair behind her ear making her blush. Suddenly I felt like I was being pulled forward and I found my self in his body...well it was mine now. Destiny was biting her lip softly now and I leaned down and pressed my lips against her kissing her softly, I could sense she was surprised but she started to kiss me back, as our bodies melted into one and our lips moving in sync.

I then felt Destiny disappearing from my arms and I dropped to my knees gasping for breath, as it was just a vision that sucked me in, I looked at Athena, feeling helpless, but I still could taste her lips against mine, soft and tender. I touched my lips with my finger softly and I sighed. Wishing it was real.

Ares watched me dumbstruck and he grew silent.

“Believe me now?” Athena said as she helped me up to my feet as my knees seemed to be on the weak side at the moment.

“How is that the future?” Ares spat

Athena looked at her “Because she’s well and alive in the future, so what ever your plan is, it won’t be going on for long.” She said

Ares looked at Athena and he shot us both his death glare “Mhh I will get my revenge...just you wait.” He said before he was gone in the thin air.

I stood there on the spot still, the vision in my mind. I wanted it to be ever so true. Not for the sake of the kiss, but for the sake of our future together. Just how to get it? I felt the need to save, the urge was growing stronger inside of me, it just wanted to burst out of me. But I knew the future was uncertain at the moment.

Uncertain future was my enemy. Time was my enemy. Race against time was on.

What a shocking turn of events!  I hope they will soon find a way to help Destiny and her parents!  And what about Enyalios?

Yeah! I wanted to include more twists into the story that would create a some what dramatic feel and course to the story, as things would not to go so smoothly as everyone would have hoped, otherwise their task would have been way to easy to do.

You will have to see what happens with Des, Emma and Peter and if they will solve the curse in the way they are supposed to or a different way.

Mhh Enyalios is a rather tricky person, he does not know yet what happened to Des and once he finds out. he is not going to be too happy about things, just like he is not happy about Des and Hades Relationship

Wow!! Huge twists!!!

Love the vision though!!! A happy somewhat painful time is coming for them!! lol

Can't wait for more!!! :)

Yeah, as I said to Seugnet I wanted to create a dramatic feel to the story. I am glad you liked the vision, it brought tears in my eyes. It's a race against time as Hades said, his enemy.

great update!  what a twist!  can't wait to read your next update!

I am glad you liked it :)

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Chapter 10~Battle

Hades’ Pov:

It was a few days since Athena showed me and Ares the vision of the future and it still replayed in my mind, like it was on a never ending loop. I closed my eyes and sighed, wishing I could feel her lips against mine. “Destiny, if you can hear me, please respond, let me know you hear me somehow” I whispered looking down at her fragile mortal body. But nothing, she didn’t move or respond in any way.

“I love you Des...please wake up....we need you...I need you. We can’t do this without you.” I pressed my lips to her cold forehead and closed my eyes tightly and sighed.

I stroked her cheek softly, she looked pale but still beautiful.....innocent in every way. I held her hand with my other hand and I hid my face in her palm for a while and sighed, I wanted her to wake up and be alright. But surely there had to be a way for her to wake up....there just had to be. If she’s well and alive in the future, there must be a way.

But what is it? That question rang in my head like a bell chiming. I sighed and I set her hand down setting it on her stomach softly and I pressed my lips to hers before I pulled back and walked out of her room and leaned against the door once I closed it. I closed my eyes.

“She will be day.” Athena said

“One day?” I said, trying not to snap “That’s not good enough, it might be too late for Peter and Emma by then.” I said and walked off and outside, I was going to fight Ares, if he wanted Revenge he would have to go through me.

Ares was in the battle field with Eris and Enyalios and I walked up to Ares and I had a deep set glare on my face.

Ares laughed his evil laugh “You look like you want to kill someone.

“I do!” I hissed “You!”

Eris looked at me and her husband “Now, now there’s no need for a battle.”

I looked at her “Do you even know what he’s done?” the question was addressed at her and Enyalios too.

Enyalios looked at me, still confused “What are you on about Hades?” he said

Ares was still smirking and I shoved him to the ground “Tell them, or should I?” I growled and I set my foot down on his chest pinning him down to the ground and it started to open up beneath him and to the hell.

Eris gasped out “Hades stop.” She said and she tried to push me back but I didn’t budge.

Ares clawed at the ground “Oh, don’t tell me you love the little mortal.” He said and laughed

I growled out more “Do not call her a little mortal; she would not have to be a mortal thanks to you.” I grabbed him by his t-shirt and threw him to the side “You stole Destiny’s power, for your own personal gain and revenge.”

“She banished my powers’s only fair.” Ares said now on his feet again

Eris looked at us speechless; Enyalios was the first to speak up from them “You hurt Des?” he breathed out, sounding defeated like he lost a battle.

Ares looked at his son “Not you too son?” he said and he shakes his head “What do you seen in her?” he said

Enyalios looked at me then his father “Yes! Me too!” He said, he sounded so sure of him self, it almost felt forced, like he was just saying it to make me jealous, he then looked at me “Don’t think, you’re the only man here who cares for Destiny and loves her.” He said

Eris looked at us both “But who does she love? She might not love you.” She told Enyalios

“I do not believe, she would love him.” Enyalios answered his mother, he meant me.

I looked at him “Why not? You think I am too inhumane, evil and not capable of having feelings?” I said, most people viewed me like that, but they never really understood me and my ways. I was who I was, not my choice where I ruled and what my powers were.

Enyalios looked at me, his eyes had a cold look in them “Exactly that. For all we know, you can trick us all and hurt Destiny, Emma and Peter even more.” He said. I could not believe I was hearing this.

“You’re one to lied to Des about who your parents were. I never lied to her...not once.” I snapped

“I did it to protect her...there’s a difference between protecting someone and lying to them.” He said as he looked at me

“Then you don’t know it.” Was my cold response to him.

Ares looked between us “Is one going to tell me what you seen in her?” he said, sounding rude and immature.

I looked at him “That is non of your business....Meet me at the battle field in 4 hours, you want your revenge....well you will have to go through me first.” He said

Ares smirked looking at me and he just nodded “Fine, have it your way: Hades” he said and he left.

Eris looked at me and then back at Ares who was leaving. She sighed “Must you fight?” she said, I knew she was nicer than him but still.

I looked at her “If you were in my position what would you do?” I asked curious and rose my eyebrow at her

She was silent for a moment, comprehending the situation and the nature of the question I asked her “I would fight.” She said after a few moments of silence

“Then fight I must.” I simply said before I walked off.


Destiny’s Pov:

Even though I was in a coma, I felt alive in a way. I was not sure where I was and I looked around, was I in Limbo? Or another world between life and death? I was not sure If I was dead or alive. I sighed and I roamed around and gasped when I saw my father was there too “Are we dead?” I questioned, looking sad.

Peter shook his head at me “No, of course not sweetie. You are a strong fighter, you will not die. I assure you that.” He said

“Then why are you here?” I said looking at him

“I am here to help you.” He said and he placed his hand on my shoulder “I know, I might not be much of help back in our own world, but here I might be able to help you. I am sorry you have to do this sweetie, I am sorry that the curse is in the way.”

I closed my eyes and sighed “I am not part of the 5 anymore.” I said showing him my wrist; there were no binding threads on it anymore. “The curse is not your fault either; I wish I could get you back to mom, back where you belong.” I said and looked down.

My dad looked at me and he took my arm in his hand and his fingers stroked my wrist softly “You still are one of the chosen one’s, no matter what.” He said “I know you do, but I am afraid my time is running out, I am sorry, the curse is a powerful thing, My memory is getting more wonky.”

I looked at him and fought the tears in my eyes “What do I do?” I sobbed out softly.

Peter looked at me and he touched my cheek “What do you want to do?” he said looking into my eyes “Close your eyes and tell me what you picture in your mind.” His voice was soft and it echoed in my head, I could not longer feel his hand on my cheek, but I felt his presence around me.

I saw what I wanted in my head and I spoke softly “I see you and mom as a family. We managed to break the curse and save you.”

“Good..who else is there?” he said, I could feel his breath down my neck

“Your parents, the rest of the Cullens....Hades is there too.” I breathed out his name softly and I felt my cheeks turn pink, they were burning from the sensation of saying his name, It felt like I had not said his name in a millions of years, not seen his face or spoke to him. My heart was aching for him. I kept my eyes closed.

“You love him don’t you?” my father asked me and my eyes flew open, I saw he was still in front of me. But he looked more paler than usual, almost see through. It scared me slightly.

“I...” I breathed out and bit my lip slightly and nodded “Yes.” I said and looked at him wondering what he would say and I let my gaze fall down at the ground and I closed my eyes tightly and suppressed back the tears forming in my eyes.

“He is a good man.” My father spoke softly “No matter what anyone else tells you about him, I know he is a good man. Just misunderstood most of the time. I want you to be happy dear.” He said and I looked up at him.

“But how can I be happy without you in my life?” I sobbed out, I felt like he was telling me he was dying and that I would not see him again.

He spoke softly “Try.....try” then suddenly he was gone and the darkness swallowed me once again.


Hades’ Pov:

I watched the clock eagerly, tick  “Hades, are you ready?” Athena interpreted my thoughts and I looked at her

“Yeah, just watching the time.” I said in a rather blunt manner

“I know how much Des means to...” I cut her off before she finished

“I can’t do this without her, we can’t. I need to get her back.” I said looking at her “I don’t know how to go on without her.” I said and looked down and I balled my hands into fists, anger was raging inside of me...I would get Ares back for this. If it’s the last thing I do.

She placed her hand on my shoulder giving it a soft squeeze “You won’t; we won’t. “ she said looking at me then she looked at the big clock in the throne room “It’s time.” She said and we left the throne room and headed out onto the battle field.

I looked around and noticed everyone was there but Peter and Destiny. I sighed, the curse was getting stronger. Darn it! I told my self.

Ares was already there and his wife Eris watched us with careful and cautious eyes. I stood on my half and Ares stood on his other half. Athena looked at me and nodded at me as if to tell me good luck and don’t lose focus.

Ares smirked his evil smirk once again and he lunged him self at me but I moved out of the way faster then he could say lightening bolt and kicked him down to the floor. Ares let out a hiss and he jumped to his feet and he leaped at me again tackling me to the floor, we both skidded across the grass a few feet away from Eris and Enyalios and he got a tight grip around my neck and I let out a growl as he was trying to strangle me.

I grabbed his wrist and twisted it snapping a bone and kicked him away and jumped back up. I took  a ready stance ready to pounce at him but then I heard a familiar battle cry from above us and a girl with blonde hair and combat outfit leaped on Ares with a sword in her hand and she cut him across his chest.

She then pulled out a athame knife from her boot and she thrusted it into his chest and the ground began to shake as Ares let out this animal like roar and he fell to his knees, the knife still in his chest and  a orange aura appeared around the girl, the athame was a Greek knife that could be used to gain back one’s powers. When the light was gone Ares fell to the ground panting for breath, powerless and almost lifeless.

I gasped as the girl span around looking me right in the eyes. I dropped to my knees, tears in my eyes “Des...” I breathed out.

Everyone seemed gasp out as well and they rushed over by our side. I looked at Des, why on earth was her hair blonde? I asked my self, it suited her a lot though, she looked even more beautiful.

She kneeled down beside me and she touched my cheek softly and she leaned her forehead against mine “Hades” she murmed softly, the way she said my name made my heart ache and I flung my arms around her in a tight hug and I held her close to me and hid my face in her blonde hair and breathed in her scent. I pulled back slightly and examined her wrist, the binding rings were entwined around her wrist, all 5 of them. I kissed her forehead and held her close to me.

“I missed you so much” I said into her hair

I felt her curl up into me tightly “I missed you too, I am sorry for putting you through that.” She said softly, I could hear the regret in her voice, I could tell she thought it was her fault.

I lifted her chin up softly looking into her eyes “It’s not your fault. I promise.” I said and I touched her cheek softly with my hand and my fingertips ran down her jawline softly and rested at the nape of her neck.

“Aww how very touching.” Enyalios smirked watching us.

“What is your problem?” Destiny snapped at him as she stood up infront of me keeping me back, as if she could feel my blood boiling and know I might want to strangle him at the this moment.

“What’s my problem?” he said “Are you kidding me? I am not the one consorting with the Enemy!” he said and he grabbed her shoulders “I love you Des...I know you feel something for me too.” He said, his eyes searching hers.

She shoved his hand away and looked at him “That’s where you’re wrong...Hades is not the enemy and I do not have feelings for you either and if you think that Hades is brainwashing me into saying these things, re-think that again.” She said glaring at him.

I looked at her then Enyalios and slid my arm around her slim waist and held her to my side and wondered what he was going to say or do. He just scoffed “Mhh, looks like this is not over.” He said and he left.

Destiny watched him I could feel her trembling by my side and behind us came a shrill laughed “Aww how very touching.” It was Medusa, I was not sure what she found touching by that situation and I looked at her with Destiny who stiffened by my side, her eyes wide with worry and rage at the same time.

“You...” Destiny hissed you “You ruined my ruined my father and mother!” she yelled out, shaking in my arms and her anger caused the ground beneath us to shake.

Medusa was laughing “Aww, my dear. I am just trying to help.”

Destiny threw her to the floor and pinned her down “How is you cursing my parents helping?” she yelled and I tried to pull her back away but she would not let me, so I just watched letting her take the anger out, on the source of her anger. On Medusa. “Snakehead” she hissed and she glared down at her.

“If you want to destroy know what your punishment will be.” Medusa laughed

“I will destroy you one way or another and escape that punishment.” She said, she looked determined. I knew she was right. She was Destiny, she always had a way.

Medusa laughed “Killing me off wont break the’s much more complicated then that.” She said as she smirked and disappeared into the thin air and Destiny punched in a tree in her frustration and let out a growl.

I looked at her “It will be okay.” I said trying to calm her down and I pulled her to me gently and leaned my chin on top of her head when she hugged me.

Athena looked at us “Medusa’s right, I think I know what you need to get in order to destroy her.” She said and snapped her fingers and an old map appeared in her hand.

Destiny looked at her “What do you mean?” she said confused.

“You will need to search the past and the future for what you need, as the places on this map are not in this time. So searching here won’t help.” She said and she handed me the map and I looked at the places and I released, one of the places was where I first met....well...nevermind. I told my self. “We will have to go there?” I said

Athena nodded “That’s the first place on the map, the other places will appear one by one as you search them.” She said

Destiny looked at me and looked back at Athena and the others “Will you be there to help?” she said.

Athena nodded “Yes, but remember, we won’t know you in the past. So you and Hades will be up to the task mostly your self, but we will give guidance and try to give clues.”

Destiny nodded “Why us two?” she asked curious. I bit my lip having a feeling I knew the reason.

“I cannot tell you that.” Athena said looking at her.

Destiny sighed “Is this something like I need to discover me self thing too?” she said.

Athena nodded “You can look at it that way.” She said and she smiled softly “You should get some rest, both of you. And we will talk in the morning before you leave.” She said.

I looked at Destiny and smiled softly “Come on, you need to eat something.” I said and I wrapped an arm around her waist and led her back inside, the servant bowed down to her and me, happy to see her amongst us again.

When we walked into the big room, it was filled with food at the table, the others joined us after a while and we all ate in silence, Peter was usually the loudest when it came to dinner chats. I noticed Des staring at her father’s seat and she closed her eyes “I will try.” She said softly

I looked at her confused “Huh?” I said confused

“He told me to try.” She said looking at me, Hera looked over at us too.

“He told you to try? Try what?” Hera said and looked at her confused, just like I was looking right now.

“He means be happy without him in our life.” She said and she sighed “It’s a long story. It happened when I was in a coma, he spoke to me.” She said.

“Why would he tell you that?” I said and rubbed her back softly

“He must have a reason.” She said and she pushed her plate away after a while and left the room and she walked out onto the balcony, the wind blew her hair into her face. I stood in the door way watching her. I knew she was too upset to talk.

I walked to her side and wrapped my arms around her softly and held her to me and leaned my chin on top of her head. She leaned against me and closed her eyes and I rubbed her arm softly and sighed “I don’t know how to go on without him.” She said, her voice cracking.

I gave her a soft squeeze “We will get him back, one way or another.” I said and kissed her head softly. “You should go and rest, I’ll check on you later. I promise.” I kissed her forehead softly and smiled softly as she kissed my cheek with a sad smile and look in her eyes and she went to her room. I watched her go.

Hera and Zeus looked at me and they smiled softly “Tell her.” They said softly.

I looked at them “ do you know?”

Hera giggled softly “Oh my dear boy.” She said and she smiled softly “I can see the way you look at her, it was the same way Peter watched Emma when she was here. You’ll know when the time is right.” She said and she patted my back softly and Zeus nodded, not saying anything, but I knew he agreed with his wife’s observations.

I sat back down again and I finished off my food before I went to check on Destiny, she was fast asleep and she looked so peaceful. I tucked her hair behind her ear softly and I laid beside her softly and wrapped my arms around her, feeling her snuggle in close to me, I leaned my head on top of hers softly, keeping her safe and warm in my arms.

The morning came in about 10 hours and I woke up as the sun shone in my eyes, I fell asleep on Des’s bed and I rubbed my eyes. I heard Des yawn as she stretched on the bed beside me. I smiled down at her “Morning.” I said

She smiled softly back at me “Good morning” she said and she smiled softly and she slipped off from the bed, kissing my nose making me chuckle. She went to get cleaned up and so did I, we then met with the others in the throne hall.

Athena looked at us both “Do you got the map?”

I nodded as I held it up pulling it from my pocket “Got it.” She nodded

“Make sure you follow all the 6 locations as on the map..3 things in the past..3 in the future.” She said and we nodded.

“How will we know what they are?” Destiny asked curious.

I looked at her “I will know, don’t worry.” I said and she nodded and she smiled softly at the others.

Hera hugged Destiny softly “Good luck and return to us safely, both of you.” She said and she hugged me too and she patted my back softly and smiled.

I nodded “I’ll promise we will do so.” I said and I tucked the map away in my pocket once again and Athena waved her hand and it was like a gust of wind swept through the room as a portal opened up in front of our eyes. A portal to the past.

I am so glad Destiny is back, but what is happening to Peter? I hope they can find the solution in time!

Yeah :) I wanted to bring in a surprising way, not just hey she wakes up and you know...walks out lol. But I think the way I done it works. Peter is slowly dying as the curse is getting stronger. It will be tricky to find the solution and for them to find what they need, many other things will be in their way, as you will discover in the next few chapters and as Des finds about more about her self as well.

So glad Des is back!  can't wait to read your next are a great writer!


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