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“A perfect mortal’s imperfect immortal curse . . .” I repeated three times, the others seemed horrified.

 My voice got louder. “A perfect mortal shall sleep forever until at true love’s kiss she awakes.” My voice was echoed through the tiny room. “Only true love can remove her from this deep sleep.”

Next thing I knew, my sister was on the floor, pale, her lips blood red. “Aurora!” I yelled. I leaned my ear against her chest.

 “I didn’t mean to kill you. Please wake up!” I screamed. “Please.” I whispered.


(This story was originally created for the purposes of Anna's Creativity Jumble Competition in the TTS group TGBT. Nikki and I simply loved it so much we decided to continue it and post it publically for your enjoyment. So please, sit back and enjoy our updates. )

Don't foget to leave your opinons and predictions!

-Claire Bear and Nikki.

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OMG that sucks that that they wont hang out with her.

Lmao. Dude I remember when my brother went through my diary I got super mad. That why I dont keep one at all.

Hmm... I really like this. Are there going to be fairies in this story?? Hmmm;

Hmm, you'll have to wait and see! =D

Chapter One; Part Two.

It didn’t take long to get there, they lived close by, but it began raining on the walk over. So when I arrived at their front door all wet, they quickly brought me inside; worried. Flora quickly warmed me while Meriwether snapped her fingers, making a glass of warm milk appear on the side table next to me. Fauna made a quick movement with her wrist and I felt my clothes begin to dry. I gave them all a small smile and a quiet thank you.

“I’m sorry to be abrupt or rude cousins, but I have a small question for you all.” I said looking down into my cup.

“Don’t worry about Alfie,” Flora said, leaning back into the chair across from mine. I hated that nickname, I always asked her not to call me ‘Alfie’ it made me sound stupid in my opinion. “Ask away.” She finished.

“Well,” How could I have been so blind? I can’t tell them I was reading Aurora’s diary! “Um, I was sitting in Aurora’s and mine’s room and I was angry,” good, I would just tell them about this, not the diary part. “well, you see there was a pencil in front of me, and it moved . . . On its own.” I watched their expressions go blank. “I was wondering if you could tell me why.  Nothing was touching it and the windows were all closed.”

They exchanged a glance at each other before looking back at me with uncertain eyes. Flora stood up and grabbed my hand, holding it in hers. “Alfie, there’s something I wish I could tell you, but it’s not our story to tell. You should really ask your sister.”

 “I’m not sure that I trust Aurora enough to tell me the truth!” I screamed almost on the top of my lungs. “If you know just say it,” I was almost crying now.

“Alfie . . .” Fauna began.

“Don’t Alfie me! I want answers!” I pouted, with a deadpan look on my face, a small tear now drizzling down my already damp cheek.

 Flora wiped my cheek, her brown hair placed perfectly on her face. Meriwether looked at me, almost apologetically. “Maleficent, you’re cursed.” Meriwether frowned. I suddenly went pale; a few more tears escaped my eyes.

“Cursed? What’s that supposed to mean? Am I some kind of monster?” I asked, hearing the pitch in my voice scale up as I finished.

 “No, no…” Flora comforted. Fauna left the room; she seemed sad, frustrated, or maybe even disgusted.

 “You were given a sleeping curse. But somehow you escaped it, within five seconds, no cure!” Meriwether said, semi-happily.

“So that’s why I have the blackouts? And that’s why Aurora wrote that I have blackouts in her diary?” I blurted out the diary part.

 What would they think of me now? Run! Hide your notebooks! Maleficent is here! Flora half smiled and gave me a wink. She must have known why I even bothered looking, somehow. “Don’t worry you’re not alone, you’re a witch. Somehow in this family everyone is a mystical something, but it always seems to skip a generation.” Flora added, with a smile.

 “So, Fauna is something, Meriwether is human, and you are something?” I asked Flora, she nodded.

“Right, so it skipped over Cousin Guinevere, and went to you!” Meriwether smiled. I wasn’t quite smiling, but a smirk must have escaped my lips.

 “What are you and Fauna anyway?” I asked.

“Fairies,” Flora smiled, and said two words that I could barely hear. She grew tiny wings, and became the size of Thumbelina.

 I looked up surprised at how Flora floated so gracefully across the air. “Fauna can read minds,” Meriwether explained. “Flora can, well we don’t even know what she can do. I think, personally, that’s why she is so quiet.” Meriwether added, and Flora became her normal self again.

Fauna walked in, a flash of attitude on her face. “Aren’t you going to say who knew the entire time that she was a witch, but didn’t admit it?” Fauna flashed her blinking eyes at Meriwether and Flora. They looked surprised, almost as much as I was.

“That’s what I thought. Truth is Aurora knew the whole time. She kept it a secret so long. All of our family is a stupid act! If I was you, I’d get back at them!” Fauna winced. I looked back in horror. Yet, deep down I knew she was right. No matter how many times I defended Aurora.

 “Fauna, we are trying to avoid violence!” Meriwether yelled. That was the first time I ever heard her voice go above a normal speaking level. “Besides, their parents knew too, but they kept it from her also.” She finished, her voice sinking to nearly a whisper.

 “Yeah, well unlike you two,” Fauna was aiming at Flora and Meriwether. “I know what Maleficent goes through every day. Not being little Miss perfect, she always has to stand Aurora’s accomplishments, and only getting decent attention one out of 365 and ¼ days a year. Aurora should know what it’s like to be the monster!” Fauna said.

 “Fauna, please,” Flora said, but her voice was a weak. My lips burned in pain suddenly. I felt the blood drain from my face, the dish on the table in the china cabinet across the room showed my lips becoming purple. Aurora walked in the door, her hair in a perfect blonde bun, wearing a pink dress, holding a red velvet clasp bracelet.

 “Maleficent! I looked all over for you at home but -“I cut her off. I had no idea what I was saying, but it seemed like some kind of curse was locked in my brain all these years. “A perfect mortal’s imperfect immortal curse . . .” I repeated three times, the others seemed horrified, even Fauna.

 My voice got louder. “A perfect mortal shall sleep forever until at true love’s kiss she awakes.” My voice echoed through the tiny room. “Only true love can remove her from this deep sleep.”

The same dish showed my lips becoming nearly black. I must have blacked out for a brief ten seconds. Next thing I knew, Aurora was on the floor, pale, her lips blood red. “Aurora!” I yelled. I leaned my ear against her chest.

 “I didn’t mean to kill you. Please wake up!” I screamed. “Please.” I whispered.


I hope you all enjoyed it!

Please don't hesitate to leave any opinions or predictions! We love to hear from you!


OMG. OMG so this is wicked! Okay, So let me get this straight Alfie just said some sentence and Aurora fainted???
Haha! You will have to read the next chapter to see! XD
I love it!!!!!!
=D Thanks!

Chapter 3.

It had been a week since Aurora was cursed by me. When I finally had the guts to tell my mother and father, they were devastated. All they did lately was sit in the living room. It irritated me.

I often went to Fauna, Meriwether, and Flora’s, to check up on Aurora. Their mother had many curse and spell books, but none even came close to the curse I put on Aurora.

I’d been called a witch all week by townsfolk. As you can guess, everyone loved my sister. Word got around that I murdered her. So I had it rougher than anyone. I always hated this town’s rumors. I didn’t murder Aurora. I put her in a coma. I knew that, if you took the time to look at her, her heart was still beating.

I had to hand it to my cousins, they had my back on this whole situation. Whenever someone mentioned Aurora, they always defended me. I would always love them for that.

Believe it or not, I wanted Aurora back. I wanted her to be her perfect self. I wanted her to be around to keep secrets from me, and for me. I wanted a sister. I honestly couldn’t believe my own words. Life was completely miserable without Aurora. Nothing could possibly replace her.

Each and every night, I had a little sob about what I had done. But, I decided to continue Aurora’s diary for her. It was honestly the least I could do for cursing her like I did.

Dear Aurora,

Yeah, well, hi Aurora. Your currently in a coma, and it’s all my fault. You have no idea how terrible life is without you. Sure, I resent you when your around. But truth is, I like you, a lot. I’m assuming hating you is just a sister thing.

Mom and dad miss you very much. They just sit in the living room and do nothing, and speak to no one. They obviously had something against me before, but they think you could be dead. So now they must hate even being related to me, a supposed murderer.

If it wasn’t for Fauna, Flora and Meriwether, I’d be behind bars in jail. Everyone in town shuns me when I walk by. I normally couldn’t care less what people think, but the town hating me seems to be the worst part.

I think I’ve had every synonym for the word witch shouted at me. I hate draining my emotions to you, well, technically to this book, but it’s been helping.

Aurora, please don’t be worried. I’ll do all in my power to save you, I promise. For now, I’ll record every event you miss in this book.




I put my pen down, and locked the diary shut. I had to keep my promise to Aurora and look for cures to her curse, but it was no use. Nothing could possibly help. I’d ruined her chances of life. What a fool I was.

I planned to go out alone tomorrow, no matter who stopped me. I picked up my long red coat and put it on me. I decided to go to my cousin’s house, they were after all closer to town.

I stepped close to knock on their front door, but Flora opened it before I was able to. She greeted me with a smile that was as false as my parent’s sympathy for me. It wasn’t that she wasn’t happy to see me; it was that they had made no progress with Aurora’s condition since yesterday. I sighed. I wanted to say I was sorry, but I couldn’t force the words from my mouth. I had spent that last few days apologizing to everything, literally, my parent’s, Flora, Fauna, Meriwether, Aurora, myself, and even a chair after I had run into it. I couldn’t seem to muster up enough energy to say those two simple words again.

She invited me in and I could hear her mother, my aunt, pacing in the backroom where Aurora was. She was mumbling loudly and sounded very worried.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked Flora quietly.

She shook her head, but her mother came into the living area immediately after the words left my mouth. I braced myself, ready to be scolded, but all she did was hand me a list.

“Would you mind running out to get these things?” Aunt Opals’ voice was strained.

I shook my head, “Not at all.” I had wanted to go into the city, even though I knew the only thing that waited for me there were taunts and teases, I wanted to go anyway. To see just how badly the city was taking Aurora’s “Death” as they thought it was.

Fauna, who was sitting in the corner by the fire place, piped up, “I don’t think she should go out alone.”  

“Me either,” Meriwether added.

“Oh don’t worry,” I smiled but I knew it didn’t look quite right,” I’ll be fine.” I walked over to the door. “I’ll return soon Aunt Opal.” I said and walked out the door, closing it tightly behind me, before anyone else had a chance to say anything.

I pursed my lips as I made the familiar journey to the city. It wasn’t very far, but it was far enough to allow me fresh air and a clear thinking head.

I took the short way there; starting at the trail, but then taking the more rouged up path where it split.  I watched the birds fly in the opposite direction of my coming. They were fleeing. I felt my heart sink. Even the animals thought I killed her.

The forest was silent for this reason. All of the animals had run, hopped, flew, or skipped away; leaving me to listen to my own lonely footsteps as I walked. I made my way to town in no time.

Snickers and puffs of disgust lifted into the air as I made my way to potion shop. I closed my eyes and pretended not to hear.

The bell above the door tinkled loudly as I opened it. The shop keeper looked up and his smile quickly faded into a look of disgrace. His smile returned, but it was much less genuine now. “What can I do for you Miss?” He asked in a voice that was anything but friendly.

“Just these please sir.” I said, handing him over the list. He gave me an odd look before turning around to get the six potions that were on the list.

“Here you are Miss,” he said as he put them on the counter. “That will be eight pounds and five pence.” He said as I pulled the money out of my basket.

I handed him the correct amount and put the potions carefully in my basket. The bottles were all class and very fragile.

I looked up as he cleared his throat, but he was just simply clearing his throat. “Good day,” I said and attempted to smile at him.

He did the same, but I found no attempt of warmth in his voice in his voice.

One the way back to my cousin’s home I took the long way.

The long way, the rougher path, did indeed make the trip longer by quite some amount of time. I used to take it coming home from Aurora and I’s tutor’s home. Our tutor was very old and very wise. She could not make the journey to our home on her own. So we had to go there. I knew my way down this path well.

A faint rushing noise met my ears as I came into hearing distance of Dragon Springs. The spring quickly came into view. I felt myself smile; really smile for the first time in these past few days. There was something extremely soothing about the water in Dragon Springs.

I closed my eyes as I walked by, breathing in the cool air and letting the peaceful aroma fill my nose. My smile seemed to feel extremely genuine. I exhaled heavily and opened my just quick enough to see a darkly clothed broad chest hit me.

I felt myself fall backward, the potions which had just cost me a great deal had spilled all over the dirty ground. The dirt seemed to suck them up like a wind does leaves.

I looked up at the person who had ran into me, he was very tall and very handsome, Aurora’s type of suitor. I wanted to scream at him. I wanted to lose my temper, but I quickly realized that would get me nowhere.

“I’m terribly sorry Miss!” he said, reaching down to help me get my things, but there was nothing broken glass and spilled potions.

“Don’t worry, I am fine.” I said stiffly and begin to pick up the broken glass.

“Oh no, don’t touch that! We wouldn’t want the dirty glass to slit your finger.” He picked up the glass himself quickly.

“But we do not want it to slit you either.” I said flatly.

“Well, better me than the lady I knocked over.” He smiled. It was genuine.

It hit me then that he didn’t know who I was. He didn’t know that I was Aurora’s supposed murderer. I wanted to laugh, to smile and thank him for his ignorance, but of course that was not necessary.

“You must let me get you new potions.” He said, looking up at me.

“Oh, no, it’s not needed, but thank you very much Sir.” I said.

He tried to convince me to let him buy me new ones a few more time, but I declined, which was ridiculous of me, considering I couldn’t exactly afford another batch.

After picking up the rest of glass and putting it into his sack, he said his goodbyes and walked off.

I sighed and nearly ran to get more. I couldn’t come back to Aunt Opal’s with nothing. I had to trade the shop keeper instead of paying him. I traded him my hair pins. They weren’t fancy or anything, but they were the only ones I had. It was hard to let go of them, but they made up the difference in pounds that I didn’t have.

It was dark before I got back to their home.

Meriwether opened the door before I made it within knocking distance. “Where have you been Alphie?” Flora ran out the door.

“Are you alright? We’ve all been worried sick that something happened to you!” She said, running her hands over the air around me, checking frantically for wounds.

“Yes, yes Flora I’m fine, I promise, I just. . . I got lost.” I lied.

I felt the need to keep Broken Glass Man out of this. I didn’t want to be interrogated about it.

I hope you guys enjoy, the divider splits what I wrote and Claire wrote.

Haha, but please comment with your compliments,  and predicitions.


That is Hilarious where did u get That Gif!

Oh and i luv ur story!

tumblr, I'm not sure what page though.



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