The Twilight Saga



“A perfect mortal’s imperfect immortal curse . . .” I repeated three times, the others seemed horrified.

 My voice got louder. “A perfect mortal shall sleep forever until at true love’s kiss she awakes.” My voice was echoed through the tiny room. “Only true love can remove her from this deep sleep.”

Next thing I knew, my sister was on the floor, pale, her lips blood red. “Aurora!” I yelled. I leaned my ear against her chest.

 “I didn’t mean to kill you. Please wake up!” I screamed. “Please.” I whispered.


(This story was originally created for the purposes of Anna's Creativity Jumble Competition in the TTS group TGBT. Nikki and I simply loved it so much we decided to continue it and post it publically for your enjoyment. So please, sit back and enjoy our updates. )

Don't foget to leave your opinons and predictions!

-Claire Bear and Nikki.

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I do belive Ive found my new obbession!

HAHA! Yay! I'm glad you liked it!


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