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“ HAPPY NEW YEAR!” I kissed Seth as the big ball in New York City dropped on the TV.

We were at Jared and Kim’s house down in La Push Washington, my home now for the past few years.

I went around the living room giving everyone a hug. First I hugged my best friend Claire, Quil’s imprint, and I hugged Renesmee Black last. She was shy around me still, but we finally were becoming friends, minus the fact that her perfect beauty creeped me out.

Everyone cheered with glasses of wine, while Claire, and I just sat on the couch. Claire was only 19 and couldn’t drink just yet, and I had news that allowed me to dismiss alcoholic beverages.

Seth smiled at me, the smile that said, ’ share the news now.’ So I stood from the couch and Seth walked over to stand next to me.

“ So. . .we’ve got big news to tell everyone!” Seth said loudly. Everyone’s children were upstairs fast asleep.

Everyone turned to look at us to, and so I said, “ I’m pregnant.” That brought on a round of more hugs. It was perfect timing, a new year, a new beginning, a family for me and Seth.

I was 23, I think I deserved to have a family, and a beautiful little Seth running around was my dream of a perfect family.

Emily sat down with me and Claire on the couch, and we talked about it. “ So how far along are you?” She asked, half of her face smiling. “ About a month I think.” I said.

“ Well I could tell something was up, your glowing.” She said. Claire slumped a bit on the couch. I knew what was bothering her, and I felt a little bad. Quil and her were the only imprinted couple that weren’t married yet, and it made her really upset. So me having a baby with my imprint didn’t make her feel any better about her situation.

I wrapped my arm around her. “ It’s okay.” She rolled her eyes and smiled at me. She was so matured.
Quil ran over to the couch and kissed her on the cheek. “ Happy New Year Clair bear!”

They both laughed and got off the couch together. Quil was the youngest looking of all the werewolves. He had to keep phasing so that he could wait for Claire to grow up so they could be together. Brady and Beth ( his imprint) were the first to leave. Beth had a 7 month baby and they wanted to be home early. Seth, me, Emily, Sam, and their children were the last to leave. Claire had fallen asleep at 2:30 and Quil had carried her all the way home.

It was now 3:47, and I was about to pass out, I was exhausted. Seth gave me a piggy back ride to our car, and I never managed to stay awake for the ride home. The next thing I remember was waking up in our bed, in the dark. According to the alarm clock by my bed it was 5 o’clock in the morning.

The room had an eerie feel to it. I couldn’t go back to sleep. Maybe that was because of the pregnancy, but I wasn’t too sure. I hopped out of bed, and wrapped a quilt around me, so I wouldn’t be cold.

I looked out of our bedroom window. I caught my breath.

Outside by our old Oak tree, there seemed to be a man there. Just standing there staring up at the house. The Full moon’s light was just bright enough for me too see the color of the man’s eyes.


Blood red. And his skin, pale white. I held my breath now, not daring to move. I’d lived enough to know what this was. It was a vampire, at my house, standing there, just watching me. I wanted to dive under my covers like a little girl, because I’d never seen one of these vampires before. The kind that drank only human blood. All the vampires I had ever known where good, they drank animal blood, so therefore they had golden eyes. The last time I had ever seen a vampire was a year ago when Bella and Edward stopped by for Renesmee’s birthday party.

The vampire still stared at me, with his eyes just looking right at me. But oddly enough there was something familiar about him. The way his brown hair looked, and the way his face was shaped. He looked like a sculptors dream. I sucked in a sharp breath, I blinked, but he was gone.

I ran back to the bed and cuddled closer to Seth’s warm body. This couldn’t be. He wasn’t like that. He didn’t drink human blood.

And he never looked like that. He never stared at me with a murderous glare. I was terrified of him, a person I once loved.

That wasn’t Tyler, I tried to convince myself, but I knew that I was wrong. I saw what I saw, and my eyes never played tricks on me.


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Finally you're on! LOL! I loved it! Please write more soon!
Hey you are back :D
I love the chappy :)
Hey guys!!! Sorry its been taking me so long! School had drained all life out of me!!!! Both Team Seth AND Team Tyler WILL love this story, i promise:))))

“ SHOOT!” I heard a holler from downstairs. I dropped my curling iron and ran down to the kitchen to see blood. “ Seth? Oh my gosh! What happened?!” I ran up to him and handed him a washcloth. “ Oh dang. . .” Seth said wrapping his hand around the washcloth I gave him.
“What happened?” I asked again more calmly as his blood stopped and the wound healed. I almost never got used to the fact that Seth’s werewolf abilities healed him faster than any human.
“ What happened this time?” I asked.

Seth snickered. “ You act like this happens all the time.” He smiled. I just laughed.
“ When this one comes along,” I said patting my stomach, “ No more ‘accidents’.” I said furrowing my eyebrows. Seth dropped the washcloth in the sink and put his hand on my tummy.
“ I promise. Our little one will not have to deal with my little ‘accidents.’” He kissed my cheek. This was the first real discussion on our “little one” other than when I first told him the news of the pregnancy.
“ Oh!” I said. Seth’s eyes widened. “ What did it kick?” He said looking at my stomach.
I smacked his arm. “ No. It did not kick. I left my curling iron on!” I ran up the stairs and finished doing my hair.

When I was younger, my mom and my dad both were extremely involved with there careers, that’s why they divorced in the first place, they didn’t have time for each other, there jobs were more important than love. Then I came along which was a surprise to them both, they could barley handle each other let alone a little baby girl.

Now that I had a career I wasn’t going to let it ruin my life, or wreck my marriage. Nothing could do that, I was an imprint, and proud of it! But I did need money, both for fun usage, and saving up for my little baby boy or girl. I was a secretary for the City Hall in the small main part of La Push. It was deathly boring, but I was familiar with everything, because of what David did when I lived with him. And in that job I helped with files that needed to be tampered with because humans couldn’t be aware like I was.

I got dressed a sun dress, a flowy one, so I wouldn’t be self-conscience of my baby bump. I didn’t really have one just yet, but I felt that everyone could see that invisible little baby sticking out of me. I walked downstairs and grabbed a bagel out of Seth’s hands and drove to the City Hall where I spent my day, bored and lonely.

“ Ms. Clearwater we need your help with the files, please.” Buzzed the voice on the other end of the phone on my desk. I sat up and walked down to the basement of the building were life was more hectic. People buzzed around the room looking and recording files like bees collecting honey.

“ Debra what do you need?” I asked one of the workers. She looked at me and smiled.
“ Thank God you’re here! Okay, there are 10 files that seem to be missing from around 2010. It’s school records and house owner ship. We have no idea where those files could have gone! Find them please, we all have other things to do!” And with that Debra ran off yelling at someone to turn on the coffee machine.

This wasn’t a mystery. I knew exactly where the files were. Those ten files belonged to Bella, Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Renesmee, and Quil. They had to destroy the files so there would be no proof that they ever existed here. And Quil’s was destroyed because he hasn’t aged in the past decade because he’s been waiting on Claire.

I went to a filing cabinet and pretended to frantically search for it as someone rushed by. Then when they were gone I calmly walked to the front desk where Debra usually was. She was gone so I took a pen and paper and wrote:

There aren’t any files missing. I’ve checked with the supervisors upstairs and all the files are in order. Don’t worry, if you have anymore problems just check with me.
Annie Clearwater

I left the note on her desk, and walked back upstairs. Part of the reason why I took this job was to protect my family. I had a big one. Sue, Seth’s mom, was married to Charlie, whose daughter was Bella. Bella’s husband is Edward whose family is the rest of the Cullen’s. Then I have my werewolf family that is quite large. No need to go into full detail.

Sure, I had to lie to some people. There were missing files but it was so crazy down there that they would never double check if I told them it was fine.

I sat down at my desk again and checked my e-mail. I got an Instant message from Claire as soon as I logged on.
Clair: HELP! Quil and I are going out 2night and I don’t know what to wear!

I sighed, and smiled. Claire was so insecure. She was always worried that Quil would always
“unimprint ” with her. I kept reminding her that that would never ever happen. Yet still at 19, she was unconvinced. Unconvinced because she was 19 and Quil hadn’t asked for her hand in marriage.

I replied back.

Me: Claire shut up! Your already perfect even if you aren’t wearing makeup or anything!

Claire: Easy for you to say! YOUR already married! L

Me: Claire, breathe, calm down and get dressed already. Quil’s already seen all your clothes, stop making such a fuss! J

Claire: Blah, blah, blah, u say that 2 me every time! But what if Quil just realizes that I’m not the one. . .

Me: Claire he’s been with you this long, I think he would have left you by now if you weren’t the one. Now I have to go, I’m at work. I’ll call you later.

Claire: Okay bye

I logged off the computer and shook my head and laughed to myself. I was once insecure like Claire. But once I was in love with two people at the same time. . .
I slumped back in my chair. I used to be a teenager, when things were so much easier. But back then I thought it was so difficult, so I had tried to kill myself. I’m glad Seth had saved me. I smiled to myself as I answered the phone at my desk.

I drove home late at night. Seth had made supper for us. I had taught him how to do it and know he was a pro. As soon as I opened the door I smelled sweet bread and garlic. I laughed in spite of myself. Every time someone said garlic, I giggled. It was a vampire thing. And Seth thought it was hilarious too.

I sat down and kissed Seth on the lips. “ I missed you!” I said smiling as I shoved my 4 inch heels off. “ I miss you too.” Seth said setting down the plate in front of me. We ate in silence, all because we were both shoving our faces full of food. We laughed at each other as we looked up and both of our mouth’s were filled with food.

I was about to clean supper up when Seth said, “ No, no, no. Your pregnant I’ll do the dishes.” I smiled. Sure what ever he wanted. He’d be cleaning dishes for 8 more months and there was nothing wrong with that.

I walked upstairs and decided to take a shower. I thought about Claire, and how she was probably freaking out right about now. I remembered what it was like to be in love.
I stopped scrubbing my hair for a bit. I thought about this earlier today. What it was like to be in love as a teenager. Being in love with two different people. One was darkness and one was warmth and light. One a vampire one a werewolf.

I recalled myself back to the day when I had tried to kill myself. What would have happened if Seth didn’t show up in time? Would I regret jumping? Going to Hell didn’t seem worth it, if I had died.

But what if I was saved, but it wasn’t Seth? What if Tyler had saved me instead. Would I have changed my mind? Would I have stayed with him and be transformed into the beautiful creature who would be frozen at 16 forever?
I heard Seth walk into the bedroom so I finished showering, got into my pajamas. But these pajamas weren’t my usually flannel pants and large t-shirt. This was a very nice silk nightgown. I sprayed a little perfume and went to greet him.

“ Hey, I’m going to go to bed early tonight.” Seth said before he even looked at me. But then he looked and his eyes widened. “ You know what. I’m actually not that tired.” He said still staring at me. I laughed. “ Your such a pig!”
But that night was a very long night, a very good, long night.

I had a dream that night. A dream that took me back to a time and place that I never thought that I could actually revisit. But I was there, watching myself standing on a ledge. I was 16 and I saw myself look at the sky before shutting my eyes and jumping. “ NO!” I shouted after my younger self, but it was too late, she was already falling, and hit the icy water.

The images faded and I was some place different. No longer was I on the cliff but I was on the sandy beach, Tyler’s body leaning over mine. “ Annabell? Annabell, can you hear me?” His voice was so scared and frightened. I yearned to comfort him. I watched as my younger self began to breathe. Tyler picked up my body and rushed off.
Again the images faded and I was somewhere that I’ve never seen before. I looked out a window and looked at the street sign. It didn’t look familiar. In fact I couldn’t even read it! It was some other language.

I looked around me and saw Tyler holding hands with this pretty girl. She was very pale, much like Tyler. She had very golden eyes. Her hair was blonde and short. And I realized with a gasp, that that was me, as a vampire.

Tyler and my vampire self were speaking a language I didn’t know. But then after a few more phrases I understood that it was German.
“ Ich liebe dich.” Tyler whispered into my vampire self’s ear. She kissed him on the cheek.

My dream ended with that. And I woke up early in the morning with fresh tears running down my face. If I had picked Tyler I would be living in Germany and young forever. Seth was tossing in his sleep, a signal to me that he was about to wake up. I started to cry. But when Seth yawned and stretched out his arms I ran to the bathroom. I locked the door and turned on the fan and the shower so he wouldn’t hear me cry. But I could still hear myself wail, and my mind scream at me.

I think I made the wrong choice.
Loverly! Please post more soon!
Amazing. I love it. Can't wait to know what will happen.
Thanks, i'll be posting VERY soon! and its a special surprise!!!!!
Being in the bathroom annoyed me. I didn’t like the walls, restricting me. So I took about 10 minuets to dry up my tears, and turned off the shower, and turned off the fan.
Seth was out of bed, probably getting breakfast. I grabbed shorts and a light jacket and pulled my hair into a pony tail. I shoved tennis shoes on my feet and walked downstairs.

“ Going somewhere?” Seth asked with his mouth full of food.
“ Uhm, yeah. I’m going to the store. Do you need anything?” I asked, hoping he would say no.
“ Uh, no I don’t think so. But I’ll call you if I think of anything.” I was out the door as soon as he said “no.”

I wasn’t going to the store, obviously. I chose to walk in the woods.

Now, you would think that someone like me, with knowledge with the supernatural world around us, would be smart enough not to enter the woods alone. But I knew I had nothing to fear. Not here in these woods.

I listened as my feet crunched twigs and leaves as the noises of La Push faded away and the only thing were trees. The trees swayed in sinister ways. Goose bumps rose up on my arms. It made me think of vampires. Made me think of Tyler. Made me think of my dream.

Tears gathered in my eyes before I even began to relive my dream. I remembered everything. Especially the ending, with us, immortal, and in love.
I sat down in the middle of the forest. I felt miserable. Here I was, Seth’s little baby in my body, and I was seriously doubting.

I was not doubting our love. Never! Our love was stronger than any bond, it was unbreakable. I would always love Seth.
But I thought of Tyler. I pictured myself in Germany. I pictured myself as a vampire. And I knew from those short scenes in my head, that if Tyler would have saved me that day I would have picked him, even though I screamed that I loved Seth, I would still have picked Tyler.

But what if I had survived on my own? And neither Tyler nor Seth came to save me? To be honest I would have jumped again. But what if I kept staying alive? Then it was God’s sign I was meant to live. But who would I have picked? A sob erupted from me as I knew the answer.
“ Tyler.” I said out loud. I would have picked Tyler. I was closer to him than anything, I met him first, and I actually loved him first.

“ Why? Why God would you do this to me!” I shouted into the trees. I received no answer.
I held my stomach. Soon a baby would be fully grown. Would I be happier as the pregnancy progressed? If I was with Tyler I wouldn’t be able to have children.
“ Yes, but I would still be sixteen.” I said to myself. I brushed the tears away from my cheeks. I sniffed, and my breathing was heavy. Was this really what I had become?

I watched as the sun came out of the dreary clouds. It made its way to the middle of the sky as I just sat on the forest ground.

I decided to get up. Seth would worry. And why wouldn’t he? I was his loving imprinted wife. I got up and walked out of the forest in the same way I came in. I decided to run over to the grocery store and pick up a few things that we needed for tonight’s dinner. I was making beef and noodles.

I stood in the kitchen for an hour or so, just faintly aware that my hands were moving, making dinner. Seth was out with the pack doing surveillance. They did this every few weeks. And whenever he left I always sat on the couch wrapped around in his blanket waiting.

But tonight I just stood in the kitchen, blank and empty.

“ Annie! I’m home!” I heard Seth call like an idiot. He ran into the kitchen and kissed my cheek.
“ Ooo! Supper looks gooood!” He exclaimed.
“ Mm-hmm.” I said stirring the noodles in the broth. Seth didn’t notice and went to set the table.

I picked at my meal with my fork, barley finishing off my first helping while Seth wolfed
(haha) down four.

He cleaned up dinner as promised as I headed to bed.
“ Where is that ‘special’ night gown of yours?” Seth asked smiling as I slipped under the covers in my normal pajamas. “ And why are you going to bed? It’s so early.”
“ I’m tired.” I replied and gently laid my head on the pillow.

I closed my eyes, hoping Seth would ignore me and go to bed, or go watch TV.
“ Annie?”
I looked up, and I was sitting in restaurant it seemed. I was sitting at a table for two, and sitting across from me, was me. But it wasn’t just any me, it was the vampire me.

“ You’re me.” I said dumbfounded. The vampire me nodded her head.
“ You can just call me Annabelle.” Her voice was too perfect, it made me shiver.

“ I’m here to answer any of your questions. I know that you’ve been sad, and I want to help.” She said with a smile. Her golden eyes flashed with sincerity.

Questions? There was really only one that I wanted to ask.
“ Are you happy?”

My vampire self looked taken aback. But then she smiled.
“ Yes. Without a doubt.”
My heart broke with her words. But she quickly responded again, looking at my reaction.
“ But you’re happy too. Just not when you thought you were seeing Tyler.” She smiled at me.
“ Stop thinking too much, you’ll be fine. You’ll have children, and grow old with Seth, and be happy.” She continued to smile.

“ Since you seem to know everything about me, then tell me about your life. Tell me the ‘what if’s’”.
My vampire self looked down at the table. “ Tyler and I have lived in Germany for a few years. We need to move on soon, but I don’t want to go. He said that we can go any where. American, Brazil, any place in Europe. We’ve already been to Italy, and Spain. We stayed there about 5 years each. Next summer we’ll be leaving for France.” Annabell smiled.
“ How can you learn all the languages so fast? I could never speak German, or Italian or Spanish.” I said. My vampire self laughed.

“ I’m a vampire, Annie. Everything comes easily to me.”
“ What became of Seth, once you. . .I mean we, told him that it was Tyler that I choice?”
Annabell’s face turned dark.
“ I was in the hospital, and the doctors said I wasn’t going to make it. Just before I went Seth came in my room in tears. I told him that I had picked Tyler. But I told him that my last thought before I jumped was that I loved him. We both cried for awhile until my heart beat got very low. He told me he loved me and would miss me. He thought I was just going to die. Tyler acted quickly told the doctors that David wanted me home for my final hours. Tyler ran me back all the way to Astoria, and he bit me. I was going to die. I woke up after a few days, and I was at Tyler’s house surrounded by family. I had to stay at the house for a long time, I was bad at the self control. I’ve gotten better, though. Tyler and his family have taught me a lot.” She smiled.

So that’s what my life would have been like if I had chosen Tyler. It was perfect, just like my life with Seth had been.

“ Is there anything else? Any other big event that happened with me and Tyler?” I asked.
My vampire self smiled.
“ We got married. A big wedding at the Cullen’s. It was beautiful. Alice worked on it. She and Elizabeth were my bride’s maids. It was one of the greatest days of my life. Even Seth came. We stayed far away from each other, his stench was unbearable. It was saddening, but it was good to see him. I haven’t seen him since then. It’s almost 20 years.”

I looked away. The scenery around us was beautiful. People were chatting, and laughing clanking classes together.
“ Where are we now?” I asked.
“ Germany. This is a small little café that I work at.” My vampire self smiled at me.
I smiled a bit too.
“ We don’t have millions of dollars like the Cullen’s, but Tyler and I have plenty to get by. We live with Charlotte and the rest of the family sometimes too.”

Then she looked seriously at me, even though she was forever frozen at 16 she looked at me with such wisdom. “ Annie, you made your choice. Both choices were good. Be blessed with the decision you made, and you’ll raise a beautiful child.”
My younger self disappeared and so did Germany.

I was back in La Push, waking up in my bed with my husbands arms’ wrapped around me.
I love it :D keep writing!!!!!!!!
awesome love iht
i read both of the storys i love them keeep me updated plz:)

Hello everyone! I haven't been on in a year! Can you believe it? I decided to complete damaged love this summer, and I hope you are all still willing to read of what becomes of Annie and her loves



I let go. I let go of the feelings that had hurt me. I made the decision I did for a reason. And I would forget about Tyler, and my vampire self. I would forget about all that and focus on my beautiful child that was growing inside of me.

It was really hard not to focus on that because almost as soon as I woke up I had the feeling to barf.

Blast, morning sickness. I ran to the toilet. Gross.

Seth followed in after me, because in my rush I didn’t close the door.

“ Annie! Oh my gosh, are you okay?” He said patting me on the back.

“ I’m fine! It’s just a little morning sickness.” I wiped my mouth and rinsed it in the sick with some water. “ Now, I want some breakfast. Maybe some German food. Do we have a German restaurant near by?” I asked Seth. Seth just laughed, and held my hand as we walked downstairs together.

The following week was pretty regular. I went to work, Seth and I hung out, and we had some friends over too. I had just got done barfing in the toilet when the phone rang.

I answered it.

“ Hello?”

“AHHHHHH!!! ANNIE, ANNIE, ANNIE! AHHHH!!!!” I held the phone away from my face. The screaming was really loud.

“ Calm down and tell me what it is!” I said, I knew it was Claire.


And then I was screaming into the phone, jumping up and down right along with Claire.

Seth came running around the corner half dressed, worry, and fear all over his face. He had misunderstood my screams.

“ Claire and Quil are engaged.” I mouthed to him. He laughed and smiled, walking away.

Claire continued to scream, and I invited her over.

I got dressed and got out some orange juice, and when Claire came she was glowing. On her left had was a ring, and it was some ring. I held her hand in my hand, examining the ring.

“ Wow. I didn’t know Quil had it in him to pick out a ring like this.” She smiled up at me.

“ I know. But it’s perfect!” We hugged each other and jumped up and down.

“ So do you still have doubts?” I asked. I was asking her, but also myself.

“ Nope!” She smiled and we hugged again. I couldn’t help but smile too. Nope, no more doubts. No more sadness just happiness all around.

She stayed for just a moment longer than left. She wanted to rest for a bit, she knew that with Alice and I as friends a lot of wedding planning was in her horizon.

I sat at the kitchen table and Seth came down to join me. “ That’s the last of us.” He said.

I looked up at him. “ How do you mean?”

“ No more imprints.” He smiled. “ No more wolves either.” He said.

“ What do you mean?” I asked, he wasn’t making sense.

“ There’s no reason now for us to phase, Annie. No vampires in the area, other than the Cullen’s of course. But there isn’t any threat. I won’t have to phase ever again. Neither will Sam, Quil, Jared, Brad, none of us except Jacob. So our little one…” He softly put his hand on my stomach,

“ Won’t have to change. No threats, no vampires, no bad blood.”

I put my left hand over top of his. Of course I had worried or not whether my baby would phase. And I know that Emily and Sam were worried for Robbie, he was getting older, and soon he would be at the age he would phase. The worry strained them.

“ No vampires, and no bad blood. I like that. I don’t think I could handle a werewolf son, or a daughter.” I said half joking half being honest.

A werewolf daughter. Immediately my thoughts jumped onto Leah. She didn’t live around here anymore. After Seth and I got married she left in search of nothing really. She just needed some time to breathe and let everything go. She visited from time-to-time. She made me nervous. Would my little baby catch the bad temper?

But it was in my genes, or Seth’s. Leah had a long history with Sam, Emily’s husband and Robbie’s father. They used to be lovers, but then imprint took its toll and Leah’s world turned upside down. Maybe that’s why she still couldn’t be around her brother. Her brother had found me, the imprint of his life, and she would never be imprinted on or imprint herself. That just wasn’t how it worked.

I sighed and patted Seth’s hand. Nothing to worry about, I told myself.


Seth and I spent the rest of the day peacefully and went to bed. I dreamt nothing scary or life altering that night. Just about a little owl hooting at the moon. And bellow it a little wolf howling at the moon. I smiled in my sleep.

The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed, Seth was just waking up and we walked downstairs together and enjoyed a small breakfast. I was just rinsing the dishes off when the phone rang. Seth went to answer it. As he did so there was a knock on the door. An urgent knock that was low and hard. I put the dishes down and walked to the door. I could here Seth’s voice. It sounded horrified. My heart thudded louder and louder as I reached for the handle, the knocks on the door continuing. Finally I opened the door, shocked beyond belief by who was standing there.

“ Annie.” They said. “ Annie, there’s a problem.” His face was scared. So was I.

Here's so more! Hopefully you guys are still on the website, and new fans are always welcomed. Go Team Seth! And Go Team Tyler!



“ Edward…what?” I could barley talk. My voice was just a whisper.

“ Something’s happened. And it isn’t good.” He said. His black eyes looked at me deeply.

Seth came running down the hallway. “ Alice just told me what she saw.” He told Edward. He wrapped his warm arms around me. Edward said “ Good. A few of your pack members are already around La Push searching. I suggest you go with them. They need you Seth, go.” Seth nodded once and left through the front door Edward was standing at. “ May I come in?” He asked politely.

I wasn’t much of a fan of Edward. His looks were too good, they reminded me of Tyler. Edward looked at me with deep sorrow. He understood. I lead him to the living room, we sat.

What’s happened?

I thought. But I didn’t even need him to tell me. I always new he was around. Watching me, waiting for me. Tyler was here.

“ No.” Edward said shaking his head. “ He wasn’t here, he is here.” He shook his head.

“ I don’t know why. But Alice, she saw…she saw him coming. He’s looking for you. But he can’t locate your sent you’re too masked up with wolf stench.”

But he’ll find me eventually. I knew he would.

“ Yes, eventually he will.”

And what would I do? What would I do if I saw Tyler after all these years? I would scream? I would shout? I had never truly been afraid till now. Tyler was stalking me. And it wasn’t the same now that I was married. I put my hands on my stomach. My baby.

If an immortal being that still loved me found out I was pregnant with some other man’s child what would he do? He would surely kill. Who? It was clear. He would kill everyone.

Edward listened to my thoughts. Nodding along with it. I didn’t know what I could do. Seth was out there now. Right now. What if they ran into Tyler? “ No…” I moaned softly. “ This can’t happen…”

But it had to happen. I would have lived all my life thinking “What if?” some how it had to end. Some one had to die. And it all lead back to that one miserable day that I drove to La Push and jumped. Who knew a simple jump would start something so terrible?

Terrible. A vampire was stalking me. The kind of stalking that only crazy people do. Tyler had gone crazy.

My mind recalled the night when I saw him outside. I knew I saw him. I just knew it. Those red eyes were real. Bella was wrong, just because we knew him to drink animal blood didn’t mean that he stuck to it. He killed Alyse Bennett and threw her over a bridge making it look like suicide. He was warning me.

He was coming for me.

Edward just watched me as I pieced everything together. He had no words of comfort.

I didn’t dislike Edward as much now, he wasn’t a crazy stalker, at least not anymore.

Edward smiled when he heard that one.

“ We all have pasts.” He said. But soon he was somber once more. “ It’s obvious to me now what Tyler wants. You’re right Annie. And I don’t know what do to. We can only have you’re family stay on patrol for so long before Tyler attacks. I’ve seen Alice’s vision. Tyler wants blood. And he isn’t stopping.”

Edward didn’t sugar coat this, for this I was thankful. He grimaced at nothing really.

I shifted awkwardly. Usually I was a good hostess. I usually offered a drink or a snack. But that wasn’t something I felt like I should offer Edward.

He laughed. “ No, I suppose offering me that isn’t the same as offering your other friends.”

“ Edward?” I asked him.

“ Yes Annie?”

I sighed. I didn’t know how to ask this. Edward looked at me curiously, he didn’t know what I was going to ask.

“ When Bella loved Jacob, did, did you ever imagine your life without her?”

He looked at me first with surprise, but then with sadness. “ Yes and no. I had left Bella once before. In the darkest of days. I left my only reason to live. The worst mistake of my life. But in that time that I was gone Bella found a good friendship in Jacob Black. That’s when Jacob fell in love with her and she almost did too.” Edward squinted his eyes together. Editing the story.

“ Soon Bella and I were together again, but I could see the change between them. Then she fell even deeper. They kissed and we were engaged. So much had happened. In the end she told Jacob good-bye, and married me as a human.” He looked at me, really looked at me.

“ My life without Bella was terrible. But my life with Bella while she loved someone else was almost worse. But I knew that she was alive and well. So I could have lived with her decision in the end.”

Looking at Edward, just by looking in his eyes I could see so much. All of what Bella had put him through. He loved her. For a moment I hated Jacob. In the world of vampires Jacob Black sucked.

What I did then surprised Edward, and myself. I leaned on Edward’s chest and sat there. He put his arms around me. Not romantically, never, we were both happily married. But just for comfort. He had been through so much.

“ So have you.” He said to me.

Enough to even kill me, I added. He sighed. “ Yes, I suppose. But now nothing will happen to you. You have such a big strong family.”

I did, I had vampires and werewolves. Maybe that was enough to stop Tyler. Enough to stop him from harming my Seth. Or maybe my baby.

I didn’t love him anymore. I was scared of him. I just wish I could go back in time. Not to change my childhood or to have met Seth sooner or to have been nicer to my mother and father. But to change the way I felt about Tyler. To have him not love me too, to have him not look at me the way he did. I wished he would have fallen in love with Elizabeth when he had the chance. I wish I had met Seth before I moved. I wanted to change my emotions from the past. But it couldn’t be done.

Edward let go of me and got up. “ Renesmee and Jacob are here too see you. I should go.” He looked at me and smiled. “ All will be well Annie. Our families are strong.” With that he left, and entered his daughter and his son-in-law.

“ Hello Annie.” Renesmee said shyly. Jacob didn’t say anything he had his hand on the small of his wife’s back and led her to the couch where I sat.

“ How is it?” I asked him.

“ Nothing. Just his scent. It’s everywhere. He’s looking for you Annie, he’s really looking.” Jacob said in a strained voice.

I knew that. But it didn’t settle the horrific feeling inside of me.

“ And Seth? Where is he?” I asked my voice was shaking.

“ Don’t worry about him Annie, he’s fine. He’s angry, but that energy is keeping pumped and alive. Whenever he runs into Tyler…it won’t be pretty.”

I nodded. It would be okay. Edward said that our families were large. They would protect each other. Seth would be fine.

Jacob went to the kitchen. I wasn’t mad, whenever the boys came over they always helped themselves to food. It was fine. “ There’s leftovers on the top shelf in the fridge!” I called to him.

I heard the fridge door open and shut.

Renesmee soon joined me on the couch I was sitting on. Her warm hand grabbed my cold hand.

“ Everything will be fine. You’ll see. Aunt Alice only saw him come closer. He will attack. But I wouldn’t worry. I’ve been around long enough to see my family at work. Nothing will happen to you.”

Renesmee continued to smile at me, like nothing was wrong. She was so…different. She was human, and a vampire. She was beautiful, but she was scary. Her big brown eyes were warm. I didn’t trust her. I didn’t like her. She was nice, she was my sister in a way. But I couldn’t be around her. Everything about her was good, but it seemed sinister. She couldn’t be Bella and Edward’s daughter, it was wrong. I took her hot hands off of mine and went to the bathroom. I flushed my face with water.

I remember the first time I had met Renesmee. I didn’t like her than either. Too much like Tyler. I remember not like liking Edward. Too much like Tyler.

Now he was going to kill me.

Suddenly I didn’t want to have to see another vampire for the rest of my life.

I left the bathroom and headed upstairs to bed. I needed to sleep this off. Everything was just so messed up.




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