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“ HAPPY NEW YEAR!” I kissed Seth as the big ball in New York City dropped on the TV.

We were at Jared and Kim’s house down in La Push Washington, my home now for the past few years.

I went around the living room giving everyone a hug. First I hugged my best friend Claire, Quil’s imprint, and I hugged Renesmee Black last. She was shy around me still, but we finally were becoming friends, minus the fact that her perfect beauty creeped me out.

Everyone cheered with glasses of wine, while Claire, and I just sat on the couch. Claire was only 19 and couldn’t drink just yet, and I had news that allowed me to dismiss alcoholic beverages.

Seth smiled at me, the smile that said, ’ share the news now.’ So I stood from the couch and Seth walked over to stand next to me.

“ So. . .we’ve got big news to tell everyone!” Seth said loudly. Everyone’s children were upstairs fast asleep.

Everyone turned to look at us to, and so I said, “ I’m pregnant.” That brought on a round of more hugs. It was perfect timing, a new year, a new beginning, a family for me and Seth.

I was 23, I think I deserved to have a family, and a beautiful little Seth running around was my dream of a perfect family.

Emily sat down with me and Claire on the couch, and we talked about it. “ So how far along are you?” She asked, half of her face smiling. “ About a month I think.” I said.

“ Well I could tell something was up, your glowing.” She said. Claire slumped a bit on the couch. I knew what was bothering her, and I felt a little bad. Quil and her were the only imprinted couple that weren’t married yet, and it made her really upset. So me having a baby with my imprint didn’t make her feel any better about her situation.

I wrapped my arm around her. “ It’s okay.” She rolled her eyes and smiled at me. She was so matured.
Quil ran over to the couch and kissed her on the cheek. “ Happy New Year Clair bear!”

They both laughed and got off the couch together. Quil was the youngest looking of all the werewolves. He had to keep phasing so that he could wait for Claire to grow up so they could be together. Brady and Beth ( his imprint) were the first to leave. Beth had a 7 month baby and they wanted to be home early. Seth, me, Emily, Sam, and their children were the last to leave. Claire had fallen asleep at 2:30 and Quil had carried her all the way home.

It was now 3:47, and I was about to pass out, I was exhausted. Seth gave me a piggy back ride to our car, and I never managed to stay awake for the ride home. The next thing I remember was waking up in our bed, in the dark. According to the alarm clock by my bed it was 5 o’clock in the morning.

The room had an eerie feel to it. I couldn’t go back to sleep. Maybe that was because of the pregnancy, but I wasn’t too sure. I hopped out of bed, and wrapped a quilt around me, so I wouldn’t be cold.

I looked out of our bedroom window. I caught my breath.

Outside by our old Oak tree, there seemed to be a man there. Just standing there staring up at the house. The Full moon’s light was just bright enough for me too see the color of the man’s eyes.


Blood red. And his skin, pale white. I held my breath now, not daring to move. I’d lived enough to know what this was. It was a vampire, at my house, standing there, just watching me. I wanted to dive under my covers like a little girl, because I’d never seen one of these vampires before. The kind that drank only human blood. All the vampires I had ever known where good, they drank animal blood, so therefore they had golden eyes. The last time I had ever seen a vampire was a year ago when Bella and Edward stopped by for Renesmee’s birthday party.

The vampire still stared at me, with his eyes just looking right at me. But oddly enough there was something familiar about him. The way his brown hair looked, and the way his face was shaped. He looked like a sculptors dream. I sucked in a sharp breath, I blinked, but he was gone.

I ran back to the bed and cuddled closer to Seth’s warm body. This couldn’t be. He wasn’t like that. He didn’t drink human blood.

And he never looked like that. He never stared at me with a murderous glare. I was terrified of him, a person I once loved.

That wasn’t Tyler, I tried to convince myself, but I knew that I was wrong. I saw what I saw, and my eyes never played tricks on me.


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I really hope you guys enjoy this as much as I love continuing to write this. Go Team Seth! Or maybe now you want Team Tyler...? haha



My dreams were horrific. Tyler was chasing me fangs extended. He didn’t have any in real life, but my dream world was twisting everything. He even burst into flames and turned into a bat. It was a nightmare.

It was still dark out when I woke up. I woke alone in my bed.

“ Seth?” I called out into the empty room. “ Seth?” I called again when no one answered. I walked quickly by my window, not daring to look into the blackness outside.

I looked in our bathroom. It was dark and silent. I walked in the empty guest room. Darkness. I walked down the staircase, holding my breath. I didn’t want this to be a nightmare. I just wanted Seth by my side. Where was he?

I reached the bottom of the staircase. “ Seth?” I whispered. Never in my life had I felt so alone.

I saw shapes on the couch in my living room. Slowly I crept up. There on my couch was Jacob, arms wrapped around Renesmee as they slept on my couch. I let out a breath that I realized I had been holding.

I read the stove clock, it was only five in the morning. I started to make some coffee, to warm me up. When it was done brewing I sat down at the kitchen table looking out the windows of the front yard. It was too dark to see anything. I only wished that soon Seth would come in through the front door and scoop me up, kiss me, and hold me tight. I shuddered and swallowed some more coffee. It left a bitter taste in my mouth.

I didn’t hear her get up, nor did I see her until she was standing right next to me.

Mrs. Black looked at me, her eyes very calm. “ May I sit?” She asked. I waved my hand at an empty chair.

“ I know you don’t like me very well.” She said shyly. I looked up at her in surprised. The only person that I told freely about my feelings toward her was Seth. But than again her father could read my thoughts…

I opened my mouth to say something, but she put her hand up stopping me.

“ No need to deny it Annabelle.” She said. I shuddered. No one called me Annabelle anymore. But than again I never had given in to her stupid nickname Nessie…

“ May I show you something?” She said quietly. I wondered what she would show me. No ideas came to mind so I nodded, very curious.

She lifted her hand as if to touch my face, “ May I?” She asked just a few inches from my face. I nodded again. Her very warm hand was now on my cheek. And I could see my face looking back at me. I could see her and Jacob, their wedding, I could see me in the crowd sitting next to Seth. I could see her having family time with Bella and Edward.

I think I know why you hate me.

I gasped out loud. Not the words, but from where the words were coming from. She was gifted, like Alice, like Edward, like Bella, and like Olivia. She could show me her thoughts, what was going on in her head that very moment.

She didn’t move her hand away.

She showed me more images. Images of Tyler. Tyler’s face from the days that I loved him. Then she showed me a picture of Tyler and I talking on my wedding day.

She kept her hand on my face.

It wasn’t the only reason why I didn’t like her much, but she didn’t need all the gory details.

I finally spoke to her. “ It’s not that I hate you, exactly.” I said.

Her thoughts were full of doubt.

“ Honestly Renesmee.” I sighed. She removed her hand from my face. Just then Jacob woke up. I heard him sit up. “ Nessie?” He looked up and saw us at the kitchen table together.

“ Oh.” He got up and joined us at the table.

Renesmee put her hand on his and he kissed her cheek. I looked away.

The Darkness of the outside finally grew into light, and the sun began to rise. I needed warmth, I needed sunlight.

I dumped the few sips of coffee left in the sink and rinsed off my cup. I asked Jacob and his wife if they wanted some breakfast. I ended up making cinnamon rolls, one of Seth’s favorite. I was going to save a few for him but Jacob finished them off.

I was rinsing the dishes off when I heard the front door open. “ Hey Jake.” I heard the voice say. I dropped the pan in the sink and ran to the door. There was Seth. He looked tired, and a little dirty. He didn’t have any shoes on and no shirt either. Back to the old days. He was phasing again.

I ran straight into his arms. I think he was shocked first, not knowing who I was, but then his body knew it was me. He wrapped his warm arms tightly around me and sniffed my hair.

“ Oh Annie.” He said. I could feel wet tears coming from his eyes. I was crying too. I missed him so much.

I’m not sure how long we stayed like that. Crying and holding on to each other, but soon I had to pee ( a side affect of being pregnant).

Seth and Jacob talked in the kitchen about what happened last night and I walked back to my room. Relief overwhelmed me. Seth was safe and home.

I didn’t even know that I fell asleep until Seth woke me up at three in the afternoon.

“ How are you?” He asked me.

“ You’re safe. I’m happy.” I kissed his cheek.

“ I should probably let you sleep. So much has happened in just one day.” He said.

“ I know, but its okay. I want to spend every minuet with you.” I said.

“ Why?” He asked.

I was silent. I didn’t want to tell him that in the end we might all die. He already knew that Tyler was crazy and coming after me, but he didn’t know what he was going to do. Only Edward and I knew.

“ I…” but before I could tell Seth anything the phone rang. Seth was frozen. It could be bad news. So I got up from bed and answered it.

“ Hello?” I asked nervously.

“ Annie? This is Dr. Wanner, I’m calling about an appointment that you had set up at five thirty this afternoon. I was wondering if you’re still available.”

“ Oh! Yes, of course. Thank you so much for calling, I’ll be there at five thirty.”

“ Great! We’ll see you than.”

“ Thank you Dr. Wanner.”

“ Anytime.”

Seth looked at me curiously. “ It was Dr. Wanner. I have an ultrasound today at five thirty.”

Then I stopped. Could I leave the house? Would Tyler find me then? Would he really attack me at a hospital with several eye witnesses?

I looked at Seth’s horrified face. He didn’t want me to leave the house. It was bad.

Tyler would attack me anywhere. Any time and any place. Even at my ultrasound. Especially then.




It was a long drive to the hospital. Seth drove me with Quil and Claire in the backseat

( I didn’t want to be around Renesmee anymore so she and Jacob left). Embry and Brady were running in the woods near the hospital and Edward and Bella were waiting at the hospital. Everything seemed to be okay, for now.

I walked into the room and Dr. Wanner greeted me with a smile. He lied me down on a bed and put petroleum jelly on my stomach. I would have winced at the cold, but I’ve felt things colder before…

He stuck the machinery on my stomach, soon he found the baby.

Seth was holding my hand looking at me, then the Doctor shouted, “ There it is!” We both gazed at the screen.

I could see a tiny head, tiny feet, and tiny little hands. They looked like they were waving at me.

Hello Little Baby. I thought happily. It was all inside of me. I was so happy, so proud.

I looked no at Seth, he was smiling too. He squeezed my hand.

“ So, would you two like to know the sex of the baby?”

I looked up at Seth. He looked at me. Did we want to know?


Seth answered for me. “ Yes, I think we’re ready.”

“ Well congratulations you’re having a girl!”

At that moment I didn’t know what to think. I was having a daughter! A little girl! I looked at Seth, he was beaming.

That night I had a pleasant dream. I was a wolf. Strong lean and black. I looked to my right and there was Seth, he was a wolf sandy and strong. Then I looked to my left and there was a little puppy. It was a very dark gray color. It’s eyes were hazel. It smiled a little tiny puppy grin at me. Then fog raided my dream. It overtook everything. I couldn’t see the cute puppy, and when I tried to look for Seth, he was gone too. I could feel my body transform back into a human. And I was naked in the forest, alone. Little Lonesome Annabelle.

I woke up sweat piled on my forehead. I wiped it off. I got up, I needed some water. I got down the stairs just fine, and then I froze. There in my kitchen looking more like a god than a demon was Tyler. He was sitting at the kitchen table in Seth’s chair. He was looking at something outside, his face turned away from me. I almost peed my pants. I held on to the wall so I wouldn’t fall down, or just simply faint. He was here in my house.

He looked up at me.

I had to be dreaming. This was just a horrific nightmare soon it would end and I would be in my bed Seth’s arms wrapped around me.

Tyler’s eyes weren’t the horrific red I thought them to be. They were black. He looked just the same as he always had when I was younger.

He stood up from his spot, and moved with a chilling pace, and just grace to where I stood.

“ Did I frighten you Annabelle?” He asked. He reached his hand slowly traced my lips.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head, and I fell. I felt two very strong cold arms catch me before I was lost in the darkness.

It wasn’t a dream.

























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I woke up screaming. I knew Tyler was there and I needed to let people know. Seth needed to save me. So I woke up screaming.

A warm hand clamped my mouth shut. Seth was sitting next to me, deep purple circles under his eyes. He looked angry, but very very sad, and worried.

I looked into his dark eyes. He looked into mine.

But…where was I?

Around us were white walls and everything was very large and it had a lot of space.

We were at the Cullen’s house.

I stopped screaming, and let horrified tears run down my face, I smashed into Seth in a hug, wanting his protection from everything. I was sobbing.

I heard voices, but I didn’t know what they were saying. Eventually I calmed down, and soon after I stopped crying Seth let me go. I sat up on the couch.

Now it was time to know what happened. But everyone was silent. So very silent. No one was going to say anything, but that didn’t help me much.

Maybe the details were to horrifying to know. Maybe Tyler had killed someone. My heart raced. I looked around the room. Some family members were missing. Who? Seth was here, he was most important. I saw Edward and Bella, I saw Sam and Emily, Quil, Claire, Kim, Beth, and Sue.

Where the others dead? Did Tyler make off with them?

Edward sat down next to me, shaking his head. “ No.” He said silently. “ No one died.”

Everyone was looking at us.

I couldn’t speak.

What happened? I asked Edward.

“ He…he was in your house. Quil was patrolling at the time and smelled him right away. At that moment Seth woke in a panic because he heard voices.” Edward looked at Seth. I did too, he squeezed my hand. He wouldn’t talk about it.

Edward kept talking then, “ when they came downstairs they saw Tyler holding onto you, and immediately thought the worst had happened. They thought he had bitten you. But he saw one look at Seth and took off. Since then we don’t know where he’s been.” His voice sounded strain, like telling me this caused him pain.

I guessed he only knew these things because he was listening to Seth and Quil’s thoughts. The pain came from the memories.

I rested my head on Seth’s shoulder. I couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t see anything. It was no dream. And Seth had seen it. He had seen Tyler holding on to me.

But bite me? Tyler would never…When he was in my kitchen he looked like Tyler. Not the evil crazy stalking vampire. He was just Tyler. The one who sat with me at lunch, the one I went to Portland with. The one who I used to love and obsessed over. He wasn’t the red eyed monster.

Bite me? No, he would never.

Edward was listening. “ We don’t know what he’d do. He could have Annie, he really could have.”

But he would never. I thought stubbornly.

“ You can’t know that.” He said somberly. But I could. I knew Tyler a long time ago. Even if he was crazy. He might kill someone but he wouldn’t bite them, he wouldn’t change them. Especially not me. If he did he might kill my little girl…

I placed my hands on my baby bump which was getting larger and larger as time went on.

My little one shouldn’t feel threatened by that.

Edward just shook his head again.

Alice walked in the room, I had a feeling the most of the Cullen’s were keeping their distance from me. Their every moves were a constant reminder of what was and what could have been.

But Alice, the Alice who was my friend walked in and looked at Edward. Sharing a vision most likely. I wonder what she saw? Something about Tyler. What would Tyler do?

Edward nodded his head, and walked out of the room.

Soon everyone else cleared out and it was just Seth and I alone on the couch.

One look at his face and he broke down. Seth was bailing. He was weeping.

“ I tired, I tried so hard.” He said between sobs. Tears were streaming down his face. I looked at him horrified. I put my hand on his cheek. I didn’t say anything.

“ I didn’t know….I didn’t what was going on…” He cried. “ I thought it was all over…I thought he had turned you!” Then more tears over took him and he couldn’t talk anymore.

I spoke then.

“ Shhh, Seth. Seth.” I said soothingly. “ It’s okay baby, nothing happened.” I started to rub his back, to calm him down. He was still crying.

“ Look at me, look at me.” Seth took a deep breath and looked down on me.

“ Nothing happened to me. You can sit there and think about the ‘what ifs’ and how terrifying they might have been. But they didn’t happen. I’m fine. She’s fine,” I put my hand on my baby bump,

“ everything is fine.” I said looking into his dark eyes.

His tears stopped flowing as heavily. He sucked in a sharp breath and exhaled. He then grabbed a hold of me and we sat there on the couch, holding on to each other.

“ Everything is fine.” I repeated. Everything is fine, I told myself.

Everything is fine.

Jacob drove us home that evening. From that moment on Seth and I always had house guests. We were never alone. Emily and her family stayed home, but Sam came every few days and nights to keep an eye on us. Quil would patrol while Claire would sleepover. Alice and Edward made plenty of visits too. Though not for long, they always complained about smells that I never seemed to smell.

One rare sunny day Seth was watching TV with Paul and Jacob, and Claire was taking a shower, the phone rang. This happened often, what with everyone checking in on us. I skipped to the phone that was between our kitchen and stairs and answered. “ Hello?”

“ Annabelle?” It was an unfamiliar voice to me. But it continued to speak.

“ Annabelle? This is Charlotte Morsin. I have to ask you something. Are you there?” She asked.

I couldn’t speak. I stood there frozen. I almost dropped the phone. Why would Charlotte be calling me?

“ Yes.” I whispered into the phone. My voice was terribly weak. “ I’m here.”

“ I have to ask you something very important.” She said, she sounded rushed, and worried.

“ Have you heard from Tyler?” She said urgently.

Yes, yes I had. I’d seen him, he’d been in my house, he was stalking my every move.

But I couldn’t say that, not just yet. I was human enough to ask, “ Why?”

“ Well Annabelle, our family lives in Canada, and Tyler left awhile ago, very angry. He’s been angry before, and it didn’t end well. Please Annabelle, I must know, have you seen him?”

My heart thudded loud, and fast. “ Yes.” I said. “ I’ve seen him.” I whispered. I wondered if even she, a vampire, could hear my soft words. Her end was silent.

“ We’re coming.” And then the line ended.






I put the phone down.

I blinked, and took a breath. Tyler’s family was coming. She sounded sane, so maybe she wasn’t trying to kill me. I tried to remember his family. That one day when he took me to his home. I faintly remembered it. They were beautiful I’m sure, all of their kind was. I did faintly remember one girl. She was beautiful and she had been made to be with Tyler. She was an artist. Tyler had said she had been alive during WW2.

I went upstairs so the boys wouldn’t see me. I felt the color drain from my face. How was I going to tell Seth? The family? They weren’t going to trust Tyler’s family. And I wasn’t sure if I could too. But she sounded sane, I repeated in my head. She sounded like she knew what was going on. She can help, I thought.

If only Edward were here. He could read my thoughts and then he would warn everyone. Warn them to not to attack. Help could be on its way. Or doom, I thought. But I banished that. His family was nice, and she sounded sane, I repeated.

I laid down on the bed upstairs, Claire was still in the bathroom singing. She was singing

‘Part of Your World’.

I choose to listen to her rather than to hear my own thoughts.

“ What would I pay to spend a day warmm on the sannnddd. Bet you on land, they understand. Bet they don’t repremend their daughters. Bright young women. Sick of swimming, ready to sttannddd! I’m ready to know what the people know! Askin’ my questions and get some answers!”

I wanted some answers too.

I rolled over on my side and looked out the window that was on Seth’s side of our room. The sun was bright, dazzling. Would they come today? How fast could they come from Canada to here?

They’d probably be here in an hour.

But the sun was always a problem, the sun because it caused them to shimmer and to shine like diamonds. They wouldn’t risk it.

I rolled back on my back, facing the ceiling. The water in the bathroom stopped and I heard Claire get out.

For the past few weeks we’ve been planning, and planning and planning her wedding. We’d plan to go dress shopping a few weeks from now. And Alice had invaded and said that she was going to go too. “ I love you Annie, but Claire needs my fashion sense a little more than you do.” She had said with a smile. “ And I know it too, so don’t even argue.”

Claire was finally happy. She was going to be with Quil her imprint. She was perfect for him, and she finally saw that.

I didn’t know I feel asleep until Claire shook me awake. Her hair was dry, her face looked relaxed so nothing bad was going on. I was just so exhausted, all these nightmares, and pregnancy issues made me just so darn tired.

“ Wake up Annie.” She said. I sat up in bed. “ Gosh, you were snoring.” She said with a smile.

“ Shut up!” I said to her, we laughed a little. I looked out the window, the sun was finally setting. The day was coming to a close.

“ So tomorrow I think we should go flower shopping. I brought some magazines with me. I’m just not sure if I was roses or tulips, I mean those are just so common! I want something different. But of course we need to figure out what the wedding colors will be. I do want everything to match.” She said. She grabbed a stack of magazines and flopped it on my bed.

“ Claire! Oh my gosh! How many flowers can there be that you need to choose from?”

She laughed. “ Well Annie, Alice planned you and Bella’s wedding. But I want to make the decisions. This only happens once. And it better be perfect.” She said.

I laughed, “ Just ask Alice, she’ll know.”

While the sun was sinking in the west Claire and I looked at flowers in magazines, she was debating which colors would blend in together nicely when I heard the doorbell ring. Then I heard shouting. Lots of shouting. I heard dishes break, and glass shatter. Before Claire could even say

“ What the…?” I was running downstairs.

There by the front door Seth had turned into a giant sandy wolf he was growling. And there at the doorway was Tyler’s family. All five of them. Jeremy was in front of Charlotte. Damien was crouched protectively in front of Olivia, and I could see Elizabeth standing brilliantly behind all of them.

Jacob was on the phone talking very fast and loud. Paul was shaking, clearly almost phasing.

I had learned from Emily, to stay back when the boys were angry. Even as wolves I had to keep my distance. So I shouted from where I stood.

“ Seth! Relax!” He looked back at me, and stopped growling. He moved out of the room so he could phase back, and maybe find some pants. I saw the scene in front of me. When he had phased he smashed family pictures of David, my mom, and of the Cullen’s and the wolf pack. Glass laid shattered on the ground. And there by the door Seth’s clothes lay in pieces.

Jacob hung up the phone and stood in front of me, protecting me. Seth came back into the room with pants, but his hands were shaking again. I ran past Jacob, past Paul, and went outside and slammed the door, leaving me on the small porch with five vampires.

“ I’m so sorry.” I whispered to them.

Jeremy nodded. “ It’s clear then, Tyler has been here.”

They all looked at me. “ We’re so sorry Annabelle.” Said Charlotte. They all looked the very same as the last time I had met them. These years hadn’t touched them, or aged them. Not the way they’d aged me. I was older. Almost a decade older than I once was. I’m sure they noted the difference. And I was pregnant.

The chill of the evening started in and I shivered. “ Perhaps we could go somewhere else to talk.” Charlotte said, looking at me.

Olivia spoke up. “ Yes, I know where we will go.”

“ Let’s get there quickly, I don’t want to be around this stench anymore.” Jeremy said.

I wondered where they were going, and how I was going to get there.

Olivia spoke again. “ Charlotte will carry you. And it won’t effect your daughter.” She and Damien took off. Charlotte scooped me up and we all took off. It was fast. I remember Tyler taking me around like this. What a thrill!

We reached the Cullen house within moments. Olivia patiently waited at the door.

“ Alice knows were coming. She’ll open the door.”

Alice opened the door. “ So you did decide to come.” She said looking at all of us.

She looked at me with hard eyes. “ Jacob called, and Edward is on the phone with Seth now. He’ll tell him you’re here.” She let us in the living room where we all sat. Charlotte sat me down, and we all waited.

Soon Seth, Jacob, and Paul came. Seth sat on the couch next to me, wrapping his arms around me tight.

“ Well…?” Jacob said looking at face to face.

The immortals sat for a moment longer, then Charlotte spoke.

“ We’ve come to help. We are Tyler’s family.”

Seth grunted. I could tell by his expression he didn’t care at all who they were. They were related to Tyler in some way, thus his hate.

“ I’ve been with Tyler in all the years he’s been immortal. I know what he can do. He does things without thinking sometimes. We think we know where he’s going and what he might do. Protect Annabelle and her family.” Charlotte said solemnly.

“ Yes. We’ve been doing that. We haven’t seen him for weeks!” Paul said.

“ That does not matter. Our kind has more than enough time. He will show again.” She bowed her head in sadness. I could tell she was ashamed of her adopted son.

“ We will do the best we can. But Jeremy and I must go.”

“ Where will you go?” Asked Esme who walked into the room. She looked at Charlotte sadly.

“ We will go to Astoria. It’s where Annabelle and Tyler first met, and where they fell in love. He’s bond to be there. For whatever reason I’m not sure.”

“ And what will you do, once you find him?” Seth asked from beside me. His hands began to shake.

“ We will do our best to reason with him. Calm him down. Show him justice. We’ve been down this path with him before, he can be reasoned with.”

Esme looked at the family of vampires. “ You’re all more than welcome to stay at our home while you’re here.” She said with a warm smile. Esme with her caramel colored hair, and her heart shaped face reminded me greatly of my own mother back in New York.

“ Thank you very much. You’ve been kind.” Charlotte said.

“ We must leave now. I want to find Tyler before anything else happens.” Said Jeremy. Charlotte nodded her head and with a few more thanks they sped out into the night.

Alice sat next to Olivia, Jasper standing behind her. Rosalie and Emmett walked into the room

(keeping some distance from me) having a look see at the new visitors. Rosalie sucked in a sharp breath with a beautiful scowl on her face. “ They’re staying with us?” She said.

She looked straight at Elizabeth with sharp eyes.

Esme looked at Rosalie. “ Rosalie…” She said sternly, like a mother.

But she continued to glare at Elizabeth, and I could see why. Rosalie was always beautiful. I always knew that, but standing in the same room with Elizabeth made Rosalie look like a regular girl. I spoke quickly wanted to protect Elizabeth. Tyler had said that she was sweet, only as a sister.

“ She can stay with us.” I spoke up. Seth turned to look at me, I would have expected a scowl but Seth could never be mad at me.

Rosalie was still scowling, but she seemed better off. “ Good.” She said.

Emmett put his hand on her shoulder, “ Rose…” he said. She flipped her hair and gracefully walked out of the room, Emmett at her heels.

“Thank you Annabelle. I’m very grateful.” Elizabeth said. Her golden eyes stared deep into my eyes. I could see her sadness. She was ashamed of Tyler too.


I stomach growled, and then I yawned hugely. Seth put his arm around me.

“ We better get you home.” He said. I rubbed my stomach, I didn’t want to starve my little girl. She needed some rest too.

So with a few friends, and Elizabeth we arrived home late in the night. I had some left over pizza and fell asleep immediately.

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