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“ HAPPY NEW YEAR!” I kissed Seth as the big ball in New York City dropped on the TV.

We were at Jared and Kim’s house down in La Push Washington, my home now for the past few years.

I went around the living room giving everyone a hug. First I hugged my best friend Claire, Quil’s imprint, and I hugged Renesmee Black last. She was shy around me still, but we finally were becoming friends, minus the fact that her perfect beauty creeped me out.

Everyone cheered with glasses of wine, while Claire, and I just sat on the couch. Claire was only 19 and couldn’t drink just yet, and I had news that allowed me to dismiss alcoholic beverages.

Seth smiled at me, the smile that said, ’ share the news now.’ So I stood from the couch and Seth walked over to stand next to me.

“ So. . .we’ve got big news to tell everyone!” Seth said loudly. Everyone’s children were upstairs fast asleep.

Everyone turned to look at us to, and so I said, “ I’m pregnant.” That brought on a round of more hugs. It was perfect timing, a new year, a new beginning, a family for me and Seth.

I was 23, I think I deserved to have a family, and a beautiful little Seth running around was my dream of a perfect family.

Emily sat down with me and Claire on the couch, and we talked about it. “ So how far along are you?” She asked, half of her face smiling. “ About a month I think.” I said.

“ Well I could tell something was up, your glowing.” She said. Claire slumped a bit on the couch. I knew what was bothering her, and I felt a little bad. Quil and her were the only imprinted couple that weren’t married yet, and it made her really upset. So me having a baby with my imprint didn’t make her feel any better about her situation.

I wrapped my arm around her. “ It’s okay.” She rolled her eyes and smiled at me. She was so matured.
Quil ran over to the couch and kissed her on the cheek. “ Happy New Year Clair bear!”

They both laughed and got off the couch together. Quil was the youngest looking of all the werewolves. He had to keep phasing so that he could wait for Claire to grow up so they could be together. Brady and Beth ( his imprint) were the first to leave. Beth had a 7 month baby and they wanted to be home early. Seth, me, Emily, Sam, and their children were the last to leave. Claire had fallen asleep at 2:30 and Quil had carried her all the way home.

It was now 3:47, and I was about to pass out, I was exhausted. Seth gave me a piggy back ride to our car, and I never managed to stay awake for the ride home. The next thing I remember was waking up in our bed, in the dark. According to the alarm clock by my bed it was 5 o’clock in the morning.

The room had an eerie feel to it. I couldn’t go back to sleep. Maybe that was because of the pregnancy, but I wasn’t too sure. I hopped out of bed, and wrapped a quilt around me, so I wouldn’t be cold.

I looked out of our bedroom window. I caught my breath.

Outside by our old Oak tree, there seemed to be a man there. Just standing there staring up at the house. The Full moon’s light was just bright enough for me too see the color of the man’s eyes.


Blood red. And his skin, pale white. I held my breath now, not daring to move. I’d lived enough to know what this was. It was a vampire, at my house, standing there, just watching me. I wanted to dive under my covers like a little girl, because I’d never seen one of these vampires before. The kind that drank only human blood. All the vampires I had ever known where good, they drank animal blood, so therefore they had golden eyes. The last time I had ever seen a vampire was a year ago when Bella and Edward stopped by for Renesmee’s birthday party.

The vampire still stared at me, with his eyes just looking right at me. But oddly enough there was something familiar about him. The way his brown hair looked, and the way his face was shaped. He looked like a sculptors dream. I sucked in a sharp breath, I blinked, but he was gone.

I ran back to the bed and cuddled closer to Seth’s warm body. This couldn’t be. He wasn’t like that. He didn’t drink human blood.

And he never looked like that. He never stared at me with a murderous glare. I was terrified of him, a person I once loved.

That wasn’t Tyler, I tried to convince myself, but I knew that I was wrong. I saw what I saw, and my eyes never played tricks on me.


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Ah-mazing! Can't wait to read more!
Oh, and if I made a banner. To let you know it wouldn't be the best in the world. One picture, that's all. But I can. If so, tell me what you want on it!
This is amazing. I loved it. I'm going to enjoy this sequel. Write more soon :)
It was 11:30, January 1st. I woke up all groggily. And completely alone.
My heart was throbbing. Alone.
I hated being alone. I didn’t want to be alone. I was not longer Little Lonesome Annabell. Because now I was Annie Clearwater, who spent every living moment with her husband, who was not in her bed.

I looked around our bedroom. I was frightened. “ Seth?” I said, panicked.
“ Annie?” I heard Seth’s voice call from downstairs. I got up and put my slippers on, going down the stair case looking around every square inch of Seth and me’s house. There was nothing. No sign of anything. I felt a little stupid. Of course, it was nothing but a dream. I sighed and kissed Seth on the cheek as he flipped the pancakes he was making in the air.

“ Why good morning.” He said.
“ Good morning!” I said. We laughed. “ Now, gimme a kiss honey.” He said like a little kid.
“ Ha! Never!” I said jokingly. I took off and ran into the living room, him chasing me and making little kissy noises. I squealed and giggled like a little girl. We didn’t act like we were in our twenties, but I loved it, so it was fine by me.

He chased me all the way around the house and back into the living room, when I saw something on the TV that made me stop.

“ Last night a girl that age of 17 jumped off a bridge in San Francisco. Her body was found, but experts were astounded to find that the body was completely drained of blood. Doctors say that the compact of her jump could have forced a small wound to leak blood, and while she was in the water her blood could have leaked out. One thing for sure is that Alyse Bennett commit suicide last night.”
Seth grabbed the remote and clicked the TV off. I sat just staring at the TV. The subject of suicide was a little touchy in this house. After I jumped off a cliff trying to kill myself 7 years ago, we just didn’t talk about it. It made both of us feel awful. Because I tried to take myself out of this world, and away from Seth. It just wasn’t something we talked about.

But another thing about what the reporter woman said bothered me. I remember what happened last night, whether it was a dream or not. I remember those blood red eyes. And I couldn’t help but think that He did it. He killed that Alyse Bennett.

“ Come on Annie, let’s go eat my fantastic pancakes.” Seth pulled on my arm. I wouldn’t budge, I just sat there.
“ Ugh. I guess I’m going to have to carry you.” He scooped me up from the couch.
“ Jeeze Annie! Did you get fat! You weigh like a million more pounds!” He joked.
I laughed. “ I’m pregnant, stupid!” I kissed the tip of his nose.

We ate breakfast, joking around, and laughing. I was in love, head over heels in love. And it was great.
The phone rang, and I picked it up. “ Hey dad!” I said.
David called on holidays, and that’s all I really heard from him. He lived back in Astoria Oregon. Still working, and still living in the old Victorian house. For a wedding gift David had shipped the baby grand piano from home to here, just so that I could have it. It was very sweet of him. It was Seth and me’s living room. It was a pretty large living room. And it was fancy and homey and I loved it here.

I hung up the phone after a ten minuet conversation with David, and jumped in Seth’s lap on our living room couch.
“ Guess who is coming over today!” Seth cheered happily.
“ Who?” I asked.
“ Jake and Nessie.” He said, smiling brightly. “ Really?” I asked.
“ Be mature.” He said rolling his eyes and smiling. “ I am mature! I’m just saying.”

“ Why don’t you like Nessie?” Seth asked, serious now.
“ It’s not a big deal. It’s just the first time I saw her, she didn’t make a good impression.” I said.
“ What did she do? She barley said anything to you Annie.” He said.
“ Well, she reminded me too much of. . .Tyler. And so when I look at her, I just can’t help but be reminded. She’s just a constant reminder.” I said softly, watching the mention of Tyler make Seth sad.
“ Oh.” Was all he said about the matter. “ I could call Jake and tell him to not come. . .” he said.
“ No, no. I’m a mature adult. I can handle it.” I kissed the tip of his nose, and we laughed.

Renesmee and Jake came over around 2 o’clock. They only stayed for an hour. Jacob Black was amazing, he made me laugh, but his wife just put me in a weird mood. I wasn’t a fan. But I wouldn’t say that, neither would Seth. Because if Jacob ever found out I felt that way about his imprint he’d probably try to rip my head off.

The day ended, and it was time for bed. I jumped onto my side of the bed with Seth, and we snuggled for a bit, until we slowly feel asleep.

I woke again in the middle of the night. My mind was foggy, I was still tired, and I couldn’t think of a reason for me to be awake. I usually slept so soundlessly. La Push made my sleeping patters the best. I rubbed my tummy where my little microscopic baby was.

I got out of bed, slowly, trying not to wake up Seth. He slept like a bear, or more like a wolf. I snickered to myself as I climbed down the stairs.

The house was still, and quiet. The air was heavy and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Then very softly I heard piano music being played. At first I didn’t recognize it, but then the familiar tune made me fall to my knees, and tears start to drip from my eyes.

I made this tune up so long ago. When I was a teenager, living with David. No one even new how to play this song. No one at all.

I felt like I was trapped in the movie paranormal activity. Like some demon was tormenting me.
I heard the piano bench move, and I sucked in my air. I didn’t dare make a sound.

Whatever was playing my piano turned the corner, and all I saw was a pale body. A body that I once dreamt being with forever.
Tyler. His eyes were blood red.
“ Annabell?” He whispered.

“ NOOOOO!” I jumped out of bed, panting. My forehead was sweating like mad. Seth jerked up beside me. “ ANNIE! Annie what’s wrong!” He said, grabbing hold of my shoulders.
“ Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.” I hugged Seth close to me. Of course, it was just a dream. Tyler wasn’t here, and he didn’t drink human blood, so his eyes weren’t red.

“ What is it?!” Seth said, still frantic. “ Nothing, I mean, it was just a dream.” I said.
Seth nodded. “ I hear being pregnant gives you pretty wild dreams.” He snickered a little.
“ Just ask Bella.” He kissed my forehead and yawned, and the next thing I knew he was snoring again.
I followed his lead, but I snuggled against Seth’s back. I breathed in his woodsy, pine smell.
It was just a dream. But somehow I knew that that dream would somehow become a reality.
love it! i wanna read what's going to happen next! and i love how you incorporate like info about Bella and stuff like that in it! Awesome!
i loved it(: keep me updated?
This is so good. I love it. Can't wait 4 more
NEW READER ALERT!! I just finished reading Untamed Love and Damaged Love. So that means i'm upto date!!! Please post most soon!!!
OH SNAP! loveed it! more soon!!!:)
omg i love this plz update me when you post more and i love unnamed love

January 2nd. I blinked my eyes. Seth was stirring a bit in his sleep, signaling that he would be awake soon. I wrapped my small arms around him and kissed his cheeks. I did this sometimes, waiting for him to wake up.

“ Good morning.” I said, as Seth finally opened his eyes. Seth jumped up a little, and jerked upright, sending me flying back to my side of the bed.
“ Seth?” I asked him, startled. He looked at me, his eyes wide, and panicked. My heart began to race. “ Seth?”
Then Seth shook his head. “ Oh my gosh.” He whispered. “ It was only a dream.” He said smiling a little. He reached over and dragged me into a big hug.
I looked up at him. “ And what was your dream about? You totally freaked me out!” I said.
“ Well, it was really weird. . .never mind, I don’t wanna say.” Seth got up out of bed, and put a shirt on. “ Seth. . .” I said whining a little. I got out of bed and rushed to his side. “ What was it about?”
Seth just shook his head. “ I really don’t want to talk about it.” And he rushed out of our bedroom.

I stared after him. I shivered a little, but shook it off, if he didn’t want to talk about it, he didn’t have to talk about it.
When I got downstairs, Seth was sitting on the couch watching the early News. There was still some coverage about the suicide of Alyse Bennett, and then some local stuff.
It didn’t even look like Seth was watching the TV, whatever his dream was, it was really bothering him. I went into the kitchen, and sat at the counter and poured myself some cereal. I looked over my shoulder, Seth was still just sitting there. I looked out the window above our kitchen sink.

It was 11 a.m. I shoved a huge bit of cereal into my mouth when the phone rang. I chewed while it rang, figuring Seth would pick it up. I stared at him while I swallowed. “ No, that’s okay, I’ll get it.” I walked over and picked up the phone.

“ Hello?”
“ Annie!” It was Alice.
“ Alice, hi!” I said.
“ Renesmee told us last night, congratulations! I would tell you if it was a boy or a girl but I can’t since, well, Seth’s a werewolf. . .” She dragged on. “ Anyway, Bella needs to talk to you! Well she doesn’t need to, but I saw that you wanted to talk to her, so here she is.”
I didn’t have a chance to utter a word.
Bella was on the phone not even a second later.
“ Annabell, hi.” Bella was always warm, and nice, and welcoming. “ Hey Bella.”
“ So Alice tells me you needed to talk to me.”
“ Yeah. It’s about my pregnancy. Seth says that you get crazy wild dreams.” I said.
“ Yes, well at least I did, and I know that’s normal for pregnancies.”
“ Oh.” Was all I said.

“ What kinds of dreams have you been having?” She asked hesitantly. I looked over at Seth, then took the phone in the bathroom, locked the door, and turned on the fan.
I sat in the bathtub as I explained to Bella.
“ The first night was on New Year’s. I saw. . .uhm well in the dream I walked over to the window and I saw. . .Tyler. He, well, his eyes were red, and he looked as if he wanted to kill me. Then last night, I dreamt that he was in my house. He was playing my piano, and he was like a demon. Oh Bella. . .” I said, tears gathering in my eyes.
“ Don’t worry Annabell, it will seem scary, but there just dreams. If I remember correctly Tyler was like my family, he didn’t have red eyes.” I was thankful for Bella. She was really helping.

“ Thanks Bella. But what if it happens again? And again and again and again? I don’t think I’ll be able to deal with that anymore.” I said.
“ Annabell there’re just dreams. There not real, and they can’t hurt you. It will all be okay. But I have to go. Sleep well. And Congratulations.” The line disconnected.

“ Bye.” My voice said into the empty receiver.
I walked set down the phone one the edge of the tub. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples. I heard the door jangle then I opened my eyes and saw Seth’s head poking through the door.
“ Hey.” I said.
“ Can you make room for one more?” Seth sat down in the very tiny tub with me. We were both in our pajamas.
“ I want to tell you about my dream.” He said looking up at me. “ Go ahead.” I said smiling.
“ It was happy at first. We were younger, sitting on driftwood on First Beach. We were talking and I was making you laugh. But you said you had to go. And then you were jumping off a cliff. Before I could save you, Ty-uh, a vampire jumped out and saved you instead. Then I watched as he turned you, and you spent forever together. I saw you with honey colored eyes, and you lived separate from the world. But I followed you. Then I watched as you and him fed on human life, and your eyes began to turn red. That’s when I woke up.”
I reached over and hugged him. “ I picked you.” I said. “ You saved me.” I said.
Seth smiled.

“ I’m glad you picked me. But sometimes it haunts me. . .I think about what if you picked Ty. . .uhm the other one instead?”
I closed my eyes, and sighed. “ I think about that too. But I wouldn’t be me. I would be immortal, I wouldn’t be the person I was now.” I kissed Seth’s nose.

“ Do you want to know what I was thinking?” I asked him. “ When I was falling off the cliff all those years ago?”
“ What?” Seth said. We never talked about that dark day, though it was the happiest and the darkest of our days together.
“ I love you Seth, right before I went into the water.” I smiled, and Seth smiled back.
“ I can’t believe I ever doubted you.” We kissed then, the two of us sitting in the bathtub.


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