The Twilight Saga

*~this is a story that has nothing to do with the twilight saga this is my own story with my own characters and own idea*~



SYNOPSIS~Lesinae night has just been accepted to the welling ton school of fine dance on full scholarship and assumes that just just because she was the best dancer at towson school for the arts shell be the best at wellington boy was she wrong. how will lesinae pull through and reach to the top to be the best at the wellington school and become the world renowned dancer shes always dreamed of being?


I’m Lesinae Night ‘Lezi’ for from Towson Maryland it’s my home. Right now I’m on a plane to Miami, California. I’m moving there. It’s totally unbelievable I’m 16 years old; I’m in the 10th grade. I used to tsfa. Tsfa is Towson school for the arts. I had made a real name of myself at tsfa. I was the number 1 dancer there, everyone loved me. Me and my two best friends Brittany and Tiffany were unstoppable Brittany ruled the drama student’s Tiffany ruled the musical students. Me, I ruled the dancer’s and Brittany and Tiffany of course. I was alpha of the school. People cleared the halls for me. All the girls wanted to be me and all the boys wanted to be with absolutely beautiful. You might think that I’m vain but it’s true. I have long wavy brown locks that I’m such you only dream of having and c cup boobs that might not seem like a lot but for a dancer it is. My dad is one of the richest men in Maryland he is the founder and owner of ‘night wish’ clothing company. His most popular line was ‘lezi’s night wish’ which of course is named after me I helped him design it.

At tsfa no one could touch me on the dance floor. I would float across the dance floor like nothing you’ve ever seen. For 11 years it’s been my dream to be a world known dancer the kind of dancer they would make a Permanent judge on ‘so you think you can dance’ that’s my favorite show.a couple months ago some scouts came to see me and got me a full scholarship to the wellington school for fine dance. At wellington school students study under world renowned dancers some even say that some point Martha Graham, Ted Shawn, and Paul Taylor have taught there. It’s like an average thing for a wellington students to appear in box office hit movies as back up dancers or even small roles that are big enough they actually get a name!

The best part though is that in just a couple hours I will be entering the gates of wellington as one of there newest students and those wellington kids wont know what hit them.

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great story update me when you write more
its perfect i love it!!!!!

and yes heath was my favorite character so i had to do something to remember him
Chapter 2: welcome to Miami!

The speakers on the plane sounded and the pilot’s voice could be heard all through the plane “we will be landing in our destination in just a few minutes. If everyone could just go to their seats, lift there trays, and put there carry-on’s back in the over head compartment. Thank you for your cooperation passengers, and enjoy your stay in Miami, Florida” as soon as the pilot shut up I pulled out my makeup compact. After I was done fixing my makeup I pulled off my sweater since I’m sure it’s much warmer in Miami than it is in Towson

After getting off the plane I went straight to the luggage belt to pick up my luggage. My face lit up when I saw my purple peace sign luggage bag. I love purple and peace and it stands out against all the boring black’s, browns, and grays. I got my five bags and got two attendants too carry four and went to find a taxi. When I was almost to the door I saw a very good looking guy around his early 20’s in a black suit, a white shirt, a black skinny tie, and converse. He totally pulled it off. He was reasonably tall with short wavy black hair. It’s no doubt he was running his fingers through it. He kind of reminds me of Paul Wesley. In his hands was a sign that says ‘Lesinae night’. When I saw his sign I walked right up to him and he gave me a warm smile (

“Hi. did wellington school send you for me?” I asked him
“Depends are you Lesinae night from Towson, Maryland?” he said with the most adorable smirk.
“That’s me you can call me Lezi though, Lesinae is a mouth full and people always say lesinee” I said holding out my hand for him to shake it.
He politely took my hand and gave it two pumps. “Well, welcome to Miami Lezi. I’m kezikcia, Kci for short. I’m supposed to be picking up another student” he said flipping over the sign on the last part. The other side of the sigh said ‘Tristan stark’ a very unique name that I absolutely loved! “I’ll take you and your bags back to the limo first” he said reaching for some of my bags, he could only carry three so I had to grab a second one but I didn’t mind

Once Kci got all my stuff in the limo he turned and opened the back door for me. I climbed in and put my coach purse and juicy carry-on in the seat beside me
“I’ll be back in a couple minutes the other student should be grabbing his luggage now. Just hang tight” he said. I nodded and gave him a polite smile; in return he shut the door and was off.
very good ^-^
Chapter 3: “that is so girl of you”

After about 5 minutes I could hear the trunk open then slam closed. A few seconds later Kci opened the door “hey you ok?” I nodded and he moved to the side to let someone else through.
A slightly tall boy with jet black hair stepped in. he had on a brown leather jacket over a red hoodie, light wash ripped jeans that squeezed his butt (which was pretty nice), and brown converse, two blank dog tags, and a black nautica watch. I still hadn’t seen his face so I couldn’t tell if he was cute or not. “Man, its hot here” he said pulling off both of his jackets. He still hadn’t looked at me so I still didn’t know how he looked. Then it happened…he looked up and I saw the most glorious boy I’ve ever seen. Then the most glorious boy I I’ve ever seen did the unthinkable. He smiled a beautiful crooked smile. (
I composed myself and smiled back. I then held out my hand for him to shake. Hi, I’m Lesinae, but I go by Lezi. I’m from Maryland”
He took my hand and kissed it. I flushed a crimson red. “Hello beautiful. That orange looks amazing in contrast of your skin” he said gesturing to my top (
“I’m Tristan stark. People call me stark. I’m from Maryland also.” He said in a seductive voice that ran shivers thru my spine.
I had to make sure my voice wouldn’t crack before I spoke “oh really, well why weren’t you on my plane? Didn’t you come from bwi airport?” I asked with one eyebrow cocked up. He smiled but it didn’t reach his eyes.
“You realized that did you?” he asked, but didn’t wait for an answer “I just came from New York I was doing a roll as a backup dancer there. That’s how wellington found me” he said like that was absolutely nothing.
“Oh really, what style of dance do you do?” I asked with honest curiosity.
“I do HIP-HOP and break dance. What about you?” he said throwing the question back at me.
“I do Ballet and contemporary. I also dabble in modern”
“That is so girl of you” he said before snorting. He even made snorting sexy!
“What is so girl of me?”
“Ok let me guess you saw some play with beautiful ballerinas in it. They floated across the stage. You were between the ages of 4 and 6 and on that day you knew exactly what you wanted to do in life, so you went home after the play and begged you’re mother to put you in ballet so that you could be just like them. Your mother granted you’re wish and every since then it’s been your dream to dance for the whole world to see” he said putting on a frighteningly good girly voice.
“Well, actually…yes” I managed to squeak out
“Like I said…so girl of you” he repeated simply. Who was he to try to narrate my life? He doesn’t know me. What an arrogant jerk! All that beauty has definitely gone to his head! I’m so angry I could explode!
“Hey! Look here Mr.-I-want- to-be-hip-hop-dance-extraordinaire. YOU. DON’T. KNOW. ME!! Do NOT act like you do. This isn’t just some silly childhood dream of mine this is my plan. This is what I hope to be my future, and you know what if it doesn’t work out I’ll do something else. I’ll be a dance instructor. I don’t care as long as I’m doing what I love. Dancing” I screamed getting angrier and angrier every word. When I finally looked at him I saw shock, and regret …and admiration. What a weird combination.
I didn’t get much time to think about his odd emotion jumble because just then an unknown drop of liquid dripped off my chin. I touched my chin and felt that for some reason I was crying. That’s weird I’m always in control of my tears I always save them for when I’m in a private place.I’m an alpha I can’t let anyone see me crying!
“Look , I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I didn’t think you would take me serious. I’m a major jerk, I say stupid stuff like that” he said with honest sincerity.
I quickly wiped my face and turned to the window so he couldn’t see my face “no, it’s OK. I’m just being silly. It’s just that I take this stuff seriously. Dance is my life”
“I don’t think you’re being silly” and with that not another word was spoken we were silent the rest of the ride
thanks! of course i will
oooooooh, amazing... again :L

4: Anna Pavlova house

after an uncomfortable silence that seemed to last forever it was ended when the car came to a stop and the drivers side door opened. A few seconds later kci came and opened my door.
“welcome to wellington!”he said enthusiastically.
“thanks, kci. I wish we could hang out some more. Wil you be on campus?” I asked. Kci really was a great guy
“um… actually im taking classes here I do this for extra money. My parents cut me off when I started classes here”he siad
“why? Werent they proud of you”
“I do contemporary. It was my dads decision to cut me off…do you understand”
“yeah I think I do. Well I made my first gay best friend”I said with a smile. Kci let out a small chuckle “well would my gay best friend mind helping me to my room?” I said with puppy dog eyes
“sure. I’ll show you to the front office so you can get your schedule and room assignment” I went to kci and locked my arm through his.
“Well, come on buddy….i hope im in a class with you. I do contemporary too…also do ballet though.”
“I do to” kci said enthusiastically
“really…that-“I was gonna tell him how awesome that was, but our conversation was disturbed by him. The first person to publiicly bring me to tears in since I was 11 years old.
“um…lezi can I speak to you? I don’t want to leave things like we did.”he asked
“huh….fine” I said a little over dramatic “ kci can you give me a second” I asked, turning to kci.
“sure” I kind of wish he would of said no. kci took a few steps back and stark took a few steps forward. He stepped too close. He was only mere inches away from me. I had too take a step back.
“look lesinae . I really didn’t mean to hurt you like that. I know how you feel I feel the same way about my dance that was so inconsiderate of me. Please forgive me. I would love if you and I could hang out together some time. You know two new kids being new together.” He gave me a very hopeful smile at the end. He seemed so sincere, I just hope it was’nt an act.
“fine. I was planning on going off to explore the campus later maybe you could go with me. We could experience this amazing place together” I suggested. Gesturing around me. A wide grin spread across his face.
“ Hey, maybe I could take you to dinner after to give you an official apology for back in the car.” He said sounding quite a bit nervous….wait, back up-did he just ask me on a date?
“ like a date?” I asked, eyebrow cocked up with a confused look that was most likely a total fail at being attractive.
“ I would love if it was a date…but if you don’t feel the same way I totally understand. It could just be two frie-“ I stopped him right there before he even got to say ‘friend’ I would never want to be just friends with him
“no, I would love that. Its just that I though you thought I was a stuck-up snobby brat and you just wanted to do this to apologize and be done with me….i never thought you actually liked me”
“ no, your not stuck-up your family just has a lot and people like to make you smile that doesn’t make you a bad person” I just smiled at him. I didn’t know what to say. “so…self-tour of the school, then a nice dinner?” he stated as a question. I nodded, and gave him my famous warm smile that makes everyone boy and even some girls melt.
“ that sounds perfect. Meet me here at 4?” I asked pointing to the ground “I don’t know the building im in yet” I added. He nodded and gave me a warm smile that showed me exactly how my smiles make boys feel.
“see ya here”
He and I walked away. When I got to hezekcia I relinked arms with him and headed to the office. I got my schedule and rom assignment and kci and I were off. Me and kci had two classes together, ‘artistry in ballet’ and ‘contemporary focus’. I also found out that I was in room 6; the same number as my birthday date. I was in the anna pavlova dorm building. Pavlova improved the pointe shoes. There is 8 other girls in my building. I get a room to myself but the girl next door to me shares a bathroom with me, and our rooms are connected by the bathroom.
When me and kci got to the dorm he gropped my syuff outside the door and told me he had to go wash clothes for the new semester starting tomorrow. I let him go and got myself ready to see my new room.

a/n wats up readers. if very proud of this story. but even though im sending out the messages and putting comments on the fan fic group people arent reading so if you could let your friends knowabout it i would really apreciate it. i would love some others feedback on the story
thanx...and i really appreciate your help with getting my story out there
wow this is really good and i like that banner, carrington is one of my fav dancers lol yourstories amazing!


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