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Callie has been in love with dance since she was 3. She's a ballet, ballroom, hip-hop, cultural dancer and has a chance to get into Julliard if she out dances one of the other girls who has a chance to get a scholarship to Julliard in front of the whole school and the spectators from Julliard.


Her mind is focused and set on her dancing, day and night, morning and evening. But one day when Callie's practicing, her mentor shows up and takes her breath away. Her mentor's name is Elizabeth. She is a year older then Callie and has learned every type of dance in the world.


Callie is honored to be taught by a magfinicent dancer, but later on, she starts to have feelings for her and same with Elizabeth. They both express their feelings through their dance and understand one another feels.


Elizabeth starts to get tired of dance and wants to be with Callie forever. She trys to presuade her to quit the dance competition and come with her leaving Callie to choose  between her two loves, Elizabeth and her dance.



Chapter 1: You Can Dance Anywhere, Even If Only In Your Heart 


The music flowed through the air and went into her soul. Callie sprung into the air and landed perfectly on her two feet. The music had suddenly stopped and she lifted her head up to see her best friend, Toni, standing next to the radio holding a bottle of water.


"Oh, it's you." Callie said not the least bit exhausted. She walked over to Toni.


"Are you dissapointed?" she asked. Toni handed Callie the water bottle.


Callie laughed. "Of course not, what I meant was, why are you here? And I mean that in the nicest way possible."


Toni looked up at the ceiling, then at the floor, then back at Callie. "I just wanted to see you dance, and tell you some bad news."


Callie set down her water and looked at Toni. "What bad news?"


"Well," Toni shuffled her feet. "I mean, that you may not be able to get the scholarship to Julliard."


Callie's eyes went wide. "What!" she shouted.


"I said 'may' didn't I?"


"How can I not be able to get in? I've worked hard, and the people from Julliard think so too!"


"They think you're amazing, but they think someone else is qualified to get the sholarship too." Toni explained.


Callie growled. "Who!"


"Calm down... anyway, it's Elena." Toni waited for Callie's reaction.


"What! Elena Harris?" Callie screeched.


Toni nodded her head slowly. "They told me to tell you that they were going to have a dance off between the two of you." she stopped to see Callie's face. It was her angry face. "Also, they assigned each of you mentors to help you prepare for the dance off. They will be here tomorrow or the day after."


Callie had calmed down enough to actually talk to Toni. "Okay, did they tell you who my mentor was?"


Toni shook her head. "I have told you everything that they told me to tell you." she looked at her watch. "I have to get going, my mom wants me home early tonight. You wanna come?"


"No, I'm gonna stay here and continue to practice. I'll call you later okay?"


Toni nodded. "Bye," she waved goodbye and walked out the door.


Callie started up the music again and went to the center of the room. She danced for hours. She didn't stop until she realized that the clock ahead said ten. She turned off the music and grabbed her bag and CD.


A million things were going through her head. One of those things were: Elena Harris. She scowled at the thought of her. She had known Elena since kindergarten. Everything she did, Elena thrived to do better.


When she got home it was eleven. Callie heard the T.V in the living room on. Her mom was probably still up, waiting for dad to get home. She never really worried at what time Callie was ever going to get home, she had always been coming home at eleven since grade ten.


Callie trudged upstairs, she had never been so tired before. She flopped down on her bed and closed her eyes. She fell asleep quickly and dreamt about dance.




Callie woke up drowsy and un-aware of what time it was, until she looked at her alarm clock. 12 o'clock. She jumped up out of bed and ran ot the bathroom to brush her teeth. She was going to be late for her dance rehersal. Callie finished brushing her teeth and ran to her closet to grab some clothes.


Callie practically ran to the dance studio. She had to practice, there was no one there except for the secretary, but Callie liked to practice her dance without anyone there.


When she got to the dance studio, she grinned at the secretary and said good morning and went to her usual room where she practiced. When Callie walked into the room, she saw a girl around her age standing near the mirrors.


"Um, hello?" Callie looked at the girl. Her hair was blonde and piled on top of her into a bun. Her body was like an hourglass, but slim. She was a little taller than Callie was.  The girl turned around at the sound of Callie's voice.


"Are you Callie Morgan?" she asked sweetly. Callie looked into her eyes. They were a nice colour of green, like emerald green. Her skin was pale and her lips were full.


Callie nodded. "Yes I am, um, who are you?"


The girl smiled. "I am Elizabeth Corrine. Your mentor."


Callie's eyes widened. "But, you're so young."


Elizabeth giggled. "Yes, I know, but I am one of the best dancers." she pointed out. Elizabeth looked over Callie. She couldn't get over Callie's red, curled hair. She loved it, she also loved the hint of pink to her skin tone.


"How long have you been here?" Callie asked.


"For about 2 hours, the secretary told me that this is the room that you usually practice in."


"Oh, I'm sorry for not being here earlier, I slept in, I was up late last night practicing here." Callie shuffled her feet.


Elizabeth smiled. "That's okay, just make sure it won't happen ever happen again please." 


Callie smiled back. Elizabeth was nicer than the others, she didn't yell at her for being late or scowl at her.


"Sure thing," Callie set down her bag. "Should we start?"


Elizabeth nodded. "Yes we should," 





((my chapter title's are quotes from people, just fyi))



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Chapter 2: There Are Short-Cuts To Happiness, Dancing Is One Of Them


"Sure thing," Callie set down her bag. "Should we start?"


Elizabeth nodded. "Yes we should," 


Callie took the CD out of her bag and walked towards the radio.


"But first," Elizabeth said. "I need to see what you're capable of." she took the CD away from Callie and handed her another one. "Play it, and dance to it. I need to see what you can do on the spot."


Callie stared at the CD and nodded. The CD cover was blank, she didn't know what type of music it was until she played it. The song started out slow, then it started to get louder and turned into a hip-hop beat.


"Dance, dance!" Elizabeth encouraged.


She took a deep breath and danced. She pretended that Elizabeth wasn't even there. The song changed beats several times and everytime it did, Callie changed up her style. When the song had ended, she stopped and stared at Elizabeth.


Elizabeth just smiled at her. "Very good. Most girls just dance, but you," she paused. "You dance through your feelings and right now, I can tell that you're angry. You want that scholarship, you want to beat Elena Harris."


Callie nodded. "I'm sick and tired of her always beating me, always being better than me. I want to prove something to her."


"That's good. It's good to let your feelings out through dance, and that's what we're going to do. That's going to be your routine. Dance your feelings out. Let them all out!" Elizabeth exclaimed.


Callie smiled. "That's something I could do."


Elizabeth took the CD out and played Callie's CD. "Can you show how you danced to this? Please."


"I will happy too." Callie started her dance like the usual way she did, slow, just like the song, but this time, she felt the song, she felt meaning, she felt the dancing come to her. Not a step-by-step dance routine that she had created the days before.


When the song had ended, Elizabeth had tears in her eyes. "That was beautiful. I don't know why the peope of Jullisrd would even consider anyone else. You're extremely talented."


"Thank you, thank you so much." Callie loocked up at the clock. It was already 4 o'clock.


"Well, this session is over, I'll see you tomorrow at 10 o'clock sharp." Elizabeth grabbed her own bag and started out towards the door.


"Wait!" Callie ran to her.


"Yes?" Elizabeth stopped and turned around.


"Do you, um, do you wanna hang out?" she asked nervously. She had never asked any of her mentors to hang out, mainly because they were a lot older.


Elizabeth looked at Callie. No one had ever asked her to hang out, ever since she was Julliard, she hadn't made any friends, she was to enclosed in her dance. Elizabeth smiled. "That would nice, sure."


Callie smiled. "Cool."


"So where do you usually hang out?" Elizabeth asked.


"Sometimes at my house, sometimes at a little cafe just around the corner." Callie explained.


"Oh, which is better?"


Callie giggled. "Well, my house is good for talking and the cafe is good for food and coffee."


"Which would you like to go to?"


"Depends if you're hungry or not. Are you?"


Elizabeth nodded. "I am quite hungry."


"To my house then. The cafe doesn't have really good food, my mom's food is better than that crap."


Elizabeth laughed. "You're funny." she looked at Callie as they both walked down the halls. There was something different about her than the other dancers she had known.

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