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Since all the stories got deleted I'm starting a new one and I will only continue with New Love once I post it again. I'm sorry to all my readers that read Impossible Love and Disaster but I can't keep up with all those stories and my school work now that everything is coming up. So this is a new story.


What if three sisters, Alice Rosalie and Bella, were dancers. The type of  dancers that compete like on Bring It On. They go to a small town highschool but its not in Washington, but in California. It's called Tehachapi Highschool. Well what if they transfered to Washington. They don't know their dad or mom but were adopted. Their adoptive father raised them and now they're stuck in another small town with the weirdest humans on Earth, or so they thought,



Chapter 1


My name is Bella Swan and I'm the head coach of our dance team. My sisters, Rosalie and Alice, are my co-captains. We're known in our school as the wanna-be's or so what the cheerleaders like to call us. My mother and father left us, as we are triplets, at the doorstep of our nextdoor neighbor, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He was the most beautiful man you could ever find. He didn't have a wife or children of his own so when we reached the age of 2 he finally adopted us. When we first moved it was here in Tehachapi and they didn't have any dance teams except at the highschool. Thirteen years later we were freshman. We tried out for it and then became the coaches and we loved it. I found myself a boyfriend, Jacob Black. It's been two years since we've been dating so all is good. Now we go back to the present day of our lives.


"Hey Bella, I um have some bad news for you", my sister Alice told me. We were on our way to lunch.

"Jake has b-been, I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you this-"

"Alice just spit it out already what about Jake", I asked impatiantly.

"Bella, Jakes been cheating on you", she said really fast.

"Wi-with who Alice", I said trying to not let any emotion leak into my voice.

"Lauren. Lauren Time", she said looking down from my gaze. "Rose heard them inside a janitors closet", she finished.

So the Football captain was cheating on the Dance captain with the cheerleading captain. I know its so confusing. I wasn't sad not one bit, I was Furious.

"Where is he", I asked Rose slowly as she just walked up.

"He,of course, is in the bathroom wiping off the lipstick on his shirt", she said while looking at her nails. I walked in the hallway and waited next to our class. Rose and Al followed me and waited on the other side next to the lockers. They knew my plan. He walked out and I walked up to him.

"Hey babe", he said, total player. He leane in to kiss me. I raised my hand and SMACK.

"Ow you little-"

"What were you going to say huh. I know about you cheating on me. You can say goodbye to that big old jacket. Ya know what I'll just give it to Lauren."

He looked in complete shock.

"How- what- yo-."

"Look at how dumb he is. Come on girls lets go home", Rose said to us. We got home and we told dad what happened today.

"Well girls you're in luck. We're moving to Forks, Washington."

"WHAT", we all screamed together/

"Dad what about dance", Alice asked.

"They have one up there and they really need your help", he said looking at us, pleading with his golden eyes. We never knew why they were golden he said that was his actual eye color.

"YES", Rose screamed. We all stared at her.

"Don't look at me like that. You do realise what this means right. A NEW START", she screamed the end.

"Alright when do we leave dad", Alice asked.












SO tell me if you like it and if you want me to continue :)



























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plz post more soon
Ch 2
"Alright when do we leave dad", I asked.
"In two days. That way I can get your school grades and you can start packing. Tomorrow we start getting some things loaded. And Girls, throw away all your clothes you're going shopping in Seattle."
"Yes", all of us screamed.
(Yes Bella loves to shop too)
We went to bed that night talking about Lauren and Jacob.
"Bella, what are you going to tell Lauren tomorrow", Rose asked.
"I have a plan Bella. A really evil little pixie plan", I said before she could reply.
"What we should do is dress up all preppy and then flirt with his teammates. Bella you flirt with Demetri, the co-captian. Rose you can flirt with Tyler, and I'll flirt with Camdden. Alright now lets pick out what we're going to wear", I finished with a huge grin on my face. After being with Carlisle for almost as long as we've been alive, you really think he's our dad. Rosalie has his hair color and Bella and I have his body build. Alot of people actually think we're his daughters. With no wife and kids you can get a little lonely no matter how much money you have. When I found out he was our adoptive father, I didn't care because we were lucky to have him as our father. Rose loves him to death and I love the fact that he lets us do what we want, and Bella well lets just say she needs him when she's injured. No one can have a better father then we do. After finding what we were going to wear we went to our seperate rooms and fell asleep.


We woke up at five, and took showers. I just put mascara and clear lip gloss on. I know totally unlike me. Alice Mary-Brandon Cullen only wearing a bit make-up, right. After that I straightned my hair. I was still in my bathrobe when I went into my closet and pulled out what I was wearing along with my jewlery.
I looked in the mirror and was happy with what I saw. My shirt showed my belly button ring. I was happier than you thinh n=none of the girls, except my sisters, knew I had one.
(Alice belly button ring~
I would miss our dancing class at this school. But, the cool thing is we get to go against them at our new school.
I walked out of my room and saw the other girls straightening their hair. Well at least I know these girls are my sisters. They put on the same amount of make-up I did and then they went into their closets and got dressed. Rose came out first.
"Wow Rosalie, I think Tyler will fall at your feet."
"Oh Al you're just saying that", she said blushing. There's another thing we had in common. We always blushed when we were embarraresed, complimented, or in love. It's something we can't stop, 'cause it comes naturally.
"Dang Bel-la", Rose said all wide eyed. I was wrapped up in my own little world that I wasn't paying attention.
"Bella I'm so proud of you", I said hugging her.
"Why, just 'cause I can pick my own clothes now doesn't mean anything.
"Alright girls I have to get my things together and then I'll be hame right before you go to school. I'll take you to school, so just eat and relax", dad shouted from downstairs.
"Alrighty-o", I shouted back down.
"What do you guys want to eat", Bella asked us.
"Choclate Pancakes", Rose and I said together.
"How do I know what you want all the time. I mean yesterday it was blueberry waffles", she asked us.
"Mabye it's a triplet thing", Rose said out loud.

*1 hr nd 30 min l8er*
"Alright girls, time to leave. Get all your books so you can turn them in", dad said while coming in the kitchen.
We went upsatirs and got everything. I never used a backpack so I was good. When we got to school I saw Jacob standing next to Lauren Time. I looked in the back at Bella. She got the jacket and we said good-bye to dad. He went to the office and we went to Lauren and Jacob.
"Hey Lauren", Rose called to her. She tossed her black hair and looked at us.
"What do you want", she asked. Bella went up to her.
"As you know he cheated on me with you, I want to give you his jacket and to say good luck with him. He might cheat on you and you don't have to worry about us because we're moving. I thought you would want to know", she finished with a big smile.
"O-okay", she stuttered in shock.
"Buh-bye now", we said together. Jacob looked in shock as well. I, personally, thought it was hilarious. Rose walked over to Tyler, Bella walked over to Demetri, and I walked over to Camdden. The reason why we all flirted with someone and not just Bella was because Jake would try and flirt with us.
The bell rang and we went through our classes and ended up home. We went straight to our rooms and threw out all our clothes. Then we started packing.

So tell me how it was and thank you for reading.
thank you guys that are reading. Can you get any others to read. I really appreciate it. and critism is welcome

This is Lauren Time




theres Carlisle and Roses hair is blond not brown
Ch. 3
I couldn't believe we were moving. I mean ya I would miss it here but it's a new start. I've needed a new start ever since Lauren Time spread rumors about me and my sister around. I'll give it to her, she may be beautiful but she is too much of a drama queen. When we moved here as kids we were best friends, but freshman year she changed. After dating Kyle everything went downhill for her. He hurt her beyond repair and we tried helping her but she turned on us.
We were the juniors moving in the middle of the school year, going to another small town.
When we were down with packing we went downstairs to see dad pacing, deep in thought.
"Girls sit down. I have something very important to say", he said in a whisper.
We looked at each other and sat down.
"Have you ever noticed I don't look older than I did when you were little. How my eyes changed from gold to black", he asked us looking us in the eyes looking for a reaction. Even though people think I don't pay attention, because I'm always looking in the mirror or at my nails, I'm very optimistic, perceptive if that's what you want to call it. So I noticed many things others don't. Well, I'm not like Bella where she notices everything.
"Well, we always have wondered why you never grew old", Alice replied.
"Or never had the same eye color", Bella agreed.
"Or why you never slept or ate", I finished.
"Well it's time I told you the truth. You don't have to believe me, but I wish you would", our dad said.
"Come on dad, just spit it out. It can't be that bad. If you're a werewolf that would be cool," Alice said trying to ease the tension. Dad tensed.
"No way man. Vampires are cooler. If dad was a vampire I would be so happy", Bella said standing up.
"Well Alice you stand corrected", I said while laughing. Dad looked a bit more relieved. I was always the one that noticed this. Alot of people ask why I play with my sisters like I'm older than them. Well I'm older than Alice by two minuets, and Bella by four.
"Dad I think you need to come out with it", Bella said sitting back down.
"Well like I said my dears you can believe me and you may not", he whispered.
"Dad I was wondering as well why don't you go into the sunlight. You always stay home. And, you're always cold", Bella asked. See what I mean by Bella seeing more than me.
That's when I figured it out. Our adoptive father is a vampire. Never eating, sleeping, not going out in the sun, and always cold.
"Dad are you a-a vampire", I asked along with Alice. Bella looked like she was in shock, but in her eyes you could see her working it our in her head.
"Yes, I am. The reason why I told you now, was because where we're going there might be more there. I'm not sure."
I wasn't in shock so I got up and gave him a tight hug.
"I don't care what you are. I love you as you are always my true father and my gaurdian. I will never leave your side", I said.
He looked in my blue eyes and gave me another hug.
"Thank you Rosalie", he whispered. Then we were on the ground.
"OMG my daddys is the awsomest", Alice squealed.
"I agree Al but I think you officialy crushed me", Bella gasped.
"Alright I have everthing in your cars. Lets go", dad said helping us all up.

*12 hrs l8er*
We finally arrived in Forks at a really big house. I was in love with it as soon as I found my room. I put my belongs where they were supposed to go. I loked at my closet and it was huge. I went to look at my sisters room. I had to say I thought Rose's room was the best. We went together I found Carlisle in his room. I had to say it was very medival. But, it fit his role in time and his style.
"Hello girls, how do you like it. I know it big but still", he said smiling at us. We were used to his grace by now, and knowing why everything was perfect.
"I love it, but when can we go shopping", Alice asked bouncing up and down.
"Right now. Here I had to get new credit cards. Spend as much as you want", he said giving us new black credit cards.
"Thank you daddy", we all said at the same time. We gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran to our cars. It took us five hours until we were finished. Tomorrow we would be starting school. Dad would be working tonight and we put everything away. We fell aslppeep exhausted after our big day. We didn't even pick out what we were going to wear.

So there it is comment
heres the house and their rooms

Carlisle's Room

Rosalie's Room

Alice's Room

Bella's Room
Carlisle Car is the same but I changed the girls cars.

Alice's Car

Bella's Car

Rosalie's Car
srry guys i cant post their outfits cuz polyvore isnt working for me right now sooo...

Ch. 4
We found out today at school we were supposed to have new students. Emmett wanted to see if they were clumsy and would blush at stupid things. He wanted to make fun of them, as always.
"Hey Jazz", Emmett asked coming down stairs. I knew what he was planning to ask.
"No Emmett, I don't want to wrestle. Look at what happened to Esme's kitchen last time", Jasper pointed out. We all went back to that time.
Jazz and Emm fighting over a stupid game controller and going into the kitchen.
"I hade it first Jasper now give it here", Emmett boomed.
"No you didn't or else you would have it in your hands and it wouldn't be in mine", Jasper shouted back.
I sighed.
"Guys, look I'll-"
"What the", I ran into the kitchen. The whole counter was everywhere, and the table well lets just say shredded.
"Dude, wait till I tell mom. That was her favorite table", I said laughing at them.
"What's all that racket going on up here", Esme asked coming up from the basement.
She walked in and saw Emmett and Jasper in the mddle of the floor and me doubled over laughing really hard.
"What happened", Esme asked in a deep grave voice.
"Well uh mom", Jasper said stuttering.
Jasper never stutters.
"Well I had the controller and Jasper stole it from me and I wanted him to give it back and he wouldn't so I started the fight", Emmett smiled a really big goofy grin.
"Well I uh I'm sorry", he said looking at his feet. Mom finally calmed down.
"Well I could always make another one. You two clean this up, now", she said sternly.
"Yes mom", Jasper and Emmett said together.
"Ya I don't think you want to do that Emm. Just to be on the safe side", I said chuckling from the memory.
"Ya you're right. Well what do you think the new girls will be like", Emmett asked us.
"Well Coach Clapp said that they were trying out for the Dance Team next week. And you know what it's like. The whole school ditches lunch and goes to watch", Jasper replied.
"Do you think it'll be okay for them, and not freak. We may be on the team just for something to do but do you think they will frantinze that we're on it", I asked.
"I'm not sure Ed. Clapp said they were triplets and they're in our year. Lets hope that they don't hang with that Lauren Mallory and Jessica Stanley. Then the would be in the the Club Cullen Fans and we would have to listen to them talk about us", Emmett said while shuddering.
"You're right", I finished.
We went to our seperate rooms to get ready for the school day.

Today was our first day. You could feel the nervousness throughout the house. Dad hoping he would be able to get through the day without being attacked by the female nurses, and us by being able to fit in.
I picked out what I was going to wear and stepped out into my sister's room. Rose was sitting in Alice's bathroom.
"Bella go straighten your hair. We all are so you have to as well", Alice shouted from her closet.
"Okey dokey then", I said while turning to go to my bathroom.
Once I was finished I went back into her room and saw Rose was ready. Alice was doing her make-up.
"What do you want for breakfast", Rose asked me.
"I don't care, Alice", I asked my sister.
"Apple jacks for me", she replied.
"Ya the nerves are getting to us, so we'll have the same thing that alright", Rose asked.
"Ya", Alice and I replied together.

*1 hr l8er*
We headed to our cars and took off. Dad left a while ago, so it was just us when we left.
We went in our own cars and took off. It didn't take long for us to find the school. We parked in front of the office and went to get our schedules.
"How may I help you yong ladies", a kind woman asked us. Rose stepped forward.
"Yes my sisters and I are here for our schedules", she replied.
"Rosalie, Alice, and Isabella Cullen", she said.
"Ah yes here they are. Here's your shedules and maps. Come back in after school after getting these papers signed", she told us. Then we left to go to the parking lot for students.
We were the last cars in the lot and everyone stared at us. Especially these three really good looking guys. We parked right next to each other and stepped out at the same time. Some mouths dropped and some mouths popped. The girls were all glaring except one that came up to us.
"Hi, I'm Angela. You must be Rosalie, Alice and Isabella", she asked us.
"It's Bella", I replied. She seemed nice.
"Alright. I'm supposed to help you around. It's up to you if you want me to", she said looking happy.
"Of course. I can tell we're going to be great friends", Alice bounded up to her.
"I'm Alice by the way. Come on Bella, Rose", she said motioning us to follow. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Speaking of eyes, they were all on us. We found our lockers and just went to our first class. English.
"You must be the Cullens", the teacher asked us. She seemed nice. We all nodded.
"I'm Ms. Turner."
Then the bell rang. Students started filing in. The three really good looking boys came in as well. I saw their golden eyes and realized they were vampires. I looked at the others and they noticed as well.
"Quiet down class we have new students. Please meet Rosalie, Alice, and Isabella Cullen", she said pointing us out.
"It's Bella", I corrected her.
"Well then Bella, can you girls tell us something about yourselves", she asked.
"We LOVE to dance", we said together. Someone's hand went up.
"Yes Lauren", Ms. Turner called. Our eyes narrowed, but we composed our features very quickly.
"Weren't you Tehachapi Highschools captains", she asked snobbishly.
"Ya why", Rose asked.
"Rosalie Hale Cullen, calm it down", I hissed quietly to her. I could tell she was getting annoyed because Lauren was exactly like Lauren Time.
"No reason", she smiled a fake inoccent smile.
"What do else do you like girls", Ms. Turner asked again.
"Shopping", Alice squealed.
"Building and designing cars", Rose said after.
"Reading", I said after.
"Don't forget writing songs and singing Bella", Alice pointed out. I blushed.
"Well now that that's done you can sit down now."
We sat in the front knowing all eyes were on us.

The bell rang and we went to our seperate classes.

i really like the story plz keep writing


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