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Since all the stories got deleted I'm starting a new one and I will only continue with New Love once I post it again. I'm sorry to all my readers that read Impossible Love and Disaster but I can't keep up with all those stories and my school work now that everything is coming up. So this is a new story.


What if three sisters, Alice Rosalie and Bella, were dancers. The type of  dancers that compete like on Bring It On. They go to a small town highschool but its not in Washington, but in California. It's called Tehachapi Highschool. Well what if they transfered to Washington. They don't know their dad or mom but were adopted. Their adoptive father raised them and now they're stuck in another small town with the weirdest humans on Earth, or so they thought,



Chapter 1


My name is Bella Swan and I'm the head coach of our dance team. My sisters, Rosalie and Alice, are my co-captains. We're known in our school as the wanna-be's or so what the cheerleaders like to call us. My mother and father left us, as we are triplets, at the doorstep of our nextdoor neighbor, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He was the most beautiful man you could ever find. He didn't have a wife or children of his own so when we reached the age of 2 he finally adopted us. When we first moved it was here in Tehachapi and they didn't have any dance teams except at the highschool. Thirteen years later we were freshman. We tried out for it and then became the coaches and we loved it. I found myself a boyfriend, Jacob Black. It's been two years since we've been dating so all is good. Now we go back to the present day of our lives.


"Hey Bella, I um have some bad news for you", my sister Alice told me. We were on our way to lunch.

"Jake has b-been, I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you this-"

"Alice just spit it out already what about Jake", I asked impatiantly.

"Bella, Jakes been cheating on you", she said really fast.

"Wi-with who Alice", I said trying to not let any emotion leak into my voice.

"Lauren. Lauren Time", she said looking down from my gaze. "Rose heard them inside a janitors closet", she finished.

So the Football captain was cheating on the Dance captain with the cheerleading captain. I know its so confusing. I wasn't sad not one bit, I was Furious.

"Where is he", I asked Rose slowly as she just walked up.

"He,of course, is in the bathroom wiping off the lipstick on his shirt", she said while looking at her nails. I walked in the hallway and waited next to our class. Rose and Al followed me and waited on the other side next to the lockers. They knew my plan. He walked out and I walked up to him.

"Hey babe", he said, total player. He leane in to kiss me. I raised my hand and SMACK.

"Ow you little-"

"What were you going to say huh. I know about you cheating on me. You can say goodbye to that big old jacket. Ya know what I'll just give it to Lauren."

He looked in complete shock.

"How- what- yo-."

"Look at how dumb he is. Come on girls lets go home", Rose said to us. We got home and we told dad what happened today.

"Well girls you're in luck. We're moving to Forks, Washington."

"WHAT", we all screamed together/

"Dad what about dance", Alice asked.

"They have one up there and they really need your help", he said looking at us, pleading with his golden eyes. We never knew why they were golden he said that was his actual eye color.

"YES", Rose screamed. We all stared at her.

"Don't look at me like that. You do realise what this means right. A NEW START", she screamed the end.

"Alright when do we leave dad", Alice asked.












SO tell me if you like it and if you want me to continue :)



























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can't wait for more
"Alice, you invited them over", I hissed at her.
"Ya I did why", she said looking at me.
"Becuase don't you think it's a little early for your 'loves' to be coming over", I asked putting air quotes around loves.
"They are not our loves Isabella Marie. They're just coming over because Edward and Esme haven't seen dad since they were changed", Rosalie said glaring at me.
"Whatever. I'll be in my room for the night. If Emmett asks where I am tell him to shove off", I said slamming the car door and going inside.
"Bella, honey what's wrong", Carlisle asked me.
"othing dad, except the fact that Rosalie and Alice fell in love with their vampires that hated them yesterday and Alice invited them over because the one that my blood appeals to and their mom know you. So I'm not coming out even when they get here", I said running up to my room.
"Bella", dad called up to me.
"Yes Father", I asked looking at my siblings as they walked in the door.
"Please be careful for tonight. I don't want you going in the woods tonight. The park and everywhere else are okay but not the woods", he said.
"Okay then", I said going to my room.
I shut my door and grabbed my remote to my stereo. I turned it on and blared it. I put on All American Rejects and started my homework. I was in the middle of my English homework when I saw dust rising up where our driveway started. I looked out my window and saw a volvo and a big jeep drive up. Ugh they're here.

(CarlislePOV)* i no someone new*
I heard Bella sigh when she got in her room. The next thing I heard was her radio.
"What happened today that made your sister so angry", I asked them.
"Well we ended up making freinds with all of the va,pires and we hit it off and knew we were falling for them and Isabella didn't want to admit it and all", Rosalie told me.
"Ya and she found out that I invited them over because Edward said he and his mom, Esme, knew you and you changed them. So I said hey why don't you come see him", Alice said looking really confused.
"You girls do realise that she just broke up with Jake so she doesn't want a relationship", I said looking them in the eyes.
"Ya I guess we forgot", they replied.
A few hours later we heard two cars on the driveway. Bella was still in her room doing homework and the music was still as loud. Then there was a knock at the door.
"I'll get it", Alice and Rose screamed.
Greetings were heard from the door and I went into the living room.
"Alice why don't you let them in", I said chuckling.
The first one in was Esme. The last one I changed. Nezt was Edward. The first one I changed. Then two other boys came in and started joking with the girls.
"Ah, Carlisle. It is nice to see you again", Esme said hugging me. I hugged her back, missing her embrace.
"It is wonderful to see you as well Esme. And Edward still looking good as always", I said shaking his hand.
"Yes it is such a suprise to see you again Carlisle", he replied.
"Well we have some catching up to do, don't we boys", Esme said looking back and forth between us.

I still heard the booming laugh of Emmett over the music. It got closer and closer and closer, till it was on the third floor. I got up and locked my door and stepped out on the balcony. I breathed in the cold air missing the warm air of Tehachapi.
"Bella open the door", Rose said through the door.
"No go away", I yelled back.
"Look Bells we're sorry really we are", Alice said after a moments of silence. I finally opened the door and there stood my sisters, Jasper, and Emmett.
"What do you want girls", I asked.
I walked back into my room and towards my stereo, switching out my bands to Linkin Park. I turned it down a bit and looked at them.
"Well we want-"
"To go to the park. Please Jelly Belly", Emmett begged me on his knees. That did it. I was on the ground with asper rolling around.
"", I asked trying to regain my breath but then bursting into another round of laughter. This time everyone was on the floor except Emmett.
"What. What did I do wrong this time", he asked confused.
"Nothing Emmett. It's just the name it funny but cute at the same time, Teddy Bear", I said sticking my tounge out at him.
I ran downstairs to take off out the front door.
"Bella get back here now", Rose said while laughing.
"You have to catch me first", I said running even faster.
Then the next thing I know I was in Emmett's bone crushing hug.
"Okay Emmett... Human... Needss,, Airrrr", I said taking in as much
"Sorry Bells. But I CAUGHT YOU", he said luaghing.
"Ya you did now how about we go to the park", I said looping my arms with Alice and Rose.
I jumped in mycar and so did everyone else. We arrived at the park and you'll never guess who I saw. It was my worst nightmare....

HAHAHAHA cliffy love u all and hope u enjoyed it. and this isn't going to be Bella's first time going off on people
luv it..
plz post more soon..
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz keep updating
GEUSS WHO!!!! I MISSED YOU GUYS..... well here it is.

"Jacob Black what the heck do you think you're doing here", I asked, yelling at him.
"I want you back Bells. Come back and live with me please", He said putting on his puppy face.
"NO! You really thought I would fall into your plan just like that", I asked him taking a step forward.
He looked down at the ground like a little boy that just got in trouble. I knew he was stupid, but did he think I was stupid enough to go back to Tehachapi with him. Well he's in for a big suprise.
"That's what I thought. You are so dumb to think I would go. Well I hope you love what Ima 'bout to do to you", I said, going up to him.
I punched and then I tackled him to the ground. I may not seem violent but trust me I am. I got up and he looked at me with tears in his eyes. Oh they we're totally fake.
"But Bells I thought you loved me", he said putting on his puppy dog eyes again.
"That's a lie and you know it. I stopped loving you."
I kicked him and walked away.
"Lets go on the swings guys", I said to them as my sisters giggled at the boys.
"Emmett that hurt", I said.
We played at the park for a little while knowing we would have to go home soon. As dark neared I got up with Alice.
"Bella we have to go home soon", she told me giving me a hug.
"Ummm okay", I said in my voice that's like why is she hugging me.
" 'Kay lets go get the others."
We went home and I said goodnight to everyone, except Edward and I went to bed. I had a feeling something good was going to happen tomorrow.

I know I said this would be an Edward Bella story but I think I'm going to change that. Edward will fall in love but with another human. And Bella will fall in love but with another vampire. Little do they know is that these people knew Bella and her sisters parents. So I'm making them appear in the sometine next future. Don't hate me for this please. Love you all. And Impossible Love's sequel is going to be named Sunset is the Beauty. Also it's going to be a split character book. Between Chase and Bells....
Love it

love it post more soon please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


n can u keep me updated please


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