The Twilight Saga

What if Aro fell madly in love with Bella, and his more than willing to do anything just to get his heart's desire.


What would Edward feel?


What would Bella do?


Will Edward and Bella's relationship remain strong enough to prevail?


Or will Aro have the last laugh? 


Read and discover yourself what happens next ...


List of Chapters available:

Chapter 1 - Boredom

Chapter 2 - Preparation

Chapter 3 - Home

Chapter 4 - Vision

Chapter 5 - False Alarm

Chapter 6 - Agony

Chapter 7 - Escapade




about my first FAN fic :))


Hope you all like it!






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Ohhh....your story sounds really good and I think you should definitely write it.
Really?!? I can't believe someone like you would want to read my work
Thanks that's so inspiring of you to say
I already made my draft you see, so it just needs a little editing and its done.
I'll keep you updated for sure soon enough :D
What do you mean by that? Of course I'd love to read what you wrote because it has already peeked my interest and I want to see where you take it.
awwhhh thanks :))
Wow... I've never thought of this before. Do everyone a favor and WRITE THE STORY!
Yeah me too, I never thought that I would have these kind of idea
and somehow it excites me to write this story
cause you'll never really know what'll happen next xDDD
thanks for the encouragement
I'll definitely WRITE THE STORY especially for you :))
Chapter 1– Boredom
Aro’s POV

Today has been the same as any other day I had to spend for the rest of I don’t know … the whole eternity? I sat here looking wise and honorable at my throne, which only meant the world to me.

Right now I had to make another cruel judgment over this disobedient vampire whom I consider a disgrace to our whole race, and still nothing was more worthwhile than doing what I know I had to do and that’s to end his most pitiful immortality for I enjoyed doing this often. I laughed to myself with the thought of blood & gore. These things really made my day.

A second have passed and I’ve made my verdict “Jane can you give our guest the warm welcome he deserves.” I grinned as I said these words to Jane, who was fully aware of what I actually meant when I said those words.

After making my consecutive trials at the castle throne room, I decided to make a short stroll around the great garden and have a look at the slaves working there. As I made my stroll I wondered to myself that its been years since I’ve had an affair with Sulpicia.

She was considered as the most beautiful maiden at my time so I got to her for myself and turned her into a vampire. Like I said I always get want I want and nothing can stop me from getting it not even the force the binds nature all together.

As the years have gone by I started to realize that I was getting tired of my relationship with my mate so now I had created a funny thought in my mind of making her as one of my slaves instead of killing her just to keep her precious gift of turning things into ice.

After a few days I’ve finalized my thoughts. “Felix bring Sulpicia before my presence.” I ordered him in a husky voice.

“Yes of course Master.” He immediately replied before I could even make a gesture.

Half a second passed and Felix came before me with my beloved Sulpicia. “Hello my love you look inevitably charming just like the first time I laid my eyes on you.” I said as remarkable compliment to her.

“I’m glad that you asked to see me my dear Aro.” She replied in a hopeful tone.

“Glad you say … I think hopeful may be the word you’re looking for. Am I right my beloved?”

“What could you possibly mean my dear Aro?” She asked me worried.

“Worried are we now? Well there’s really no need for that feeling now. I’m willing to take you in as one of my loyal subjects. All you have to do is stay obedient to me and you live.”

“Li … ve?” She asked with her lips twitching.

“Yes I’m sorry my beloved, but your time is up and I have no need of your love services anymore, so to show you some mercy I’m letting you continue living with me as one of my guards.”

“Aro, my dear PLEASE give me another chance!” She begged me almost crying.

“I’m sorry Silpicia. Believe me this is harder for me than you think.” I said those words to her knowing it was a complete lie for I know that getting rid of her makes things a whole lot easier.

“Take her away and bring her to Chelsea.”

“Yes Master right away.” Felix replied

From that moment on I knew that things would start to get more and more interesting. I’ve soon come to a point of feeling emptiness in my rightful throne after all a king needs a queen so I’ve ordered my guards to bring me the most beautiful maiden they can find in town to feed my own satisfaction.

“Yes Master we are pleased to be of service to you.” I heard Jane, Alec and Demetri reply together with the rest of the other guards as soon as I finished giving my order.

More days have passed and not even one among all the maidens they brought got my interest, but still I got all those maidens for myself and killed them when I got tired of them. I know I was petty and pretty much hard to please because I always wanted to have only the finest in town no matter what.

I know I was furious to get things done my way and it always happened that way for the past centuries for not even my dear brothers have the strength to oppose my will.

Hope you all like it :D
WOW!!!!! I REALLY like it!!!!!
awesome!!!!! post more soon
Hi Angel Cullen! I really enjoyed reading this chapter! Thank you for taking your time writing it, you have a great imagination, thank you! I hope to read more soon!
Wow that is really really good... I am very impressed and can't wait to read more... GREAT JOB!!!!
please write more soon and keep me updated please??


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