The Twilight Saga

What if Aro fell madly in love with Bella, and his more than willing to do anything just to get his heart's desire.


What would Edward feel?


What would Bella do?


Will Edward and Bella's relationship remain strong enough to prevail?


Or will Aro have the last laugh? 


Read and discover yourself what happens next ...


List of Chapters available:

Chapter 1 - Boredom

Chapter 2 - Preparation

Chapter 3 - Home

Chapter 4 - Vision

Chapter 5 - False Alarm

Chapter 6 - Agony

Chapter 7 - Escapade




about my first FAN fic :))


Hope you all like it!






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if this was facebook i would have pressed "like"!!!lol:D:D:D
it a very satisfying chapter!!!:D::D:D:D the long wait was worth it!!!
though please don't stop giving updates, i've grown to adore your fanfic!!!!
Awwhhh that's really something very sweet of you to say. I'm very grateful and I'll keep on giving my best to every chapter that I write about this FAN fic, cause I myself have grown so engrosed to my story.
Thanks a lot for your compliment :D
*new reader*
this is great

I'll be sure to keep you updated :D
oh thanks :)
Chapter 7 - Escapade
Jacob’s POV

“Neeesssssssiiiiiee! come out, come out where ever you are.” I shouted vigorously as I played the enchanting game of hide-and-seek with my little dare devil.

“I’m getting closer and closer and closer ... ” I said with a hint of threat in my voice as I spotted where my fair little princess is hiding.

I slowly walked behind her waiting for the chance to give her a surprise. Looking at her clueless face made me loose control of myself and jump off her as I gave a loud roar.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhh!” I heard Nessie shriek in excitement while laughing her throat off as she giggled in laughter.

She’s definitely got all worked up by me, but the happiness she’s given my very existence can never compare to anything else in the world.

I used to see the woods as nothing but mere shelter for wild animals like me. I guess having to stay in my wolf form for too long made me get used to the place, though never would I consider it as my home.

Now I reckon this place as my very own paradise. Wait a second ... Did I just say PARADISE? Now I’m definitely contradicting my own thoughts. Others would say that’s really strange, but opinions do change and who the hell cares this is ME.

Nessie enjoyed playing in the woods and as much as I hated it, I fell in love in the thought of considering it as a world only built for the two of us. It has always been a place where we could freely express ourselves without the fear of being judged.

She opened a lot of doors for me and now I’m clearly seeing the light, that I thought I’d once lost to Edward, but never did I realize that he’d also be the one to help me find my way back.

Imprinting on my Nessie was the most unexpected phenomena that occurred before my presence. The thought of imprinting itself was instinctive, but to fall madly in love with my first love’s kid is definitely awkward and somehow not something you get across with everyday.

My Nessie’s truly a beauty. No doubt about that. In my eyes she’s like a beautiful rose filled with thorns that I’d never hesitate to pick. I consider her as my queen and I’d do anything just to please her. Even if it means for me to take my own life ...

Pleasing my Nessie is the only thing that could give me the feeling of satisfaction in this lifetime. Reminiscing now how I got all hanged up with Bella and Edward’s relationship makes me wonder what made me even like Bella in the first place.

No offense to Edward but looking at her now, I think she’s too damn plain. I mean I can’t decipher what made Edward obsessed with her and run around her like a dog. I guess this is one proof that love really is freaking blind and works in damn mysterious ways.

“What’s the matter Jakey?” Nessie wondered asking me with a suspicious look.

“No sweetheart everything’s all great. Just being with you is enough to make my day.” I replied with the sweetest smile I could reciprocate.

“I love you so much Jakey.” She said with her high pitched voice that sounded like an angel’s whisper.

“I love you too dear.” I replied almost crying. I don’t want to be dramatic but hearing her speak of her feelings for me is just too much too bear especially when I know that everything seems perfect for the both of us.

“Arf arf arf arf arf arf arf!” My cellphone rang. What an ironic ringtone for sure, but I kinda like it since Nessie picked it up for me.

“Who is it?” She asked

I checked my phone to find out just as she wanted to, and just as I expected it was Edward calling. I hate it whenever things goes down to this. I mean I’m still in the middle of my date here ... Can’t anyone get that?!

This is really annoying, but what else can I say he’s the father of my love and I can’t really do much about that complication in our relationship.

“Oh it’s nothing dear, I think we should be heading home. You know we could always continue this next time. ” I told her as I send Edward a text message that we’ll be home sooner before he even dares to make a run for it.

I never really answer Edward’s calls, because they totally ruin my mood every single time. I just hope the next call I’d receive next time would be from Bella, cause somehow she grew to accept my feelings for her child. On the other hand Edward seems to be growing more and more overly protective of Nessie as each day passes.

This is really getting into my nerves more and more like a mentally unstable being whose about to lose it. I can’t accept the fact that he’s still having uncertainties about me being able to control myself whenever I’m with my Nessie.

Oh yeah I’ll show him the better of me and prove to him how irrational and pointless his suspicions over me are, and when that time comes I’ll surely get the last laugh and be the last man standing for my Nessie.

My dear readers, I couldn’t express my utmost gratitude for you all besides writing you all this chapter, so I hope that it will continue to live up to your expectations and liking :D
yes! well said jakey stand by your girl!

still lovin it Angel I definitely got strong imprint vibes this chap good job!
Sweet! Kinda interesting :-)
Please post asap!
I sure will just hang in there :D
it's great...wonder what will happen next!!??:D:D:D:D


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