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It was the beginning of my last month here on dry land. I was so happy that I soon would be able to return home to the sea. Just like every mermaid, I had to undergo a ritual to prove that I had reached a mature nature. Me Lorelei, the next serene, and daughter of Triton, had to prove herself even more. So my father had ordered me to spend this year in New Orleans, close to the water that would call out to me every second of every day.

Today would be the start of me saying goodbye. To tell my story and to let it spread, that my mom had become ill and I needed to get back home to help because I'm the oldest daughter and I needed to take over the responsibilities to take care of the family. People knew I had a big family, the amount of brothers and sisters had been the talk of the town. I never really gave a number, they just took their own conclusions.

I got ready to go out; I needed to post a letter to say that I was coming back home. Buy some groceries and order some things for my so-called way back home. I could use some new shoes and a proper travel dress; I also needed to reserve a place on a carriage.


I'm invited to a dance; my chaperone will be the mayor’s son. I'm guessing it's because they do believe the story about my dad being the mayor of my home town. I will wear my light blue dress; it's my favorite and I just haven't had the right excuse to wear it.


I've had the most amazing evening and night of my existence. Apparently there is a new family in town, the Willens. They all looked so young, even the parents. So you've got Mr. and Mrs. Willen and there adopted children, Alexander and Elizabeth. Mr. Willen adopted them right after the death of his older brother and sister in-law. Another thing that amazed me was their beauty, I've never encounterd someone so beautiful as them.

It was halfway the dance evening, when I was asked Alexander to dance; eyes like gold and a smile that dazzled me more than anything. I knew right there that I was lost, a mermaid only gives her love and heart to one person.

This couldn't be happening right now. I was going back in about a month, back home...To the sea. Love wasn't something that I had expected.


I've seen Alexander, we've said goodbye. I need to go but I'll always have my heart here with him. We kissed and it was the most magical moment. I started crying. He kissed the tears of my cheeks and promised me that wasn't good buy. We would see each other again.


I'm so happy; my dad finally granted me the permission to go back to New Orleans. I will see Alexander again; I've been watching him from a distance. Sometimes it was like he knew someone was watching him. He would have been looking right into my eyes when he had been right in front of me.

My grandma, the king’s mother, had told me a little secret about Alexander. She said I needed to know before I went back to Alexander. She also had been watching him, but with different eyes. She just feels what someone is like. She started by saying that Alexander is an amazing person, but hat he also has a secret. He has a darker side and he's fighting that side every moment. He's a vampire, the fact that he has golden eyes is something she couldn't explain, because vampires are supposed to have red eyes. Also that he's part of a vampire family is something different than known.


I'm back and Alexander stood there on the little hidden beach, waiting for me. He knew, he had really seen me as a mermaid. He looked into my eyes and I could feel that everything would be all right. He knew I had heard about his secret.

We took each other’s hands and started walking towards his house. Our love would guide us into this new chapter of our not so normal lives.
Shure Nina. And thank you!!!!
awesome mieke!!!
Thank you Shadow!!!!!! Glad you like it. Hihi ;)
i havent talked to you in forever!!!

ps keep me updated
I made another banner for you. Please enjoy!

Thank you Kendall!!!! I'm enjoying it right wow!!!!
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I'm glad you like it. &sorry if I seem... out of whack. A nice old man that lives just a few houses down from me committed suicide earlier so yeah...
Sorry to hear that. Not really the nice expirience.
And how are you now?


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