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Black Rose sequel.

Previously: Summer Sky a 15 year old vampire. Her fiancee Alex Gilbert turned her after she was shot by a vampire hunter at the prom. She is no ordinary vampire, she is the most powerful vampire anyone has seen. She discovered she is Goddess Diana's daughter. She is now destined to be queen. Soon after Alex disappeared from the house. As she searched the forest around the house, his family also disappeared. A warrior Ehno finds her sitting on a tree and helps her find her powers. She discovered that she had 3 gifts so far, Mind Control, controlling the 4 elements, and painting her thoughts. She hears Alex's voice in the wind and finds out Ana and Edgar have him in a cave. The problem is, which cave is it?

Future queen, Summer Sky, the daughter of the Goddess Diana, the goddess of the moon. Alex  Gilbert has been kidnapped. It is up to Summer to save him from the dangers of Edgar. As she discovers more of there history. The only way to solve it is by going to the past and fixing it. Warrior Ehno gets her prepared to rescue Alex.How will she do that? Will Alex live? Will Summer reach Alex on time? Will Summer survive?

I am not starting until it's Friday.

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Comment please. I hope this get's a lot more people than Black Rose actually did.
cant wait til you start Dark Love please keep me posted!:D
of course you will be updated. I can't wait either but I need time to get banners.
o.m.g.START WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not right now. I am a little to tired to write anything I just want to listen to music.
omg sooo pumped for the sequel!
I am getting prepared for tomorrow as in I am writing it right now.

keep me posted


I am postin in 20 minutes.
THE BOOK IS IN SUMMERS POV UNLESS I SAY SO. I worked on this for 2 days enjoy. This was fun.

Dark Love Chapter 1: Alex- summer

Alex has been gone for a week now. Ehno has had me training this whole time. We both had to fight as training a lot.
"Are you tired yet?" I asked him.
"Nope." He replied. He dropped me for the millionth time.
I groaned as my back hit the ground painfully. "Well I am." I said.
He laughed.
I put my hair in a ponytail. "What is so funny?" I asked him.
"Your so easy even with powers." He answered.
"I can use my powers on you?"
"Of course it's training. Nothing can hurt me." He said.
I took that as a challenge. I felt the element earth power me. I knew what to do now.
Earth drop the tree on him.
The tree fell with a big bang as it hit his head.
I laughed.
"Okay a little help over here." He said.
I walked over laughing still. "I thought you said you could take it." I said.
"I guess your powers are stronger than I thought." He said.
I smiled.
He looked into my eyes.
"Oh no." Was all he said.
Go hit your self with a branch.
He walked over to the tree I just knocked on top of him and broke a branch off.
He hit himself with it.
As I laughed, I ordered him to stop.
He walked over to me. "My head hurts now." He said.
I stopped laughing and watched him.
I saw the river that ran behind the bushes around the trees. I starred at it. I felt the element of water fill me.
I looked at Ehno.
Water, drop water on Ehno.
I saw water snake over Ehno's head and eventually fall on him.
I laughed.
This is great for pranking.
I smiled for second.
I got serious when I saw Ehno get mad and charge me.
I smiled evilly. I felt the elements fill me.
Air block his path. Earth make quick sand. Fire burn his feet lightly. Water wet his feet after.
I saw my orders take place.
"Stop it!" Ehno yelled.
"What kind of warrior are you?" I asked laughing.
I told the elements to stop.
I saw him sigh in relief.
I smiled.
"Never do that again." He told me.
"No promises." I said walking away.
"Your powers can kill." He said.
I nodded.
I stopped and looked at him. "Can we go rescue Alex now?" Saying his name always made my dead heart hurt.
"No, you must learn to fight." He replied.
I looked at his eyes. I wanted to compel him but he looked away.
"You just said my powers could kill." I begged.
"Yes but what if it misses." He said.
"I promise you you can run but it'll follow you until it gets you" I said in a menacing voice.
"Your scaring me." He said.
"What a warrior you are." I said. "More like a baby." I laughed.
"I heard that." He said.
"And you were supposed to hear that duh." I said.
He laughed.
"Fine but at the first sign of them getting near you I'm going in." He said.
"Finally." I said. "Now the problem is I have to find which cave Alex is in."
I stopped running. I whispered to the wind, "Alex where are you?"
The reply came silently, "In a cave out of Alaska somewhere far away. Please hurry. Juliet and everyone else are here." The wind said in Alex's voice.
I smiled. I missed his voice.
" Hurry Summer. Stop wasting time." Alex whispered.
"Okay." I said a little to loud.
" Who are you talking to?" Ehno asked.
"The wind is talking to me." I said.
"The wind?" He asked.
"I think it's Alex talking to me through the wind." I said. I had that theory now.
"He told you where he is?" Ehno asked.
"Yes. Warrior let's go." I said.
"First of all, what did he say?"
"He told me he is in a cave out of Alaska somewhere far away. My mom and the rest of the family are there." I told him.
I saw a shadow in the forest in front of me. It was getting closer.
"Who's there?" I asked.
"Oh sorry Summer. I didn't mean to scare you." William walked out of the forest.
I gasped in surprise.
Warrior Ehno relaxed a bit. He didn't know William.
I ran to hug William but Ehno stopped me in my tracks.
"Warrior please he is part of my family." I begged.
"You can't trust no one right now." He explained.
I chuckled. "Your telling that to the most powerful vampire in the world.
"Fine." He sighed.
I continued my run toward William. I gave him a huge hug.
"Summer what's wrong?" He asked me.
"Why were you gone for a week?" I asked him back.
"Oh I was hunting with Peter and Heidi but while I was attacking I found a hospital that had a lot of sick people so I used my healing powers to help them. When I came back a few days later they were gone. I came back. What I miss?" He said.
"The whole family except for you and I were kidnapped." I said.
He starred at me in surprise.
"You thought I was kidnapped too?" He asked.
I nodded. "I thought you were coming 3 days after but you never came back so I thought you were kidnapped too." I explained.
I looked up at him. "Your a healer?" I asked.
He laughed. " I guess Alex never said anything about our gifts. The twins can each do something with there minds, Sapphire can teleport anything with a look, and Ruby can make anything invisible. I learned that the hard way." He said and chuckled. "Peter can track anything even an animal. Heidi can can read anyone or anythings mind. Anthony has a special gift he can shot something and never miss what he is aiming at. Rebbecca can change time. Juliet can change weather. Alex is special he doesn't tell no one his gift." He said.
"Alex has a power?" I asked.
"Yes. He has never told me anything. He only says that it is to dangerous to use around us." He said.
I was surprised. He has been acting weird since I knew he was a vampire.
"Do you know his gift?" I asked.
"Yes. But he told me never to tell anyone for safety precautions."
"Can you tell me?" I asked.
"Okay fine. He is a shape-shifter he can turn into anything he wants. It's dangerous because he can lose control and act like the animal he has changed into." He said.
"Wow. That is dangerous." I said.
"He has never used it before."
"I have a few powers myself." I said.
"Really?" He asked.
"Yeah but I don't want to tell anyone yet." I said.
"Okay. Your choice. Summer, is it true?" He asked me.
"Is what true?"
"Is it true you are the future vampire queen?"
I nodded. "I am Goddess Diana's daughter." I said.
"I've heard legends about Diana's daughter, her name was Annabelle. Because the goddess promised to never get married and have children, Annabelle or Almira, is a distant daughter, more of a given child. When I first turned into a vampire I heard the stories. The goddess's daughter will be queen of vampires and will be named Annabelle or as many call her Almira, as she preferred to be called." He told me.
"I heard that a few years ago." Warrior ehno said, scaring me. He was so quiet behind me.
I just read it over. I did a good job.
this is really an amazing story please add me and update me when you post more! thanks ~Aurora


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