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Black Rose sequel.

Previously: Summer Sky a 15 year old vampire. Her fiancee Alex Gilbert turned her after she was shot by a vampire hunter at the prom. She is no ordinary vampire, she is the most powerful vampire anyone has seen. She discovered she is Goddess Diana's daughter. She is now destined to be queen. Soon after Alex disappeared from the house. As she searched the forest around the house, his family also disappeared. A warrior Ehno finds her sitting on a tree and helps her find her powers. She discovered that she had 3 gifts so far, Mind Control, controlling the 4 elements, and painting her thoughts. She hears Alex's voice in the wind and finds out Ana and Edgar have him in a cave. The problem is, which cave is it?

Future queen, Summer Sky, the daughter of the Goddess Diana, the goddess of the moon. Alex  Gilbert has been kidnapped. It is up to Summer to save him from the dangers of Edgar. As she discovers more of there history. The only way to solve it is by going to the past and fixing it. Warrior Ehno gets her prepared to rescue Alex.How will she do that? Will Alex live? Will Summer reach Alex on time? Will Summer survive?

I am not starting until it's Friday.

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Black Rose:


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i loved it update soon plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sooooooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soooooooooooooooo good more please.
**new reader found this story from one of your other stories :) please post more soon you havent written anything since August 1 2010 and it is was November 2nd so please post more soon
now its november 15
sorry ive been busy with high school. This will be the bnext one updated i promise.
This is why I was confused. I forgot to post it on here.

Chapter 7~ Family

"Ehno!" I yelled. He was here in a second.
"Whats up?" He asked when I saw me sitting on a tree root alone.
"Um, shouldn't we be going to Italy soon?" I asked.
"The plane tickets are for tomorrow." He said.
My teleporting powers will be a better use for this. "Why use slow planes when I'm here?"
"True." He said. "It'll be faster and we would be able to find them faster. I'll go get Alex." He walked away.
I heard a a sound coming from the woods behind me. Power surged through me like electricity.
I turned to look around and saw nothing but green and white.
I stood up.
Earth make the trees show who's there.
The trees moved out of the way and made a small path.
I walked in.
I heard another sound. Then I saw who was there.
"Anne?" I asked.
"Hi Summer." She said.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"I was looking for your house but I got lost in the woods." She smiled.
"Have you heard from Ana?" I asked.
She shook her head."Thats why I was coming." She said.
"Anne, I have no idea how to tell you this but Ana is a vampire." I tried to not hesitate and just let it out.
"What are you crazy?" She said.
"No. I should know. I'm a vampire too." I whispered.
"Summer, what are you talking about?" She said.
"Stop making this harder for me. Look at my eyes!" I tried to keep compulsion out of this.
"You can't be!"
"Why are you some kind of hunter?" I asked finding it weird that her reaction was this bad.
"No, but my parents are!" She said.
That surprised me. "Then why haven't they found Ana, or us."
"Well I don't know." She said.
"Summer!" I heard Ehno call me.
"Sorry Anne, but I got to go." I said and took her with me.
As soon as I was back to the back yard I let go of her and watched the path go back to just trees.

wow first to reply

this is great write morre soon cant wait to see what comes next


love it post more!!!


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