The Twilight Saga


Jacob's Pov

You could run, or fight someone you hated. But how could when the one you wanted to fight, was the one you loved most in the world? I loved Chelsey unconditionally, but I also hated her for what she did to me and my family. She had put their lives in grave danger, and hurt me more than Bella ever did. But she also stiched me back so carefully it was like I had never been torn

Now, in the Dark Twilight we would all fight for love and forgiveness against our greatest enemies, and ourselves.

Chapter 1- Coming Back to Life

“Jake…JACOB EMPHRIAM BLACK!!!!” I recognized the familiar voice of my dad from the doorway. I turned around on my too small bed, and sat up slowly.

            “What do you want?” I growled. It was unusual that my dad bothered me while I was sleeping--or in this case trying to not think.

“Jacob, you’ve been laying here for days! You haven’t left for anything. You just lay in here and mope about something you have no control over!” He yelled. His old, wrinkled face looked worried and tired, which was becoming more common.

“I’m not moping!” I argued. He had no idea about what was going on. My entire life no longer had meaning, and he expected me to do something?

            “Moping is exactly what you are doing. It’s her choice to become one of them Jake, and if you truly care for her, you will let her do what she wants.”

            “Don’t ever say that! Becoming one of them is what’s going to kill her!” I roared.

            “Think whatever you want Jake, but I know one thing for sure; sitting in here isn’t doing anyone any good. You need to get out and do something.” He said calmly.

            “Fine, I’ll go outside.” I grumbled as I rolled out of bed.

            “Thanks.” He said as he left the room. I grabbed a t-shirt and threw it over my jeans. I purposely avoided the mirror because I knew how I would look; I would have dark bags under my eyes from the lack of sleep, my short hair would be grimy, and my eyes would look empty.

            I stomped through the house, slamming the door as I left. I walked around our small cottage, into the forest. I was sick of everyone feeling sorry for me, and telling me it would be okay. It was not going to be okay.

            The girl I loved was going to be turned into a vampire in a few weeks, and would become my enemy. I would be forced to track her and the rest of the Cullen clan down for breaking the treaty. I would have to kill her. The thought sent shudders down my spine. I kept walking, and I didn’t really notice where I was going until I looked up and saw Seth Clearwater. I was on the edge of the reservation.

            “Hey Jake!” Seth called as he got out of his truck and sprinted over. “What’s up?” He asked cheerfully.

            “The sky.” I remarked sarcastically.

            “How are you feeling?” He asked. What, did he think I was sick or something?

            “Oh, I’m just dandy Seth.” I replied bitterly.

            “Are you okay Jacob?” He asked solemnly as he put his hand on my shoulder. I shook it off quickly.

            “Do I look okay Seth?!? Do you think I’ll ever be okay again? If you do, then you’re wrong.”

            “Jake, I-“

              “Just leave me along Seth.” Before he could stop me, I took off into the forest and phased smoothly.

            Damn, I just couldn’t do anything right anymore. I screwed up with Bella, and now with Seth. I just couldn’t stop hurting people, could I? I kept running, trying to not think, make my mind go blind, and ended up outside Forks Diner.

            Through the small amount of trees I could see a few vehicles parked outside. Only one person stood outside though, a teenage girl. I focused on her, trying to take my mind off my life, and suddenly it felt like the world stopped. Heat washed over every part of my body, different from when I was running.

            She was around my age, with a milky white complexion, honey-blonde hair, a slender face, full lips and big, baby blue eyes. Every part of me came undone as I looked at her. All that things that made me who I was- my love for Bella, for my father, the loyalty to my pack, my hatred for my enemies and myself-all came undone. Everything I thought seemed unimportant at this point. I could see now that my entire universe would revolve around this one thing. This girl.

            It felt like my heart was stabbed as she climbed into a white mercer and pulled out of the parking lot. Reality snapped around me like elastic as I remembered where I was. Without another moment of hesitation, I ran around the edge of the forest towards the highway.

            I finally caught up to her, and without much difficulty, kept up. I glanced at her more than most would say was appropriate. She looked distressed, and by the way that she was gripping the steering wheel, I assumed that she was worried about something. I knew that I was worried to, because I didn’t know what to do. How would I tell her? How was I going to meet her even?

            That worry went away as she slowed down, but came right back as she pulled into Bella’s driveway. She climbed out of the car and flew up the steps in very gracefully movements. When Bella opened the door, they hugged each other happily. I was stunned at how I felt. Normally I would have pain at the sight of Bella, but I felt nothing. Weird.

Her and Bella entered the house and then I knew what I had to do. I phased and pulled on my clothes. I took a deep breath of the familiar musky, forest air and then slowly walked towards Bella house. Just as I started to climb the stairs, cold drops fell down my face. There was no way to escape the rain in Forks.

             I rang the doorbell and within seconds Bella opened the door. Her expression was a complete mask shock. Her big chocolate brown eyes filled with happiness, something like nervousness through my stomach. The last time I had seen her was after her and Edward came back from Italy. Right after she told me that she didn’t love me and that she loved Edward.

            “Jacob?” She whispered.

            "Hey Bells.” I replied casually. She stepped forward and threw her slightly cold arms around me. I usually would have gripped my arms around her at the chance to be close to her, but now the hug felt…awkward. She pulled me into the house, and into the small living room.  

The girl sat on the couch, and she was even more beautiful up close. Her eyes were so bright and mysterious, it was intriguing.

            “Chelsey, this is Jacob. Jacob, this is Chelsey.” Bella introduced us eagerly. Chelsey stood and reached her small hand out. As our skin contacted, there was a strange feeling. A shock ran through my body. It was like every vein was filled with fire.

             “It’s…nice to meet you.” Chelsey stuttered in a gentle, melodically voice. I unwillingly drew my hand back. I wanted to hold on to her forever.




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Can't wait 4 nxt
I love your story!
omj. luv it!!!!!
ha. i start skool soon 2. it startz on my birthday! kan u believe it?! lol
Awomee !!! Yay, my fan-fic is on your PSS thingy xD Keep writing !! Hurry, I mean it !
Dark Twilight

Only now after I had told somebody about my childhood, and what I was forced to do, did I realize how wrong it was. How did I believe that werewolves were bad, when really it was the Black Cross that was bad. I now saw, what I didn’t see before.
I thought that everything I had with Jacob, was gone. That he would never forgive me, and would hate me forever. I deserved it. But when he stood up for me against Embry, I knew that he didn’t hate me complete. I knew that when he took care of my injury, that he stilled loved me a bit. It was too good to be true.
“Jake, Sam wants you to bring Chelsey out so we can discuss the Black Cross more.” Seth said slowly and carefully, as to not offend Jacob in anyway.
“Okay, but tell Paul to stay away from her or I’m gonna kick his-“
“Okay,” Seth said quickly as he disappeared back into the living room. Jake grabbed my arm and pulled me to living room. He didn’t pull me roughly but it wasn’t kind either.
He led me to the couch and sat down beside me. Bella sat on the other side, completely pissed. She looked like she was ready to kill somebody. Probably me. They all wanted to kill me-I didn’t blame them.
“Okay, I want to know everything about this Black Cross group, and I want the absolute truth.” Sam said gruffly.
Like I would lie now after I already spilled my guts out to them. “Okay, but I’m warning you now, its not pretty,” I said glancing at Seth. Sam followed my gaze to Seth.
“Seth, go patrol in case there’s anymore of Chelsey’s friends!” He commanded.
“Come on, I can take it! I’m old enough-” He protested.
“Now,” Seth sighed and grumbled all the way to the door. Then he ran into the forest to phase. Sam replaced his gaze to me, expecting me to start.
I took a deep breath. I was going to try to tell him without crying this time. I didn’t want to make them feel guilty or sorry for me.
“I want to know how their getting members. Are they just finding humans or what?” Sam asked.
“No, they never get adults, they always start young.”
“How do they get kids? I thought they were all vampires? We all know vampires can’t have kids, their bodies don’t change,” Bella stated.
“I know that. When I say my “parents” I don’t actual mean my blood parents,” I said calmly.
“Then how?” Bella asked impatiently, which was weird for her.
“They need toddlers, because the younger they are, the more time they have to teach them. They have two ways that I know about to get kids. One way, is in the basement of the “headquarters” they have cells. Some are for werewolves, some for vampires, and some for humans. They keep a few sets of humans down there, that reproduce kids for them until they are to old to have kids. Then they replace them.
“The other way is…..just taking them. Kidnapping, I guess. I know my real parents were held in one of those cells, until a few years ago they died.” I whispered the last few sentences. I hadn’t thought about it that much until now.
Jacob reached over and squeezed my arm. Everyone went silent for a second.
“So, your saying there are tons of vampires in this group?” Sam asked.
“No, actually, there’s not that many.” I answered. He looked confused, so I explained.
“In the group, when you turn 5, you get….a hearing. You get bitten, and after your bitten, you take these tests. Physical tests to see what your power is or if you have one. If you do, and the council decides if its useful, then you get to join the group and continue learning. If you don’t have a power or its not useful…..then they kill you.” Everyone’s eyes opened wide as I said that.
“They kill five-year olds?” Bella asked with horror. I nodded.
“They take you down to the execution room, and kill you. My best friend as a kid was killed because her power was invading peoples dreams. The council decided that wasn’t useful to them so they killed her.” I said nervously. This sounded horrible. When I grew up I thought it was just something that had to happened. I never imagined how sick it was.
“So, your saying then that there’s not that many in the group, but their really powerful vampires,” Sam said cautiously. I nodded again.
“So you have a power?” Jake asked suddenly from beside me. I turned to him and nodded.
“I can control the weather with my emotions.” I confessed.
“Like if I’m feeling sad, the sky turns dark. If I cry, it rains. If I’m really angry, then there’s a storm and so on,” I explained.
“Cool,” Jake said.
“ So if you were really angry, could you make a tornado happened?” Bella asked.
“Yah, and I would be able to control it with my hands. But I don’t try to control the weather a lot because its really hard and uses a lot of energy.”
“So, if you wanted to, you could decide the weather everyday by being happy or sad or angry?” Leah asked.
“Something like that.” I said.
“Okay, enough about that, I want to know what we’re going to do know. How are we going to deal with this? Are they going to come and get you or something?” Sam asked.
I bit my lip. I didn’t want to talk about this.
“Well I know that if I don’t contact them soon, their definitely going to come down here right away. I could call them and tell them I need more time and you could figure out what to do.” It was the best I could offer.

“Okay, so call them, but I want to hear what they say,” Sam said. I nodded.

Ps. So not to bad of a cliffhanger. I really don’t know if I will update tomorrow, because my school starts on Monday. If I don’t then I promise to update later in the week.
BTW if you guys want me to make you a banner, I can now with my new program. Check out my profile for some of the stuff I’ve done.

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I love the chapter!!!!!!!!
Love it ! Chelsey's power is awsome :D I start school on Monday too. Sucks xD
omg omg omg omg luv it! I luv her power it sounds so kool! I dont have skool till wednesday :p! Hahaha keep writing I luv it! I am writing some of my fanfic too! Thnks for the banner and if u want a banner i could make u one too! I made a few of my own for my own fanfic....Just asking, how old r u? I am 12...
love the chapter
what! not that bad of a cliffhanger!! well i guess it could be worse but write more asap plz!!!!!!
wow loved it carry on as sooon as possible
i kinda feel sorry for her now
but i still hate her
lol :)


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