The Twilight Saga

Darkened: The HON-Twilight Crossover

Chapter One

Renesmee Gets Marked



I smiled at Jacob. “This is wonderful, Jake,” I told him, because it was. It was so much greater than I’d expected. “You didn’t have to.”

        “I’m glad you like it,” Jacob said, grinning at me. In many ways Jacob was a big brother for me. But in a lot of them we were romantically connected. Since I had nowhere for Jacob to go in my life, I settled for calling him “my Jacob”.

        It had been five years since the Volturi had descended on the Cullens. We’d been living in peace since then. I’d aged many years since, and now I looked about fifteen, maybe sixteen. Old enough to be with Jacob.

        And Jacob had given me a present because he loved me. There was no real reason why he’d given it to me. It was something I’d been wanting, so he’d gone out and bought it.  

        “Someone’s at the door,” Edward said, interrupting our obvious exchange.

        “Who is it, Dad?” I asked him.

        “Someone… he has a blue tattoo. And he’s… strange. I can’t read his mind.”

        Edward and Bella shared a look. We all knew she was the only person my dad couldn’t read. My mom’s gifts lied in her mental shield, a purely defensive shield up against her mind.

        I walked over to the door. The man was strange, no doubt. He had blue tattoos decorating his handsome, white face. They reminded me of daggers. But I couldn’t stop staring at the pretty blue mark within the exact center of his forehead, placed there so proudly it was almost as if it was yelling at me: I am not human!
Before I could speak, Bella opened the door. My mom’s face was a bout of shock. “Who-“ Her lips were already curled back over her teeth, ready to snarl, when exquisite, beautiful words exploded from the man’s lips.

        “Renesmee Cullen! Night has Chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; hearken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night!” He pointed a long white finger at me, and I felt pain explode across my forehead. He melted away then, literally disappeared into the shadows.

        “Who… was that?” Jacob was staring openmouthed at my forehead.

        “What?” I snapped when he didn’t look away.

        “Nessie…” He sounded scared. Terrified, even. “Look in the mirror.”

        I ran with inhuman speed to the bathroom and just sat there, staring at my forehead. Staring at the incredibly beautiful green crescent moon placed in the exact same place as the strange man. I stared for a long time before swiping a towel from the cabinet. I wiped desperately at the tattoo.

        It didn’t come off.

        “What is this?” I growled.

        “It’s a Mark,” someone whispered. But no one was in the room with me. Who was talking to me?

        Look within, the voice said. I am Nyx, Goddess of vampyres and fledglings. I have chosen you, Renesmee, to build the bridge between your world of vampires and mine. You are a different breed of vampyre. If you would like to chase off your Volturi and succeed our High Council…

        I didn’t understand. What was a Mark? Why had I been chosen?

        You were chosen because of the humanity within you and your useful affinity. I have gifted you with another one that you will find useful. You are desperately needed in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Zoey Redbird and her friends need you and your family. If you do not go, it will be the end of your lives as well as theirs.

        I knew the beautiful woman’s voice was right. I turned around, only to see Jacob standing behind me. I didn’t jump- I’d heard footfalls entering the room.

        “I’m hearing this… voice,” I whispered. “She’s a woman. She’s telling me that what I have is a Mark; that we have to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma to help some girl named Zoey Redbird.”

        “What?” Jacob demanded.

        “I… Trust me, Jake, it’s real,” I promised.

        “I believe you, but… Tulsa, Oklahoma?”

        Suddenly my mother and father entered the restroom. “It was Nyx, Goddess of vampyres and Night. There are a different breed of vampyre than us. I’m surprised we haven’t heard of them- a lot of humans in the area have knowledge of them,” Edward said, looking at my Mark pointedly. “They aren’t, I should say, in the closet like we are.”

        “So Nessie is one of them, now?”

        “She’s becoming one, at least.”

        “We need to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and soon,” I told them, looking at their faces. “I think that it’s my destiny.”


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