The Twilight Saga


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Bella’s P.O.V (Present)


I was awoken from the screaming nightmare that I was having by the sound of tapping on my bedroom window. I had expected it to be Jacob, letting me know that he would be the one running around the outskirts as a wolf. I stumbled over to the window and pulled open the curtains.


The moon was full so I didn’t need to switch on a light, there was enough light so that I could see what I was doing.  I pushed open the window and let Jacob inside out the cold. Not that he would feel it. Jacob had managed to quietly sneak up the side of the house and in throw the open window making it look easy.


Something was different about him though and I could quite put my finger on what it was. For starters he was fully dressed: as in trousers, jumper with the hood pulled up and shoes. Normally he would just turn up in a pair of shorts. “Jake. You ok?” I whispered in hopes that he had heard me. Instead of answering he pulled down his hood to revile that it wasn’t Jacob, but the one person I would have never expected.


I let out a small gasp and hauled myself at my visitor. But for some reason was wrong once I had done it. I began to pull away but he pulled me back towards him and rested his head on top of mine. I pulled away again and this time he let me. But he trailed the back of his cold hand across my check. At his touch I instantly went red. “Jasper” I said pulling further away but this time he stepped as I did. “What are you doing here?” I asked again. He pulled me back into his arms and whispered “I came back for you” was all he said as he held me in his arms as I went limp.


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“Why after months of our absences had I returned?” I asked myself as I pulled into the drive of our old home. I took a look around not knowing what I was actually looking for. Something was leading me back here. And this wasn’t good.

I moved all my belonging into one of the guess bedrooms, not even daring to entre Alice and my room. The memorise behind that closed door would be too much for me to handle. Being back at home seamed abnormal, the house was quite even when it housed seven vampires the house was filled with life.

I unpacked and settled in; after this was done I took the chance of driving into town. But where I didn’t know at the time, till I was parked outside Bella’s house and looking up at her second story window. “What are you doing here?” I asked myself, knowing that if Edward found out he’d get mad. It was a good job that it was still night time or the town’s folk would start getting nosey.

I took a glance at my watch, which read 3:30am. I stole another glance up at Bella’s window. Did I then only notice the burning in my throat. And the longer I stared the worse it got. I couldn’t remember the last time it had gotten this bad so I turned to leave and go on a hunt. But before I left I silently vowed I would return.

As I hunted I thought of Alice and what she had done to us. What had I done wrong for her to go and do something like that? I didn’t even wait for her to explain. I didn’t want one. I just packed and left without a word. I went to see Peter and his wife. They had been happy to see me, but after a few months I started getting irritated and restless. So I hit the road again and this is where I ended up. In the forest in Forks. The place I was never to return to. But that was because something was leading me back here.

After I had finished hunting I got rid of the carcasses and went back home. Where I sat outside mine and Alice’s room just staring at the door. Debating weather or not to enter. After what seamed like hours I got up and entered. On looking around everything seamed lifeless, and having no meaning anymore.

I walked over to the bed and sat down. I couldn’t help the tearless sobs that escaped my lips as I thought of Alice. This was all her fault. I thought back to what she had done.


“Jasper honey” my pixie wife called. “Yes darling” I called back. The next thing I knew I had my wife sat in my lap with a look I couldn’t put my finger on. She was plotting something. Something big. “Well I was wondering you wouldn’t mind me going hunting with Edward would you?” she asked with an innocent look on her face. But something in her eyes said differently. “Of course you can” as soon as the words left my mouth Edward entered the room looking smug for what ever reason.

I tried to get a read on his emotions but I got nothing. I noticed that Alice looked at Edward like some teenager in love with her boyfriend. I didn’t read to far into it. I didn’t want to. But because I trusted my wife, I let her go with my younger brother.

They didn’t come back that night, or the night after that. I was starting to get worried. I knew that if I called either Alice or Edward I would end up getting voicemail. After they had been gone three nights I was in a state of worry. Esmee kept telling me not to worry. I took comfort in her words but that didn’t stop me from worrying.

Four days after they had gone I was ready to go and hunt them down. But I didn’t need to. I heard Edwards Volvo pull into the garage. I didn’t go down and meet them instead they come and found me. I was sat in the living room reading a civil war book when I heard them entre. Alice giggling at something my brother had thought. They spotted me sat in the coroner reading. I looked up from my book and smiled at my wife. But what I got in return shocked me. Alice threw me a look of pure hatred. I looked between the pair. Shocked as I was I got what was happening.

The sudden disappearances with my brother. Alice being so distant with me. I finally got it. She was leaving me for my brother. I felt physically sick. “Why Alice?” I spitted at her though clenched teeth. Venom pooled in my mouth and was nearly sick as a swallowed it. “Jasper it’s not you, but me. I...” she paused a moment “I... Don’t love you anymore Jasper” her eyes spoke the truth but the expression on her face said something else, that she was telling a lie. I didn’t know what to do.

I got up off the black chair and left the room. If I could cry I would have done. “Jasper come back” I heard her shout but it was too late I was already packing my stuff to leave. I heard her entre the room and began apologizing. I didn’t want to listen I just carried on throwing cloths into my bag. Without a word I left the house and down to the garage for my black Audi R8 and floored the accelerate and took off with a backward glace at my home.

Now looking around the room six months later nothing seamed the same. Yer everything had been left how we had left it. But everything seamed different now. I couldn’t take the pain anymore and left back up to my new room. I settled in bed with a book and began reading.

What seamed like moments had in fact been several hours. I placed a book mark in the centre of the book so that I could finish reading at a later date. I glanced at the clock which read 7:45. I wondered if Bella would be up yet. She should have been for school. I showered then dressed for the day.

I ran though the forest to Bella’s house to see if she was ok. When I arrived at her house she was just leaving for school. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She was beautiful, her dark hair blowing in the breeze. She got into her truck and took off for school. I followed though the forest just to make sure he got there safely.

Hours later I was back outside school making sure that Bella was safe. I followed her home hidden within the trees. Once she was home I took a seat in on of the forks in a tree to watch her potter around the house. When night fell I felt helpless as a watched her toss and turn in bed as she dreamed.

Without thinking I lunged at the window. Tapping lightly so I wouldn’t wake Charlie. On the third tap she rolled out of bed. I pulled up my hood so she wouldn’t know it was me. Once she had the window open I pulled myself inside. He scent hit me and made my mouth water. “Jake you ok?” she whispered. ‘Jake’ I thought ‘who the hell is he’ so I didn’t say anything. I just removed my hood.

I heard her gasp, the next thing I knew she threw herself at me. I rested my chin on her head treasuring the moment. Until she pulled away. I trailed the back of my hand across her check, pleased with the softness. I pulled her back in my arms. “Jasper” I heard her say as she pulled away again. This time I stepped with her. “What are you doing here?” she asked. I didn’t know how to answer that. I pulled her again into my arms and whispered in her ear “I came back for you”. She went limp in my arms I scoped her up in my arms and placed her back in bed. Pulling the covers over her I settled in the rocking chair to watch her sleep.
going to post chapter 2 real soon. hope ur all going to enjoy reading it
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Chapter 2

Jasper’s P.O.V

I sat in the rocking chair all night watching Bella as she slept tossing and turning. I itched to touch her fragile body. But something was stopping me; I didn’t dare because what if she awoke to find me touching her. I didn’t think she would find it funny at all. Let alone wake up the entire towns folk of Forks.

When I sensed that she was slightly awake I bolted for the window, shutting it softly as I climbed out. I was about to leave but intrigued as I was, I watched her roll out of bed and stretched. I had to muffle a groan as she walked out the room. She came back fifteen minutes later wrapped in a large cream towel. I needed to move, yet I was fascinated by the way she moved.

I finely gained the courage to leave her so that she could dress for the day. I left just like that without looking back because if I did I would regret doing something stupid. So I went home shower and dressed for the day. Once I was done I headed for the garage. There in the corner. Alice’s pride and joy, I pulled back the white cover that kept it hidden. There sat the black Lamborghini Embolad. I got her for her last birthday and Alice never too it for a spin.

I took the car out and what a surprise as soon as the people of Forks saw the car they started to whisper. I could hear every word the said and chuckled as I drove past and down toward Seattle. I stopped off for petrol on the way. As I got out to refill I could smell others around the area. This wasn’t good. The Cullen’s wouldn’t come back. Not after what happened last time. I filled up and went to pay.

The sent in the petrol station was stronger in here than it was outside. But before I could reach the counter I was hit over the head with something hard that knocked me to the floor and I passed out. If that was possible for a Vampire.

Bella’s P.O.V

I awoke the next morning with total surprise. I had slept though the night without having one nightmare. I rolled out of bed and stretched. Once this was done I walked across the hall to the bathroom for a shower. I let the water run a moment so that the water was hot. I undressed and stepped into the shower. I applied my now favourite shampoo to my hair and again after that, then rinsed that out. I then applied the conditioner to my hair.

I finished in the shower and shut off the water. I stepped out and wrapped a cream towel around myself and padded back across the hall to my room. Once there I rummaged around in my wooden draws for something to wear today. I settled with a dark pair of jeans and a baby blue vest top.

Once dressed I blow dried my hair and let it fall over my shoulders. I took a quick glance at the clock then realised I had to dash off to school. I grabbed a granola bar out the cupboard and a swig of orange juice out the carton then rushed out to my red truck.

I arrived at school with moment to spear. All my friends were still waiting for me to get my bum to school. I beamed a smile at them as I got out my truck and made my way over to them. “Hey Bella. You look good this morning” Mike beamed at me taking hold of my bag which he had taken to doing after Edward had left. I shuddered at the thought. But smiled. “That Mike is because I have had the best night’s sleep in months” I gave Jessica and Angela a friendly hug not bothering to listen to what Mike said in reply.

What felt like moments later the last morning bell rang which signalled we had to leave for our first lesson. Me, Jessica and Ben bid our goodbyes to the rest of the group the departing to Science.

After that first lesson the rest of the day flew by. By the time I realised it was home time. I left school after parting with my friends and heading home. When I arrived at home. I had a feeling that something was wrong because Charlie’s police car was in the drive way. This wasn’t good he was home early. I pulled into the drive got out my truck and headed for the house.

“Is that you Bell’s?” he called out just as I walked though the door. “Yer it’s me. How come your home early?” I asked dropping my school bag and heading into the kitchen to find that Charlie and the deputy were sat at the table with mugs of coffee in hands. “Well me and Mark were just passing by so we grabbed a quick cup off coffee then were going to head down to Seattle.” He drained his cup and set it in the sink. “How come?” I asked before I realised. Charlie looked at me as the Mark looked at my dad.

He puffed out his chest before answering. “Well we had a report that there’s been some trouble down at the main gas station on the way to Seattle.” He looked at Mark and back at me. “Can I come with you?” I looked up to meet Charlie’s brown eyes looking straight at me. “I guess so. But when we get there DO NOT get out the truck” he etherised on do not. I agreed happily,

I made a quick sandwich after eating half of it I climbed into the back of my dad’s police car with Mark in the passenger side. The ride down to the gas station was a quite one. Mark and Charlie mainly mumbled about what they were going to do once they got that. Me. being to busy staring out the window I didn’t pay any mind to what they were saying.

We pulled into the gas station car park. There were only the one car parked there one that I had a feeling I knew who it belonged to. But it couldn’t be. They were far away and swore they would never come back. It was Alice Cullen’s Lamborghini Embolad. I nearly passed out then and there. But something in my head mad me not do it. ‘They left you Bella. Why should you care?’ the voice in my head kept telling me.
k ppl sorry i not posted in a long while had some major problems with my computer. got it sorted out now so i should hopefully have the next chapter ion a few weeks day depening on how fast i type and where this is ff is gonna go.. Please read i would be greatfully for ny new readers


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