The Twilight Saga

Darkest of Shadows (to those who have kindly read this. i have redone it. so hopefully now its better than it was before) PLEASE read the new one

this is just the link to the new story i have re-read the old version and basicly im ashamed of myself normally i wouldnt write something so rubbish. well saying this is the frst time i published something for others to read.


heres the link to the new version. i hope you like it as much as im having fun writing it. please read and comment if you have the time. 

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moreee plz put more up
please post more
on th eedge of my seat waiting for more.....please keep me updated.
same... edge of my seat!
really cool!
can u keep me updated please?
more i love it! keep me posted!
I LOVE IT! please write more and keep me updated!
Posting Chapter 2 now
omg continui
thanks guys fot the comments they mean loads to me. i also know that i havent posted in a really long time and im sorry for that. but what i tend to do is im going to start this fanfic again and improve it. i have just been reading though it and me as the wrtier am ashamed of myself for posting something rubbish. so im going to start again.

i will keep you all up to date with the progress and should be posting the new first chapter sometime this week.

many thanks M-B-B
for you guys that have read the old first chapter i have posted the new first one... hope you like it more than htis one. you should its different. way better lol


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