The Twilight Saga

What happens when Edward Cullen has changed the course of history? By entering the Goblet of Fire (in Cullens go to Hogwarts) he has saved the life of Cedric Diggory... What will Cedric do with this second chance of life? Unable to simply stand by he feels compelled to become a Member of the Order of the Phonix and return to Forks with the Cullens on a special mission.


Set during both Breaking Dawn and Order of the Phoenix, Dawn of the Phoenix watches Cedric rise from the ashes become a critical force in the fight against He Who Shall Not Be Named.


This story is set after Cullens go to Hogwarts. If you haven't read that, you might want to before reading Dawn of the Phoenix. And, after you've read this, you can check out the third story in the series: The Half-Blood Vampire

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** Cullens and other Twilight Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer **

** Wizards and other Harry Potter characters belong to JK Rowling **

** Storyline loosely follows 'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer and 'Order of the Phoenix' by JK Rowling

** Story Adaptation by Erica Bailey


Other Fan Fictions by Erica


Actors Hooked on Fan Fiction - Rob, Kristen and the gang get into Fan Fiction & the beginning of Cullens go to Hogwarts

Cullens go to Hogwarts - The Prequel to Dawn of the Phoenix

First Kiss EPOV

Edward Decides to Leave EPOV


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Eclipse EPOV


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Chapter 1: The Beginning        

Chapter 2: Unpacking

Chapter 3: Secrets

Chapter 4: Driving Lessons

Chapter 5: How Hard Could it Be?

Chapter 6: Visitors

Chapter 7: The Driving Exam from... Carlisle

Chapter 8: Muggle Fashion Lessons

Chapter 9: Feels Like Home

Chapter 10: Old Friends

Chapter 11: Owls

Chapter 12: 12 Grimmauld Place

Chapter 13: The Order of the Phoenix

Chapter 14: The Advance Guard

Chapter 15: Information & Discovery - Part 1

Chapter 15: Information & Discovery - Part 2

Chapter 16: Preparations Chapter 17: Ministry of Magic

Chapter 18: The Bachelor Party

Chapter 19: The Wedding

Chapter 20: The Reception

Chapter 21: The Mission Begins

Chapter 22: Welcome to Denali

Chapter 23: Introductions

Chapter 24: One Week

Chapter 25: A Day Alone

Chapter 26: Demonstrations

Chapter 27: Getting Down to Business

Chapter 28: Bloody Hell - Part 1

Chapter 28: Bloody Hell - Part 2

Chapter 29: Unraveled

Chapter 30: Reunion

Chapter 31: Departures

Chapter 32: The Longest Week

Chapter 33: The Visitor

Chapter 34: The Darkest Hour

Chapter 35: The Dawn

Chapter 36: Change of Heart

Chapter 37: Better... Much, Much Better

Chapter 38: Making the Offer

Chapter 39: Research

Chapter 40: Follow Your Heart

Chapter 41: Changes

Chapter 42: Blood, Lots and Lots of Blood

Chapter 43: Imprint

Chapter 44: Waiting

Chapter 45: New

Chapter 46: Happy Birthday

Chapter 47: Leah

Chapter 48: Favor

Chapter 49: Tough News to Swallow

Chapter 50: One Crazy Day

Chapter 51: Roughin' It

Chapter 52: Battle Scars

Chapter 53: Advice

Chapter 54: First Date

Chapter 55: Magic

Chapter 56: More Magic

Chapter 57: Another Kind of Magic

Chapter 58: The Time has Come

Chapter 59: Delays

Chapter 60: Good-byes

Chapter 61: Not Ready

Chapter 62: A Shift to the East

Chapter 63: Delayed Reactions

Chapter 64: First Fight

Chapter 65: Halifax

Chapter 66: Ireland

Chapter 67: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow... Ya That's a Pile of Cra...

Chapter 68: Dublin

Chapter 69: A Diplomatic Mission

Chapter 70: A Return Visit

Chapter 71: Three Days

Chapter 72: Oh my, What have I gotten myself into?

Chapter 73: Cooped Up

Chapter 74: Sites and Stories of London

Chapter 75: Another Day on the Town

Chapter 76: Part 1 Lupin and Leah

Chapter 76: Part 2 Lupin and Leah (LPOV)

Chapter 77: Vampire (LPOV)

Chapter 78: Order of Business (CPOV)

Chapter 79: The Burrow and Back

Chapter 80: Snakes, Werewolves and Vampires

Chapter 81: The Season of Hope

Chapter 82: Overheard at 12 Grimmauld Place

Chapter 83: Cedric Returns to Forks EPOV

Chapter 84: Peace on Earth (CPOV)

Chapter 85: More Introductions

Chapter 86: Romanians

Chapter 87: Commitment

Chapter 88: The Calm before the Storm

Chapter 89: So it Begins

Chapter 90: The End of Diplomacy

Chapter 91: Surprises

Chapter 92: Good-byes

Chapter 93: A Proper Date

Chapter 94: Wedding Preparations

Chapter 95: Send off

Chapter 96: Alaskan Moments (PG-13)

Chapter 97: Back to Reality

Chapter 98: Visitors

Chapter 99: Moving Preparations

Chapter 100: Cullens Return to Hogwarts

Chapter 101: A Tale of a Giant, A Seductress, and A Dog

Chapter 102: Grawp

Chapter 102: Part 2

Chapter 103: Valentines Day at 12 Grimmauld Place

Chapter 104: Valentines Day in Hogsmeade

DofP Ch 105.pdf Chapter 105: Seen and Unforeseen 

DofP Ch 106.pdf Chapter 106: New Arrivals  

DofP Ch 107.pdf Chapter 107: Meanwhile  

DofP Ch 108.pdf Chapter 108: Changing of the Guard 

DofP Ch 109.pdf Chapter 109: The Freedom of Albus Dumbledore 

DofP Ch 110.pdf Chapter 110: Easter  

DofP Ch 111.pdf Chapter 111: Contact 

DofP Ch 112.pdf Chapter 112: OWLs

DofP Ch 113.pdf Chapter 113: St. Mungo's

DofP Ch 114.pdf Chapter 114: Unexplained Departures and Unexpected Arrivals

DofP Ch 115.pdf Chapter 115: The Department of Mysteries

DofP Ch 116.pdf Chapter 116: The Lost Prophecy

DofP Ch 117.pdf Chapter 117: Deja Vu

DofP Prologue.pdf Prologue: An Elf's Tale


Sequel to Dawn of the Phoenix: The Half-Blood Vampire



First Fight from Chapter 64 - EPOV

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Thank you Terry! This part is very interesting to see from another perspective... I'm glad you're enjoying it as much as I am! :-)
AAAAAAAHHHHHH this is so sad. But please, please, please make him a little more tolerent toward Jacob. Please, please. Maybe not right away, but has the days go by. Jacob isn't bad, he just has a little temper, and here you make him sound like he's evil. Please make Cedric a little more tolerent......
Well, I can't force Cedric to do anything. But at this point he only knows that Jake tried to steal Bella away from his friend, that he shook her violently at the reception and now he is causing stress... I imagine, as he gets to know him better, he may be better able to understand him... but we'll see. :-)

thank you for the comment. :-) I'm glad you're enjoying it, even if it's sad...
I like how quick Cedric is to defend his friends against Jacob.

Anger suddenly flared up in me against this man who dared to intrude on what might be their last day together, who had dared to attack Bella at their wedding, who’d attempted to take her away from Edward even after he knew they were together. Edward didn’t need this. Bella didn’t need this. Exactly how I feel everytime I read BD. Each time, I try to like Jacob, too, just a little bit, but I still get bothered.
Umm.... update - tomorrow, okay? thanks!
Thanks - me too! I love how Cedric is so supportive of Edward and his family.
Even though I have read the books many times and I no what is going to happen, hearing it from Cedrics POV makes it that much better. He is on the outside looking in and being able to see what everyone is doing.
Great job love it, can't wait for more.
Thanks Theresa! I'm glad to know that, even knowing what is coming, this is fresh for you! :-)
Thank you Andrew! I truly appreciate your comments - glad to hear the characters are staying true to form.

now i can keep up!

this is awesome!

Thanks anthony! Ah yes, now you can keep up, but you're bound to waiting for updates... sorry about that.

Glad you are enjoying it so much! that is so satisfying for me to know, as a writer... :-)
Chapter 34: The Darkest Hour

Carlisle glanced quickly out toward the road, “They’re coming back.” He said very clearly, a little louder then necessary. When we got back downstairs, the rest were back in their places in the living room, waiting.

Though they tried to be subtle, you could see every eye in the room watch Edward and Jacob as they entered the living room. I could tell they had obeyed Carlisle’s order as their expressions were curious and, perhaps, suspicious. So was I. But there was no indication that they knew anymore then I did.

Edward walked right into the room while Jacob paused in the doorway, looking around uncertainly. Did Edward ask him what I suspected he asked? Perhaps, since he stayed in the doorway. Bella watched anxiously, switching from Edward to Jacob then back to Edward again. She seemed to get sicker every moment that the silence remained unbroken.

Finally Edward spoke. “We’re going to let Jacob and Bella speak privately,” he said tonelessly, without any inflection.

“Over my pile of ashes,” Rosalie hissed at him. She hovered protectively over Bella’s head, one hand clamped over her shoulder. She didn’t look as though she was going to give up her position as Bella’s bodyguard.

“Bella” Edward started, ignoring Rosalie, “Jacob wants to talk to you. Are you afraid to be alone with him?” His voice was careful, controlled and completely toneless. I could hear the implication, though.

Bella looked from Jacob to Rosalie, confusion on her face, “Rose, it’s fine. Jake’s not going to hurt us. Go with Edward.”

“It might be a trick.” Rosalie warned.

“I don’t see how.” Bella countered.

“Carlisle and I will always be in your sight, Rosalie.” Edward said. He was having difficulty maintaining his façade. His voice cracked as the stress of the past week and the anger flowing through him. “We’re the ones she’s afraid of.”

“No” Bella whispered apologetically. Tears welled to her eyes. ‘No, Edward. I’m not…”

He shook his head, trying to hide his pain behind a smile, not quite accomplishing it. “I didn’t mean it that way, Bella. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

He tried his best to keep his pain from her, to keep her from having any reason to worry. He loved her more then anyone I’d ever known and I wondered if she’d ever realize just how much he loved her, what he’d give up for her, or what he’d do after she was gone.

“Everyone.” Edward looked around, motioning toward the door. “Please.”

He was barely holding it together. At any moment he would crack. I wasn’t the only one who noticed. The others, glancing at him, quickly departed out the door, myself included. All except Rosalie. Glancing back I could see she was glaring between Edward and Jacob, unsure which she was more furious with. Edward waited patiently by the door.

“Rose.” Bella said quickly, “I want you to go.”

She focused her glare as she crossed the living room, pausing at the door. She gestured for him to go first and she followed behind. She seriously had trust issues. I wondered; where was the helpful person who had accompanied me to Denali? Of course, her entire reason for going was somewhat self-centered. Even when she was being helpful, she was still harsh, offensive…

Speaking of which, she was hovering along with Edward and Cedric. The rest had left. “Rose, please, let’s give them some privacy.” Edward said.

“Humf” She glared at him. “And I suppose you’ll just wait here until I’m gone?”

He sighed.

“Rosalie, Edward, you and I shall go for a walk together.” Carlisle said, “We’ll be with you the entire time.”

“But at any moment, Edward could run back here. You know he’s faster then any of us.”

A growl ripped through Edward more fierce then I’ve ever heard before, “Isn’t it enough that you’ve filled her mind with lies, that you fed her delusions…” he yelled, “that after today, I’ll no longer have a wife. Does it please you that I will finally feel the pain of loss and you’ll now have what you’ve always wanted, a child of Satan just like you.”

She hissed back. Carlisle stood between them. “Edward isn’t going to run back and you are not going to stay. We will go and leave Bella to visit with Jacob.” He said sternly. They walked away and I retreated to my cabin.

“Sirius… Sirius are you here?” I called as I ran up to the door. More then anything I needed someone. I wished Dumbledore were here, or Hermione… someone. The cabin was empty. I wondered if Sirius was off for a run as he often did when things were stressful.

I noticed a letter on the counter. It was from Hermione. I opened it.

Dear Cedric,

Interesting things are happening at Hogwarts. The Ministry appointed one of their witches to the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. After our first few classes, it’s clear to me she is there purely to keep an eye on Dumbledore. Our instruction is a joke and her methods of discipline are medieval to say the least. I’d say more, but I fear saying too much.

I am thinking of asking Harry to help us learn more. We need to be prepared and I fear we won’t be when the time comes.

I have been continuing to look for answers for Bella, but I have come up short thus far. I’m sorry, Cedric, but I will continue. Please let me know how she is.

The Weasley twins are trying to sell their joke things at Hogwarts. Ron is not very helpful in getting them to stop posting their signs on the Gryffindor board. And he’s always arguing with me these days. I don’t know what is wrong with him. Even Harry told him to sod off the other day. Well actually he told us both as we were bickering with each other, but I am certain he recognizes that Ron is simple being unreasonable.

I’ve also sent a letter to Bella. Please see that she gets it. I’m not sure if the Owl would be terribly anxious to deliver to their house.

Your good friend, Hermione

I wasn’t sure what to react to first. I’d known about the appointment, and yet hearing through Hermione’s letter was different. Delores Umbridge – I recalled the name from our last meeting with the Order. I’d have to ask Edward if she were one of the witches who voted against Harry.

I wondered at Hermione’s request. She and Harry could get into a lot of trouble if they started to learn spells and hexes on their own. It had been tolerated last year by the champions due to the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but still, it was frowned upon. But if they weren’t learning anything in class… Well, Hermione would know better then I. I’d trust her judgment.

I expected nothing more with her research. Dumbledore hadn’t found anything yet. I hardly expected Hermione to do better. She was brilliant, but still…

I smiled at her story of the Weasley twins. They’d begun with a few things last year. I’d made a point not to accept any of their gifts after one of the Hufflepuff fifth years broke out in pimples after eating one of their treats. Maybe there was some good in that, though. Maybe we’d all need a good laugh before long.

The thing that was most troubling was her information about Ron Weasley. Of course, I knew what was going on. He was as enamored with her as I was, but he’d done little to respond to that in the way a boy should respond when he is interested in a girl. The simple thing would be to ask her out. But instead it sounded like he was continuing to be the miserable git he’d been this summer. What was more troublesome was the indication that she was arguing with him. Why wouldn’t she just ignore him and walk away if he’s being unreasonable?

The other letter, addressed to Bella, was lying there on the table. The owl had simply left it with the other. I supposed a house full of vampires wasn’t the most comfortable place for an owl to enter, and the windows had been closed all day.

I wondered if I should take it back now. Would Jacob still be there? Would it matter if he was? I stalled for a few moments wandering around the cabin. Thinking about all that had transpired and was about to happen. Of course, I was worried about Edward and Bella. It didn’t seem as if there was any way around all this. And, if Bella died and Edward took his life, what would happen to the Cullen family? Surely some of them would blame Rosalie, I could see that Alice and Jasper already did… and Esme would be heart broken… No, it couldn’t come to that. I had to find a way.

I wished Sirius was here. I wanted to share my idea with him – to see if he would go along with my plan. I couldn’t see any other way at this point. I hoped he didn’t stay away for a long time. Surely he knew there was very little time left.

Dumbledore needed to know. This could affect things between the two worlds. I sought out my notebook and started writing.

There is very little time. Bella is very ill and the situation is grave. There are few options left, but I have an idea I wish to discuss. Also – hoping you have uncovered some further information that may assist. Everyone is quite on edge and desperate, including myself.

It was a pale reflection of all the thoughts and feelings going through my head, but Dumbledore would understand and it was purposely vague incase someone else might chance upon it.

I decided to head back to the house. Perhaps Jacob had left. If not I could always wait in the kitchen. I walked back toward the house. Some movement caught my eye. I frowned. Did Jacob just run past naked? And then I understood as I watched him shift into the largest wolf I’d ever seen, larger even then when I met Seth in his wolf form, disappear into the forest. I ran for the house, worried for Bella.

I found her, tears staining her eyes as she lay on the couch.

“Bella?” I asked, “Are you okay? Did he do anything to hurt you?”

“No” she sobbed pushing the tears away, “Nothing except tell me the truth.” She looked up at me as I found myself by her side. “I’m killing him aren’t I?” she asked.

I didn’t know what to say, but I found that I’d nodded my head for then she looked grave. “I don’t want to hurt him. I wish he could understand the certainty I feel.” She sighed.

“Bella, he loves you – more then I’ve ever known.”

“I know” she said softly, “He would do anything…” she suddenly looked into my eyes. “Did he ask you, Cedric?”

“Ask me what?” I countered, not sure which question she was asking.

“If he asked Jacob, I’m sure he would have asked you. It would make sense – the baby would look like him, have his bronze hair, his beautiful face… but it still wouldn’t be his.”

So, apparently he had asked Jacob and Jacob had accepted… but Bella clearly hadn’t, as I’d expected. She wouldn’t… She didn’t push me for an answer and I was glad. It just wasn’t something I was willing to do. It wasn’t right.

“He misses being with you.” I said. “I can see it, he misses being able to hold you.”

She sighed. “I miss him too.”

Just then I heard a hiss behind me and Bella’s eyes widened. “Step away from her, Cedric.” I heard Rosalie’s cold voice warn. I fingered my wand.

“He was only seeing how I was doing.” Bella defended, “He came in just after Jacob left.”

I slowly got up and turned to see Rosalie hovering right behind me. Edward was just behind her and Carlisle stood by the door. I needed to share my idea with Edward, but Sirius… I needed to know Sirius would go along with it.

The desperation and agony in Edward’s eyes tempered slightly with curiosity. As I stepped round Rosalie, meeting her glare, I began to layout my idea for Edward. If Sirius agreed, we could stun Rosalie and Emmett. That would give us enough time to get Bella away from Rosalie… but I don’t think Sirius will go along if Esme is opposed to all this. I wonder if she might change her mind if she realizes how little time is left.

Edward blinked his eyes once as if to say yes. A small glimmer of hope rose. He glanced back at Carlisle and frowned. I guessed he understood the significance of our exchange in light of the conversation in his study. Was he saying, no – that he wouldn’t help? Or that Esme wouldn’t go along with it. Edward blinked twice. Did that mean? Carlisle thinks Esme won’t go along with it? Edward blinked once. Okay, but will Carlisle? Again, one blink. And you think Esme can be swayed? One more blink. So, now I needed to help Sirius understand that we needed to do this.

The exchange took only a few seconds, and then Edward was at his regular spot at Bella’s feet. His hand, tracing up and down her leg. Rosalie remained hovering around her head. It was only then that I’d noticed Carlisle had backed out of the room. Had he gone to find Esme? Edward blinked again. I fought the small smile that threatened to surface. It was hard not to hope… If only we knew where Sirius was.

Edward blinked and looked up quickly as a large black dog bounded into the room. In an instant he was in human form. The lights flickered wildly. “Edward, Cedric – can I talk to you outside? Where are the rest?” he eyed Rosalie and Bella.

“Carlisle and Esme are going for a quick hunt.” Edward paused, “I can’t hear the rest of them… they must be out of range.” He explained as we moved to through the door to the front of the house.

“I don’t know what is going on.” He said breathlessly, “But there’s a lot of howling down on the reservation… I can’t hear their thoughts, but it looked like Sam was gathering up the troops.”

“It could be a meeting or just going through exercises.” Edward said thoughtfully, though by the look on his face, he didn’t really believe it.

“It looked more significant then that. Like they were preparing for battle. I didn’t stick around to see. I can’t outrun them.”

Edward pulled out his phone. “Jasper?... Is Alice with you?...And Emmett?...Good, we need you three back here. Something is up with the wolves.” He clicked it shut.

“Are you going to call Carlisle?” Sirius asked.

“No, Carlisle and Esme will be back very soon, but they need to hunt.”

Sirius looked at him questionly and then at me and then shrugged. “Do you want me to run a patrol?”

“No, I’ll hear them as soon as they get close.” Edward replied. “But we will need you. If they come to fight, there will be little reasoning with them. Carlisle would want us to find a way to resolve this diplomatically… perhaps a well placed stunning spell?”

“I can think of where a well placed stunning spell might be particularly helpful.” I said, staring hard at Sirius and then back toward the house.

Understanding dawned on his face. He paused for a moment, frowned, and then took a deep breath. “Perhaps, if it comes to that.” He said.

Edward relaxed slightly. “They’re almost here.” He said and, in the next moment Alice, Jasper and Emmett bound up on the front entry.

“What’s going on?” Jasper asked, glance back toward the house. Emmett stiffened and suddenly took a defensive position between Edward and the room where Rosalie was looking after Bella.

Edward ignored him and explained, “Sirius thinks something might be happening with the wolves.”

“Yes.” Sirius picked up the story, “I was running down on the reservation and heard the howling. I went to investigate. It looked like Sam was gathering the back together, barking out instructions, gathering the various wolves into groupings…”

“What was he saying?” Jasper asked.

“I don’t know – they mostly talk in their head and I can’t hear them unless I use occlumency and I’m not very good at it, and they’d know. But I’ve been through enough battles to recognize organizing for a strategic attack.”

Jasper nodded.

“But they would know that Bella hasn’t been changed. We haven’t broken the treaty.” Alice said.

“But her life is in danger.” Edward pointed out. “It could be enough.” Then his head twitched up in a blur of speed. “Jacob and Seth” he said allowed.

“Alice, you go stand in front of Bella.” Jasper ordered. “Sirius and Cedric, take up a position in the second story of the house, where you can fire spells and have a good visual advantage. Emmett, you and I will stay with Edward. He can talk to them when they’re in wolf form. If it’s just the two of them, it might just be an envoy, but I’d rather be safe.”

Everyone quickly got into position. Sirius and I found our way up to one of the few rooms on the second floor that faced the road and opened the windows. It was a good vantage point. We’d be able to strike with a few well placed spells before they knew what hit them.

“They’re coming. I can hear them now.” Jasper said just loud enough for us to hear. Then everyone was silent. Somewhere, someone turned off the lights and suddenly it was very dark, as if there were no light, electric or natural streaming into the house, except from the windows Sirius and I were standing at.

Two huge wolves ran into the yard, whining and letting out small barks. I drew my wand. Sirius followed suit.

“Jacob? Seth? What’s going on?” Edward voice drifted up from under section of roof below our window.

The wolves slowed and then halted, pacing several feet from the house. The smaller wolf whined a little and then fell behind the larger who was looking intently toward Edward, Emmett and Jasper standing on the front porch. It was very quiet.

Suddenly there was a loud hiss and I saw Edward’s body flying out from below us. “They want to kill Bella?” He snarled, landing on the ground just in front of the wolves.

In the next instant, Jasper and Emmett were at his side, snarls and growls ripping from his throat. I tensed in response, taking aim. It would be easy from up here to take them out. I glanced once at Sirius. He held up a hand as if to signal me to wait.

The smaller wolf backed off, his tail between his legs, head bowed to the ground in deference. He didn’t seem as though he wanted to attack.

“Em, Jazz – not them! The others. The pack is coming!”

“What’s their problem?” Emmett demanded.

“The same one as mine.” Edward hissed. “But they have their own plan to handle it. Get the others. Call Carlisle! He and Esme have to get back here now.”

The larger wolf who I now guessed to be Jacob, whined uneasily. The smaller one I’d met face to face, quite literally. That was Seth.

“They aren’t far.” Edward said tonelessly.

The smaller wolf looked back at Edward and the larger Jacob wolf and whined.

“Will you be in danger, Seth?” Edward asked.

There was a series of whines and small barks. It looked like the two wolves and Edward were talking. I wished I could understand what they were saying.

“I think Seth is going to run a patrol.” Sirius said. And then, off the Seth wolf ran into the forest. Emmett was speaking into the phone. He must have gotten a hold of Carlisle. Jasper was looking off into the forest. Alice flitted into view from under the porch and to Jasper’s side. Rosalie was likely still down stairs, hovering protectively over Bella… Her protection was misplaced.

“It appears the immediate danger is over.” Sirius said, a small question in his mind.

“I suppose” I replied, “Though my guess is this is just the beginning.”

“And perhaps the end?” His eyes trailed downward in the direction of the living room.

“It would seem so.” I said sadly, glancing downward.

He clasped my arm. I looked back up into his face. I couldn’t read his mind, but I could see he was decided. He would do what he could to help. Now the only remaining piece was Esme. I hoped Carlisle had some progress there.

It was very silent again. Then I heard Edward’s whispered voice, carried up to us through the stillness of the evening air. “This isn’t the first time I’ve owed you my gratitude, Jacob. I would never have asked from this from you.”

Jacob barked out what sounded like a sarcastic laugh.

“I suppose you’re right about that.” Edward nodded.

There was another pause and then Edward replied, “Right… I know. I never really believed she would. But…” His head bowed, “Worse.”

“Jacob, would you mind switching forms?” Alice asked suddenly, “I want to know what’s going on.”

“You and me both.” Sirius chuckled quietly.

Edward and the Jacob wolf shook their heads, “He needs to stay linked to Seth.”

“Well, then would you be so kind as to tell me what’s happening.” Alice asked, annoyance in his voice.

Edward explained in clipped, emotionless sentences. “The pack thinks Bella’s become a problem. They foresee potential danger from the… from what she’s carrying. They feel it’s their duty to remove that danger. Jacob and Seth disbanded from the pack to warn us. The rest are planning to attack tonight.”

“Wow” Sirius said uncharacteristically. “This is significant.”

I looked back at him. What did he mean this was significant…

He answered my unasked question, “You have to understand how the pack works. The wolves are bound to follow the leader. It isn’t a choice. If the leader gives them a command they must obey… unless… unless one of them has a prior claim to leadership. It sounded like, from the blood lines, that the rightful Alpha is Jacob. He didn’t want the position, so Sam remained.”

“So, if he can’t disobey the leader, then maybe they aren’t going to attack?” I asked.

“No, they wouldn’t have come otherwise. But, if they were able to come warn us, that means Jacob must have reclaimed his birth right, and Seth is following him… It means they’re no longer part of the pack… It means they’re outcasts.”

I was shocked. Firstly how did Sirius know all this and secondly – outcasts? They gave up their home to warn the Cullens? “How do you know all this?”

“I’ve spent a lot of time with them, Cedric. Almost all of July I spent down at the reservation with Billy. His father was the Alpha the last time the vampires showed up. I was fascinated and Billy needed to talk. He was heart broken over his son leaving. He wondered if he should have pushed him to take the leadership position, if his depression was more then just Bella – if he was suffering from not fulfilling his rightful destiny.”

It was a lot of information to take in, not the least of which was the fact that Jacob Black had just turned his back on his family to do what he thought was right. I knew what it was to do that, though I knew that my father would forgive me and my mother still loved me. What if I couldn’t go back? Would I still have come?

“It looks like they’re going inside now.” Sirius said quietly. “Carlisle and Esme are on their way.”

I had missed some interaction outside. When I glanced out the window I could see the front lawn was deserted. I followed Sirius down stairs.

Edward was back by Bella’s side, kneeling on the floor by the couch. Bella’s eyes were closed. Her breathing seemed too fast, too shallow even to my untrained eye. Edward’s face was wild in panic.

“Why didn’t you call us?” He hissed at Rosalie.

“It’s too early.” She replied back, fear in her voice, “She can’t deliver yet.”

“We need to get her on an IV.” Edward said firmly, angrily. “When Carlisle gets back.”

“No” she squared her shoulders.

“Can’t you see, Rosalie?” His anger turned to a plea. He was begging for her to understand, to let them help.

There was a sound at the back door and suddenly Carlisle was in the room, Esme by his side. She looked tired… sad… She took a look at Bella and blanched. And then at Edward. She looked as though she was crying, though there were no tears running down her face. Sirius walked over and put a hand on her shoulder.

“Seth told me what’s happening. I need a full run down but first we need to do something for Bella or this will all be in vain.” He said looking down at her frail ashen form.

Rosalie looked momentarily hesitant and then squared up her shoulders. “No. I won’t let you.”

Carlisle glared back at her. “Rosalie, I understand you are under strict orders from Bella to protect the child, but will do neither of them any good if Bella dies tonight. She needs an IV and I need to examine her.”

Emmett walked to her side. At first, it seemed as though he was going to protect her, to back her up. But he leaned over and whispered in her ear. She stiffened momentarily and then she relented.

“Alright, but just an IV and monitors, and it’s just you and me who move her.” She said firmly.

The room broke into a flurry of movement. In a flash Jasper, Alice and Emmett were pushing furniture out of the way. Carlisle and Esme were carrying a large metal bed down the stairs. It looked similar, although more complex then the beds in the infirmary back at Hogwarts… more like you might find at St.Mungo’s. Edward and Rosalie stayed by Bella’s side.

“I need to move her.” Carlisle said after the few seconds it took to transform the room. The bed was right beside the couch. They had somehow lowered it so that it was only slightly higher.

Rosalie nodded. She, very gently put her arms under Bella’s shoulders, while Carlisle gathered up her legs and hips.

“Watch her head.” Edward said with concern.

“I know.” Rosalie hissed back. Her one arm shifted so it was under Bella’s head, keeping it from falling back. In one swift movement, Bella was on the bed. Carlisle moved around it, snapping bars into place and placing a pole in one end. The bed rose so that Bella was now higher up. In the mean time the couch had been pushed out of the way. With a rip and another flurry of movement, this time much slower and controlled and only by Carlisle, Bella was now dressed in a simple green smock and had a small tube inserted into her arm from a large bag hanging from the pole and several other wires and cords attached to various parts of her body. Rosalie was gathering up the remnants of the grey sweatshirt she had been wearing. Then Carlisle’s hands moved about her, pausing at her neck, wrist and forehead. He leaned over and listened just above her chest and then reached down and felt around her stomach.

It was the first time I’d seen her exposed since their return. The sight almost made me sick. It was black and blue from bruising, as if the dramatic increase in size had caused one huge bruise. Or perhaps it was from the thing inside her. I recalled hearing of an aunt who got a broken rib from her baby kicking too hard. I could only imagine the kind of damage that thing was doing to Bella’s insides. I turned my head away to give her some privacy.

There was a howl and suddenly everyone stiffened. Jasper was suddenly at the front of the house, looking into the trees. Sirius and I had both drawn our wands. We saw a wolf emerge from the darkness. With relief I saw it was Jacob.

“It was a false alarm.” Edward said in his toneless voice. “Seth was upset about something else, and he forgot we were listening for a signal. He’s very young.”

“Nice to have toddlers guarding the fort.” Emmett grumbled rolling his eyes.

“They’ve done us a great service tonight, Emmett.” Carlisle snapped from Bella’s side, “At great personal sacrifice.”

“Yeah, I know.” Emmett replied, flexing his muscles, “I’m just jealous. Wish I was out there.”

“Seth doesn’t think Sam will attack now.” Edward said mechanically, his eyes never leaving Bella, “Not with us forewarned, and lacking two members of the pack.”

“What does Jacob think?”Carlisle asked as he finished his examination and snapped the rail of the bed into place.

“He’s not as optimistic.”

Rosalie took up her position at Bella’s head as Carlisle moved away. Edward drew closer automatically, magnetically pulled to her side. He looked up and down her body as if he were gently caressing her with only his gaze. One of his hands, which were poised on the metal rail, began to move forward as if of its own accord.

“Don’t touch her! You’ll wake her up.” Rosalie whispered.

Edward sighed, snatching his hand back.

“Rosalie.” Carlisle murmured, but his face was full of warning.

“Don’t start with me, Carlisle. We let you have your way earlier, but that’s all we’re allowing.”

The room went eerily silent as we eyed each other. We were waiting… waiting for a signal from Jacob or Seth… waiting for the impending doom a full attack by the wolf pack would result in… waiting for Bella… waiting to take the action that just might save her life. Rosalie and Edward remained hovering over her bed. I wondered if now was the time to act… she seemed to not have much life left in her.

She coughed on something in her throat, murmuring and rolling a bit. She wasn’t sleeping well. She jerked suddenly and cried out in pain. I wondered if there would be a fresh bruise on her already purple stomach. Edward winced with every murmur, every cry. He felt every pain along with her. He only glanced from her body to look at the various screens which flashed and had lines of light moving across them. I assumed they must tell them how she was doing physically. When she jerked, Rosalie smoothed her hand across Bella’s forehead. Edward stiffened and glared across at her, menace painted across his face. In that one look, I believed he would kill Rosalie if it would save Bella’s life.

Emmett was suddenly between them, his hand held up to Edward, “Not tonight, Edward. We’ve got other things to worry about.”

The anguish in his face as he turned took my breath away. He didn’t think there would be another night. I glanced from him to Carlisle to Sirius and back. Carlisle shook his head subtly. It was bad timing, I knew. We could hardly afford for the wolves to show up and have two members of our group momentarily incapacitated and two others busily working over Bella to save her life. But if we did nothing now, would there be anything to fight over by morning?


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