The Twilight Saga

What happens when Edward Cullen has changed the course of history? By entering the Goblet of Fire (in Cullens go to Hogwarts) he has saved the life of Cedric Diggory... What will Cedric do with this second chance of life? Unable to simply stand by he feels compelled to become a Member of the Order of the Phonix and return to Forks with the Cullens on a special mission.


Set during both Breaking Dawn and Order of the Phoenix, Dawn of the Phoenix watches Cedric rise from the ashes become a critical force in the fight against He Who Shall Not Be Named.


This story is set after Cullens go to Hogwarts. If you haven't read that, you might want to before reading Dawn of the Phoenix. And, after you've read this, you can check out the third story in the series: The Half-Blood Vampire

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** Cullens and other Twilight Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer **

** Wizards and other Harry Potter characters belong to JK Rowling **

** Storyline loosely follows 'Breaking Dawn' by Stephenie Meyer and 'Order of the Phoenix' by JK Rowling

** Story Adaptation by Erica Bailey


Other Fan Fictions by Erica


Actors Hooked on Fan Fiction - Rob, Kristen and the gang get into Fan Fiction & the beginning of Cullens go to Hogwarts

Cullens go to Hogwarts - The Prequel to Dawn of the Phoenix

First Kiss EPOV

Edward Decides to Leave EPOV


In Process:

Eclipse EPOV


Dawn of the Phoenix: Viewable in Adobe (Adobe Reader is a free download - Google it)

Dawn of the Phoenix PART 1.pdf

Dawn of the Phoenix PART 2.pdf

Dawn of the Phoenix PART 3.pdf


Chapter 1: The Beginning        

Chapter 2: Unpacking

Chapter 3: Secrets

Chapter 4: Driving Lessons

Chapter 5: How Hard Could it Be?

Chapter 6: Visitors

Chapter 7: The Driving Exam from... Carlisle

Chapter 8: Muggle Fashion Lessons

Chapter 9: Feels Like Home

Chapter 10: Old Friends

Chapter 11: Owls

Chapter 12: 12 Grimmauld Place

Chapter 13: The Order of the Phoenix

Chapter 14: The Advance Guard

Chapter 15: Information & Discovery - Part 1

Chapter 15: Information & Discovery - Part 2

Chapter 16: Preparations Chapter 17: Ministry of Magic

Chapter 18: The Bachelor Party

Chapter 19: The Wedding

Chapter 20: The Reception

Chapter 21: The Mission Begins

Chapter 22: Welcome to Denali

Chapter 23: Introductions

Chapter 24: One Week

Chapter 25: A Day Alone

Chapter 26: Demonstrations

Chapter 27: Getting Down to Business

Chapter 28: Bloody Hell - Part 1

Chapter 28: Bloody Hell - Part 2

Chapter 29: Unraveled

Chapter 30: Reunion

Chapter 31: Departures

Chapter 32: The Longest Week

Chapter 33: The Visitor

Chapter 34: The Darkest Hour

Chapter 35: The Dawn

Chapter 36: Change of Heart

Chapter 37: Better... Much, Much Better

Chapter 38: Making the Offer

Chapter 39: Research

Chapter 40: Follow Your Heart

Chapter 41: Changes

Chapter 42: Blood, Lots and Lots of Blood

Chapter 43: Imprint

Chapter 44: Waiting

Chapter 45: New

Chapter 46: Happy Birthday

Chapter 47: Leah

Chapter 48: Favor

Chapter 49: Tough News to Swallow

Chapter 50: One Crazy Day

Chapter 51: Roughin' It

Chapter 52: Battle Scars

Chapter 53: Advice

Chapter 54: First Date

Chapter 55: Magic

Chapter 56: More Magic

Chapter 57: Another Kind of Magic

Chapter 58: The Time has Come

Chapter 59: Delays

Chapter 60: Good-byes

Chapter 61: Not Ready

Chapter 62: A Shift to the East

Chapter 63: Delayed Reactions

Chapter 64: First Fight

Chapter 65: Halifax

Chapter 66: Ireland

Chapter 67: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow... Ya That's a Pile of Cra...

Chapter 68: Dublin

Chapter 69: A Diplomatic Mission

Chapter 70: A Return Visit

Chapter 71: Three Days

Chapter 72: Oh my, What have I gotten myself into?

Chapter 73: Cooped Up

Chapter 74: Sites and Stories of London

Chapter 75: Another Day on the Town

Chapter 76: Part 1 Lupin and Leah

Chapter 76: Part 2 Lupin and Leah (LPOV)

Chapter 77: Vampire (LPOV)

Chapter 78: Order of Business (CPOV)

Chapter 79: The Burrow and Back

Chapter 80: Snakes, Werewolves and Vampires

Chapter 81: The Season of Hope

Chapter 82: Overheard at 12 Grimmauld Place

Chapter 83: Cedric Returns to Forks EPOV

Chapter 84: Peace on Earth (CPOV)

Chapter 85: More Introductions

Chapter 86: Romanians

Chapter 87: Commitment

Chapter 88: The Calm before the Storm

Chapter 89: So it Begins

Chapter 90: The End of Diplomacy

Chapter 91: Surprises

Chapter 92: Good-byes

Chapter 93: A Proper Date

Chapter 94: Wedding Preparations

Chapter 95: Send off

Chapter 96: Alaskan Moments (PG-13)

Chapter 97: Back to Reality

Chapter 98: Visitors

Chapter 99: Moving Preparations

Chapter 100: Cullens Return to Hogwarts

Chapter 101: A Tale of a Giant, A Seductress, and A Dog

Chapter 102: Grawp

Chapter 102: Part 2

Chapter 103: Valentines Day at 12 Grimmauld Place

Chapter 104: Valentines Day in Hogsmeade

DofP Ch 105.pdf Chapter 105: Seen and Unforeseen 

DofP Ch 106.pdf Chapter 106: New Arrivals  

DofP Ch 107.pdf Chapter 107: Meanwhile  

DofP Ch 108.pdf Chapter 108: Changing of the Guard 

DofP Ch 109.pdf Chapter 109: The Freedom of Albus Dumbledore 

DofP Ch 110.pdf Chapter 110: Easter  

DofP Ch 111.pdf Chapter 111: Contact 

DofP Ch 112.pdf Chapter 112: OWLs

DofP Ch 113.pdf Chapter 113: St. Mungo's

DofP Ch 114.pdf Chapter 114: Unexplained Departures and Unexpected Arrivals

DofP Ch 115.pdf Chapter 115: The Department of Mysteries

DofP Ch 116.pdf Chapter 116: The Lost Prophecy

DofP Ch 117.pdf Chapter 117: Deja Vu

DofP Prologue.pdf Prologue: An Elf's Tale


Sequel to Dawn of the Phoenix: The Half-Blood Vampire



First Fight from Chapter 64 - EPOV

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I'm a long-time Trek fan, too. Liked the new movie very much (Wrath of Khan is my favorite though...). Glad you made Bella and the Cullens SF/Trek fans.

(an SF con or Renfair is one place where Sirius and Cedric could get by wearing wizarding clothes and not attract notice...)
Oh yeah - another one!

My fav spin off was Enterprise...
I like Scott Bakula, too. Loved him in Quantum Leap, especially the episodes in which he sang. I'd have bought the QL DVDs when they came out, but I read a review in that recommended against buying the American DVD releases because all of the music had been redone--something about not being able to acquire the rights to the music that originally aired with the shows. The British DVD release has the original music intact, but that would require the purchase of a DVD player coded for that region. Hmm...wonder if RP's TV and movie appearances are available on DVD.

I wanted to like Enterprise, but I couldn't stand the way the network chose to air the episodes: endless reruns of the same few episodes and saving new episodes for ratings sweeps. . No continuity! Between that and the press of RL, I gave up. I
I love how Cedric has stock and interest mixed up... and he thinks the mall is like a castle without turrets *shakes head with tears running down face because of laughter* i feel sooooo bad for bella and hermoine, personally i hate victorias secret (but then ive never been a PINK girl lol)

poor, poor, poor edward, being forced to carry their bags by alice...
and sirius, thinking the food would kill him... omigod... lol ur trying to suffocate me by laughing so hard lol

"Sounds good to me, so long as pixy-demon here keeps her hands off me.” Sirius barked. “She’s almost as bad as the dementors…”
Alice laughed, “You know you loved it!” she smiled…
oh i love alice lol

while reading about sirius buying a hot dog- i just kept thinking about how he was a dog lol... im so glad u took them to star trek- lol ive seen that! i went with my dad and my best friend (altho, my bff and i were VERY lost- it was so funny, at the start when the guy dies right when his wife gives birth- we were both crying- and we basically were acting the same the whole movie lol)

i feel so bad for the ppl around sirius when he screamed lol and cedric when he thought that we actually had that technology... i seriously think u were trying to kill me from laughter with that chapter.. it was amazing!!!!!
"ive never been a PINK girl" - me neither - I officially hate the colour... (but ironically love the singer)

LOL - Edward - I think he's learned to just listen to Alice and do her bidding... it's so much easier...

Oh - and for a non-crier, I shed a tear or two at the beginning of Star Trek as well... I think I've decided that I cry in sports movies and Star Trek movies...

And yes - I am trying to kill you with laughter - MUHAHAHAH!

Just kidding - glad you liked it.
My brother got rather misty-eyed at the end of "The Search for Spock." when the Enterprise went down in flames.
Thanks Tami!
Really a fun chapter! I wonder what they will look like in their new clothes? I am really enjoying the story. Anxious for more!!
omg i love cedric
“By interesting you mean-?” I asked glancing back at the Victoria’s Secret. It didn’t look like this Victoria kept much secret…
he was so funny
ok the most funny thing i have EVER and i mean EVER read

The fancy bag with the thin tissue like paper sticking out of the top seemed to stare at me as I wondered what was inside… Did Hermione really get something like what I’d seen on the rack before we left? What would she need to wear something like that for? And why did I care?

I tried to focus on my food, but the pink puffy bag seemed to be in my line of site no matter where I looked.

so funny

“By interesting you mean-?” I asked glancing back at the Victoria’s Secret. It didn’t look like this Victoria kept much secret…


“GAH!” Sirius exclaimed. “That’s loud… I wasn’t expecting that.” He smiled sheepishly.

poor sirius
Something tells me Cedric is developing a crush on Hermione!!!! How cute is he? And how funny..."It doesn't look like this Victoria keeps much secret?" Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Love it.

It's a shame poor Harry has to think that Edward is dead. But theoretically in a couple years once Voldemort is gone, he'll be able to know the truth.

Another great chapter, Erica. Can't wait to read more.
Capital job!


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