The Twilight Saga



Chapter 1


Angel's P.O.V


I was dreaming of me and my sister in a house with a man. "I told you I would find you didn't I" he said and I screamed and woke up. "It was a just a dream it was just a dream" I said. My sister and I use to live with my father after my mom died giving birth to me and my twin sister. He use to hit us every single day. My sister the most because my mom died giving birth to her. Know we are being moved to my grandma's house tommorow. I tried to go to sleep when I heard police searins. "Tess wake up" I said and she jumped up and we went downstaires. "Open the door or we will but it open" said the police. "Open the door Dad" Tess said "Shut up one more word from you and I'll kill you" he said  "You wont touch her" I said "Watch me and keep up your additude your gonna be next" he said and then the door busted open and a police tackled him to the ground. Tess screamed when two hands grabbed her and I kicked them and we ran upstaires and locked us upstaires. "Oh laides please open the door" the police said "Comeon Tess it's a police we can trust him" i told Tess "Okay" she said and I open the door and the took us to the police station where we slept the night for tommorow to board the plan to go to grandma's. We were on the plane and Tess was sleeping I was listening to my I pod when the plan attendent said. "The plane will be landing shortly" she said. When we landed in La Push. We got of the plane and looked for our Grandma. When we heard .......


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Chapter 2


Embry's P.O.V


I woke up to someone banging on my door. I got up and went to answer it and my mom rushed into the room. "Oh Hi son I was wondering if you would babysit Ms.Claires grandkids today so we can go shopping" she said. I didn't know she had grandkids she was always sad and know I know why the never visited. "OH sure mom what time" I said. "Umm well how about 2:00 tommorow. It was eight o clock right now so I went to bed.

                                                    the next day                                                                                    


I woke up at one and took a shower, brushed my teeth and put on some shorts. I was going to pratrol for an hour and then take care of the kids. After that my phone rang. I went and picked it up. "Hi baby" said Synthia she was my girlfriend she was hot, and a good kisser. "Hi hottie" I said and heard her giggle "Can we hang out today" she asked her most sweet voice it never got to me because she wasn't my imprint but I was never gonna imprint anyways. "I can't Im going out with the guys and then babysitting" I said "Oh okay see you tommorow" she said and hung up. I went downstaires and ate breakfasdt then left. I was almost finished with pratrol when Seth came and thought "Embry are you taking care of Ms.claires grandkids" and  I sadid "Yes why" "Oh because I am too because there are two of them and they are a hand full" he said and left. I phased and went to her house. Sethbeat me there. "Oh hi boys thank you for babysitting Angel and Tess please come downstaires" she said. Angel what a wierd name why would anybody call their kids Angel what if she's ugly. I sighed and then heard someone scream from upstaires "NOT untill I check them first Tess isn't coming downstaires" she said. Wow a  pertective sister and I chuckled. "Okay" Ms.Claire said. Ms.Claire would have yelled and screamed what was diffrent know I looked dumbfonded and so did Seth. Then I heard somebody come downstaires and then to the door. I didn't look at her because I was still confused and looked at the ground. I heard her scream  "No please no" she said "Oh Angel they aren't like Frank please give them a chance" Ms.Claire said and I heard someone run upstaires and slam the door. 'Oh please come in boys and good luck but I advise you don't touch the girls bye" she said and left. "Come on Embry this might be fun" Seth said "FIne" Is adi and we went inside.

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