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                “Hello my dear,” The old vampire said flashing a too white smile.

                “We’re here to see an old friend,” I replied.

                “It greatly depends on what friend that is. You know, dear, that my friends come and go as they please. He may be here, he may not,” Another smile from another old friend.

                “Oh, Aro, I’ve missed you.”




Hey people! This is my first collaboration story! I'm writing it with my dear friend, Lissa! Its her first story. 

Peace, Love, and vampires

                            ~Hannah and Lissa!


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Chapter 1

Hannah’s POV

                My eyes were dark as coal. I’ve waited far too long to hunt. My throat burned horribly. I slipped on the tight red dress and fixed my blonde hair. It would provide as perfect bait for stupid teenage boys who regarded themselves as invulnerable.

                I’d always found hunting fun. Like dinner and a show. For the past fifty years it had been the same routine every Friday night. Find a party, walk in, and find the most delicious human in the place. It was the way I was taught and the way I will remain to do so.

                I walked out of my pent house, located in the city that never sleeps: New York. It was a dream to live here. So many different nationalities. It was like a continental buffet. I laughed to myself.

                I was changed in 1962 at the age of seventeen. It was the perfect age. Perfect for hunting, though I’m sure it would be easy to hunt at any age. The halls rang with sounds from every room. Men and women, children with televisions, and my favorite, a party. Room 473.

                Of course the owner had a big man with a velvet rope in front of his door, because every party was the biggest party of the year. I walked up and smile seductively. “Hello,” my voice chimed

                “Hello Miss. I cannot let anyone in here without an invitation.” His eyes glazed over as he looked at me. Ew, old men.

                “But can’t you make an exception for me? I was invited but he ran out of invitations.” I placed my hand on his wrist. “It would make me very happy.”

                His old heart sputtered. “I think Mr. Walt would be very happy to have you at his party.” He removed the rope from in front of me and opened the door.

                “Thank you,” I strutted in. The door closed behind me and I rolled my eyes. This was no doubt one of the worst parties I’ve been to.

                People were sprawled out on the couches and chairs, intoxicated out of their minds. Some were in the corner smoking and others made sluggish movements on the dance floor. I could smell the over spiked punch. It didn’t take long to find the ‘Mr. Walt’ the door man was talking about.

                I stood disgusted in the center of the room, surrounded by men. All very intoxicated and not one over twenty years old. One with slicked back black hair stumbled forward and leaned on my shoulder, his hand resting on my butt.

                “I don’t remember inviting you, but I’m happy I did.” He slurred. Ugh, his blood smelled of alcohol and he reeked of vomit.

                “Yes, me too,” I put on my poker face and hid the disgust I felt. I put my hand on his chest as the men dispersed. “Is there somewhere we could go to be alone?”

                “Yeah, come with me,” He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into a room. It would be okay to kill this man. Alcohol poisoning was already eating away at his system.

                He started placing sloppy kisses on my neck and nipping at my earlobe. He didn’t smell that great, so I just got it done and over with. I moved too fast for him to understand what was happening. I threw him on to the bed, leaned over, and sank my teeth into his neck.

                He tasted good, besides the after bite from the alcohol. I moaned as the warm blood trickled into my throat. Too soon he was drained dry and I went out to find one or two more.

                Out of three men, the last tasted the best. The corpses were all gathered into one room and I was getting ready to plant a cigarette on one of them and light the room on fire but an insolate girl ruined those plans.

                She opened the door and found me leaning over a body. “Oh, I’m sorry. I was just looking for-” She cut off mid sentence. Apparently she had been looking around the room and saw the other two dead bodies. She opened her mouth to scream.

                I was up and across the room and a flash. I clasped my hand over her mouth and nose. “You scream and I kill you.” I spoke in a low harsh voice. There was no need to tell her I would have to kill her any ways. I pulled her into the room and removed my hand.

 “What are you? What did you do to those people?” She whimpered

                “I believe the answers won’t make a difference to your escape plan.”

                Her eyes widened. “You’re not going to let me go are you?”

                “Finally,” I clapped my hands quietly. “A smart one, who realizes they aren’t going to make it through the night.”

                She whirled and made a move toward the door. I had her around the neck before she could even move much farther.

                “I told you not to move.”

                “No, you didn’t,” She choked out.

                I smiled, “Sorry, thought it was implied.” I sighed. I would do away with her now. I brought her closer and sniffed her neck. She wasn’t intoxicated, at all. Her blood was pure. “You will taste delicious.” I told her.

                I bit into her neck before she could say anything. She gasped a little, but stayed quiet. I took my time drinking from her. So rarely did I ever taste pure blood.

                I stopped drinking from her before her heart stopped. I never used my ability on people. It made me want to keep some of them around. I touched my hand to her forehead.

                She had power, lots of power, and it was all focused on one thing. She had an ability of her own. I was going to keep her. The venom was already in her system, changing her. She was still paralyzed in fear.

                Before I knew what I was doing, I lifted the girl. I zipped through the party room, past the door man, and straight to my home. My stomach sloshed with blood.

                Very soon, I would have a companion to hunt with me.


(Here we go! We start an Epic adventure of blood lust, pain and friend ship today!!!

Wish us luck!!!!)

This is a good start. I like it.

Keep me updated.

thanks! :))
you're welcome

hey this is Lissa, im writing this story with hannah... this is my frist time writing anything so i hope you enjoy :)

Lissa's POV

     I'd been at the party for about an hour and i was bored out of my mind. I'm not really a partier and i don't drink but my friends had convinced me to come. Now i was alone on a couch with people all around me passed out or vomiting. Not exactly my idea of a good time.

     I saw a girl earlier who didnt really fit in with the crowd. She was beautiful but I'd only seen her a few times. I assumed she was probably hooking up with some guy. I immedietly thought of Jason. He was my boyfriend and he came here with me. He was nowhere to be found now though, I decided to go look for him to tell him I was leaving.

     I found a bedroom and walked into it but what I found was... well, horrifying.

     I stopped apoligizing mid-sentence for walking into well to presumable drunk people doing things they wouldnt remember tomorrow. I realized there were three dead bodies and not people having sex.

     "What are you? What did you do to these people?" I stuttered, mortafied.

  "I believe the answers won't make a difference in your escape plan," she answered.

     I looked over to see Jason laying dead on the bed. "Your not going to let me go, are you?" I asked.

  "Finally," she clapped her hands."A smart one, who realizes they arnt going to make it through the night."

      I turned as fast as i could toward the door but I wasn't fast enough. Her arms wrapped around my neck and at that moment I knew I would die.

"I told you not to move," she said sounding irrtated.

"No you didn't," I struggled to say, deciding I woulnt show how helpless I was in these last moments. 

"Sorry, I thought it was impied,"she said as she brought me closer.  Then was when I realized what she was. She was a Vampire. "You will taste delicious." The last words I heard. They came from a vampire.


     I was sure I was dead, but then, why was I still thinking? I couldn't remember anything except that Jason was dead. And those eyes. The last ones I saw before I died. Bright red. Filled with blood. Jason's blood. My mind was foggy but I felt counciousness creeping up on me. My eyes opened.

     I tried to move my arms up to my eyes but everything felt so heavy. Was this what death was? Why was it so hard. After a moment I could reach my eyes and when I did i felt a breeze over me.

     My mouth burned. It was burning so bad I thought I was on fire. Was I in Hell? Oh, God how did I end up here? I'd never done anything! The burning! But it was only in my mouth. Nowhere else, just my mouth. I starred up at the fan on the celing. In the same second there was a person over me. Blond hair, red eyes. Oh God.

  "W-who are you? What are you? Why am I hear? God, why is my mouth burning!?" I asked her.

"Your mouth burns because you need blood. Your here because I brought you here. The rest is irrelevent. Here." She tossed me a little bag of red liquid. Blood...

     Suddenly the burning was all I could think about. And this blood... it was the only thing that would stop the burning. I bit the bag open and drank the blood. Much to my suprise, it was good. It made my body lighter. Easier to move. I was so confused. Not only was my streangth greater with blood but my eyes... I could see everything! It was like looking under a microscope.

I gasped. "I'm a vampire."

"Thats right," she smiled.






love it, Lisssa!!!!

:D You did great!!!!

I'll start on the next chapter right now!!

i LOVE this !

i think its GREAT !



thank you!!





thank you!!





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