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                “Hello my dear,” The old vampire said flashing a too white smile.

                “We’re here to see an old friend,” I replied.

                “It greatly depends on what friend that is. You know, dear, that my friends come and go as they please. He may be here, he may not,” Another smile from another old friend.

                “Oh, Aro, I’ve missed you.”




Hey people! This is my first collaboration story! I'm writing it with my dear friend, Lissa! Its her first story. 

Peace, Love, and vampires

                            ~Hannah and Lissa!


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lol awesome hannah! you putted an e infront of my name though...  ill start the next chapter shortly

chapter 10 will most likley be posted tomorrow. sorry its taken so long. computer problems. and well, laziness. sorry!

Chapter 10: Lissa

                The boat ride had been incredibly bored. Before we left I bought an IPod and put some music on it but you could only listen to the same songs for so long. I’d always been a fast reader but as a vampire, my eyes worked faster and my brain could put the words together faster. My books were read within the day. I had nothing else to do but day dream. I’d been thinking of the bird. I was embarrassed to have snapped then. It was gross honestly. But really I was thinking of flying.

                I had always thought flying would be amazing. I could just imagine myself soaring through the air. I walked out to the boat deck to see if I could picture it better. I felt the wind in my hair. It was disappointing, I could do all this cool vampy stuff but I couldn’t fly. I saw some birds fly over head. I wished so much that I could be with them. I closed my eyes and began imagining it.

Suddenly it became real.

                I was airborne, wings flapping. I was a white dove, soaring. How was this happening? I started freaking out. This was wonderful!  But it couldn’t be real. Wait. Could this be my power? Turning into a bird? This was awesome! I had to tell Hannah! I flew (oh yes) down to the boat. How was I supposed to turn back? I began remembering how I transformed to a dove. All I should have to do was think of being me. Unless it had something to do with the blood but well, that would just make everything difficult. I thought of me. Of walking. My red hair. Blue eyes. Suddenly I was me. I was running toward Hannah’s room to tell her. I ran right into her in the short hall with the rooms.

“Where have you been? I was looking for you and couldn’t find you anywhere on the boat,” she said, looking really confused.

“I was flying! I can fly! I turned into a bird and flew and it was so incredible!” I was jumping with excitement. I found my gift.

“Flying? Really? I haven’t heard much about that. Shape-shifting isn’t really a normal vampire gift. Wow,” she said, pondering the idea.

“Come watch me!” I felt like a child trying to show their parent something they had just learned to do. Would she act like the excited parent?

“Well let’s see then. You think it’s just birds or anything you want?” she was trying. 

“I don’t know! I’m just happy to know what my gift is!” I said, still ecstatic. As soon as we hit the deck, I flew into motion –literally J-. She stared up at me, smiling.

“I’m so happy for you! Everything Aro said is starting to make more and more sense. You have a simple way of getting your way. You want to fly; now you fly. This is wonderful!” she sounded just as happy as I was.

                I flew in a circle then landed. Once I was back in my human form, I looked at her and smiled. Again.  I tried thinking of transforming into something else. A cat. I thought of walking around, chasing stuff. I closed my eyes. Hannah looked down at me as a hue smile grew across her face.

“You did it! Tour a shape-shifter! This is amazing! We’re going to have to tell Aro! You’re so cute!” she practically squealed.

                I had a tail! This is so awesome, I thought to myself. I got a power, I got a power, I got a power. I imagined myself dancing around. Man, I’m awesome. I can be anything I want. I wondered if I could transform into another person… I tried it.

                Suddenly I was a reflection of Hannah. She stared at me in awe. Yes, this was truly amazing. I was so proud of myself. This was the best ability ever. I began dancing around.

                I spent the rest of the trip experimenting. I must have transformed a million different times. It was exciting.

This would be a great eternity.

Loved it!
loved it!!
Loved it!! Post soon :)
writing my chapter now


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