The Twilight Saga

This takes place six years later (after Breaking Dawn), Nessie and her family no longer live in Forks. They moved to New Hampshire. She meets someone named MacKenzie MacIntyre, she is a very mysterious girl. What will happen, read and find out!! Please comment!! And beware, I do write Stepehnie Meyer long chapters!! :)


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Daybreak by ☮♥Sarah_Lynn_Cullen♥☮

Chapter 1 - Going Home
It’s been four years since I left Forks. Well, since my family and I left Forks. I feel like I was taken against my will. I didn’t want to leave. I was born there, my life was there, my family was there and more importantly, my Jacob is there!

I turned over in bed and let out a sigh. Goodness I miss him so much. I looked out my window into the cloudy sky. It was about time for me to get up. “Another day in Hanover, New Hampshire!” I mumbled to myself.

My parents, who where in the kitchen at the time, stopped their conversation abruptly. They had heard me of course. Not that I was speaking so loudly, I could’ve been whispering and they still would’ve heard.

How do you ask? Well that just one of the many benefits you have when you’re a vampire! Yes you heard right vampire. Short version: my dad, Edward Cullen, is a vampire. He met my mom, Bella Swan, when he was about 108 years old, while my mom was still human. About a year and a half later they were married. After that my mom had gotten pregnant with me and a month later I was
born, nearly killing my mother in the process! That’s when my dad had turned her into a vampire too.

My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Rene after my grandma on my mom’s side and Esme after
my dad’s adoptive mother. Carlie was a combination of the names of my two grandfathers, Carlisle and Charlie. So I’m half vampire and half human! Weird huh? Well you’ll get use to it!

After a short pause, they continued talking. They were making last minute preparations for out trip to Denali to visit Tanya’s family. School was out and it was time for our annual trip to Alaska. We go there just about every summer. I don’t know why, but I really wasn’t in the mood to spend the summer there this year.

My Dad knew this of course, but he was waiting for me to voice my opinions on my own. He tired very hard to respect my privacy in my head. He has the ability to read minds. He’s learned to tune it out but sometimes he just can’t help it. It can be so frustrating! But I try to be very understanding! But don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with them, but I want to do something different!

My Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rosalie were already there. In about a week or two they’d be heading for South America for another honeymoon. This would be the fifth or aixth, I’m not sure. My other aunt, Alice, and my other uncle, Jasper, went to visit Peter and Charlotte. They’re old friends of Jasper. I
haven’t seen them since I was four months old. But that wasn’t a very pleasant visit since we were all about to die.

A chill went down my spine as I pushed those awful memories from my mind. Trying to think of something else, Carlisle and Esme entered my thoughts. I didn’t know exactly where they where. The last time we heard from them they went to Isle Esme. It was this island that Carlisle had given Esme as a gift. What a gift!

“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” My alarm clock went off and I lost my train of thought. I reached up to turn it off. As I sat up in bed, I looked around my room. It is so big that I could fit another house in here. Well that’s what my mom says. It’s like my own little apartment. When you first walk in there’s a sitting area with a leather couch and love seat. Then up against the wall near my door is my entertainment center that I received for my “6th” birthday.

It was from Emmett and Rosalie. That’s where I keep I my movies, my flat screen from Carlisle and Esme, my cable box, my blue ray player from Alice and Jasper (an updated version) which sat next to my old DVD player from a few years back. On the opposite wall, is where my bed is, then my dresser and my master bathroom. On the right side of my room is my big picture window and computer desk.

On the left is a huge closet, curtsey of Alice. It has everything in there! From clothes to shoes, from bags to purses, from jewelry to accessories, and from hats to caps… I have everything! I haven’t even worn half of the things that are in there. But Alice and Rose would never have me wear anything twice. It’s been that way since I was a little girl. Mainly because I grew out of my clothes as soon as I got in them. I grow really fast. Faster than most humans. By the time I was four months old I looked like a toddler.

My aunts made a photo album of me that stretches sixteen years instead of six. My next birthday I’ll stop aging and remain seventeen forever! Just like my dad. At first I didn’t mind dressing up and taking photo’s, but it was an everyday thing and it soon began to bore me. But I did it to make them happy. When we left Forks, Alice and Rose weren't around as much so my mom picked up where they left off. Though I miss the time we would spend together, I enjoyed taking pictures with my mom. She wouldn’t make me dress up if I didn’t want to.

“Nessie!” My mom called silently from down stairs.

Nessie was a nickname that Jacob gave me when I was just a couple days old. He said my actual name was to much of a mouth full. I shifted through my memories and saw it clear as day when my mom first heard it! She lunged at his throat! She wasn’t to fond at the idea of me being named after the Loch-Ness monster. But it doesn’t bother me! Eventually it grew on her.

“Give me twenty minutes mom!” I called back.

I jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I took a hot shower and washed my hair. After I straightened my hair and my bangs, I headed toward my closet. I grabbed my fave jean skirt and my gray t-shirt and a black jacket ( it rains a lot LOL!! ) with some bracelets, a necklace, and flat gray shoes ( (Thanx Lupe) I slip in my clothes quite easily and I examined myself in the mirror. My hair was a little frizzy mess. I shook it and it seem like every strand fell into place.

“Perfect!” As always. I slipped into my shoes and headed down the stairs. I burst into the kitchen.

“Hi mom, hi dad!” I smiled. My mom smiled back.

“Morning sweetie, you hungry?” she joked. My dad flashed her a crooked smile.

“Very funny mom.” It’s not that I can’t eat food, I just prefer blood! I joined them at the kitchen table.

“You all set for the trip?” she asked.

I looked at her and then at my dad. There was no point in trying to hide anything from them because dad already knew and he would tell mom what I am thinking if she asked. Mom looked at dad and
then at me.

“What’s going on?” she questioned.

Neither me or my dad answered her. She continued to look between the two of us.

“Well?” she asked again impatiently.

I looked at my dad. Would you like to do the honors? I already knew what his answer would be, but I couldn’t help but ask. He shook his head. Mom looked as if she was about to go nuts. That’s
when the words spilled out.

“I want to spend the summer in Forks!”

Mom stared at me with a blank expression. I knew I wouldn’t have much time to plead my case. This wasn’t the first time I had asked to visit there. Every time the answer was no. They didn’t want me
out of there sight and since they couldn’t go back to Forks just yet, neither could I. I took advantage of their silence.

“Before you say anything, please think about it. I really want to see grandpa Charlie and Jacob and Sue.” Sue is Charlie’s new wife. They were married four years ago before we left Forks. “All of
them I miss so much. I’d be on my best behavior and…”

Dad put his hand up to silence me and then he turned to look at my mom. Something flowed between them in that instant. Even though he couldn’t hear her thoughts (because of my mom’s
mental shield) they were still connected. Two halves of a whole. A minute hadn’t even gone by when they both turned to me, their faces giving nothing away. I held a straight face as well, waiting for the verdict. Had they discussed this already? It seems as if they had already come to a decision.

“Yes we have discussed the subject quite a few times,” my dad said replying to my unanswered question,”and we have decided...” My heart stopped during that short second, which seem to last
hours. A smile broke across my mom’s face.

“That you can go!” she finished his sentence.

“I can go!” I screamed.

“Yes.” She confirmed once again. “We feel that it would be really good for you to spend some time with Charlie and Sue. Jacob, too.”

I caught the look on my mom’s face before she composed herself. I don’t understand why, but she doesn’t like the fact that Jacob and I are so close. Though she puts on a brave face.

“Will you guys be coming too?” I asked carefully.

My dad eyed me suspiciously. It’s not that I didn’t want them to come, but I did want a little freedom from them, didn‘t I?

He answered slowly, “No.”

I let out a loud sigh and realized that I had been holding my breath. He grinned at me and mom giggled.

“We’re going to Denali as planned. Then we’ll be leaving in August to celebrate out anniversary.” Now he was grinning at mom. He held out his hand and she took it. In that same moment he pulled her into a passionate and very intense kiss. It wasn’t the kind of kiss that was rated “G” or even “PG”. I know I should’ve looked away, but my eyes were locked on them. They were just so beautiful together. So in love. It was rare to see two people like this. Then again my parents where not like other people! I hated to interrupt them, but I couldn’t let it go on. I cleared my throat. They faced me once again. If they were still human, they would’ve been blushing.

“So… how long will I be staying there?”

It was mom who answered me.

“Until your birthday.”

“Really?” shock in my voice. I had no idea they would let me stay that long. This was going to be awesome!

“Charlie wants to celebrate your birthday with you. He’s missed you so much, I think it’s the lease we could do…” she trailed off at the end.

“Of course. It’s a wonderful idea!” I chimed in.

She flashed that beautiful smile of hers and I couldn’t help but smile back.

“We’re going to come and get you that same day and you’ll come home with us.” She finished.

“Sounds like a plan!”

That being said, dad was out of the front door in a flash. I put my hand on my mom’s face.

Where is he going? I asked. This was how I usually communicated with them. Like my mom and dad, I have a special gift as well. I can share my thoughts with others as well as mental pictures by touching them with the palm of my hand. Even though my mom has a mental shield, I’m able to break through it because we both share a mental bond. I’m only allowed to do this around my
vampire family and friends and the werewolves. I can’t even show grandpa Charlie. He doesn’t want to know too much about what is going on so we keep him on a need to know basis!

He tries to ignore the fact that I grow so fast. He nearly had a heart attack when he saw me on my 5th birthday and I looked like I was fourteen!

“He went to bring the car around.” She replied.

I felt confusion sweep across my face. Why? I asked with my hand still placed on the perfect face.

“Because we’re leaving for the airport sweetheart we don’t want to miss our flights!” she chuckled.

“We’re leaving?! Now! But I haven’t even packed!” I screeched.

“Already taken care of. Your bags are in the car.” She reassured me.

“Awesome!” I said as we headed out the door.

My mom and I hopped into the waiting silver Volvo. We arrived at the airport at about ten after eight. Ours flights weren’t leaving until ten, but with security and picking up tickets, it can be a long process. Then my flight was delayed for another hour. Mom nearly flipped.

“Mom please I’ll be fine. You’re going to miss your flight,” I protested.

“We’ll just get the next one,” She retorted

“That won’t be necessary I’ll be fine. I promise!”

She didn’t look convinced.

“But…” she started to say.

“Bella, love,” dad said softly, “she’s going to be fine.”

She looked up at him as if to plead her case, but yet of course she was powerless sometimes when it came to my dad. She nodded and I saw reason return to her face.

“Alright.” she said in a pout. “Call Charlie and let him know your flight’s been delayed. When you hit that stop in Seattle you call and let us know your okay. Charlie will be waiting for you in Port
Angeles I want you to call us then too. Your cell phone is in your carry on.”

“You guys didn’t tell Jacob did you?” I asked.

“No.” dad assured me. “We thought you might like to surprise him and the others. Charlie and Sue haven’t said a word to anyone.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised that yet again, my parents have thought of everything. Gosh I was going to miss them for this short time that we would be apart. My face got hot as I felt the tears spill
and trickle down my cheeks.

“So this is it,” I managed in a shaky voice. “Oh thank you!”

I hugged my dad. He held me tight and kissed my forehead.

“I missed you already.” He said lovingly.

“You too dad.” I looked at my mom then. If she could, she would have been crying as well.

“Oh mom!” I cried.

She held me close as if she would never let go. I almost wish she hadn’t. I pulled away from her and she looked into my eyes. She looked deep as if she was looking for something. I stared back at
her into her golden eyes, I rememeber when her eyes wer She had to wear contacts around Charlie for a while. Then suddenly I really looked at her passed her beautiful face. Something was there. Then I noticed her eyebrows were furred up. Her lips where tight and so was her grip on me, though it didn’t hurt at all. I realized that she was worried. I placed my hand gently on her check.

Why? I asked.

“It’s nothing.” She said calmly. I knew she was lying. She was trying to warn me without tipping off dad. I just know it, but there wasn’t enough time to figure out what she was trying to tell me.

“Make sure you go hunting as soon as you can, but don’t go alone.” She stressed.

“Okay. I won’t.” I promised.

She pulled me into another embrace. It felt like she slipped something into my pocket, I wasn’t sure.

“Have fun.” She said this time with a smile in her voice.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered, “I have a feeling that this will be a trip that I will never forget.”

The hour seemed to drag on much longer than it should have. To occupy myself, I watch all the people passing by. Most greeting their loved ones as they came through the terminal. Others were
arguing over which way there gate was. My phone vibrated in the pocket of my carry on.

I pulled it out so fast that it slipped and hit the floor. I bent down to retrieve it as did someone else. I reached it first, though, but the person touched my hand and cringed away. I look up at the person shyly. I forgot how hot my skin must feel to other people. The girl stared back at me unmoving. She was about my height and looked to be 17 or 18. Her yellow pleasant blouse looked beautiful against her milk chocolate skin. Her hair was dark brown. She also wore white Capri pants and yellow flats. I looked at her and even with a shocked expression on her face, she still looked gorgeous. If it wasn’t for her heart racing and the blood flowing through her veins, I would have thought that she was a

But then again she could be my kind of vampire. I listened to her heart beat again, and realized it was beating normally.

“Thank you.” I managed as I stood up.

She smelled so good that a made my mouth water a bit, however I bet she didn’t taste as good as my Jacob. She smiled at me then and her hazel eyes danced.

No need to thank me,” she told me, “I didn’t do much of anything.”

Her eyes swept over me, like she was assessing me. When she was done, the girl nodded to herself. Before I could ask her what she was doing, a voice came over the loud speaker.

“Flight 5116 to Seattle is now boarding at gate 19.”

“Finally.” We both said in harmony.

“You have the same flight?”

“Yeah, I’m heading to Port Angeles to visit some friends of mine.”

I examined her face and she didn’t seem happy about the trip. The girl turned quickly to gather her things and I picked up my bag.

“Shall we?” she asked leading the way.

“Sure! Looks like I’m going home!

* * *
The plane ride to Seattle was dull at first. I remembered my phone had gone off at the airport and I pulled it out of my jean pocket. There was a text message from my Jacob. Good morning Nessie! I miss you.

I couldn’t help but smile. I miss you too! I text back. Ihate being away from my best friend. It’s like torture! We need to be with each other. I guess if you looked at us from the outside, our
relationship would seem strange. But he’s always been like a bigbrother and he’s the very best friend that I have. I shudder to think of life without him. I lifted my arm and looked at the bracelet on
my wrist.

My Jacob had given it to me as my first Christmas gift. It was his version of a promise ring. Then I began to wonder, what did he promise by giving me this gift? To always be there for me, that we’d be best friends forever, he’d always be there to protect me.

That all seemed reasonable, although, what if this little bracelet symbolized something much more than what I was willing to accept. Could there be a deeper meaning to this? I continued to stare at it when I heard something from behind me.

“Oh how cute!” someone remarked.

I looked up and it was the girl from before. She tossed her long wavy curls over her shoulder.

“May I?” She gestured toward the empty seat next to me.

It was as if her scent hit me in the face. It made my mouth water again. My family and I don’t feed off of human blood, but the blood of animals. We like to think of ourselves as vegetarians. When I was too young to hunt, I did drink donated blood from the hospital. I hate animal blood! Humans taste so much better. I got use to the idea when my Jacob would hunt with me. The girl interrupted my thoughts. (MacKenzie's Outfit : ( Thank Lupe)

She frowned. “If it’s too much of a bother, I can go and sit back in my seat.” I hadn’t even realized that she was still standing there. I fought to gain control and was successful.

“No, that’s ok. Sit with me.” I said carefully. I would have to go hunting as soon as I had the chance. She eyed me suspiciously, but still got comfortable in the seat with her jacket and cute yellow

“I apologize. We haven’t been properly introduced!” she held out her hand. “Mackenzie Macintyre.”

“Nessie Cullen.” I shook her hand.

She bit her lip as if she was fighting the urge to laugh.

“Nessie… as in the Loch-Ness monster?” she chuckled.

Before I knew it we were both laughing. For the rest of the flight we continued to chatter away and time passed quickly. I told her how I earned my nickname, leaving out the part where mom attacked my Jacob! Then I told her about my visiting Forks for the summer. How I couldn’t wait to see my grandpa Charlie and my Jacob. That’s when she raised one eyebrow and I paused. Her expression changed from serious to playful.

“Who is this Jacob anyway? You seem to talk about him a lot.” She said with a grin. The tone of her voice made me blush.

“I do?” I said innocently.

“Uh, yeah you do!”

She continued to look at me and I blushed even more.

“My goodness you like him!”

“Of course I like him he’s my best friend.”

“No, you like him like him.” she teased.

“What!” I hollered.

“Shhhh!” the flight attendant cautioned.

“Sorry.” We whispered back.

“I do not!” I protested.

“Whatever! A smile a mile wide spreads across your face when you say his name.”

“Really?” I said in disbelief.

“Yes! Also when I say his name you blushed.” Mackenzie added.

“Get out of here!”

“It’s true! Jacob, Jacob!” she mocked.

“Cut it out!” I scolded. She fought back a smile.

“You mean to tell me that you’ve never notice any of that before now?” She asked sarcastically.

I felt my face go blank. She took in my expression and remained silent. Jacob and I as a couple? The thought didn’t sound all that bad and we are so close it almost seemed… right! No! I told myself. Why would I want to mess up a perfectly good friendship? Jacob would probably think I was crazy for even thinking that we could be more than just friends. Or maybe he wouldn’t? Before I could go deeper into thought, the flight attendant came over to us.

“Sorry to interrupted, but the plane will be landing very soon,” she informed us, “please put on your seatbelts.”

We reach the next airport and I called my parents. They were still flying. It would be a couple more hours before they reached Alaska. We quickly boarded the next flight, this time Mackenzie and I had seats next to each other. Trying to avoid another Jacob conversation, I asked her about the friends she was visiting.

“You’d love ‘em!” she gushed. “I’ve known them since… as long as I can remember. There are five of us. First, Langston, she is such a little weirdo and wears nothing but dark clothes, though I wouldn’t call her a Goth; then there’s my gay best friend Vincent, the funniest guy in the world; after him we have Alexandria, preferably known as Alex. She’s so… well stuck on herself! I love her to death, like she was my own sister, but sometimes we don’t see eye to eye!” she grimaced. “Last, but not least, there’s Shane. He’s absolutely handsome! We’ve all had a crush on him at one time or another, but he doesn’t like to date his friends. I would say he was the second coolest next to me.”

“So they all live in Port Angeles?” I asked.

“Well, sort of…” She hesitated.

“What do you mean?” I was suddenly curious.

“Nessie it’s a very complicated situation.” She looked worried, almost frightened. Before she could finish, her phone shook in her hands.

“Alex.” She answered. “Where are you guys?” Mackenzie must have been talking for a while, I’m not sure. I fell asleep at one point. I must have been sleep for a while because when I came to, the sun was setting.

“Damn it!” Mackenzie said furiously. She slammed her phone shut. I sat up in my seat.

“What happened?” I said concerned. She let out a sigh.

“My friends had to leave at the last minute and they won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. Now I don’t have a place to stay the night.” She leaned her head back on the seat and shut her eyes as if
she was deep in thought.

Then something bright caught my attention. It was a silver crystal that hung around Mackenzie’s
neck. I didn’t notice it before, I guess that’s because it wasn’t glowing before. I gasped. Then the light went out and her eyes fluttered open. I stared at her.

“Something wrong?” she whispered softly.

“Your necklace.” I choked out. That’s all I had to say for her to understand.

“Oh.” She looked around and turned back to me. “I’ll explain later, but not here.”

“Wait I’m confused!” I blabbed.

“Put on your seatbelt,” she continued as if I didn’t say a word, “the planes about to land.”

I put it on and turned to look out the window at the hazy blue sky. When we came out of the terminal, Charlie was waiting right in front of the crowd with Sue.

“Nessie!” he shouted over the other voices.

“Grandpa!” I hollered. I ran into his waiting arms, nearly knocking him over. “Oh I missed you both!” I managed to pull away from him to hug Sue.

“How was your flight? I know you must be tired!” she examined me from head to toe. “Charlie lets get this poor girl home so she can get some rest.”

That sounds like a good idea.” He agreed.

I searched and searched. Then I finally found her standing by the bathroom.

“Wait,” I called to Charlie and Sue as they started to baggage area, “we can’t leave without my friend.”

Charlie looked puzzled. “Your friend? Bella didn’t mention that you were bringing a friend.”

I talked quickly. “Well, she’s visiting some of her friends here, but the thing is they aren’t quite ready for her yet. So would you mind if she stays with us for a little while?”

Charlie looked at me for a long moment, then at Sue. She nodded at him.

“Your friend is welcome to stay with us as long as she likes.” he smiled. I knew they’d say yes! I usually got what I wanted.

“Great!” I beamed. “I’ll go get her, she went to the restroom.”

I made a dash for the bathrooms, at my human speed. I caught her arm as she started to head in the opposite direction from where I was coming from. She pulled away from me.

“Whoa! Are you running a fever or something?” she yelped, but I ignored her question.

“You’re coming with me!” I grinned.

She laughed. “Where to?”

“Well you don’t have a place to stay, so why not crash at my grandpa’s house with me?”

She didn’t look surprised by my offer, almost as if she already knew that I was going to ask her this.

“Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to impose on you and your family.” She looked at me as if she was trying to give me a warning. It reminded me of how my mom looked this morning…

“Positive!” I chirped. “Shall we?” I said mocking her. We both started giggling. Charlie looked pleased as he saw us heading back to where he was standing with Sue.

“Grandpa this is Mackenzie. Mac this is my grandpa Charlie and his wife Sue.” She seemed to smile wider at the nickname I had given her, like we were really friends. Maybe we could be?

“It’s really nice to meet you Chief Swan, Mrs. Swan. I’ve heard so much about you!”

“Please call me Charlie. I hate to be in such a rush, but we’ve have a house full of hungry people!”

We started walking to the baggage area.

“Is my… I mean is Jacob there?” I asked anxiously.

Charlie raised his eyebrows. Sue smiled quietly to herself.

“Yes.” He mumbled through his teeth. I smiled at him and I heard

Mackenzie chuckle to herself. Charlie doesn’t like that Jacob and I are so close. He, like many other people find it to be weird.

I grabbed my two large suitcases from the conveyer belt, with a little help from Charlie. Mackenzie had a huge duffle bad. As we were heading out the glass doors, the security guard smile and said,
“Enjoy you stay girls! But be very careful!” he warned.

All friendliness had disappeared from his face. It sent a chill down my spine and I felt Mackenzie stiffen at my side. “Thank you.” Mackenzie said her voice wary. I couldn’t find my voice so I just nodded. We caught the elevator and went to the parking garage. Concerned, I looked up at Charlie.

“What did he mean by ‘be careful’? Is there something wrong grandpa?” He took a deep breath, but he didn’t look at me while he explained.

“A few kids have gone missing. Well not kids but teenagers. At first they were considered runaways. Now so many of them have gone missing lately, just disappearing from their homes without a trace.” Charlie’s voice grew quite. I stared at him in horror. Was that what my mom was trying to tell me? He turned to me then, and took in my expression.

“But it hasn’t reached Forks!” he quickly added.

“Yet.” Mac said under her breath.

We finally reached the cruiser. Charlie was loading up the trunk.

“Does mom know?” I muttered.

“Yes, she didn’t want to worry you and your father. She almost didn’t let you come, I had to beg.” He chuckled, but then was serious again. “She said Edward would never allow you to go if he knew that there is danger here. Of course I wouldn’t hold that against him. After we talked for quite some time, she knew that you would be safe here with us.”

“So I’m guessing that dad still doesn’t know anything about this.” I sighed.

“No. She said he would overreact.” He shrugged.

She was absolutely right though, dad would have a cow if he knew and I’d be on the first plane to Alaska! Mac and I climbed into the backseat. Charlie revved up the engine.

“Ready to go home Ness?”

“Oh Yes!” I exclaimed.

Charlie smiled at me through the mirror. It was a quite drive back to Forks. I looked over at Mac and she was fast asleep. Her necklace was glowing in the darkness. I didn’t realize how sleepy I was myself. I fought against my eyelids as long as I could, but it was a losing battle. Finally I gave in and went under.

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