The Twilight Saga

Hey Guys, This is just something i wrote a while back so let me know if you like it and i will post the rest.

Chapter One:

 A new experience

I walked down the stairs of my house in Forks, Washington making sure I’d not
forgotten anything. I was finally going to Italy, the other 8 vampires of my
family were coming as well of course but hey, who am I to complain especially
since convincing my parents to let me go at all was not as easy as I had

I’m 7 years old technically but I look like I'm in my teens because I'm only half vampire. My family is one of the things I treasure most in this world, oh and my best
friend Jacob too. I had never really made any h want to it just that they
tended to stay away from me, I thinks it’s probably because I just look
different, plus because I am always with someone in my family and they can be a
bit intimidating sometimes…. Alright a lot of the time. I'm usually with Jake
and he can get very protective sometimes.

So we leave to go to the airport and I can hear everyone mumbling things to themselves as we all hop into different cars. Emmett is talking about how he doesn’t
understand why we can’t just run even though I explained a thousand times that
I wanted to at least act normal especially since it was the first time I've
been on a holiday and can catch a plane. I hear Rosalie saying “pesky mutt” as
he jumps into her convertible with me. I love Rosalie. Not that I don’t love
everyone else but she is funny and makes me laugh when she and Jake fight. I
also love her car; it’s a pretty sweet ride.

When we arrived I noticed that the airport had a weird smell to it. But even though I smelt funny and all the people there looked sad or half dead I was still really
excited and itching to get on the plane. When we did I sat next to the window
with Jake and Esme.

“Ugh! What is that? It makes me want to puke!”

“Yeah, about that…..” Jake gradually said “That’s your dinner”

“Ewwwww no I am NOT eating that, I’d rather starve”

“Well it’s not here yet so let’s not worry about it”

“Ok but I'm still not eating it”

Two hours later and I was over the whole plane thing. There was nothing to do. I wasn’t really into movies though there were a few playing. Jake had fallen asleep and
was lying on my shoulder snoring very loudly. I heard a few people muttering
for him to shhh but I mean he can’t help it. So as I needed very few hours of
sleep and after a while of trying to find some form of entertainment in the
games on my little TV I decided I may as well try to get some sleep. It worked
and I fell asleep think of all the places me and Jake could go when we landed.


“Nessie?” I could hear in my dream, it didn’t seem real; it was just a voice in my head making its way into my trance.

“Nessie? The plane is about to land”

I realized it was Jake speaking and when I opened my eyes I noticed during my slumber I had spread across him. I smiled and he gave me one in return. Oh I loved his
smile. His whole face seemed to brighten up.

“Oh sorry I didn’t mean to do that” I apologized.

“Yea it’s no problem I didn’t even notice”

We waited till last to get off the plane because there was too many of us and we would lose each other if we did. Not that it would be hard to find them again. When we got
off and were waiting for our bags I went over to talk to my mum

“Hey mum, how was your flight?” I asked, my mum Bella looked almost as bored as I had been

“Don’t ask, you ok? No problems with anything?” she asked and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Nah my flight was all good just boring. So are we going to the hotel now?”

“Oh honey, we aren’t going to a hotel, your father seemed to think it would be better if he got a house for us.”

“Oh ok then. As long as it’s near the main attractions and not in some remote place where no-one will even know we are there I suppose that’s ok”

She gave me a sheepish grin.

“Oh mum no. please no”

“Come on it won’t be that bad”

“There’s my bag” just in the nick of time I added to myself. I didn’t want to cause a scene.

I was the last one to get my luggage so when I’d got mine we went out to the front and outside there were three silver cars waiting for us.

The car trip wasn’t as bad as the long plane one had been. During this ride I entertained myself by playing games with Jake.  I was
hungry now and couldn’t wait till we arrived and I could go hunt some foreign
food with Jacob.

“Hey Rose are we nearly there?” I was in the same car as her and Emmett.

“I don’t know hun, I'm following your dad but I don’t think it will be too much longer”


Three minutes later we pulled up to a fairly large house that looked like it was two stories high. It looked like a very modern house; it had a huge door and tall
beams holding a roof over the door. I jumped out of the car and ran to the
entrance dragging Jake along with me. As I had jumped up in my rush to enter
dad had held the key out waiting for me to take it as I lunged towards my to be
home. When you’re walked in you were faced with 2 short flights of stairs with
only about 10 steps. One going up and one going down.

“Pick one” I asked of Jake

“Let's start at the bottom then shall we?” he decided

“Okie dokie” I said grabbing his hand as we walked down the stairs. We were now in a corridor and we turned right because that was the shortest and there was only
enough room for one bedroom. It had a king bed and a large bathroom and
everything. When we went back we walked past a large open area and a small
kitchen and directly in front of that was a large pane window. When I went
upstairs I found the perfect bedroom. My bedroom. It had two king beds (me and
Jake) a bathroom attached with a big spa and shower and a GIANT closet. I
jumped onto the bed closest to the window which took up almost the entire west
wall and there was the most beautiful view I had ever seen. I was sunset and
all I could see was the brilliant sky with magical colours of purple and pink
with a background of trees. I could hear some birds in the distance.

“Oh Jake isn’t it beautiful?”

“Yeah it’s ok”

Typical boy thing to say.

I put my hands to his face to show him what I wanted. To hunt. I saw his eyes sparkle at this though

“Well if your parents are cool with it then let’s go”

“Yes, just don’t be too late” I heard my dad call from somewhere downstairs.

Love you dad I though. I knew he would be able to hear me

“Race ya to the wood” I teased Jake

“You're on” he said as he bolted out of the room.

I could hear his heart thumping and the wind blow through my hair but I didn’t stop running. It just felt too natural. I could easily outrun him but instead I slowed myself
to fit his speed.  All I could think
about was about the blood that I so desperately needed. The warmth of it going
down my throat. Suddenly everything went wrong.

Jacob stopped running and I could almost feel his panic. I could tell what was wrong too. Someone was coming. Jake and I were stood still, waiting trying to think
of what to do. So many thoughts crossed my mind in those few seconds. Should we
run back to the house? Should we wait and see what was coming and if it was
violent try to take it on? But what if it’s so much stronger than me? I am only
half vampire after all. As they came closer I began to sense other things about
them. I could smell them. It wasn’t a human but it didn’t smell like a full
vampire. It smelt like something I had never smelt before. Jake was the one to
say what we were both thinking.

“It smells like you”

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This is really good. Hope you write some more.
hey Guys here is chapter 2

Chapter 2:

of the unknown

We both stood there frozen, wondering what to do when they appeared. When she emerged from the shrub I could make
out they were a she, she had light brown hair with a few blonde streaks just
below her shoulders. You could tell she prided herself on this as she had taken
the time to make two plats on either side of her face and had tied them to each
other at the back of her head making a sort of crown. I didn’t know what to do,
so I just squeezed Jakes hand tighter. I heard him silently say ouch but my
brain didn’t recognize it. She looked at our hands locked together and a wave
of sadness washed over her. I could tell just by looking at her.

“Hi” I said making sure not to get too close.

She looked up but said nothing still caught in her daze of sorrow.

“My name is Nessie, this is my friend Jacob. What's yours?”

“Beth” she replied. It seemed she was coming around “I'm sorry I didn’t mean to alarm you,
I just haven't seen another vampire in so long. And then when I started to look
for you I realized you didn’t smell like a vampire but not a human either and
that made me want to pursue you even more” she continued it was apparent she
was over whatever had happened before.

“I was going to say the same about you. What are you?” was this girl really like me? I had
not seen another like me since my encounter with the Volturi 6 years ago.

“I'm not a full vampire. My mother was human when she gave birth to me after my father who
was a vampire got her pregnant. The abandoned me when I was 2 weeks old because
they were scared of how sophisticated I was at only 14 days old and when they
realized my gift that only urged them to leave. A couple of vampires took me in
when they found me lost in the woods 3 days after my parents had gone. They
were cruel to me and tried to sell me thinking I would make them known and
no-one would bother them. I escaped as soon as I had the chance and have been
alone ever since”

“How old are you now?” I was intrigued. Beth was exactly like me. Human mother vampire


“Where do you live?”

“I don’t have a house how would I get the money? I just wander around taking life as it

“Do you want to come back with us? I'm sure my family would love to have you” she looked
hesitant at this thought. “Its ok my family are very nice. When did you eat

“I haven't eaten in a while I don’t eat humans and I didn’t feel the need to eat”

“Well we were looking for some food now your welcome to join us and come home with us

“I don’t want to be any hassle. Especially since you don’t know me”

“Its no problem at all” Jake had suddenly decided to talk.

“Ok then if your sure”

“I'm starving now” I realized. I let my senses take over and could smell a herd of
elk a mile or so away. I ran at top speed and I could feel Jake and Beth's
presence behind me. I saw the herd and attacked the biggest one there. The feel
of the warm blood gushing from the animals neck and down my throat felt so
good. It wasn’t as pleasing as human blood would be but I had stopped drinking
that as soon as I realized humans needed it to survive.

As we walked back to the house I decided this would be the time to get to know Beth.\

“Your seven years old now?”

“Yep sure am” she said with a smile. I liked her, I think we could be friends and I had a
feeling her and Rosalie would be too.

“And you have reached you growth level? You’re never going to look older than you do

“Yeah, are you like me too? I've never met anyone else like me’ she seemed excited at the
though of having someone like her. She had been alone for almost all her life

“So do you have a special ability?”

“You bet ya I do. I can make people see my thought and images in my head but only if I
touch them and let them”

“What, like if you touched my hand I would be
able to see what your thinking”

“Yea pretty cool hey?”


“So do you have one?”

“Yeah, I can get into people heads and protect mine. Anything I want. Like if I want to
protect myself I can make an invisible shield around me and others too if I
want, my shield protects physical and mental attack. But I can also get inside
people’s heads and put thoughts there that make them do what I put in their

“Whoa, that’s way cool”

We spent the rest of the walk home discussing our powers and about my family. She seemed thrilled
to have met someone who wasn’t scared or repulsed of her.

“So its Jacob is it?”

“Yea but everyone just calls me Jake”

“Ok, no prob. So what are you? Because I know you’re not a human or vampire and no
offence but you smell. Not in a bad way, well a little bad but just something I
have never smelt before”

“Oh yea that. I'm a werewolf in a way, I mean I don’t come out during full moons and
kill people and change them when I bite or scratch them, I more of a shape

Beth's eyes widened. But not in a scared way more in a spellbound way.

“OH MY GOD! That is so totally awesome!!!!”

“Yea its pretty cool” I could so tell Jake was enjoying the extra attention. Yep she
liked him, they were going to be great friends. At this thought a feeling of
suitability came over me. I have another friend. Not one that had to like me
but one that chose to like me for me and enjoyed my company.

We walked in the door and I know everyone knew something was up Alice had probably told
them. I'm actually surprised someone didn’t come looking for me. They were on
the second level in the oversized living room.

“Hey everybody” start of innocently and they wont be able to say no. “This is Beth,
she is a half vampire like me”

“Hey” Beth greeted my uptight family. She was very chilled out about this. That was good I
supposed. “Nessie said it was ok for me to come but if you don’t want me here I
totally understand”

“Nessie could you please just talk to me in the kitchen for a minute” Mum said. She
didn’t sound angry just cautious. I looked a Beth and she gave me a smile
telling me she was ok. I touched my hands to Jakes face telling to watch her.
He smirked and nodded. Yep they were defiantly going to be friends. I followed
mum into the kitchen

“Honey are you sure about this? You barely know her. I'm not saying she is a threat just I
don’t want you to be upset if she has to leave”

“Mum I like her. I finally have a friend that is not programmed to like me or is scared of
me. She is just like me except her parents bailed on her when she was 2 weeks
old and some others found her and tried to sell her!”

“OK well if your sure about this then I don’t see any reason she cant stay as long as she
wants to”

“Thank you mum” I gave her a kiss and ran back out to the lounge. She was sat on the couch
next to Jake and Emmett and was telling everyone what she had told me in the
clearing. When I walked in I nodded and she jumped up and gave me a hug.

“Thank you so much she whispered in my ear, you don’t know what this means to me”

“I do and you’re welcome”

I showed her to my room and mum had said we should just share a bed till her one came. The
room was big enough we could fit another king bed in there and still have
enough room for at least another 5.

“There is this place I have to show you tomorrow. Its so beautiful. Me you and Jake can
go if you want” she suggested.

“Sounds good”

The rest of the night the three of u, Jake, Beth and
I just talked in my room and Jake promised Beth that tomorrow he’s show her
what he looked like when he was a wolf. Her eyes sparkled in appreciation and I
knew she was so happy to have us, just as happy as I was to have her as a
It's interesting. I like it. Post more when you can.


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