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COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!

Yello fellow Twilighters!!!!=D It's Yvette<3:] here!=]]]] Well guys as you know I have 2 fanfics
When Fame Collides:
With her each petal falls:
But I'm not here to talk about that.:}}} See guys I need ur help, I want to make a team of ppl who know how to make banners, if u know how to use movie maker that would be even better!=]]] I need a team of designers and artists but not too big, it's just I have a FF in the making and I don't want it to be just any FF I wan it to be BIG, I mean really BIG! I need around a team of 10 ppl to help with the graphics, banners, and trailers!=]]]] So if u wanna be part of this FF and help me make it huge, just send me some of your work or post it up on this page.;]]]] No worries if u join, you wont go empty handed, credit will be given to all the artists, designers, advisters, and movie/trailer makers!=]]] And if u have a FF and u join, I will post it up on this page.=))))) Also if u wanna be part of the team but u don't know how to make banners, trailers, etc., I do need advertisers who advertise the story all over TTS. So if u wanna advertise, just message me or post your info. on the page like your name, everywhere u can advertise, and a link to your page if we're not friends already.=]]]
I ALMOST 4GOT!!!!=O He, he. Once u have sent me your work or posted it here, I'll than give u the info. of the story and pics needed to make the banners.=]]] If u are in the team I will notify u by a message but u must be on often or every other day and u MUST NEVER talk about the story other than to the team PLEASE!!!!=((( I don't want the story getting leaked out and copied but I'll talk about the guidelines once we have the team, so please, please, please join the team and help me make this story BIG!=)))) I promise, u'll love it!!=]]]

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i'd like 2 join, i could make a couple banners:)
Thank u!=)))) If I may ask but not to be rude or imprudent, may I see some banners you've done, just to get a sight of how u do urs cuz everybody does there's differently.:]]]]
THANXS LILLIAN FOR THE BOOKCOVER!!!!!!!!!!=D IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!=)))) UR WORK IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!=]]]]]] UR IN!!!!!!!!!!!!=D
Ha, ha. Sure! I'll send it out as soon as possible but right now I gotta go since I have to get ready 4 a party but by Tuesday u should have them!:)
Hello,I would like to help.Please consider it.Here is some of my best banner things:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR EXTREMELY TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE U IN MY TEAM, UR DEFINITELY IN!!!!!!!!!!!!=))))))))
Just message me when ur ready to recieve all the info. and make banners!=)
Aaaawwwww, ok.:(((((((((((((( I sent u the rules already.=)


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