The Twilight Saga

Bella has jsut made it out of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry, when she moves back with her dad, Charlie, a muggle. Her mother, a witch, had previously died, but wanted Bella to go to normal high school too. While there, She meets the cullens, who she knows are vampires. The cullens dont know she is a witch. She falls in love with Edward.  But soon, her past comes back to haunt her...

*****All Characters belong to Stephenie meyer and J.K. Rowling!*****


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sounds good
sounds good i say write it
Yes!! I didn't make you a banner for nothing!!! Haha!!
Post the first chapter soon!!
please keep me updated
yes u should definetly do this story so hurry up do it thx and plz update me thx
Sounds good ! Keep writing, I would love to see where you go with this!
sounds awesome
plez right some sounds good
Sounds cool!!! write it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it
It is absolutelly great so far. FINISH IT!!!! It sounds asome!!!!
Chapter 1: A New Day (Part A)

I shoved my wand in my pocket. I highly doubted I would need it here in a muggle school, but I did not feel right without it. It was my one connection to the other world, the one that felt like it could disapear any minute now.
"Bella..." Charlie, my father called from downstairs "You ready for school?" He may be a muggle, but he knew how I would be stalling.
"Yep" I said, grabbing my backpack and climbing down the stairs.
After making, eating, and cleaning up a breakfast of eggs and toast, all the muggle way I might add, Charlie announced he had a surprise for me.
"Bella, before your mom, erm...left, she said that she wanted you to get a, well...non...a normal education too, so I assume you know how to drive, and..." He pointed to an old Chevey. He knew about my magical education and life too.
"OH MY GOSH! Charlie, thank you!" I screamed, giving him a hug. Even thought I prefered to apperate, if I was going to blend in I would need to drive. I smile and hugged him as he said goodbye, and got into the truck.
The whole way to this small Forks High School, I thought about how I got here. All of the people I had left, people who needed me. I did finish my education in Hogwarts, but they needed help, the cause my mom had fought for before she... I wiped away the tears before theys smudged the makeup I had stupidly and painstakingly applied, glaring at a stupid shiny sliver volvo.

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